ExPreacheMan.com’s Most Popular Articles Posted Within The Amazing Past Year

Listed below are our most popular articles posted within the last year. The number of views are recorded in the right hand column of each listing. You will notice on our page- right column – that ExPreacherMan.com has accumulated over half a million (506,544) views since its inception,.

Feel free to scan the list below for a topic that interests you — click on the link , read it and we welcome your comment.

We thank the Lord for His Grace, your support and help in making ExPreacherMan an Oasis of Grace in a mixed up world of false prophets and religions.


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12 responses to “ExPreacheMan.com’s Most Popular Articles Posted Within The Amazing Past Year

  1. Kimberly,

    Yes we give all the credit and glory to the Lord Jesus, our Savior. We are blessed that He has seen fit to us and those who comment here.

    Thanks again for your encouragement and prayers for the spread of the Gospel of God’s Grace.

    In Jesus Christ eternally, Jack

  2. Kimberrly Yahn

    Hi Jack…I pray you are HEALING in the Lord’s Hands… lots of prayer going up for you! (and your lovely wife! 🙂 )

    Was so pleased at the response on HOPE… YEAH!! You nailed it! People NEED JESUS… and that’s our HOPE for sure! In HIM ALONE can we have any hope of anything… without Him… there is just nothing in this life or the next that’s worth anything! When other pastors tell the sheep to “do this, or do that, or you have to (_whatever__) to have any hope”… and they don’t put Jesus at the central POINT of the actual word, they MISS the Eternal meaning of the word!

    The Lord Jesus does all those things FOR US… when we read His Word… He places us right in the center of what He wants to do with our lives! There are so many “SELF HELP” books out there that it could fill a whole city if placed all together! When we only need ONE Book… ONE Message to “HELP” us have the HOPE we need to do “all things”… it’s through CHRIST we do these things… it’s HIM Who gives us STRENGTH!

    (Disclaimer: there are wonderful books out there that “get it right Scripturaly”… not discounting those books…just so many out there that just jabber with no meat or milk at all…even from Pastors! it’s disheartening for sure! So, every other book besides the WORD Itself, must be examined in the LIGHT of the actual Word… and if there is NO Scripture in it, one can pretty much throw it in the square or round filing can! 😉 )

    So, may the Lord BLESS your work as He continues to WORK through YOU and those who contribute to ExP… may the Lord have ALL the GLORY cause He is the ONE Who does it…and deserves it!! Praising HIM for it right now! 🙂 God Bless you richly… may the Numbers come in FOR HIM! and praying they seek TRUTH and FIND it! and for those that are blind, to receive their Spiritual Sight through this site! 🙂

    your sister in Christ,


  3. Thank You Lord for those who will continue to stand for the truth, in the tremendous onslaught of error at this time. Apostasy is rampant, and people do not want to see or acknowledge what is happening. They are sneaking in to so many churches. Many people need a place to gather, elders to trust to be men of good report, but they cannot find these places, so we do thank You so much for this Oasis of grace, and for Jim’s site, Johns and even Abe I discovered has started a blog, praise God. Thank You for men like Tom Cucuzza and the Scudders. Bless them as they share Your truth. We sure love You Lord.

  4. Thanks Jim,

    We appreciate your encouragement and we know the glory belongs to the Lord. We are also excited to see your web site doing so well. We pray for you and and the few others who are concerned for the world-wide spread of the true Gospel of God’s Grace.

    In Jesus Christ eternally, Jack

  5. Jack,

    I sure am thankful for the good work that you and John are doing here. Oasis of Grace is right. I praise the Lord for the opportunity to spread the gospel and defend the truth on sites such as this one and my own. No telling how and were all God is using them but I know He is.

    Jim F

  6. Jack – I wonder all these people who think their behavior proves something and they somehow miss their sharp manner, their words to other, their judgment of other’s salvation. Making young ones stumble. Who in all honesty can do good enough in God’s sight? We need His Word to work effectively in us. Best thing we can do is keep pointing people to the Lord and His Word… wish I would see more of that.

  7. Holly,

    You are in good company. Every believer fails at times. Hence, our need for Jesus, the Complete, Eternal Savior Who never fails.

    But there will be no “fails” for believers when we get to Heaven — What a day that will be!!

    In Jesus Christ eternally, Jack

  8. Jack – I fail, but I know one thing, that my experiences or my feelings might be lying, but God’s Word does not. What complaint could one have with wanting to hold up our thoughts or beliefs to the light of His Word? All I want is the truth… Like Joe Friday used to say (something like this), “Just the facts ma’am, just the facts”.

    In Jesus Christ eternally… I sure like to ponder that day. Was reflecting on that when I read this, the gospel and the rapture all wrapped up in one verse 🙂

    For if we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so them also which sleep in Jesus will God bring with him. 1 Thess 4:14

  9. Holly,

    Thanks for your inspiring scriptural comments at ExP. We are continually blessed by your insistence on using God’s Word to prove all things.

    In Jesus Christ eternally, Jack

  10. Praise God that you have that many reading. So happy to see that, and praying more and more will be touched by the simplicity that is in Christ and that He would clear the cobwebs from their corrupted minds… So thankful His Word is clear when honest men seek to share the truth, and leave grace unfettered by human additions that will kill… Praying for this blog, and for the admins here, and want to say thank you for standing on His truth.

  11. John,

    Thanks. I likewise believe that ExPreacherMan.com is one of very few places where the Truth of God’s Word and His Salvation by Grace through faith in Jesus alone is unashamedly presented. We are thankful in a large way for your great support and help. We are grateful as well for the wonderful participation of our friends who comment here.

    We constantly pray that ExP will continue faithful and True until the Lord Jesus returns for His own. “Even so come Lord Jesus”! (Revelation 22:20)

    In Jesus Christ eternally, Jack

  12. Jack, thank you for sharing this list and the accompanying statistics.

    As you noted, “What is Hope” has been by far the most read topic. A review of the search terms that led people to ExP reveals that the word “hope” was used in more that 70 of the search terms (including “What is Hope”, “what does hope mean in the Bible”, “Bible study on hope”, and many more).

    People everywhere need hope, and ExP is an excellent place to find the answer to where hope may be found – in Jesus Christ alone!