Guest Rules

By johninnc

As moderator of this site, I am striving to maintain a proper balance in guiding its focus and direction. That requires providing content that is interesting, meaningful, and engaging, while also providing a controlled forum for reasonablerelevant comments/questions, and for encouraging one another.

Please keep comments directly relevant to the article or page under which they are posted.

I welcome reasonablerelevant comments and questions, and will post them if, in my view, they meet those criteria. I reserve the right to disallow comments, particularly those that are tangential or unrelated to the topic under which they are posted, those that are repetitive, or those that have become/may become unnecessarily divisive.

Please keep comments brief.

Each comment should be limited to one subject, question or observation, distilled into a couple of short paragraphs. Please do not attempt to post lengthy diatribes, exhaustive excerpts, or mini-sermons.

Please do not post comments that definitively state that a specific person lacks eternal life.

This includes prominent politicians, celebrities, pastors, etc.

Please do not post comments with links to other internet sites. I do not wish to review information contained in links. If you have questions or concerns about information contained on other sites, please provide briefsalient excerpts, along with your insights into the information you are presenting.

Please do not solicit or post any email addresses within your comments.

Any email addresses so posted will cause your comment to be edited or deleted.

It is the general policy of to NOT share e-mail addresses, even upon request.There are myriad reasons for this policy, primarily associated with the safety and privacy of our commenters.

Should I make an exception to this policy, it is solely at my discretion.

Please do not attempt to post comments to articles from the distant past.

I will generally maintain older articles, together with related comments. However, new comments will be limited to articles that have been posted within the last five years.

Please note that commenters who I determine to be harmful to the mission and viability of this site – which includes my willingness to continue administering it – will not be permitted to post further comments.