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Dear Friends:

The e-mail at ExPreacherMan is generally for off-topic comments.

Please note that the current administrators of this website are unpaid, unaffiliated laypeople. We have no background in the pastorate, in ministerial counseling, etc.

Anyone is free to disagree with the positions of this ministry. However, our e-mail is not a forum for debate or discussion. We do not go to others’ websites to contradict nor debate them and we respectfully ask that you afford us the same courtesy.

We reserve the right to accept or reject any email.

Please read our Goals in the Header above.

3 responses to “Email

  1. Brad,you are welcome to comment.

  2. I have updated account settings, but I still can’t send outbound emails.

  3. Please note that the Expreacherman mailbox is currently functional for incoming emails only.