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  1. Note to Tina:

    Lots of believers have doubts from time-to-time.

    I wouldn’t dwell on it. You know the truth. It is the object of our faith (Jesus) and not the quality of our faith that saves.

  2. Note to Tina: Our outbound email is not presently working.

    Regarding the unpardonable sin, I’ve seen a couple of interpretations that are consistent with grace.

    One is that it is a rejection of Christ as Savior.

    The other is that it is having personally witnessed miracles performed by Jesus and ascribing them to demons. In this case, the implication would be that the person was so hardened against the truth that he would ultimately reject Jesus as Savior.

    Either way, anyone who has believed in Jesus as Savior has eternal life that can never be lost or forfeited.

  3. Samuel, I am not personally aware of any good churches in California.

  4. Note to Will:

    One’s behavior has no bearing on receiving, keeping, or proving that one has received eternal life.

    See John 5:24.

  5. Nina, thanks for your kind note to our e-mail!

  6. Response to email request from Gene G.

    Our outbound email is not currently functional, so we will not be responding to you via email.

    We are pleased that you find the ExPreacherman site to be a blessing.

    Regarding your requests, please note:

    1. Feel free to use any of our content on your sites. However, we will not provide endorsements or links to any of those sites at ExPreacherman.

    2. For permission to use Ron Shea’s booklet “The Gospel,” I would recommend contacting Ron at

    3. For contact information for Dr. Cucuzza, I would recommend contacting his church at

    I hope this helps!

    Thanks. John

  7. Brad,you are welcome to comment.

  8. I have updated account settings, but I still can’t send outbound emails.

  9. Please note that the Expreacherman mailbox is currently functional for incoming emails only.