A Great New Blog by a Friend

A good friend of mine, David Wyatt, has begun posting on his own blog. I know him well enough to assure you that each of his postings will be clear, insightful and Biblical in content.

Drop over and visit David. You will be glad you did.

David’s Blog is: Hallelujah ‘Tis Done

Click here — Find out how to be absolutely sure of Heaven.

2 responses to “A Great New Blog by a Friend

  1. Kewl! Will have to drop in and check it out.
    Hi, ExP! How are you and your Schweetie doing? I had a large floater in my eye this morning, so I was thinking of you and your eye problems.
    G*D bless!


  2. Wow, bro. Jack, you are very kind & I certainly appreciate you. God Bless you & your wife!