Christians and Jews: Israel: Beware Annapolis Summit

Lest we sit back and think everything is hunky-dory in the land of Israel, we see a never ending move to eliminate Israel from the face of the earth.

The Seven Day War was one effort — that failed. That great Nobel Prize winner, terrorist Yasser Arrafat tried and failed to eliminate Israel, Another Nobel Laureat of note, Jimmah Carter condemns Israel at every chance. Bashir Assad of Syria has vowed to subdue Israel, Hamas will stop at nothing to eliminate Israel. Ahmadinijad dictator of Iran screams at every opportunity thet Israel must be decimated. Our State Department has apparently turned a deaf ear to these threats.

Now, on the eve of the big upcoming Annapolis Summit event promoting a “Two State Solution” for Israel and Palestine, Condi’s friend in the West Bank, known terrorist and Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas demands this:

“… that the Palestinians be given a state of 6,205 square kilometers that would include the Gaza Strip, West Bank and eastern Jerusalem — land conquered [sic Liberated] by Israel in the 1967 Six-Day War.”

Palestinian Authority official television is showing a graphic of Israel draped entirely with the Palestinian flag.


The image broadcast on the official Palestinian Authority television station reinforces those demands: “The message they [Palestinians] have conveyed to their people for years, and continue to convey on the eve of the [U.S.-hosted Annapolis] conference, is that ‘Palestine’ exists and it replaces all of Israel,” Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) said.

According to (PMW), the same message is prevalent throughout children’s school textbooks, children’s television programs, crossword puzzles, video clips, formal symbols, and school and street names.

“The picture painted for the Palestinian population, both verbally and visually, is of a world without Israel,” the group said

Friends, pray for the peace of Jerusalem… and for sanity in the hallowed halls of Condi’s State Department.


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6 responses to “Christians and Jews: Israel: Beware Annapolis Summit

  1. Bro David,

    Welcome to the world of the Christian Blogs..

    It is good to find another discerning believer posting his own blog about the wonderful Grace of our Savior Jesus Christ.

    I am excited to include you on my Blog Roll side-bar.

    Praying many will be encouraged by your site and that some will pass from death to Life in Jesus Christ.

    David, I am unable to comment on your Blog because I am not a member of the “Blogger” (Google) blogging community. I was at one time, but had so much trouble with Google Blogger that I (and many others) switched to WordPress — and things have been much better.

    You are welcome to post this in my name with my blog URL if you wish.

    In Christ eternally,


  2. Hi bro. Jack. Hoping you & Shirley are well. I have a blog now. Check it out sometime. I would be honored for you to drop in.
    God Bless!

  3. Richard Bowman

    Jack, How have you been? Sorry I lost contact for a bit. The ministry up here is really growing. I have been invited to give a message on eternal security the first sunday in December up here in small independant baptist church up here. The pastor is very clear on the Gospel. There are about 50 members in the church. I gave him a copy of the PE book and he wants me to get more and use them to teach a soul-winning class in his church. It would be great if you and Shirley could come that day.

  4. ExP-Looks like it might not happen, still no dates set, and the paloswinians(egyptian and jordanian decendents)won’t even come unless the right of return is given to ALL refugees!
    Unless they get that, abbas is threatening a third intifada!
    We are definitely in the doggie doo-doo now!
    Good morning, G*D bless and Maranatha!


  5. Lynda-You are sooooo right, about the state department! It is a bastion of anti-American, pro-mohammadin philosophy. Has been for decades.
    In the move to ‘understand’ our enemies, so that we can ‘dialogue’ with them, the denizens have forgotten truth and love of country! It is a pit of treason, right in the middle of DC!
    I’m sure that there are those who strive for right, but they are smothered and driven out by the culture there!
    If your diplomats are pro-enemy…
    Good morning, G*D bless and Maranatha!


  6. The State Department as a whole is riddled with the cancer of anti-Zionism. Condi Rice is flowing along in the current of sewage that issues from State on a daily basis. Every Secretary of State we have had has bowed and scraped for the Arabs, and once out of office, receives nice, fat checks from the Saudis. Israel cannot count on the U.S., despite the remnant here that loves her… only God is her source of help. Christians have a responsibility to pray for the peace of Jerusalem and to uphold the Lord’s Chosen People however we are able as long as we are here. Truly, the Time of Jacob’s Trouble approaches!