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Apostate Churches Meet With Ahmadinejad

These apostate churches — members of the World Council of Churches [WCC] co-sponsor international dialogue between religious leaders and political figures.

If we ever wonder what is happening to our churches in this country, you need not go very far to find out. The WCC on their own web site advertises their “dialog” with the “Butcher of Iran” who has vowed to “wipe Israel off the face of the earth.” He has also called for the destruction of the United States of America.

Yet these churches want to “dialog” with him. These people are insane.

Quoted from the WCC Web site. Their meeting is:

“aimed at exploring faith perspectives and the role of religion regarding global issues such as poverty, war and prejudice while deepening mutual understanding.”

“The theme of the dialogue is “Has not one God created us? The significance of religious contributions to peace,” and the event will include an Iftar – a dinner to break the Muslim Ramadan fast.

WHAT? Sheer insanity.

Which churches are members of this group? Maybe yours?

  * African Instituted churches
    * Anglican churches
    * Baptist churches
    * The Catholic church
    * Disciples of Christ / Churches of Christ
    * Evangelical churches
    * Friends (Quakers)
    * Holiness churches
    * Lutheran churches
    * Mennonite churches
    * Methodist churches
    * Moravian churches
    * Old-Catholic churches
    * Orthodox churches (Eastern)
    * Orthodox churches (Oriental)
    * Pentecostal churches
    * Reformed churches
    * The Salvation Army
    * Seventh-day Adventist Church
    * United and Uniting churches
    * Free and independent churches
Go HERE and then click on your denomination
 to see if you are one of them.
You will be outraged...
Something you won't find on their site is: