Apostate Churches Meet With Ahmadinejad

These apostate churches — members of the World Council of Churches [WCC] co-sponsor international dialogue between religious leaders and political figures.

If we ever wonder what is happening to our churches in this country, you need not go very far to find out. The WCC on their own web site advertises their “dialog” with the “Butcher of Iran” who has vowed to “wipe Israel off the face of the earth.” He has also called for the destruction of the United States of America.

Yet these churches want to “dialog” with him. These people are insane.

Quoted from the WCC Web site. Their meeting is:

“aimed at exploring faith perspectives and the role of religion regarding global issues such as poverty, war and prejudice while deepening mutual understanding.”

“The theme of the dialogue is “Has not one God created us? The significance of religious contributions to peace,” and the event will include an Iftar – a dinner to break the Muslim Ramadan fast.

WHAT? Sheer insanity.

Which churches are members of this group? Maybe yours?

  * African Instituted churches
    * Anglican churches
    * Baptist churches
    * The Catholic church
    * Disciples of Christ / Churches of Christ
    * Evangelical churches
    * Friends (Quakers)
    * Holiness churches
    * Lutheran churches
    * Mennonite churches
    * Methodist churches
    * Moravian churches
    * Old-Catholic churches
    * Orthodox churches (Eastern)
    * Orthodox churches (Oriental)
    * Pentecostal churches
    * Reformed churches
    * The Salvation Army
    * Seventh-day Adventist Church
    * United and Uniting churches
    * Free and independent churches
Go HERE and then click on your denomination
 to see if you are one of them.
You will be outraged...
Something you won't find on their site is:

14 responses to “Apostate Churches Meet With Ahmadinejad

  1. Amen TMW & Lynda! God Bless you ladies.
    You know, I get all bummed when I look at all the mess going on around us. But when I look to the Lord Jesus in His Word, I get all excited! Thanks for the Malachi 3:16 fellowship!!

  2. Well said, Lynda!
    It all comes down to the question, “What have you done about MY SON, Yeshua?”
    Works won’t save you, sincerity won’t save you, ONLY the SON can save you! Kiss HIM quickly before the Day of the Lord!


  3. Rebecca, the thing is, Yeshua, the Jewish Messiah, did not leave any other ‘path’ open to the One God. He said, very plainly, that He is the Way, He is the Truth and He is the Life, and NO ONE comes to the Father but by (through belief in) Him (Jesus).

    He was either lying or crazy or telling the Truth. Every soul gets to choose which of those three to believe; but Jesus said it flat out. He leaves no wiggle room. Apparently He didn’t care if someone thought that claim was ‘arrogant’ or ‘exclusionist’ or ‘intolerant.’

    You are talking about the viewpoint of finite beings with finite understanding, instead of the Viewpoint of the Creator of those beings.

    His Viewpoint is the only one that counts. And when judgment comes, you won’t get a chance to talk about viewpoints and paths.

    Jesus asked a question, and each human being needs to answer it for himself: Who do YOU say that I AM?

    Your answer determines your destination. I pray that you answer wisely.

  4. Z,

    Thanks for your great note.

    With your ancestral background, you know better than most the lies and subterfuge of Hitler and his kind.

    Too bad most of the WCC churches would rather compromise than stand for the truth. Obviously they know not the Truth.
    Good for your church’s stand. There are a few, very few, remaining who stand rather than submit.

    In Christ eternally,


  5. Rebecca,

    Thanks for your comment. You say you are all Christian by “your path.” Not sure what that means but if you are a true Christian, Good… But being so, do you believe you have the TRUTH?

    Christians are no “better” than anyone else, but we have believed the Truth; we are forgiven for all eternity by Jesus the Christ, the Savior.

    Christ proclaimed that He alone is the Truth. Either He is or He is not! Either He is the only Savior or He is a liar. Obviously, He IS THE SAVIOR. Those who deny that Truth do not change the Truth!

    The Jewish Scriptures and Torah predicted the coming Messiah, how He would come, when He would come and much more. Many anticipated, realized and recognized Jesus when He came. Just as today, they had the same choice to accept or reject the Savior by God’s Grace. The Apostle Paul, a Jew, preached Jesus from the Old Testament books and many Jews believed. Almost all the first believers were Jews.

    Anyone today who rejects Christ as the ONLY Savior is no different than those who rejected God’s plea to come to the safety of the Ark in Noah’s time, no different than those poor souls who screamed for Jesus to be crucified. And Jesus answered them with “Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do.” Luke 23:34
    And by the inspiration of God’s Holy Spirit, Paul wrote
    “…. for had they known it, they would not have crucified the Lord of glory.” 1 Corinthians 2:8

    Those very people had been told by Jesus Himself that he was the Messiah, the only Savior but they chose not to believe. People are told today, but they choose not to believe.

    Religions who join and go along with the WCC are but willing, (and possibly ignorant) pitiful perversions of the Truth of Jesus Christ, proclaimed by God from the beginning of time, Genesis 1 through Revelation 22.

    Such religions are men’s effort to perfect “man” to make him acceptable to God. Man cannot cannot do that. He must do it God’s way through Jesus Christ, the only crucified and risen Savior.

    The World Council of Churches is diluting the Truth to make their multiple religious philosophies acceptable to all religions, even to an anti-Christian, anti-God, anti-Israel butcher such as Ahmadinejad. I am sure he is laughing behind their naive backs.

    Jesus is the ONLY Savior… The WCC is preparing the world for an ecumenical one-world religion, preparing the world for the lie of the ecumenical anti-Christ in person as predicted in Scripture.

    I love those poor lost souls who reject our Savior. I want them to believe the Biblical Truth. However I do not love their false religions or fanatic proclamations generated by their unbelief.

    Some believe the Scriptural Truth — others reject the Truth, just as they did in Jesus’ day.

    Shame on “churches” who go along with the WCC’s diabolical plan.

    Rebecca, please go to the “Eternal Life For You” link on the heading on this page and read the text. Please tell me if you believe the Scripture written there. Thank you.

    In Christ eternally,


  6. ExPreacher and Lynda,

    I’m just not sure how you can be so dismissive of other religions. There are six billion plus people on this planet, each with a view point of the world and the cosmos entirely their own. To many, Jesus is to them what Mohamed or Krishna or JuJu up the Mount are to you. They all claim to know, believe, and trust in ‘the truth,’ and so either one is right and all others are mistaken and wrong (or for atheists, I guess, they all must be wrong) or some other is right, a few are close, but some are not even close. The Jewish people have the the first book, the Torah, and they do not believe that Jesus was the Messiah. Christians built upon this, with the NT, with Jesus as their Messiah. Muslims, building still, claim that theirs is the “final and unalterable word of God.” Its seems to me that everyone is equally justified in believing what they believe…it seems arrogant to claim that one is the sole owner of the true way. We all happen to be Christian…but, that’s our path. Its truer for me, but not necessarily for everyone. We are no better and no worse than anyone else. Take care.

  7. Pardon me, but the Lutheran Missouri Synod would rather fold than be part of this ridiculous group of apostate churches.

    Hitler made it look like churches supported him…….he’d pose on the steps, etc. The churches were scared to DEATH of him and the German resistance was a thousand percent larger than we’re taught in schools.
    Hitler even called himself a Christian when it served his purpose!

    What these churches has done is horrid and they’re playing right into the hands of a man who wants us dead. imagine?
    God bless!!!

  8. Jacqueline,

    Thanks for visiting our humble blog. Glad your husband also agrees.

    You mention Hitler. Many churches openly supported Hitler — and in his day, Mahatma Gandhi was an apologist for Hitler.

    Some folks just never learn.

    Come back and visit again — you are welcome here.

    In Christ eternally,


  9. Lynda,

    Thanks for your Biblical analysis of ATW’s statements.

    Too bad that so many will not see Truth until it is too late.

    In Christ eternally,


  10. ATW,

    Jesus the Messiah came to save you — even though you may be a Palestinian Terrorist sympathizer.

    He loves you even though you reject Him in your statements above.

    He shed His Blood on Calvary for just such as you (and me) — and you reject that Love.

    Under His own power, Jesus rose from the grave proving He is God.

    ATW, please trust Jesus, the ONLY Savior there ever will be.

    I assume you must be looking for the Mahdi, but he cannot and will not save anyone.

    Only Jesus Christ saves, whether you believe that or not. Denial of truth does not negate truth.

    In Christ eternally,


  11. Your response is very childish, I’m sorry to say. The “delusion” and “rejection of the truth” can be claimed by the other side” (Jews or Muslims)!

    In other words, they can claim and support their claim using their Bibles that their religion is the Ultimate truth.

    But you are absolutely right: On that great and terrible day, there will be no excuses. That is the day when a non-believer will wish s/he was only dust! And those non-believers are the ones who claim that God is 3-in-1!

    Glorified He be from what some attribute to Him.


  12. ATW, it’s so sad to see into the minds of those who have already believed the Lie, who have been given over to a reprobate mind because of their rejection of Truth, and who propogate the Great Delusion. Either Jesus is Lord, or He is not; there is no middle ground, for anyone.

    So many will cry, Lord, Lord! Didn’t we do all these things in Your Name?

    And His answer, with tears in His eyes, will be:
    Depart from me, you wicked one… I never knew you (because you never chose to know Me).

    Please, get off the wide road with the masses of deluded “tolerant” CINOs. (Christian in name only) There is only One Way to the One God, and there will be no politically correct excuses on that Great and Terrible Day!

  13. Don’t you think that you sound exactly like Bin laden? I suppose we can label you as the “Christian Bin Laden.”

    Tell me something: who did Jesus come to save? Those who already believed or those who were lost?

    Do you get it yet?


  14. Jacqueline Buhr

    I agree…They are insane. They probably would have invited Hitler to tea also.
    Being a tax collector and being a murderous, threatening ruler are not quite equivelant. I think they need a brain tune-up.
    My husband agrees also.