Lordship Salvation’s Franklin Graham: Samaritan’s Curse

By johninnc

Galatians 1:8-9: But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed. As we said before, so say I now again, If any man preach any other gospel unto you than that ye have received, let him be accursed.

We have featured a number of articles over the years that have highlighted the false gospel taught by famed evangelist the late Billy Graham, and have also included a few mentions of his son Franklin Graham. Please see below for a sample of previous articles that feature, or mention prominently, the Grahams:

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Franklin Graham has taken the reigns of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA), the organization founded by his late father. The BGEA teaches a false gospel of works (Lordship “salvation”), as found on its website under “Steps to Peace with God.” Following is an excerpt:

To receive Christ you need to do four things:

1. ADMIT your spiritual need. “I am a sinner.”

2. REPENT and be willing to turn from your sin.

3. BELIEVE that Jesus Christ died for you on the cross.

4. RECEIVE, through prayer, Jesus Christ into your heart and life

My comment: The Bible says anyone who believes the gospel has eternal life that can never be lost or forfeited. Nowhere does scripture say that a person must be willing to turn from sin in order to receive the free gift of eternal life. If one had to be willing to turn from sin in order to receive eternal life, then eternal life would not be a gift – it would be a trade. And, nowhere does the Bible say that one must receive through prayer, Jesus Christ into his heart and life.

As if the false gospel being promoted by BGEA isn’t bad enough, it’s affiliate Samaritan’s Purse has a similar false gospel. Following are excerpts from Samaritan’s Purse’s Statement of Faith:

We believe that all men everywhere are lost and face the judgment of God, that Jesus Christ is the only way of salvation, and that for the salvation of lost and sinful man, repentance of sin and faith in Jesus Christ results in regeneration by the Holy Spirit. Furthermore, we believe that God will reward the righteous with eternal life in heaven…

My comment: Like the false gospel of the BGEA, Samaritan’s Purse has added “repentance of sin” as a condition for receiving the free gift of eternal life. Samaritan’s Purse further muddies the water by saying that “God will reward the righteous with eternal life in heaven.” Eternal life is a gift, not a reward, and it begins the moment one believes in Jesus as Savior, not after physical death.

Samaritan’s Purse does a lot of seemingly good things, including disaster response, and Operation Christmas Child. But, the express purpose of all of their outreach efforts is evangelism and discipleship training. There is no way that an organization that perverts the gospel is fit to take on either task.

Lately, Franklin Graham has an additional take on how to be a good Samaritan. It involves shots ostensibly designed to prevent COVID-19. He can’t seem to stay out of the news. Following are excerpts of a recent post from his Facebook page, which have received widespread attention in the media:

“I have even been asked if Jesus were physically walking on earth now, would He be an advocate for vaccines. My answer was that based on the parable of the Good Samaritan in the Bible, I would have to say—yes, I think Jesus Christ would advocate for people using vaccines and medicines to treat suffering and save lives. In this Scripture passage, Jesus told about a man beaten and wounded, lying on the roadside as religious leaders passed by and didn’t help. But a Samaritan, considered a social outcast of the day, becomes the hero of the story when he stops and cares for the injured man—pouring oil and wine, which were the top medicines of the day, on the man’s wounds.”

My comment: Using Jesus’ name to promote the worldly “solution” to COVID, based on the parable of the Good Samaritan, is highly-speculative and stretches my limits of credulity. And, saying that Jesus would be an advocate for vaccines does not mean that He would have been an advocate for the COVID jabs. It is worth noting that the Good Samaritan aided a man who was beaten and wounded, not someone who had a low probability of becoming beaten and wounded.

And, here are excerpts from a recent article entitled Franklin Graham Urges Evangelicals to Get Vaccinated Before it’s ‘Too Late’:

“I want people to know that COVID-19 can kill you. But we have a vaccine out there that could possibly save your life. And if you wait, it could be too late…

My father was a firm believer in medicine. He believed in it, so he would have been a supporter — no question…

To me, there was no question it was safe…

We are leaders in the community, and we have a responsibility to inform them of the truth…

Of course, and I’m pro-life. Medicine is pro-life…”

Graham said he has not been approached by the current White House administration to get information about the vaccine to evangelicals but said he’d work with President Joe Biden and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention if asked.

Getting vaccinated is a personal choice, Graham stressed, but he said, “I would encourage people to pray about it, to look into it, to investigate it.”

My comment: Someone can be a firm believer in medicine without hewing to the dominant media narrative as to the safety and efficacy of the COVID shots. And, some medicine is pro-life, but some is not. Some “medical procedures” (such as abortion) are decidedly anti-life. Finally, if getting the COVID “vaccine” is a personal choice that people should pray about, look into, and investigate, why does Franklin Graham think his seal of approval would be compelling? He is literally using celebrity endorsement as his rationale. His celebrity. His purported view of his late father’s celebrity. And, his purported view of Jesus’ celebrity.

Franklin Graham is not a credible evangelist and, in my opinion, he hasn’t given any sound reasoning for his promotion of the COVID shots. My guess is that Graham feels slighted in having not been embraced by the new administration, and wants to find a way to ingratiate himself. (Billy Graham has been heralded as “God’s ambassador to world leaders, and was consulted by the various US presidents once he was a known commodity.) Graham is fully-vested in the world system and is being called upon to get his recalcitrant followers to roll up their sleeves.

My advice would be to do your own research on both how to receive eternal life and whether or not the COVID jabs are a good idea for you.

The only credible source for how to have eternal life is the Bible. If you would like to know from the Bible how to have eternal life click here: THE GOSPEL

101 responses to “Lordship Salvation’s Franklin Graham: Samaritan’s Curse

  1. Holly, I think the political people are mostly all in on it, when push comes to shove. They want to stay in the mix, and the people who provide most of the campaign money likely call most of the shots.

    What I don’t get is all of the regular citizens who spend so much time and energy parroting the MSM talking points. It’s almost like some of the slogans you read about in futuristic novels like “Brave New World.”

  2. Holly, I don’t know what it will take to wake people up. It’s almost as if they take pleasure in believing lies.

    I have a friend who is a phd in math. He professes to be an atheist, or agnostic. I’ve been arguing about all of this with him since the outset, but he just doesn’t seem to get it.

    I have another friend who seems to be clear on grace, but who thinks we have to pull out all of the stops to eradicate the coronavirus. In his case, he is married to someone who is a non-practicing Roman Catholic, who consumes enormous quantities of MSM programming, and I think having that on in his house all day has influenced him.

    Both of these people are aware that our government customarily lies to us, but they just don’t seem to think our government would lie to them about this.

    It just seems as if people are hypnotized, or brainwashed.

  3. Johninnc

    Reading your last comment and shaking my head. They’ve already come out and admitted the PCR does not deviate between the flu and the C19 or common cold. Not that they don’t have a way to do it, but that was not how the test was designed (even the designer admitted this quite awhile back).

    The PCR test shows immune activity against a range of organisms including both SARS-Cov2 as well as influenza. And it shows an immune response, but I’m sure you know all this. So who had the flu last year? Supposedly basically no one. And we know all pneumonia was listed as C19. Because of the immune response? This is all really malevolent, reminds me of the wolves, just waiting to savage the sheep, fleece the flock, line their pockets. And they’re smart enough to wear the sheep’s clothing (like that doctor on MedPage) — or at least that’s how I view her in light of her comments.

    I’m really praying people might just consider alternate information to the one they’ve so easily swallowed. In light of the new boosters they are just salivating to roll out and the imminent threat of closing us down again, people need to be wise (I sure hope people say NO!).

  4. Johninnc,

    What is astounding to me, is are they lying all the time? Repeating what they’ve been told? Just totally foolish? Or are they all in on it?

    They know the vaccinated can spread it. Here is what I observe from a perspective that doesn’t really understand the internet. Whether FB or Twitter, I am seeing these ‘nice individuals’ showing up to give helpful info on a post. One claimed to be a microbiologist, but just a little search showed her to be someone who worked at Walmart (not at all criticizing working anywhere). She just wasn’t what she claimed to be. Anyways, I’m starting to recognize myself there is a huge effort here to make people take this and I do not believe it’s benevolent.

  5. The CDC updated its mask guidance today. Following is a direct quote:

    “When earlier strains of the virus predominated, infected vaccinated people were found to have low levels of virus and were deemed unlikely to spread the virus much, CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky said. But with the delta variant, the level of virus in infected vaccinated people is “indistinguishable” from the level of virus in the noses and throats of unvaccinated people, Walensky said.”

    My comment: how ANYONE can believe ANYTHING these people say is ASTOUNDING. How blind does the poor, brainwashed public have to be?

    Everyone has been blaming the spread of the virus on unvaccinated people, but the CDC Director just said that vaccinated people can spread it as well. What is “distinguishable” about “indistinguishable.”

    There is a lot of egg on a lot of “experts'” faces!

  6. Holly, I also saw that and wondered the same thing. And, I have also prayed for him.

  7. I just saw this regarding Franklin Graham’s nephew (Ann Graham Lotz’s son). He is in the hospital with Covid. I wonder if he is again one of the vaccinated, or maybe he didn’t go along with his uncle’s mandate?

    I am praying of course, just found it interesting.

  8. Holly, I’ve had that same issue for my phone, but not from my laptop.

    They will publish certain of my comments, but not the hard-hitting ones, and none of the ones about Dr. Cobia.

  9. Chas, it wouldn’t even let me on the second time (the first time I was able to read). The second time it wanted me to register, so I didn’t bother.

    I think it’s significant they wouldn’t post John’s comments. But we see that everywhere. We can sit there and see a group of democrats get on a plane together, and you can bet those ‘visionaries’ all have the shot. And then six of them come down with Covid? But our lying eyes right? Don’t believe what you see…

  10. John, I don’t know how I ended up with some friends who are scientists, doctors, nurses, but somehow I did. And although the one school nurse railed on me regarding this ‘vaccine’, most of them are like your wife.

    Like you, the threats, both voiced and implicit are enough for me to know something is very wrong.

    With you, I pray that God would thwart and expose these evildoers. It’s very sobering. I pray also that some would be wakened, and desire the strong meat of His Word so their senses are exercised to tell the difference between good and evil.

  11. Chas, it is two different stories. One was about how Dr. Cobia got COVID in 2020 and the other is about how she has told young people who begged her for the vaccine that it is too late.

  12. So they’re still pushing that story a year later? Even with evidence now coming out that vaxxed people can spread C-19 just like un-vaxxed? Wunnerful.

  13. chas, there is a newer article, published July 22, 2021, that references Dr. Cobia’s latest claims. It is linked below:


  14. John… I can believe it. I looked at that article. All they seem to want to hear is pro-mask nonsense. The posts there are about a year old, so…

  15. Holly, I have sent several comments on the matter of doctor Cobia to MedPageToday, but, believe it or not, none have been approved.

  16. Holly, it is very similar to spiritual blindness – just an unwillingness to really hear the truth. It seems as if everyone has become entrenched in their positions on almost everything.

    For the life of me, I can’t understand some of “the science.” My wife, who has a master’s degree in biology education, can’t either. For example, if people who have been “vaccinated” can still be infected with the delta variant, and can still be contagious, how are people who haven’t gotten the “vaccines” any more responsible for the spread of the delta variant than those who have? And, how are the people who haven’t gotten the “vaccines” any more responsible for the incubation of variants than those who have? It just doesn’t make any sense.

    I doubt I would have made a good reporter, because I would have found very few places willing to pay me for reporting the truth. I started my career as a CPA, and forming conclusions without sufficient information was a career-limiting move in that field.

    Anyway, no matter what the purported virtues of these “vaccinations,” the growing threats – implicit and explicit – if I don’t get them tell me more than enough. I understand science about as well as your next guy, but it seems I detect looming authoritarianism better than most.

    In terms of prayer, I continue to pray that God would thwart the plans of the evildoers who are stealing our freedom, and keep people free from harm from the disease and the “vaccines.”

  17. I noticed they used all the key talking points of the left. They inserted an awful lot of them. For interest, I researched the doctor, on healthgrades, all her ratings were the lowest you can give. The yelp and google reviews did not come up as usual, so I searched with those two words. It was interesting to see yelp had one review for an emergency care which gave the staff 3 out of 5 stars, and no review for the doctor. And the google reviews never came back.

    She also wrote an article elsewhere, that asserted that vaccinated people cannot give Covid. We obviously have seen differently in Mainstream News with just all the Democrats from Texas, Pelosi, Harris, etc.

    Where are the real reporters?

  18. Johninnc, I’m noticing the same (no one questioning anything).

    But doesn’t that seem to be so similar to lordship doctrine, Calvinist’s proof-texting etc? They seem to use the same method.

    It seems they are ramping up their propaganda and scare tactics. I didn’t hear of the one from Atlanta, but a nurse that is promoting the shot said something very different about another state. Also, the guy over in the UK said 60% vaccinated were getting Covid, but flip flopped and said he made a faux paux and meant to say 40%. Same thing happened in another country, stated one thing and then changed it. I think a good reporter might look up the countries that are almost entirely vaccinated, and ask the question, why they have a huge jump in hospitalizations for Covid after this shot?

    It doesn’t seem terribly difficult to see the push for youths to get this shot if people would just stop and think for a moment. It’s different than every vaccine ever.

    I agree with your points, normally there would be witnesses. I’ve seen plenty of people who have come out in video who say they have been damaged by this experimental shot. I see people saying they’ve had it, but I’ve not heard one story from a patient or family that corroborates her story.
    You should have been a reporter. I just marvel when people don’t just go check these simple things out. And think critically about what they’re being told. And most of all for those who know Him, to be in much prayer about it.

    You know what I’m noticing (could be in my own mind), is people’s family dying, younger, from blod clots (3 I know of, 2 died, the other one discovered it quickly – a few days after her shot). Strokes, heart attacks, and a friend, encephalitis of the brain. Could be an unhappy coincidence, could just be my age.

  19. Holly, you said: I’d at least question those numbers.

    My comment: Hardly anyone questions anything. Take, for example, all of the ballyhoo’d reports of the doctor from Alabama who said: “I’m admitting young healthy people to the hospital with very serious COVID infections,” she said. “One of the last things they do before they’re intubated is beg me for the vaccine. I hold their hand and tell them that I’m sorry, but it’s too late.”

    Any reporter worth his salt, before running with this story, would have asked a couple of simple questions, such as:

    1) How many “young people” were put on intubation for treating COVID at her hospital, since the vaccines were rolled out, while she was on duty?
    2) Can any of the alleged patients, or any of her colleagues, corroborate her story?
    3) Does she have any history of seeking publicity?

    Regarding question number 3, MedPageToday ran an article in July of 2020 about this same doctor. It was entitled: COVID-Positive Doc: ‘I Didn’t Wear a Mask and I Regret It’
    — Outdoor gathering leads to COVID spread among family members

    I have linked it below:


    The point to all of this is, I did about 5 minutes of research and was able to dig this up. Her sad story about telling people “it’s too late” could be true. But, I haven’t seen anyone establish that it is. It just made a sensational, fear-mongering story, and they ran with it.

  20. Johninnc.

    Yes, I feel sick for my kids, if not for the fact that I don’t believe our time here is long.

    I can’t even believe that regarding Kaye Ivey. Do any of these people understand what they’re doing? I had a nurse today Direct Message me on Twitter. She believes 100% of the people in hospitals are unvaccinated. And provided an AP article to prove it. Trouble is, that just isn’t the truth, and if it was the other side of the coin, I’d at least question those numbers. Especially in light of Israel, Grenada, Scottland statistics showing differently. I told her, the point really is, this should be our choice. We should not be forced into taking any medicine or vaccine ever. I realize to travel to other countries, people make the choice as to what they have to do. But we are quickly losing our choices.

    Another one emailed me today, a family member telling her she was going to ‘block’ her over this stuff.

  21. There has also been a concerted effort, over the past few days, of republican “leaders” jumping onboard the vaccine bandwagon.

    Example: comment yesterday from Alabama governor Kay Ivey: But it’s time to start blaming the unvaccinated folks, not the regular folks.

    She doesn’t even seem to believe that people who have refused the vaccine are “regular folks,” and she seems to believe that they should be “blamed” for the spread of the disease. This is an outrageous targeting of people for their personal medical decisions. It is intended to isolate and dehumanize people who haven’t lined up for the shots, setting the table for their persecution.

    They join the pope, popular pastors and evangelists, the MSM, democrats, business leaders, and foreign governments in advancing this cause.

    I believe we are in the final days of the “carrot” phase, and are advancing into the “stick” phase.

  22. Holly, the most troubling aspect of this, to me, is the stifling of any conversation or debate about it.

    And, even lifelong friends and some family seem closed to discussing things.

  23. Today Newsmax aired a live video on FB, the Chris Salcedo show, and there were two doctors. One stated that they were ‘very efficacious (not exact) and the other was quite outspoken regarding the opposite, and those being infected and the most serious cases being vaccinated people, along with the precedent usually being no vaccine if there are medications to treat it (and there are). About 11 minutes in, the video was ‘no longer available’. I guess Facebook removed it.

    Today I saved some Government statistics, the most interesting is Israel. They are highly vaccinated as a nation, but the large majority of people with serious cases ending up in the hospital were the double vaccinated. In fact 4-6 times the amount depending on age. Some interesting thoughts as far as the Word is concerned regarding His people.

    Another country that is nearing full vaccination rate, is the 3rd most infected country. Very suspicious and troubling to me.

  24. Holly, wow. That is really sad!

    Yesterday, Newsmax was calling “breakthrough infections” rare. Today, they are saying that it is serious illness and death (not “breakthrough cases”) that are rare in vaccinated individuals. The numbers of deaths among “fully vaccinated” people are creeping up, so what your friend has said is demonstrably false (even though Biden just said the same false things about vaccinated people at his town hall last night).

  25. Johniinc, that made me laugh (the Spurgeon General).

    These people seem to want to ignore information that doesn’t suit them. Last night, I had someone from the Christian High school we both went to, basically wish I would die so she wouldn’t have to see my posts any more.

    She denied:

    That anyone vaccinated has gotten covid.
    That there is anything to be concerned of in the shot.

    She accused me of extremism, and insurrection. She told me she knew Scriptures (but never used them to correct me if I was wrong) and she talked about how she had ‘walked with God’ since she was 7.

    Sad part about this woman who wished me dead of the virus (for her convenience)?

    She is a school nurse in a town not too far from me.

  26. Franklin Graham (The Spurgeon General) has been eerily quiet about the shots of late.

    I suppose he’s back in his lane, which is preaching a false gospel.

  27. Purpose-Driven China. Cringe.

  28. I don’t think they want to quit while they have momentum, but I just keep praying and trying to keep my mind stayed on Him. My difficulty is my children and grandchildren, hard not to be concerned for them in this perilous time.

  29. Holly, I think the China building program has been for China.

    In any event, the enemies of freedom seem to have put their evil plans into overdrive.

  30. Johninnc – that is chilling. Interesting that China is going to help build these ‘quarantine’ facilities. May the Lord confuse them and expose them. Sure cannot imagine much time left for this age.

  31. I just read this today from the Wall Street Journal:

    Headline: New Coronavirus Variants Seen as Too Contagious for Hotel Quarantines

    Salient quotes:

    “China is planning to build large quarantine facilities in two southern cities. One center will be 2.7 million square feet, with rooms for 5,000 travelers and another 2,000 beds for logistics personnel.”

    “The emergence of more infectious variants “does make us regret tremendously that we hadn’t built a heap of purpose-built facilities eight months ago,” Tony Blakely, an epidemiologist at the University of Melbourne, told WSJ.”

  32. Holly, MedPageToday is considered very reputable. They are spending a lot of space trying to harmonize medical ethics with “public health exigencies.”

    It’s interesting. Just in the last couple of days, we’ve seen the White House, Dr. Fauci, and former Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius all come out in favor of vaccine mandates in some form or another.

    This seems to fit in with the MedPageToday call for policymakers to endorse vaccine mandates. It has all happened in a couple of days.

    Meanwhile, Macron has declared that, in France, “ ‘The unvaccinated will bear the brunt of the restrictions rather than everyone. From the beginning of august, the vax pass will be needed for coffee shops, restaurants, supermarkets, hospitals, trains, buses.’”

    Door-to-door vaccine visits have started in my city. And, an Ohio judge is making vaccinations a condition of probation.

    There has been a lot of movement on this front of late.

  33. Johninnc, I’d like to say I’m shocked, but I’m not sadly. The thinking of some in this country has gotten so skewed and wicked, they can’t reason with any sense of true morality even though they use the word with no understanding.

    I spoke to one of the medical providers for my son who told me they may be requiring it for her. I told her to just say no to the shot and went over some of the ingredients, and encouraged her to wait even if she was considering it. It would be better to be fired then dead.

    I wish people would just look on the openvaers site. They can search for heart, stroke, kidney, liver, encephalitis, etc., it seems endless with almost half a million reports, and many serious. If that doesn’t shake them up, I don’t know what will.

    What/who is this medpage anyways? They can’t be a true medical page can they? They have to know this goes against their oath. Josef Mengele comes to mind over and over. These people are ogres.

  34. That chilling quote doesn’t make sense. Joke could have bumbled it.

  35. Holly, today, there was an opinion piece in MedPageToday entitled “It’s Time to Require COVID Vaccination in the Workplace — Case increases demand prioritizing community health over individual rights”

    Following is a chilling quote: When a threat to an individual becomes a threat to society as a whole, that individual’s autonomy must give way to the greater good. Thus, despite the potential harms done by vaccine mandates, such as rare adverse reactions or loss of employment among those who refuse, the societal benefits to universal vaccination, including ending the pandemic, must be our moral and ethical priority. It is a calculus that we must accept and promote. It is time for our national, state, and local policymakers to endorse workplace vaccination requirements and lead the way with guidance and public declarations of support.

    My comment:

    This is coming out the same day that the White House said that it would support vaccine mandates by employers, schools, and local governments.

    One simply cannot stay neutral on this anymore. They are tightening the thumbscrews. Anyone who supports these types of mandates supports a medical apartheid, and the exclusion of dissenters from participating in society. They are enemies of freedom, plain and simple. Note that this will include many (most) of our acquaintances, many (most) of our former friends, and some of our family members.

  36. I just read that Franklin Graham is kicking off a Route 66-themed ministry with 8 stops along historic route 66. There simply is no gimmick that Graham won’t latch onto.

    Given his false gospel message, it kind of reminds me of a twist on the old song: “Get your kicks on Route 666.”

  37. Johninnc, I had hoped the same for the pandemic, that it would close some of the false teachers down. I see the argument often on the ‘loving your neighbors’ as one of my FB friends changed his mind on the vaccine, because of his pastor. He said his pastor gave that argument, and I can’t remember the rest, but I was just shaking my head for a number of reasons I know you can understand.

    Yes, with some Calvinists, it is sure possible they feel that way…

  38. Holly, wow. I guess by that logic, any murder victim “had it coming to them.”

  39. Holly, that is so sad. I had hoped that one of the silver linings of this pandemic might be that many of the “churches” that teach false gospels would close for good.

    Many people think they are “loving their neighbor” to get these shots. My belief is that the opposite is true: joining the masses who take the shots puts more pressure on those who resist the shots, and I believe will make it harder for people who don’t want the shots to participate in society.

    Of course, many want that, including anyone who believes shots should be mandatory to work, shop, travel, etc.

  40. Chas, you spurred me on to do some research after that looking for the particular ingredients, I posted it on FB, with the links to the safety sheets from the chemical companies that made the individual ingredients to the vax. What I found really a head shaker is most of them were ‘not for ingestion’ or ‘not for human consumption’, and one even made the differential between ingesting vs. injecting and warned against injecting (that was PEG) the ingredient in strong laxatives. The body expels those when ingested (supposedly) and the injection itself is dangerous.

    Now I realize that the most important thing is people’s eternal destiny, but it’s like this ‘thing’ is hastening their destiny and these ‘pastors’ seem willing to aid and abet like Johninnc mentioned regarding the philosophy of the planned baby murder association.

    One other interesting point I found in Calvinist groups. A lot of them are not concerned with abortion. The reason? Because they said, those babies were not the ‘elect’.

    I kid you not…

  41. Today, a friend told me her in-laws got the shot because their ‘church’ makes them show proof of the vaccine or wear masks. And they are still ‘afraid’ of all the germs out there.

    How sad is that, let alone the church has a female ‘pastor’ with a false gospel?

  42. John, that is shocking. He is very proud of what they have achieved? I understand what some may take that to mean, but it is obvious with no experience with a phase 3 clinical study or in mass production so quickly, that this is not something to brag about really.

    The most chilling comment you made was the last. The study on children ages 6 months to less than 12 years. Lord help the parents to make wise and informed decisions.

  43. Thanks, Holly, I found what may be the video you mentioned on Rumble. It was recorded last November 23. I have some thoughts on it but since this isn’t a C-19 info site I won’t clutter it with my ruminations on that. Thanks again for the lead.

  44. Holly, also, former Planned Parenthood president Dr. Leana Wen recently made these comments on CNN:

    “So how quickly we can get this under control and which way we go depends on what we do now to overcome disinformation. What we really need to do at this point is make vaccination the easy choice. It needs to be hard for people to remain unvaccinated. Right now, it’s kind of the opposite. It’s fine. It’s easy if you’re unvaccinated. You can do anything you want to do anyway. At some point, these mandates by workplaces, by schools, I think it will be important to say, hey, if you want to opt-out, you have to sign these forms, get twice weekly testing. Basically, we want to make getting vaccinated the easy choice. That is what it’s going to take for us to actually end the pandemic.”

    My comment: I wonder if Franklin Graham, J.D. Greear, Bishop T.D. Jakes and the rest of the gang are going to join prominent abortionist Leana Wen in this push? That is, do they also want to make life hard for people who don’t receive the vaccines?

  45. Holly, Moderna went public in 2018 at a stock value per share of $18. Today, they are worth $220 per share, or $88 billion.

    Following are recent comments from their CEO:

    “Twelve months ago in Q1 2020, Moderna had never run a phase 3 clinical study, never got a product authorized by a regulator, and never made 100 million doses in a single quarter. I am very proud of what the Moderna team has achieved.”

    “We appreciate the confidence of the U.S. government in our mRNA vaccine platform and the continued support. We are advancing the clinical development of mRNA-1273 with the ongoing Phase 3 study being conducted in collaboration with NIAID and BARDA. In parallel, we are scaling up our manufacturing capability with our strategic partners, Lonza, Catalent, and Rovi, to address this global health emergency with a safe and effective vaccine.”

    The company is now conducting the KidCOVE study on children ages 6 months to less than 12 years.

  46. There is one where Connecticut published the Moderna one. Search for those two words. Sorry if I got off topic. Really the truth here is, that this vaccine is their gospel, and their god is money. They will continue to sell people on ‘updates’ (boosters) for different ‘strains’ and ‘variants’. They’re crying all the way to the bank.

  47. Chas, I wish I could remember. The brand was Astrazeneca. I ‘think’ you could do a search engine search with the words ‘box ingredients’ and if it’s youtube, they’ve removed most all videos with any of that type of info, which is why I did screen shots back then, I knew it wouldn’t last. But people are getting smart and starting to upload them to bitbox and rumble and other platforms.

  48. Hollysgarcia, what video is it where you saw that box label? I’d like to see that.
    One of my sisters who was against getting any of the C-19 vaxxes succumbed to getting the J&J jab because her daughter wouldn’t let anyone who wasn’t vaxxed see see her daughter. The thought of not being able to visit the granddaughter was too much for my sister, so she and her husband got jabbed. Sad.

  49. Johninnc, yes. I believe they’ve gotten enough kickback, getting the religions involved to bring it to their door is just the right marketing ploy.

    And people will think, if XYZ ministry is involved, it has to be good. I’ve seen Memes about Jehovax witnesses at the door. It was worded a couple of ways, but I can see it too.

  50. Holly, I didn’t take it that way. It wouldn’t surprise me to see some of the big organizations from the world of churchianity offer up volunteers to join in Biden’s door-to-door outreach.

  51. Johninnc, just wanted to clarify, I didn’t think you were fearful (not sure if it came across that way). Usually if I speak about these things, someone will inevitably accuse me of being fearful. I’m not. I’m with you. I’m sad they just do not test the spirits, they do not prove all things. And the worst? As you said, it is ‘churchianity’ and it’s mouthpieces, many who are just wolves in sheep’s clothing.

  52. Holly, I am amazed that people are OK with these things. Many of the people I know think that the respite we’ve been given this summer will last, and that this will “blow over.”

    I am more sad than fearful, as people blithely go along with whatever lies the world feeds them, aided and abetted by the world of churchianity and its mouthpieces.

  53. John, the unrighteous get in power, and that is exactly what they do (exert pressure over personal matters). Where are all the women screaming, ‘my body, my choice?’

    It’s growing worse and worse we know, with Biden talking about sending people door to door. And people like Ken Starr & Dershowitz (sp?) saying they have a legal right to force us to take the vax. I am not living in any state of fear, but interest as the days grow shorter and darker. These are perilous times. Maranatha.

  54. Holly, in addition to the things you bring up, no one should feel compelled to yield jurisdiction over their faces or bodies to “public health experts,” politicians, employers, doctors, the media, public peer pressure, or anyone else.

  55. We were having a discussion today. I think many of us don’t normally spend time on these kinds of subjects, so there is a variety of opinions ranging from the absurd and fear mongering (this is the mark of the beast), to the supposed conspiracy theory that is simply truth.

    But one thing I believe we all have a responsibility to do before weighing in too strongly is to do our research. So I did some. I particularly liked one that had the actual box the vaccine came in since that seemed to be hard to find on the internet. It came on a video, but I freeze framed it and saved photos. Many do not believe there are aborted fetal cells, and I get it. So just look it up, find the package, look up the ingredients if you want to know.

    I’m almost sorry for some of the stuff I do know.

  56. Holly, there is an asymmetric burden of proof for “the science.”

    I think you are on the right track: those who have received the shots will be deemed to just have colds; and those who haven’t received the shots will be deemed to have COVID.

  57. Johninnc, shaking my head. Doctors and Pastors should not politicize healthcare. What a violation of what they are supposed to be there for.

    Undoubtedly, the vaccinated crowd’s colds will just be colds. Since the current testing cannot differentiate between c19 and the simple corona virus, I wonder what they might do differently?

    Or is it just by ‘feel’? 🙂

  58. Holly, it does remind me of Calvinism/LS – the tortured logic knows no bounds.

    As an example, I just saw this quote regarding the dreaded “Delta variant”:

    “This virus more efficiently binds to these cells, then enters those cells, and may, in some ways, elude immune system more effectively,” Priest said, noting that difference makes it more contagious and more likely to do damage in communities with lower vaccination rates.

    The reporter who wrote the story tweeted this:

    DELTA VARIANT SYMPTOMS: Doctors say they’re not seeing loss of taste or smell like we all associate with COVID but more runny noses and sore throats. It could get confusing in cold and flu season this fall

    My comment: Dr. Priest’s quote is the only time the words “cell” or “cells” were mentioned in the entire article. It sounds like a bunch of nonsense, followed by a non-sequitur. And, the reporter may have missed the irony in her tweet about this looking kind of like any other cold or flu.

  59. Holly, that is a good way to put it.

  60. Thank you for marking Franklin Graham. If he were honest, he would at least say, those who keep the law, AND put their trust in Him….

  61. Chas,

    I listened to the Chief Medical Officer of Moderna explain that the mRNA will change your genetic code, like “introducing a ‘line of code’”.

    He said they have, “Spent decades and billions of dollars to sequence the genome and can do it for every patient.”

    Everybody has their own choice for the moment, but we can see the ‘handwriting on the wall’ on the coercion, and the setting up the no buying, no selling, no working, no transport, etc.

  62. Johninnc, regarding MedPage, I shouldn’t be shocked, but I am.

    I also chuckled a little at his wording of ‘educational achievement’, then misquoted Stupid is as stupid does, and said, ‘feel like ‘they in’ and Easy Rider movie. All of it reminded me somewhat of the Calvinists/load-shippers that we’ve come up against, who use that kind of argument.

    The sad part is the hard growing harder. The good part is He’s coming back soon, any moment. I hope we can make a difference with some.

  63. Jason, it is dangerous mix when churches coalesce with governments.

  64. Apparently, repenting of sins in some Pentekkkostal churches in third world countries means, turning peaceful protesters over to police agencies that serve authoritarian regimes. I just saw an example of this reported in the African media.

  65. Following is an excerpt from a July 3, 2021 Franklin Graham tweet:

    If you are willing to turn from your sin and put your faith and trust in Jesus Christ, God will forgive you and give you a new life. Now that’s something to celebrate!

    My comment: No, that is not “something to celebrate.” It is a false gospel of works. Folks, this guy is bad news. It is not occasional. It is not “clear as mud.” It is a false gospel, plain and simple.

  66. Chas, you make a great point. No matter how much they have to twist the logic and tweak the narrative, it all seems to be leading to more and more authoritarian measures.

  67. Johninnc…

    The irony in the “vaccinated” arguments about future high infection rates of the “un-vaccinated” is that, according to some of the info I’ve seen, it’s the vaxxed who are more likely to be infected that the un-vaxed because the Jab’s mRNA re-programming messes up their immune system, making the vaxxed more vulnerable.

    Of course, either way, the un-vaxxed will be blamed.

  68. Holly, in terms of coercion, I have read the following comments (or excerpts) regarding “vaccine hesitancy” over the last couple of days on MedPageToday:

    Is it time for the stick not the carrot or do we have to wait for a resurgence of infections amongst the unvaccinated to turn the tide?

    They’re all candidates for the Darwin Award and their removal from the gene pool will only improve society, though the cost of caring for their hospitalizations during the coming spike will be burdensome.

    These Southern states are also the worst in educational achievement. Stupid is what stupid does. The doctors there must feel like they in an Easy Rider movie.

    The common theme I see in vaccine hesitancy is the use of the pronoun “I”. Gone is the sense of the common good, it is all about the individual, which is the problem with today’s society. All the problems with this vaccine seem to boil down to that; my right to not wear a mask, my right to not get a vaccine, my right to go where I want and do what I want. Me, me. me, me, me.

    I tried to post a comment as to the coercive nature of the “vaccines”, but it was not approved. The above comments are dripping with condescension, contempt, authoritarianism, moral judgement, and virtue signaling. These are the tools that have been used to get so many people on board with this.

  69. Holly, I just read that a judge in Ohio reduced a defendant’s sentence from 5 years of probation to 1 year of probation if the defendant would agree to get the COVID vaccine.

  70. John, I believe the same. My objection is them compelling people by many means to take this. And not in the way other vaccines are normally given, with instructions for things to look out for, etc. No FDA approval. But as you say, if I had no objections, the fact that I know for a fact people are being coerced and even threatened is sickening to me. One pilot was offered $5000 as a ‘bonus’ for taking the shot. He said he knows it’s a matter of time before they will be forced.

    I’m afraid many of our fellow citizens just do not see the bigger picture.

  71. Holly, even if I had no medical or ethical objections to the shots, I would oppose the heavy-handed way they are being foisted on us, in a one-size fits all way, with attendant documentation requirements.

    I often pray that God would thwart the plans of the evildoers who have taken away our freedoms. But, if our fellow citizens blithely throw their freedoms away, our freedoms are in grave danger.

  72. John, that is so upsetting, and all I personally can do is pray and boycott the companies I know are doing this.

    A believer asked today, if all vaccines for Covid didn’t have aborted fetal cells, or they weren’t used in the development, would anyone be able to add any religious objections regarding the current vaccines.

    I told her it makes some changes, that they are unsure of the outcome, in your genetic code. They will not know that for a long time. I kind of feel like making an unknown change to what God created is not Biblical. Just sharing ideas. Some are way better informed than I am.

    I also believe as a precursor to the take the mark, this vaccine we’re already seeing the God given freedoms to move about being taken, unless people take it. (This is happening across the world).

    I shared that the God given right to eat or work is being taken away, as in some places, take it or lose your job.

    Or, the God given right to breathe freely is being restricted by those who say take it or else wear a mask.

    I told her that was some of my thoughts thinking as a believer she was pondering religious objections and wanted ideas. It wasn’t posted to argue.

    Her odd argument after asking for reasons, simply said she couldn’t strongly disagree with me enough. (With no reasoning).

    I walked away shaking my head, only in that I thought I was answering what she requested. But your story of the place of business you mentioned reminded me of this today.

  73. Holly, the parallel between the medical “professionals” and the LS pastors is strange. Large corporations are also participating.

    A friend who works at the company I left after 20 years sent me this yesterday:

    Today they announced that we are returning to the office. Those who have not reported that they have been vaccinated in the company’s tracking system will be required to wear face coverings, practice physical distancing, have daily health screenings, have coronavirus testing twice each week, work in designated areas, “and other protocols”

    They are establishing a pseudo-scientific apartheid system.

  74. Wow. That is really unprofessional on his part.

  75. I pray people will see it and be informed. It’s a strangely similar parallel between these medical ‘professionals’ and these well known pastors.

    Today, my son-in-law went to a check up with his doctor. He had a different doctor, but that doctor asked him if he had gotten the covid vaccine. He is not very outspoken about these things but he said that his wife was in the medical field and they had decided not to take the vaccine, specifically not while there were still more children in their future.

    Do you know what that doctor told him? That he could go across the street to Walgreens and get the shot now and she’d never know.

  76. Holly, I have prayed for your friend.

    I am not surprised at the lack of humility, nor the lack of aptitude, training, knowledge, or listening skills of so many medical professionals.

    Some of the most prominent leaders in corporate America, churchianity, the medical profession, economics, and “public service” are virtually bereft of any real knowledge or substance.

  77. Johninnc, one thing I’ve learned throughout my years of being pressed into service as a caregiver (not saying I wasn’t willing, but circumstances) was that they are definitely not knowledgeable in every area. I was shocked honestly at the lack of knowledge, but I think people see doctors as the miracle workers they see on the ER type shows, with salvation from a certain disease at the last moment. But if you dare to question them, many will not respond favorably. I was asked either where I got my medical degree, or what my background was. Sometimes not in a snippy way, but that was few and far between.

    The mistakes they made were surreal, and the lack of ears to hear when they were warned of what was going on (such as Jason and his internal bleed), is also unreal. I called every doctor I could think of to say his vitals fit internal bleeding (he had just had a lung biopsy) and it wasn’t till he had a hemothorax (lung filled with blood) that they listened, and by then he had to be put on blood clotting agents, ventilator, and he coded. That was not the only serious mistake.

    I also was told by one doctor that a certain medicine didn’t cause liver damage. My husband has been on one for psoriatic arthritis for years, and while it may not have advertised it early, they do now. It causes liver scarring. And my husband has it. But biologics make them all a great deal of money.

    I feel you, but I really don’t have a doctor I trust right now sadly. My friend is needing a transfusion, but they want to give her the vaccinated blood, and it is not recommended for those who need a transfusion. So pray for that please… Sorry if I got off track.

  78. Holly, one of the unfortunate aspects of the medical profession is its tendency toward authoritarianism. The profession is one that relies not only on scientific training, but also credentialism. It is important to remember that many/most doctors now work for giant medical companies that are part of the corporate/political machine.

    After having received e-mails about non-medical social and political causes from my health care provider, I have lost a great deal of trust in them, and by extension, I have lost some trust in my doctor of more than 12 years.

  79. Thanks John. Regardless of the person’s decision, this doctor went further and asked ‘why not’…?

    I should have said something but she answered quickly so I didn’t. Frustrating they have stopped with their oath and become completely sold on pressing this EU vaccine forward. Again, may whoever decides to take it be kept safe, and I’m praying for doctors to realize how far they’ve gone overboard in this.

  80. Holly, I have prayed for your friend.

    It is sick and disgusting that so many doctors have jumped on the authoritarian bandwagon.

  81. I took a friend to the ER a couple of days ago, her lung had filled up with fluid (actually the pleural space) but the doctor (woman) asked her if she was vaccinated (she had her mask off because she was really struggling to breathe), and when she said no, she just told her, ‘then you need to keep your mask on at all times’.

    Sickening. The woman had her mask on, when people can’t breathe already, they’re trying to keep a mask on them. It was all I could do to tell her that as a doctor, she needed to be aware that the actual Executive orders for masks in certain places state that if someone cannot because of medical reasons they should not be compelled to wear it.


  82. Keith, I think so too.

    It’s kind of creepy that the big heroes of LS, rather than pointing out those kinds of things, feel compelled to join in the fray egging people on to get the vaccines.

  83. From a prophecy perspective, it’s interesting to me that Israel seems to be at the forefront of the political indoctrination surrounding COVID.

  84. Holly, it is really sad.

    There will be lots of coercion here as well.

  85. John, I got a note from a Jewish ministry today. It hadn’t really occurred to me, but coming up, they will ‘allow’ those who are vaccinated to come and visit the country. I realized that countries were doing this, and Israel being the worst, but it dawned on me how it will affect all those places, and likely in the way they will tell their employees, travelers etc. that they have to vaccinate.

  86. Holly, I believe that desire is behind Franklin Graham’s “vaccine” advocacy.

  87. John, the Grahams have to have that spot in the inner circle. They are like the popedom of the protestants, so I believe that is a prerequisite.

  88. Jason, there is, and has long been, a broad coalition between seemingly exigent political movements (of which there has been a flurry of late) and the LS community. The big numbers and trust in authority figures make them a useful partner.

  89. LS is designed to scare people into being globalists, communists, and CIA agents. Loving your neighbor apparently means being an uncritical thinker, believing every crisis, and swallowing every solution. Yesterday, they built Manichean cities, where they practiced Calvinist privilege and denied electricity to the “unelect”. Today, they solicit guilt-driven money to feed the hungry and funnel it to dictators. Before 1960, there was racism. In 2020, there is critical race theory. There is always some race that is taught to hate itself. They can never chill. I suspect that at the top level, demorats and NARcissists are the same people.

  90. Holly, maybe so – or at least maybe a spot in the inner circle of the new administration.

  91. Franklin is the apple that didn’t fall far from his father’s tree sadly.

    I’m guessing there is some money to be made if Samaritan’s purse starts getting involved with the hokey pokey 🙂 (vaccine).

  92. Chas, that’s an insightful comment. It is also very interesting that newspaper magnate William Randolph Hearst instructed his papers to promote Billy Graham.

  93. The way BG and FG are lionized as the epitome of mainstream Christianity is instructive of how the MSM has brainwashed so many so thoroughly. Whether it’s C-19 death counts, “vaccines”, or people’s modern views of what’s “Christian”, so much has been skewed from the truth for so long.

  94. Justin, there is a lot of that going around – blind faith in popular false teachers.

    I even know people who seem clear on the gospel, but are squeamish about criticizing the late Billy Graham or Franklin Graham.

  95. Justin Beard

    I live about 3 miles from the Billy Graham center here in Asheville NC. In these parts people consider Graham to be almost infallible in his teachings. I tell them, he is a teacher just a false one. People act like I’m crazy when I say he doesn’t preach the true gospel. They’ll go and on about how many he has saved as if he’s Christ himself.

  96. chas, yeah, I haven’t seen him make any comments about that. Nor have I seen him weigh in on the booster that Fauci says we will almost certainly have to get within a year (and, I guess, every year?).

    I only pay attention to the BGEA, in that they are a prominent part of the mainstream of the LS community, which is part of our mission field. I like what you did there! I also thought about the initials FG – False Gospel.

  97. I’m surprised FG hasn’t weighed in on either side of the mask controversy. Or has he? “Frankly” (swidt?), I don’t pay much attention to the BGEA.

  98. LD, I actually got that take from my wife. I had just attributed it to Graham wanting to be in the news, and also wanting to fit in with the world system.

  99. Johninnc,
    That is an interesting take. So much for his Lordship Salvation teaching and choosing rather to be pleased by men and being prideful. All the while, deceiving the masses with his false gospel. It is disheartening.
    Even so, thanks be to God for his true love and justice.

  100. LD, I agree we should mark and avoid them – like the plague!

    I think Franklin Graham’s advocacy for the shots could have a lot to do with his pride. He is not sought out by all of the presidents in the same way that his father was. So, he is reaching out to the new administration by offering his influence with certain segments of professing Christendom.

  101. Amen Johninnc!
    In the end, it all comes down to the true gospel.
    The false gospel portrayed by Franklin Graham, Samaritan’s Purse, and others should be marked and avoided at all cost, even though they do good works physically in the eyes of men. It’s of no use if they proclaim a false gospel that does not save people eternally.
    I personally will not get the covid vaccine and I pray that others would investigate and, hopefully, choose not to get it, but instead live a healthier lifestyle.
    Be well and stay strong in Christ Jesus.

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