Lordship Salvation’s Franklin Graham: Samaritan’s Curse

By johninnc

Galatians 1:8-9: But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed. As we said before, so say I now again, If any man preach any other gospel unto you than that ye have received, let him be accursed.

We have featured a number of articles over the years that have highlighted the false gospel taught by famed evangelist the late Billy Graham, and have also included a few mentions of his son Franklin Graham. Please see below for a sample of previous articles that feature, or mention prominently, the Grahams:

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Franklin Graham has taken the reigns of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA), the organization founded by his late father. The BGEA teaches a false gospel of works (Lordship “salvation”), as found on its website under “Steps to Peace with God.” Following is an excerpt:

To receive Christ you need to do four things:

1. ADMIT your spiritual need. “I am a sinner.”

2. REPENT and be willing to turn from your sin.

3. BELIEVE that Jesus Christ died for you on the cross.

4. RECEIVE, through prayer, Jesus Christ into your heart and life

My comment: The Bible says anyone who believes the gospel has eternal life that can never be lost or forfeited. Nowhere does scripture say that a person must be willing to turn from sin in order to receive the free gift of eternal life. If one had to be willing to turn from sin in order to receive eternal life, then eternal life would not be a gift – it would be a trade. And, nowhere does the Bible say that one must receive through prayer, Jesus Christ into his heart and life.

As if the false gospel being promoted by BGEA isn’t bad enough, it’s affiliate Samaritan’s Purse has a similar false gospel. Following are excerpts from Samaritan’s Purse’s Statement of Faith:

We believe that all men everywhere are lost and face the judgment of God, that Jesus Christ is the only way of salvation, and that for the salvation of lost and sinful man, repentance of sin and faith in Jesus Christ results in regeneration by the Holy Spirit. Furthermore, we believe that God will reward the righteous with eternal life in heaven…

My comment: Like the false gospel of the BGEA, Samaritan’s Purse has added “repentance of sin” as a condition for receiving the free gift of eternal life. Samaritan’s Purse further muddies the water by saying that “God will reward the righteous with eternal life in heaven.” Eternal life is a gift, not a reward, and it begins the moment one believes in Jesus as Savior, not after physical death.

Samaritan’s Purse does a lot of seemingly good things, including disaster response, and Operation Christmas Child. But, the express purpose of all of their outreach efforts is evangelism and discipleship training. There is no way that an organization that perverts the gospel is fit to take on either task.

Lately, Franklin Graham has an additional take on how to be a good Samaritan. It involves shots ostensibly designed to prevent COVID-19. He can’t seem to stay out of the news. Following are excerpts of a recent post from his Facebook page, which have received widespread attention in the media:

“I have even been asked if Jesus were physically walking on earth now, would He be an advocate for vaccines. My answer was that based on the parable of the Good Samaritan in the Bible, I would have to say—yes, I think Jesus Christ would advocate for people using vaccines and medicines to treat suffering and save lives. In this Scripture passage, Jesus told about a man beaten and wounded, lying on the roadside as religious leaders passed by and didn’t help. But a Samaritan, considered a social outcast of the day, becomes the hero of the story when he stops and cares for the injured man—pouring oil and wine, which were the top medicines of the day, on the man’s wounds.”

My comment: Using Jesus’ name to promote the worldly “solution” to COVID, based on the parable of the Good Samaritan, is highly-speculative and stretches my limits of credulity. And, saying that Jesus would be an advocate for vaccines does not mean that He would have been an advocate for the COVID jabs. It is worth noting that the Good Samaritan aided a man who was beaten and wounded, not someone who had a low probability of becoming beaten and wounded.

And, here are excerpts from a recent article entitled Franklin Graham Urges Evangelicals to Get Vaccinated Before it’s ‘Too Late’:

“I want people to know that COVID-19 can kill you. But we have a vaccine out there that could possibly save your life. And if you wait, it could be too late…

My father was a firm believer in medicine. He believed in it, so he would have been a supporter — no question…

To me, there was no question it was safe…

We are leaders in the community, and we have a responsibility to inform them of the truth…

Of course, and I’m pro-life. Medicine is pro-life…”

Graham said he has not been approached by the current White House administration to get information about the vaccine to evangelicals but said he’d work with President Joe Biden and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention if asked.

Getting vaccinated is a personal choice, Graham stressed, but he said, “I would encourage people to pray about it, to look into it, to investigate it.”

My comment: Someone can be a firm believer in medicine without hewing to the dominant media narrative as to the safety and efficacy of the COVID shots. And, some medicine is pro-life, but some is not. Some “medical procedures” (such as abortion) are decidedly anti-life. Finally, if getting the COVID “vaccine” is a personal choice that people should pray about, look into, and investigate, why does Franklin Graham think his seal of approval would be compelling? He is literally using celebrity endorsement as his rationale. His celebrity. His purported view of his late father’s celebrity. And, his purported view of Jesus’ celebrity.

Franklin Graham is not a credible evangelist and, in my opinion, he hasn’t given any sound reasoning for his promotion of the COVID shots. My guess is that Graham feels slighted in having not been embraced by the new administration, and wants to find a way to ingratiate himself. (Billy Graham has been heralded as “God’s ambassador to world leaders, and was consulted by the various US presidents once he was a known commodity.) Graham is fully-vested in the world system and is being called upon to get his recalcitrant followers to roll up their sleeves.

My advice would be to do your own research on both how to receive eternal life and whether or not the COVID jabs are a good idea for you.

The only credible source for how to have eternal life is the Bible. If you would like to know from the Bible how to have eternal life click here: THE GOSPEL

18 responses to “Lordship Salvation’s Franklin Graham: Samaritan’s Curse

  1. Holly, it is really sad.

    There will be lots of coercion here as well.

  2. John, I got a note from a Jewish ministry today. It hadn’t really occurred to me, but coming up, they will ‘allow’ those who are vaccinated to come and visit the country. I realized that countries were doing this, and Israel being the worst, but it dawned on me how it will affect all those places, and likely in the way they will tell their employees, travelers etc. that they have to vaccinate.

  3. Holly, I believe that desire is behind Franklin Graham’s “vaccine” advocacy.

  4. John, the Grahams have to have that spot in the inner circle. They are like the popedom of the protestants, so I believe that is a prerequisite.

  5. Jason, there is, and has long been, a broad coalition between seemingly exigent political movements (of which there has been a flurry of late) and the LS community. The big numbers and trust in authority figures make them a useful partner.

  6. LS is designed to scare people into being globalists, communists, and CIA agents. Loving your neighbor apparently means being an uncritical thinker, believing every crisis, and swallowing every solution. Yesterday, they built Manichean cities, where they practiced Calvinist privilege and denied electricity to the “unelect”. Today, they solicit guilt-driven money to feed the hungry and funnel it to dictators. Before 1960, there was racism. In 2020, there is critical race theory. There is always some race that is taught to hate itself. They can never chill. I suspect that at the top level, demorats and NARcissists are the same people.

  7. Holly, maybe so – or at least maybe a spot in the inner circle of the new administration.

  8. Franklin is the apple that didn’t fall far from his father’s tree sadly.

    I’m guessing there is some money to be made if Samaritan’s purse starts getting involved with the hokey pokey 🙂 (vaccine).

  9. Chas, that’s an insightful comment. It is also very interesting that newspaper magnate William Randolph Hearst instructed his papers to promote Billy Graham.

  10. The way BG and FG are lionized as the epitome of mainstream Christianity is instructive of how the MSM has brainwashed so many so thoroughly. Whether it’s C-19 death counts, “vaccines”, or people’s modern views of what’s “Christian”, so much has been skewed from the truth for so long.

  11. Justin, there is a lot of that going around – blind faith in popular false teachers.

    I even know people who seem clear on the gospel, but are squeamish about criticizing the late Billy Graham or Franklin Graham.

  12. Justin Beard

    I live about 3 miles from the Billy Graham center here in Asheville NC. In these parts people consider Graham to be almost infallible in his teachings. I tell them, he is a teacher just a false one. People act like I’m crazy when I say he doesn’t preach the true gospel. They’ll go and on about how many he has saved as if he’s Christ himself.

  13. chas, yeah, I haven’t seen him make any comments about that. Nor have I seen him weigh in on the booster that Fauci says we will almost certainly have to get within a year (and, I guess, every year?).

    I only pay attention to the BGEA, in that they are a prominent part of the mainstream of the LS community, which is part of our mission field. I like what you did there! I also thought about the initials FG – False Gospel.

  14. I’m surprised FG hasn’t weighed in on either side of the mask controversy. Or has he? “Frankly” (swidt?), I don’t pay much attention to the BGEA.

  15. LD, I actually got that take from my wife. I had just attributed it to Graham wanting to be in the news, and also wanting to fit in with the world system.

  16. Johninnc,
    That is an interesting take. So much for his Lordship Salvation teaching and choosing rather to be pleased by men and being prideful. All the while, deceiving the masses with his false gospel. It is disheartening.
    Even so, thanks be to God for his true love and justice.

  17. LD, I agree we should mark and avoid them – like the plague!

    I think Franklin Graham’s advocacy for the shots could have a lot to do with his pride. He is not sought out by all of the presidents in the same way that his father was. So, he is reaching out to the new administration by offering his influence with certain segments of professing Christendom.

  18. Amen Johninnc!
    In the end, it all comes down to the true gospel.
    The false gospel portrayed by Franklin Graham, Samaritan’s Purse, and others should be marked and avoided at all cost, even though they do good works physically in the eyes of men. It’s of no use if they proclaim a false gospel that does not save people eternally.
    I personally will not get the covid vaccine and I pray that others would investigate and, hopefully, choose not to get it, but instead live a healthier lifestyle.
    Be well and stay strong in Christ Jesus.

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