COVID-19 Administrative Message

Romans 1:16: For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek.

We have received comments about the COVID-19 virus that touch on a variety of topics not central to our mission at Expreacherman to advance and defend the gospel.

These comments have included information as to the likely origin of the virus, thoughts on the response by governments to date, the media’s complicity in freezing any dissent to the official public health narrative, the involvement of certain well-known public figures in driving the public health narrative, the ultimate plans of nefarious evildoers, and even God’s role or intent with respect to the virus.

I have prayerfully considered which of these comments to post and which are a distraction. The guiding principles I have tried to follow in making these administrative decisions have focused on a couple of questions:

  1. Do I KNOW the information is true (as opposed to being likely, compelling, or plausible)?
  2. If the answer to question 1 is an unequivocal “yes,” is the information helpful in advancing or defending the gospel?

Even though I am sympathetic with many of the issues that have been raised, I will continue to disallow any comments that I view as not meeting the above conditions. Please make every effort to consider whether any comment you submit meets the above criteria, and do not take offense if any of your comments are disallowed, in whole or in part.

By way of personal editorial, I agree that the virus is being used as a predicate for the suppression of civil rights, the inculcation of new dehumanizing social mores, the destruction of peoples’ livelihoods, and intolerance for any questioning of public health orthodoxy, all aided and abetted by the world’s most powerful individuals and institutions operating in near lockstep.

Some of the manifestations of the official response, including the move toward coordinated global governance and the hastening of the removal of physical cash from the financial system, do appear to fit with scriptural prophecy. The rapture of the church has been imminent since its beginning, and remains so now.

Everyone, including Christians, should have a healthy skepticism to what is being purported as truth by our institutions, and what is being received as truth by the overwhelming majority of people.

I am saddened by seeing the fearful responses of my friends and even some of my family to this virus. I am saddened by the pressure being put on my children to conform. I am saddened by the obsequious responses of my fellow US citizens to outrageous demands being promulgated by our state and local leaders with no due process. I am saddened at seeing a free people in my country warmly embracing authoritarianism under the guise of public health. I am saddened, but not surprised, to see many prominent pastors working in coordination with the world system to destroy the reasoning and will of their congregants.

I would be dishonest if I said that I have been impervious to the drumbeat of negative news about this virus, but I have been more disheartened by how little people seem to value freedom or humanity in the vain attempt to ward off any threats to physical life. I have had what seem to be endless conversations with people about the wisdom (or lack thereof) of forgoing life, day after day, for the hope of more existence later. Many of those whom most desire to protect their physical existence have little or no interest in discussing eternal life.

Having said all of the above, the mission of this ministry is to advance and defend the gospel of Jesus Christ. Before COVID-19 came on the scene, most of the world lacked eternal life. That is still the case. Even if all of the conspiracy theories were proven, and they were universally accepted conspiracy facts, it doesn’t change mankind’s biggest need.

To that end, I would encourage each of us to use any opportunity that God gives us to comfort those who are sick, those who have lost loved ones, those who have lost employment, and those who are discouraged. Above all, preach the gospel. Time is short. The need is real.

If you would like to know how to receive eternal life, click here: THE GOSPEL

44 responses to “COVID-19 Administrative Message

  1. The fear is real, and so many are succumbing to it. We need to point them back to Christ and His Word. I was typing ‘cabinet’ on my phone today, and left out the c, and my phone spell-checked it to ‘abideth’. I smiled thinking it was a nice reminder to abide. God is greater than all these, we need to keep petitioning Him in prayer, speaking the truth in love, and standing against these gods they keep setting up to worship. People like the woman who wants apostles, that’s pretty relevant to the wolves the elders were warned about in Acts 20. Some only want to draw followers after themselves, and they do not have a care where they take them. They don’t mind abusing God’s Word. It’s frightening for them really.

  2. Curtis, that appears to be the case with the extent to which so many people have bought into the narrative. It is very cult-like.

  3. | October 26, 2020 at 1:22 pm |
    we are under attack by a “Political Religion ” the virus is a pawn

  4. Keith, I know. Every institution seems to be operating in lockstep.

  5. John, I agree. Church and state are finding common grounds for authoritarianism in the COVID vaccine mandates.

  6. Keith, yeah, I saw that.

    It sounded like a more exaggerated version of something out of the Franklin Graham playbook.

  7. New York governor Kathy Hochul recently preached the vaccine gospel at a Brooklyn megachurch. From Blaze Media:

    “All of you — yes, I know you’re vaccinated, you’re the smart ones — but you know there’s people out there who aren’t listening to God and what God wants. … You know who they are,” she told the church with an evangelical fervor. “I need you to be my apostles. I need you to go out and talk about it and say, ‘We owe this to each other! We love each other!'”.

  8. I agree about the authoritarianism. That’s what concerns me the most.

  9. Jason, I also think COVID is real.

    But, I think the governments’ responses to it, by and large, have been authoritarian and destructive of personal agency.

    Since this is not a political site, I won’t argue the finer points of that. Suffice it to say that in the US, our governors and mayors appear to have determined that they can dictate “emergency” orders ad infinitum. I believe those emergency powers are properly reserved for things like emergency hurricane evacuations and the like, that are relatively short-lived.

    These government mandates, if unchecked, will likely become more and more authoritarian (travel passes, proof of vaccines for certain types of commerce, etc.).

    Just yesterday I found out that Staples is offering free vaccine card lamentation – er lamination. Some have advised against it, because they might need to un-laminate the cards for booster shots. Still others are concerned about cards being counterfeited, so they are advocating the use of VAMS (Vaccine Administration Management System) for verifying vaccination status. If you go into travel user group sites, you will find large swaths of the population almost begging for this.

    The fact that so many of our fellow citizens are so ready to throw away their freedom for the perception of safety astounds me.

  10. I heard the sad news that President Magufuli of Tanzania died, and it was attributed to Covid. Many of his supporters believe it was a heart attack. This is a man who did not believe the mainstream narrative. However, he believed some crazy ideas coming from Pentecostal pastors. Things like this convince me that Covid is real. Between the standard narrative and the wild ideas from the alt right, the truth could lie somewhere in the middle. Adeola said that there is one type of vaccine that she does not recommend, and she thinks that African countries should develop their own vaccines instead of relying on superpowers and the WHO.

  11. Thanks johninnc and Holly!

  12. Marcel, people have had various trauma in their lives, sadly, some are better able to handle it based on a better support system than others. Others since childhood have not had the best. But what a friend we have in Jesus…

    May the Lord bless, comfort, instruct, revive and strengthen you in His Word. Bless place to be.

  13. Marcel, I have prayed that you would have peace and rest, and that you would remain focused on the sufficiency of Christ and not the turmoil of this crazy world. And, as always, don’t be troubled by false litmus tests of “true believers” that are taught by false teachers who should be marked and avoided.

    You have provided us a great reminder that it is the eternal Creator God who is sustainer of all life. Anything beneficial done for us through earthly agents is either ordained or allowed by God.

    The world tells us to fear, and it is hard not to get caught up in it. Worldly churches are taken in by the sleight of men. Please know that the sensationalized fear of this pandemic, the false piety demonstrated by most of the world, and the misplaced trust in incompetent, indifferent, or even malevolent institutions are not of God. These are worldly responses.

    As to the existence of slaves during the great tribulation, we know there is unofficial slavery in western countries and the formal institution of slavery now persists elsewhere in the world. Whether slavery ebbs or flows before the great tribulation, it is evident from scripture that it will exist in some form.

    It is God’s strength that will sustain us.

    Finally, thanks for your blessing!

  14. Hi my Brothers and Sisters,

    one thing at the moment nearly always seems to appear,
    if it is about climate change or now Corona (some of this media virus
    scientist of the Robert Koch Institue in Germany is now as they speak about corona mutations already researching about a totally new virus threat called “Mers-Virus”, how crazy is that?), i always hear the world preach:
    “It depends on us, it depends on us!”

    What they do forget is, that no scientist, no doctor, no politician, no humans at all would exist right now in the moment, if there would not be the almighty creator god our Lord JESUS CHRIST who is the maintainer of all life, especially of those who believe in him. But like it is written, that they honor
    the created beeing more than the creator. In Brazil in Rio di Janeiro i think,
    where there is this great Jesus Statue, they projected symbols onto the statue, to remind the people that they are or should be thankful for all the
    doctors and other people having jobs to help people during corona pandemy.

    While i think it is okay to be thankful for the help through other humans, first of all we should thank god. Of course even today there can be someone like a good samariter, who can help me in danger. I think god can use even unbelievers or even animals to help or protect children, and the grown up children of god (do you know some youtube videos where pets like cats or dogs helped children in danger, like preventing theme falling downstairs etc.?)

    But the worlds kind of gospel gets more and more: “it depends on us”.
    While god surely does not want us to provoke him, by jumping of skyscaper without a parachute, god wants us to depend on him in all things, first of all about the gospel, to get saved, and then we have to live in that world which is still of the enemy at the moment. God gets honored i learned, when we depend on him in all things here still on earth. It is written, that Jesus prays to the father not take us out directly out of that dangers world, but he prays to the father to maintain us to be able to still be in this world under his almighty protection, until god decides to bring us home. So me as traumatized person, this is sometimes difficult, because of several fears and insecuritis which were already as i was a child but now under situations right now get stronger, but i want to abide more in Jesus Christ concerning that i am saved, no matter what others say, or what pressure and psycho tricks they but on me to take the joy,power and try to induce fear and sorrows about me and others. But i have to find the time more to really consciously abide in Him because of what Jesus Christ did for me on golgatha, even if i would only do music in his freedom. That is good for my brain, i studied audio-engineering, i would like to work something with sound again. But i can not stand this horror nights thoughts with suffering to much worrieng about me and others
    what will be. Please pray for me to have the joy of assurance constantly for me and my familiy more often and not so driven by emotions mostly triggered from evil imaginations from outside through other people, but sometimes although inside me like older thinking patterns maybe still of my childhood.

    I think the vaccine is not the mark, but i feel it like a forshadowing of things to come and testing what people want to believe of what is truth about that but for more important if they trust god more or do they rather trust some scientist of the media who exagerate one fear about corona over all other life threats and dangers, which seems not rational. But somehow this could be a test how people are so easily sucked into that world fear and the solutions like an RNAbased Vaccine who possible could alter DNA after tranforming into it.

    What is interesting about the mark of the beast is, that it is written that the free people and the slave people will take it. So who could be slave people then today, where is no offical slavery in our western countries right now. Could this have to do something with a lot of large milestone steps berfore we get there finallly in the future to the mark of the beast?

    (Content edited by administrator)

    But the bible shows situations like with the 3 man in the fire extenguisher where they were saved by angels because they did not whorship the statue
    of that king.

    So Jesus Christ will protect all of us,
    so much fear i can have, so more i must rely on our Rock,
    who can make us walking over the water to him, even when we see the
    high waves of the water “the opression of the world this time”, like we always
    see we should look to him, Jesus Christ oversees everything and can calm down our lifestorms.

    I do think this is not only speaking about the tribulation after the rapture,
    but for our life cicumstances too.

    Joh 16,33:

    “These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world”

    Bless you all my Brothers and Sisters!

  15. Holly, I am afraid you may be right – most people seem to have bought into the worldly narrative being promulgated by the world’s “influence leaders,” including their churches in many cases.

  16. I really don’t think there are ‘both’ sides, but one side. Obviously within the church there are varying degrees of carnality and even those just perpetually tossed about by every wind of doctrine. And outside the church, there are vast amounts of error.

    But I see it as really only His side, and error. Some try to distinguish saying one error somehow gets a little right and same with the other, so somehow the truth is in the middle. But the truth (I believe) is always opposite of error.

    I agree, the vaccine is not the mark, because the person would need know what he was doing, voluntarily worshipping the AC. And taking that mark for that reason, not in order to not get sick. But I believe all these things condition people for what’s coming.

    Those were some very good questions John, hoping some might really consider, but I believe they would be dismissed at hand by most. (Although it should be a stand alone article, yet I realize where you want to keep your focus).

    There is definitely an end game in their minds, however we know the Lord has a much different end game in sight.

  17. Jason, it is interesting that you should mention economic benefits.

    According to an article from NPR dated August 3, 2020, religious groups received $6-$10 billion in the first round of COVID 19 relief funds and hope to garner more.

    It is hard for me to fathom how we maintain separation of church and state in the US under these kinds of arrangements.

  18. I agree with you on all points. It seems to me that the church leaders benefit economically by having everyone run to them for alternatives, and their narrative can be just as dangerous. Pray-in voting from Paula white and Naija pastors might not succeed in its aims, but it is just as disgusting as mail-in. Pentecostals have a knack for turning everything they touch into a cult.

  19. jason, I would distinguish between virtue and justification. Everyone who has eternal life is justified, having received eternal life upon believing the gospel. No one receives, keeps, nor proves he has received eternal life based on his skepticism, nor lack thereof, about the response to the coronavirus, nor any other work(s).

    I do not believe the vaccine is the mark, so I do not agree that anyone who takes the vaccine lacks eternal life, or is precluded from receiving eternal life.

    There is virtue in pursuing truth, irrespective of its popularity. Openly doing so in the face of overwhelming opposition requires discernment, wisdom and courage. Going along in lockstep with the world could be virtuous in certain circumstances, provided that the world is on the right side of the truth.

    In the case of the coronavirus pandemic, we have to ask ourselves some of the following questions:
    1. Have the mandates imposed by our leaders delivered demonstrably positive and lasting results?
    2. Have the costs of those mandates been evaluated and disclosed with the same vigor as the benefits?
    3. Do our leaders take responsibility for the results of their mandates, both good and bad, or do they blame their citizens if things don’t work out?
    4. Who came up with the mandates, and why? Have alternatives been considered and objectively evaluated?
    5. Do dissenting opinions receive a fair hearing, or are they suppressed?
    6. What are the motivations for the mandates? Are they really in our best interests? Is there anyone who might economically benefit from lockdowns, to the detriment of others?
    7. Are there gaps in consistency of the prevailing narrative?
    8. Do we want to live in a society in which our civil rights become privileges to be doled out whenever it’s safe?
    9. How are citizens being motivated to respond to dissenters?
    10. Are the risks being communicated in a balanced way, or are they sensationalized?
    11. Have you personally observed carnage to the extent being reported?
    12. What is the end game?

    I come out on the side of extreme skepticism. Having said that, I would refer everyone back to the article and the mission of this ministry, which is to promote and defend the gospel of Jesus Christ.

  20. My observation is that both sides are cultlike. The skeptics, the church going ones, anyway, make a virtue out of rejecting the narrative, and equate it with the Mark. Adeola recently exposed a prophetess who says that “anyone taking the vaccine will not make heaven”. This is more works.

  21. Holly, very sad indeed. There is a lot of fear, a lot of false piety, and a lot of misplaced trust. None of this is of God.

    It is hard to find a balance, particularly with so many wanting to goad us into endless debates.

    Attempts to dehumanize others have been an all too common part of human history, attended by horrific consequences. This latest brainwashing is nearly pervasive in its reach and is conditioning people into viewing other humans, all of whom are made in the image of God, as disease vectors. This is evil and I try not to dwell on where it might lead.

    As someone who came to faith in Christ at a later age, I’ve come to grips with the fact that most of the religious world is deceived with respect to the way of eternal life through Christ Jesus. And, I can personally attest to having helped train several high-profile financial executives in the bare fundamentals of the businesses they were running. So, I am completely aware of how bereft of knowledge those who would presume to lead can be, and how easily misled the teeming masses are.

    For the life of me, I can’t fathom how so many people think their governors, mayors, or other leaders wake up every day thinking “how can I make my citizens’ lives better today?” Even if these leaders had our best interests at heart, they are supposed to work for us, and do not have the charter, nor wisdom to supplant our choices in how we live our lives. They know in their hearts that their edicts are shots in the dark, which is one reason they are so defensive and intolerant of dissent. Another reason is that it feels good to exert control over people, and that power is addictive.

  22. I was out of town visiting family. I didn’t have much occasion to open my computer except for Bible time, (I like to take notes so keep a Bible doc on my computer). Anyways, I have seen sadly similar things as you John in both non-believers and even believer’s responses. Some are just afraid. They may not realize that all these other things were around and ‘out there’ and yet it wasn’t harped upon daily. I don’t see people going back to living freely, as those in power want it this way, and as you said, sadly, some are all too willing to acquiesce. We all have differing opinions, and mine stands on the side of freedom with being considerate of another’s weakness. But I lose people daily. Yesterday two harped on a post I re-posted of a pastor’s response to the hearings. It was literally just a commentary on the broken hearts of some in response to what had gone on in our system regarding observing, threats, etc.

    I had only posted it (and agreed) but was traveling yesterday and evidently a flurry of comments came in when one woman said she was “fed up with seeing all these Conspiracy theories, and Political posts clogging up my newsfeed! You are putting man on a pedestal! Instead you should be getting into Gods word, and spreading the Gospel. I am very disappointed and saddened to see all of you leaving your first love, Jesus. You are acting like unbelievers! How about praying for your enemies and loving them, as we are commanded to do, instead of spreading all this rubbish!”

    She is from another country, does not live here, so I am guessing some of her news comes from other sources. She blocked me before I even saw her response. Another private messaged me to say she ‘saw me’ and knew I was ‘hiding behind my popularity to let others answer’ etc.

    None of that is the important part, meaning, not what they said so much, as I am seeing this a lot. If you speak, you are not loving Jesus. If you vote, you are not a Christian. Or if you voted for Trump you are not saved, etc.

    So I was just thinking back on the men and women who risked so much to speak out, to continue speaking, to even get involved in leadership and politics, and the death threats from their own family (was thinking on David and Absalom). I haven’t experienced anything like that, but it is a heavy weight to see it happen among the professing believing world. (I do realize some do not know Him). I also realize we can get distracted by this world. A hard balance isn’t it? I’m sure I fail quite often.

    I strongly believe it just cannot be much longer, but as you said John, even so, people just don’t believe in the rapture, or they believe the newer theories from ‘theological giants’ on prewrath or post trib, or other theological bents.

    May the Lord strengthen His church with His Word, with fellowship with each other, with prayers for the saints and for the lost. God bless you all.

  23. Curtis, the whole world seems to be kind of throwing out the baby with the bath water in response to the virus.

    The nature of the response combines a constant barrage of fearful messaging with peoples’ inherent need to demonstrate their own virtue, while also giving them a scapegoat in the form of people who are skeptical of the official narrative. It is very cult-like in that respect.

    Having said that, I know there are non-believers who see the danger of the world’s response and believers who seem to be completely bought into it.

    I am also firmly pre-trib, but have wondered how receptive most people are to any truth at this point.

  24. We are under attack from a Political Religion .. Souls cant see the Truth and confronted with Truth right in front of them . I believe the scriptures teach the rapture before the tribulation , however I am persuaded we are witnessing a strong delusion

  25. Chas, there are plenty of distractions right now, that’s for sure.

    I am very thankful that all of your family is well and COVID free. But, sorry about your wife’s lost income.

  26. One of the reasons for the current slow traffic may be that some are apprehensive or preoccupied with election fraud; praying that it won’t prevail.

    But, on the C-19 front, a praise report is in order. My wife and I went to her mother’s house for Thanksgiving dinner. (10 people max.) That Sunday night, we got a call from my B-in-L that his granddaughter–who had been there–got a notification that she had been exposed to C-19 via the room mate of her boyfriend. The room mate tested positive for C-19, but waited 8 days to inform anyone about it. That meant that all of us had potentially been exposed. The granddaughter got tested on the following Monday (11/30) but had to wait a few days for the result.

    Meanwhile, my wife had to call her employer right away to inform them of the possible exposure. She was told to get tested and stay away from work pending the result. I scheduled appointments for both of us but the soonest we could get in was 12/2. Meanwhile we awaited the result for the granddaughter (our grand-niece). Her result was received on 12/2; the result: negative. Her father and grandfather also tested negative, so there was no C-19 exposure for anyone at our TG family gathering.

    My wife still had to get tested so she could provide documentation to her employer. (I cancelled my test appt to avoid an unnecessary test. The testing places are kinda crowded around here.) Anyway, wife got her result yesterday: negative! Thank you, Lord! But what a nail-biting week this has been, besides my wife losing a week’s pay due to the protocols. So the false alarm was kinda expensive for us. Oh well, the Lord knows.

  27. Keith, good point. I’m hopeful that if there are many in those groups who have not believed in Jesus as Savior, that some are still receptive to the gospel and will believe before then.

  28. John, that’s pretty funny.

    I’m afraid if the rapture had taken place, though, that both parking lots would be full an hour later.

  29. Keith, still here. We’ve had a decent volume of visits, but not a lot of comments of late.

    Your rapture comment reminds me of this one: once upon a time, as his community was observing is seasonal change from daylight savings time to standard time, a forgetful southern baptist got an early start to his morning. As he drove into his church parking lot, he was dismayed to find no one there. He was worried that he had missed the rapture. He left, and took the long way home past the United Methodist Church. Seeing that their parking lot was also empty, the man was greatly relieved.

  30. Anyone still here? Hope I didn’t miss the rapture, lol.

  31. Although they proclaim often they don’t sin (making themselves a liar – 1 John 1:8-10), their arrogance, pride, hatred, unkind words, striving etc., makes it apparent they are sinning as they speak. Their false doctrine witnesses to it. I always think of this from Titus 3.

    10 A man that is an heretick after the first and second admonition reject; 11 knowing that he that is such is subverted, and sinneth, being condemned of himself.

  32. Holly, self-righteousness seems to be a powerful motivator for so many. It is an easy thing for deceitful people to exploit.

  33. John, I had an interesting thing happen yesterday on my FB page. I posted a verse as a stand alone post with no reference. Just in color. And this guy came to say nothing but lies and half truths on redeeming moments and some other such things. I asked him to give me one or two examples of what he might be talking about. He then blocked me. No friends in common, not a friend either. His page though was a similar type ‘litmus test’ that you spoke of. They’re coming out of the woodwork.

    Rom 10:3-4 seems to really speak to the contrast between those people and those who have believed on Him, and we know He is our righteousness. Seems they are still seeking to establish their own righteousness.

  34. Holly, it’s interesting that anyone who has ever believed in Jesus as Savior had to realize they needed to rely on Christ’s righteousness. Yet, the give and take between people often sounds like a litmus test for “real Christians” based on the perceived righteousness of political views.

  35. Johninnc, the comments coming from those who claim to be ‘real Christians’ have been interesting to say the least. The sad part is, the words that come out of their mouth towards others. The manner of derision, sarcasm, and just improper language even in the name of Christianity. I am not holding myself up as anything because I’ve been frustrated by people, angry even at their stance, but I’ve seen the ‘real’ Christians don’t vote for Trump a lot lately.

  36. Holly, yeah. It is amazing what people will fall for.

    It is really sad that your friend hopes you are wrong.

  37. John, we know about money and can figure out the implications of becoming a cashless society 🙂

    I shared with an atheist today something similar in that he said the Bible was a myth. So I talked to him a little bit about Daniel’s prophecy and how 483 years of it have been fulfilled literally and historically. And how plenty of atheists and modernists have tried to date Daniel later due to this prophecy being so historically accurate. And they have not been able to especially with copies being found with the findings of the Dead Sea Scroll discovered at the Qumran caves.

    I told him a little of what that 7 years would look like and ‘if’ he survived to start that time period, (then explained the mark and either physical death or eternal death for accepting it).

    He said, “I hope you are wrong. I would not have a mark put on me to show any blind allegiance to anyone.”

    You said, “It is really amazing that people will readily consume any and all lies the world throws at them, but have no use for truth.”

    I SO often ponder the same thing. I cannot wrap my head around people voting for the Democratic party as far as they have gone into extreme murders of babies (after birth even) and dipping more than their toes into Communism and Marxism (basically the same thing). But… we were told what these last days would look like.

  38. Holly, I shared some of the article via text with a friend of mine (he has never claimed to me to be a believer). He said he wasn’t sure I should be mixing scripture and arguments about physical cash, because I didn’t know anything about monetary policy.

    I told him that scripture says everyone will have to have a mark to buy and sell and that a cashless society would fit that quite nicely.

    He said “ok fine,” and that was the end of the exchange (other than me providing Revelation 13:16-18 to him).

    It is really amazing that people will readily consume any and all lies the world throws at them, but have no use for truth.

  39. These are troubling times. I realize that we aren’t hearing about it daily, because they have other news to manipulate people with that also fit into whatever their narrative may be. I am most troubled for my children and grandchildren too, but I know the Lord loves them more than me, and will help them figure out what’s right. Fortunately most of us in our family stand pretty much in the same place in understanding mainly what is going on, and feeling that we need to speak out about our freedoms, pray and ask for the Lord to be willing to extend this time, and if not, help us to do our part until He comes (either way). I’m really concerned sometimes on how easily some are swayed. But the worse part is the depravity we’re seeing. I’m always glad to know that people understand the bigger picture and help encourage others to remember what’s first and foremost.

  40. LD, thanks for your encouraging words!

  41. Amen. We truly need to trust and be strong in the Lord all the more in these strange times. Love you all in Christ. Stay diligent brothers and sisters. Can’t wait to be with you all in heaven. Peace in Christ Jesus.

  42. Dennis, I can empathize with the heaviness you feel in your heart, and I will pray for your encouragement.

    It is great that you are sharing the gospel in the places that you mentioned.

  43. Dennis Klopper

    Thank you for this post, every word sums up how I feel about the current world situation.

    There is a ever present heaviness in my heart, as I see family and friends conforming blindly and without question, the dictates and propaganda spewed out by government and media about the pandemic.
    When my own little grandchildren have been told not to hug me, I could weep.

    I have in my own way tried to be an ambassador for Christ, by posting the gospel message 1 Cor15 vs1-4 on as many public forums, YouTube channels as I can.
    Especially on so called Christian channels who have no idea on what the true saving Gospel given by Paul to us, is all about.
    Thank you for your dedicay in reaching the lost through this ministry.
    Blessings, Dennis Klopper.
    New Zealand.

  44. we are under attack by a “Political Religion ” the virus is a pawn

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