COVID-19 Administrative Message

Romans 1:16: For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek.

We have received comments about the COVID-19 virus that touch on a variety of topics not central to our mission at Expreacherman to advance and defend the gospel.

These comments have included information as to the likely origin of the virus, thoughts on the response by governments to date, the media’s complicity in freezing any dissent to the official public health narrative, the involvement of certain well-known public figures in driving the public health narrative, the ultimate plans of nefarious evildoers, and even God’s role or intent with respect to the virus.

I have prayerfully considered which of these comments to post and which are a distraction. The guiding principles I have tried to follow in making these administrative decisions have focused on a couple of questions:

  1. Do I KNOW the information is true (as opposed to being likely, compelling, or plausible)?
  2. If the answer to question 1 is an unequivocal “yes,” is the information helpful in advancing or defending the gospel?

Even though I am sympathetic with many of the issues that have been raised, I will continue to disallow any comments that I view as not meeting the above conditions. Please make every effort to consider whether any comment you submit meets the above criteria, and do not take offense if any of your comments are disallowed, in whole or in part.

By way of personal editorial, I agree that the virus is being used as a predicate for the suppression of civil rights, the inculcation of new dehumanizing social mores, the destruction of peoples’ livelihoods, and intolerance for any questioning of public health orthodoxy, all aided and abetted by the world’s most powerful individuals and institutions operating in near lockstep.

Some of the manifestations of the official response, including the move toward coordinated global governance and the hastening of the removal of physical cash from the financial system, do appear to fit with scriptural prophecy. The rapture of the church has been imminent since its beginning, and remains so now.

Everyone, including Christians, should have a healthy skepticism to what is being purported as truth by our institutions, and what is being received as truth by the overwhelming majority of people.

I am saddened by seeing the fearful responses of my friends and even some of my family to this virus. I am saddened by the pressure being put on my children to conform. I am saddened by the obsequious responses of my fellow US citizens to outrageous demands being promulgated by our state and local leaders with no due process. I am saddened at seeing a free people in my country warmly embracing authoritarianism under the guise of public health. I am saddened, but not surprised, to see many prominent pastors working in coordination with the world system to destroy the reasoning and will of their congregants.

I would be dishonest if I said that I have been impervious to the drumbeat of negative news about this virus, but I have been more disheartened by how little people seem to value freedom or humanity in the vain attempt to ward off any threats to physical life. I have had what seem to be endless conversations with people about the wisdom (or lack thereof) of forgoing life, day after day, for the hope of more existence later. Many of those whom most desire to protect their physical existence have little or no interest in discussing eternal life.

Having said all of the above, the mission of this ministry is to advance and defend the gospel of Jesus Christ. Before COVID-19 came on the scene, most of the world lacked eternal life. That is still the case. Even if all of the conspiracy theories were proven, and they were universally accepted conspiracy facts, it doesn’t change mankind’s biggest need.

To that end, I would encourage each of us to use any opportunity that God gives us to comfort those who are sick, those who have lost loved ones, those who have lost employment, and those who are discouraged. Above all, preach the gospel. Time is short. The need is real.

If you would like to know how to receive eternal life, click here: THE GOSPEL

13 responses to “COVID-19 Administrative Message

  1. Holly, self-righteousness seems to be a powerful motivator for so many. It is an easy thing for deceitful people to exploit.

  2. John, I had an interesting thing happen yesterday on my FB page. I posted a verse as a stand alone post with no reference. Just in color. And this guy came to say nothing but lies and half truths on redeeming moments and some other such things. I asked him to give me one or two examples of what he might be talking about. He then blocked me. No friends in common, not a friend either. His page though was a similar type ‘litmus test’ that you spoke of. They’re coming out of the woodwork.

    Rom 10:3-4 seems to really speak to the contrast between those people and those who have believed on Him, and we know He is our righteousness. Seems they are still seeking to establish their own righteousness.

  3. Holly, it’s interesting that anyone who has ever believed in Jesus as Savior had to realize they needed to rely on Christ’s righteousness. Yet, the give and take between people often sounds like a litmus test for “real Christians” based on the perceived righteousness of political views.

  4. Johninnc, the comments coming from those who claim to be ‘real Christians’ have been interesting to say the least. The sad part is, the words that come out of their mouth towards others. The manner of derision, sarcasm, and just improper language even in the name of Christianity. I am not holding myself up as anything because I’ve been frustrated by people, angry even at their stance, but I’ve seen the ‘real’ Christians don’t vote for Trump a lot lately.

  5. Holly, yeah. It is amazing what people will fall for.

    It is really sad that your friend hopes you are wrong.

  6. John, we know about money and can figure out the implications of becoming a cashless society 🙂

    I shared with an atheist today something similar in that he said the Bible was a myth. So I talked to him a little bit about Daniel’s prophecy and how 483 years of it have been fulfilled literally and historically. And how plenty of atheists and modernists have tried to date Daniel later due to this prophecy being so historically accurate. And they have not been able to especially with copies being found with the findings of the Dead Sea Scroll discovered at the Qumran caves.

    I told him a little of what that 7 years would look like and ‘if’ he survived to start that time period, (then explained the mark and either physical death or eternal death for accepting it).

    He said, “I hope you are wrong. I would not have a mark put on me to show any blind allegiance to anyone.”

    You said, “It is really amazing that people will readily consume any and all lies the world throws at them, but have no use for truth.”

    I SO often ponder the same thing. I cannot wrap my head around people voting for the Democratic party as far as they have gone into extreme murders of babies (after birth even) and dipping more than their toes into Communism and Marxism (basically the same thing). But… we were told what these last days would look like.

  7. Holly, I shared some of the article via text with a friend of mine (he has never claimed to me to be a believer). He said he wasn’t sure I should be mixing scripture and arguments about physical cash, because I didn’t know anything about monetary policy.

    I told him that scripture says everyone will have to have a mark to buy and sell and that a cashless society would fit that quite nicely.

    He said “ok fine,” and that was the end of the exchange (other than me providing Revelation 13:16-18 to him).

    It is really amazing that people will readily consume any and all lies the world throws at them, but have no use for truth.

  8. These are troubling times. I realize that we aren’t hearing about it daily, because they have other news to manipulate people with that also fit into whatever their narrative may be. I am most troubled for my children and grandchildren too, but I know the Lord loves them more than me, and will help them figure out what’s right. Fortunately most of us in our family stand pretty much in the same place in understanding mainly what is going on, and feeling that we need to speak out about our freedoms, pray and ask for the Lord to be willing to extend this time, and if not, help us to do our part until He comes (either way). I’m really concerned sometimes on how easily some are swayed. But the worse part is the depravity we’re seeing. I’m always glad to know that people understand the bigger picture and help encourage others to remember what’s first and foremost.

  9. LD, thanks for your encouraging words!

  10. Amen. We truly need to trust and be strong in the Lord all the more in these strange times. Love you all in Christ. Stay diligent brothers and sisters. Can’t wait to be with you all in heaven. Peace in Christ Jesus.

  11. Dennis, I can empathize with the heaviness you feel in your heart, and I will pray for your encouragement.

    It is great that you are sharing the gospel in the places that you mentioned.

  12. Dennis Klopper

    Thank you for this post, every word sums up how I feel about the current world situation.

    There is a ever present heaviness in my heart, as I see family and friends conforming blindly and without question, the dictates and propaganda spewed out by government and media about the pandemic.
    When my own little grandchildren have been told not to hug me, I could weep.

    I have in my own way tried to be an ambassador for Christ, by posting the gospel message 1 Cor15 vs1-4 on as many public forums, YouTube channels as I can.
    Especially on so called Christian channels who have no idea on what the true saving Gospel given by Paul to us, is all about.
    Thank you for your dedicay in reaching the lost through this ministry.
    Blessings, Dennis Klopper.
    New Zealand.

  13. we are under attack by a “Political Religion ” the virus is a pawn

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