Lordship Salvation’s Easter Parade

By johninnc

2 Corinthians 4:3-4: But if our gospel be hid, it is hid to them that are lost: In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them.

In reading comments to a handful of articles today on religion, including a couple of articles that highlighted the significance to Christians of the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ, I was once again struck by the assaults on the gospel that are made by people who think they are “defending the faith” against mockers and trolls.

Following are some striking examples. I have interspersed my comments in bold parentheses:

The first four comments are all from the same commenter. There were quite a few others – she was very busy protecting “the faith”.

  • Consider the thousands of years over which the Bible was written and the numbers of people who witnessed His works and documented His prophecies and their fulfillment.

(This sounds promising. The commenter is asserting the truth of the Bible, based on the evidence of contemporary witnesses and fulfillment of prophecy)

  • Jesus was a Jew. Those who believe in him know that he was the Son of God, or God in the flesh. Those people are Christians.

(Again, nothing objectionable here. So far, so good!)

  • No, it’s the complete forgiveness of sin and the promise of everlasting life in His Kingdom of Heaven for everyone who believes and repents of his sins.

(“Repenting of sins” is not a requirement for receiving eternal life. This person claims to believe that the Bible is the word of God, but has added a man-made condition to how one receives eternal life, which creates a false gospel)

  • Try reading the New Testament. You’ll find that the message is that we all have human weaknesses and we sin but if we are willing to give up our sin and ask His forgiveness, we can realize the promise of everlasting life in Heaven. True Unconditional love is something that mortal man has trouble understanding. Just be willing to accept it.

(This has so many twists and turns that it is hard to believe someone could actually think all of these things at the same time. The Bible teaches that eternal life is a gift, received by grace through faith in Christ. Neither giving up sin, nor asking for forgiveness are required to receive the free gift of eternal life. True unconditional love is God providing for our salvation in Christ Jesus, given to us by grace through faith. If we were required to give up anything to receive eternal life, it would no longer be grace. What the commenter is selling I am not willing to “just accept.” Neither should you!)

The next three comments are also from one commenter.

  • Having faith entails the responsibility of performing acts of charity and living in a humble way. Some people do not want to accept that.

(The commenter is not clear to point out that those things that are God’s will for a Christian are in no way requirements to receive eternal life)

  • Many people are responsible and are atheists. No question. For some however, belief in God creates responsibility that they do not want.

(Here, our commenter is acknowledging that some atheists act responsibly, perhaps in an effort to get them to warm up to his arguments for “the faith”).

  • Some people do not want to acknowledge God because it creates responsibility. I have no proof, but there is evidence if you are willing to open your mind. Just search ______ and you can read about what many people consider evidence.

(I removed the content of what this commenter pointed to as “evidence,” because it was sensational, non-biblical tripe that would be a distraction to the overall point of this article.)

The last three comments are from three different people.

  • All have sinned and fall short of the Glory of God, Repent and ask God to forgive you and to turn away from the things of this world

(Asking God to forgive you and turning away from the things of this world are not requirements for receiving eternal life)

  • Read the scripture, pray, follow your heart. almost all of the well established Denominations and a good many non-denoms agree on the basics or Essentials of Christian faith. We squabble over the non-essentials to our own disgrace.

(The commenter is correct that nearly all well-established denominations and many non-denominational churches are in basic agreement as to doctrine. Unfortunately, much of the doctrine that they have in common is false, often trying to mix grace with works as the basis for the hope of eternal life)

  • If he doesn’t repent of his sins, and make Jesus Christ Lord of his life, he will most definitely go to hell, where he will spend his eternity. Hell is a REAL PLACE in which God made for the devil and his demons. Religion will NOT get this guy to heaven. Only TRUE acknowledgment, remorse, and repentance from his sin, will.

(The commenter is correct that religion will not give anyone eternal life. Unfortunately, the commenter appears to be an adherent of a false gospel, that conditions receipt of eternal life on repenting of sins, making Jesus Christ Lord of one’s life, and remorse for one’s sins. These conditions are all non-biblical man-made additions to the gospel)


If you have been marching in the Lordship “salvation” Easter parade – or have been quietly cheering on those who do – you are on a treadmill. You are wasting your time. You are not helping anyone, and you are hurting the cause of Christianity.

If you would like to get off of the treadmill and learn what the Bible says about how to have eternal life CLICK HERE:  The Gospel

67 responses to “Lordship Salvation’s Easter Parade

  1. Chris Brown – Hi, but ugh.

    What do we have to change our mind about? Who can save us. We can’t save ourselves. Either we believe or not, it has nothing to do with your analogy (which by the way I too have heard that type of comment way too many times — along with other variations) to prove a change of mind results in a change of action (which what they really mean is stop sinning and doing good works).

    A change of mind from what I previously believed results in me believing in the truth of what Christ did for me on His cross.

  2. Chris, After one is saved, they SHOULD turn from sin and evil to avoid the natural consequences of their actions, including inevitable chastening from God in this life that can take on the form of disaster, calamity, illness, and even premature physical death. Saved and unsaved people reap what they sow.

    The context of Ezekiel 33 as well as Ezekiel 18 is talking about the termination of physical life for indulging in sin and evil. Ezekiel 33, Ezekiel 18, Jeremiah 18:6-10, Jonah 3:8-10, and Luke 13:1-5 all teach the same principle, that is, people whether saved or unsaved SHOULD turn from sin and evil to avoid God’s temporal chastisement in this life which can include physical death.

    These passages are not salvation passages, but what I would call preservation of physical life passages and avoidance of disaster and calamity passages.

    Jeremiah 16:10-12 explains it well and this principle still applies today.

    Jeremiah 16:10-12 – 10 And it shall come to pass, when thou shalt shew this people all these words, and they shall say unto thee, WHEREFORE HATH THE LORD PRONOUNCED ALL THIS GREAT EVIL AGAINST US? OR WHAT IS OUR INIQUITY? or what is our sin that we have committed against the Lord our God?

    11 Then shalt thou say unto them, Because your fathers have forsaken me, saith the Lord, and have walked after other gods, and have served them, and have worshipped them, and have forsaken me, and have not kept my law;

    12 And ye have done worse than your fathers; for, behold, ye walk every one after the imagination of his evil heart, that they may not hearken unto me:

  3. Chris Brown, your analogy is flawed, and I’ve heard it (or many of its derivations) a bunch of times.

    If a man doesn’t believe the gospel, and he repents (changes his mind), he now believes that Christ died for his sins, and was raised from the dead, and has paid the full price for our sins, leaving us nothing to pay.

    It may be that he previously thought, incorrectly, that his obedience or commitment to Christ (such as turning from sins) was necessary to secure eternal life. His previous incorrect thinking would have been belief in a false gospel, in which he attempted to earn eternal life through a trade (turning from sin, committing to turn from sin, etc,) instead of receiving eternal life by grace (unmerited favor) through faith in Christ alone (without any works, or commitments for any future works).

    No one has ever received eternal life by turning from wicked ways.

    We are not “basically telling people to turn from sin by telling them to stop trusting in their works.” In the above example, we would tell the person to stop believing a false gospel (to stop trusting in his works or good intentions for eternal life), and to believe in Christ alone for eternal life.

    If you haven’t already done so, you might be interested in reading the article linked below:


  4. If a man commits adultery against his wife and says to his wife, “Honey, I change my mind about adultery,” but continues on committing adultery, has he really changed his mind? Repentance starts with a change of mind resulting in a change of action or turning from sin. God commanded the Israelites to turn from their wicked ways (Ezekiel 33:11). Besides, you’re basically telling people to turn from sin by telling them to stop trusting in their works. Is it not sinful to trust in our works to save us?

  5. Foreigner Chris, I shudder when I read that kind of gospel. Saddest part is, it spreads like gangrene. They repeat what other trite phrases that others teach without once considering whether the Bible says anything like that regarding receiving the free gift of eternal life.

    What boggles my mind is those who vehemently continue to defend people like Billy Graham and declare he’s led many to salvation. How can they know that? With a false gospel? I’m sure some came to Christ because of Scripture used (praise God) and the knowledge that Scripture is able to make one wise unto salvation (2 Tim 3:15). But, the fact that they will staunchly defend him (one long time childhood friend defriended me the other day) and another got furious and angrily told us to remove her because we were sitting in a cave throwing rocks. Another missionary couple came to give me another ‘viewpoint’ on Billy Graham’s false gospel which from a site which agreed he ‘sometimes’ taught a false gospel yet wanted us to show him grace… it went on from there with others, but some are discerning and others judge by the appearance. He looked like a friendly, kind, older, white, warm and soft fuzzy sheep, therefore you must be wrong and wicked for daring to speak about his doctrine…

  6. The unpardonable sin was committed by the Jewish religious leaders at a unique time in Israel’s history. Jesus was offering the nation the promised Kingdom of God but taught them that receiving eternal life by believing him for it was a condition for their receiving it. The Pharisees, as Israel’s representatives, refused to repent (change their minds about bing entitled to the Kingdom of God simply because they were Jews) and believe that He was sent by God, so they attributed His miracles to Satan in Matt. 12:24. This was the “last straw”, and consequently, God withdrew the offer of the Kingdom of God from that generation of Israel in Matt. 12:31-45. From then on, the offer of eternal life (the “Kingdom of Heaven” as the postponed Kingdom of God) was made only to those who had spiritual sight, beginning with the parables in Matt. 13.

    The unpardonable sin cannot be committed today. The only sin which is unforgivable is rejecting the offer of eternal life until death.

  7. John 3:16 says “…whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”

    No exceptions. God will not withhold grace from anyone who believes in Jesus as Savior, nor will He ever revoke grace.

  8. Just to clarify, I am referring to the unpardonable sin passage in Matt. 12:22-32 instead of Mark 3:28,29.
    I am surprised in light of the fact that those here who have trusted in Christ for salvation, who have been completely forgiven of all sins, cradle to grave, are completely justified and are complete in the righteousness of Christ, and are reconciled and redeemed, and are sealed unto eternal life in Heaven, and will be raised in Christ, are even concerned at all with an “unpardonable sin.” Again, there is no unpardonable sin for the believer.

  9. I think that Christ is directing the unpardonable sin passage at a certain group, the Pharisees, that knew he was the promised Messiah, but wanted to be rid of Him because Jesus was a threat to their system, so they were not going to yield to the Holy Spirit and accept Christ and were therefore condemned already.
    This passage is not directed to the church. The unpardonable sin is for the Pharisees because of their continued rejection of Christ. The only unpardonable sin for us would be never trusting Christ as our Savior.
    The four Gospels were written while still under the Law of Moses, not under grace as after Calvary when Christ fulfilled the requirements of the law for us. (see the Sermon on the Mount passages in Matt. 5 and 6) Under the law any sin such as blaspheming the Holy Spirit could condemn you, like the Pharisees did. But there is no condemnation for those in Christ for those who have believed the gospel. (Rom. 3:19-24)

  10. Like Kate, I have struggled with the unpardonable sin. The answer usually given seems to focus too much on me and does not comfort me enough. I feel that unless this sin is unbelief, I have very little hope. One of the devil’s favorite tricks is to accuse me of this sin. If I try not to think an evil thought, it pops into my head anyway. Sometimes, I wake up with fear and guilt and need to get back into God’s Word.

  11. Jason, I think the Friday – Sunday view is a stretch, but I had never given it a lot of thought.

  12. The Friday view requires counting three hours of a day as a day and a night. That is really stretching it. The Wednesday view allows a break between the Sabbaths. It would make more sense to visit the tomb during the break than to wait two more days. The Thursday view makes the most sense. I guess we see through a glass darkly.

  13. Kate and Fryingpan9, we can all relate I guess. But the Word has a way of setting us free from error. People’s platitudes that come out of opinion vs. truth never help for long… Sadly most of those pastors don’t understand much of the truth if any.

  14. Whoops, looks like I’m behind the curve again…

    Phil R. Re: the Friday Crucifixion view, I agree with you. The Thursday Crucifixion idea makes more sense to me and also seem to fit the prophetic order of the Passover. From the Friday Crucifixion camp, I’ve heard the explanation that the 3 days/nights is in Jewish reckoning, which would regard the day of the Crucifixion itself as a the 1st day, making Saturday the 2nd and Sunday the 3rd. But I’ve never heard that explanation directly from a rabbinical source, either, just from people claiming their view is rabbinical. That wouldn’t seem to cover the 3 days AND 3 nights, though. Bottom line is, I need to get to the real source of the supposed “coincident Sabbaths” view, and I haven’t been able to.

  15. Hi Kate (Katmazdobelieve),

    I’m glad you were delivered from that confusion. I remember the first time I heard that whole, “Well, if you’re concerned you have committed the unpardonable sin, that shows you’ve not committed it because if you had your heart would be hardened” nonsense back around 1992 when I was “dumb” enough to be a follower of Gene Scott. Ugh, don’t get me started on that guy.

    Though I will admit that Gene Scott’s teaching is what was used to get my attention and quicken my spirit, but I digress. My main point is that that “answer” is everywhere.

  16. Jason, good question. I think it’s possible High Sabbath was Friday and have seen good explanations for the timing of the 3 days and nights based on Jewish timing. Whatever it is, I know we all believe the truth is that 3 days and 3 nights were prophesied and that is what happen, no matter how we arrive at the bottom line of which day and how.

  17. Katmazdobelieve

    Yes, it was scary.
    And then Mark 3:28 where Christ talks about the unforgivable sin. Before I had assurance in my Salvation through Christ alone I would fret over whether I had committed the sin that could never be forgiven. Since I didn’t have a clear understanding of the Gospel of Christ and with it being used out of context as a weapon to keep people in line I would vacillate between period of peace and then periods of chaos in my mind.
    I even asked the pastor of the church I was attending at the time what the unpardonable sin was, and how could I know if I had committed it?
    He told me that the fact I was concerned showed that I hadn’t committed the sin. He told me that my fear that I had was a good sign on was on my way. God was working on me.
    I use to pray that God would heal my shattered mind when I was in that dark place of no assurance.
    He has.
    I asked him to show me the truth.
    He did.
    He brought me here.
    The journey was hard but I wouldn’t change any of it because it taught me things I couldn’t have know had without it.
    Thanks, again, to all of you.
    Keep writing and discussing and I will be here reading.

  18. I have a question. If the high Sabbath is Thursday, then why would they not visit the tomb on Friday?

  19. Thanks Holly for giving us Hank Lindstrom’s explanation on timeline between Christ death and resurrection. I know Hank is with the Lord, but we still have his writings and videos. He truly stood for salvation by grace alone thru faith alone.

  20. Kate – that was a scary verse in 2 Thess 2 wasn’t it (when misused)? How would we know? But then I got back into context and asking questions and what that time was being written of, and it’s after the revealing of the antichrist and the time of the last 7 years of Daniel’s prophecy concerning Israel (the tribulation period/and great trib – last 3-1/2 years) and those who didn’t believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

  21. Sorry, I see that Phil, Jim and others discussed the Resurrection timing 🙂

  22. Chas, on the High Sabbath view, I haven’t read to see if others mentioned Hank Lindstrom, and it’s been many years since I watched, but he presented a view on it. Here is a site too with some Scriptures, won’t post the link, but will share for interest.

    In the evening, the Passover meal. Luke 22:13-20
    Jesus exposed Judas. Matthew 26:21-25
    Late that night, they went to Gethsemane. verses 30-46
    During the night Jesus was arrested. verses 47-56
    Jesus was taken to the court of the Jews. verses 57-68
    The denial of Peter. verses 69-75

    Jesus was taken to Pilate. Matthew 27:1-2
    Judas commits suicide. verses 3-10
    Jesus is tried in the Roman court. verses 11-25
    Jesus was sentenced and whipped. verses 26-32
    He was crucified. verses 33-45
    At 3:00 P.M. Jesus died on the cross. verses 46-51
    Jesus declares, “It is finished!” John 19:30
    Jesus was buried. Matthew 27:57-60


    Then Jesus went to paradise. Luke 23:39-46
    Jesus stayed here for 3 days & nights. Matthew 12:40
    The Hebrew word for the place of the dead is “sheol,” it consisted of two areas. Luke 16:19-26
    Jesus was not tormented; He was preaching! I Peter 3:18-20, 4:6
    The body of Jesus was in the grave from Wednesday night through Saturday. Remember, a Hebrew day runs from 6 P.M. – 6 P.M. (24 hours).


    Sometime early Sunday morning, He arose! Matthew 28:1-10

  23. Phil, I think the kinds of unscriptural “pop” salvation responses that you mentioned serve only to confuse people and frustrate grace. A popular megachurch pastor in South Carolina said of his recent service that more than 50 people “gave their lives to Jesus,” or something along those lines.

    This kind of language is often accompanied by either a misrepresentation of the gospel message, or a misunderstanding of the gospel message that receiving eternal life requires some kind of commitment to “follow Jesus,” “serve Jesus,” “obey Jesus,” “change your life” and so on.

  24. Sounds kind of like the Pentecostal message and todays pop message of receiving Christ. It is directed towards certain responses from the person like a person has to say, feel, and experience certain things to experience salvation, not simply just believing in Christ’s finished work.
    A person could believe the gospel of his salvation, but in a state of joy he gives his heart to Jesus or ask him into his heart. But what happens is that giving his heart to Jesus, or asking Him into one’s heart becomes the saving response instead of simply believing the gospel of salvation..The next thing is that these emotional responses are required to receive salvation.
    You hear and read these unscriptural “pop” salvation responses all the time, and what they are is ME focused instead of Christ focused, and they are also faith plus works.

  25. Chris, you are right – what a bunch of non biblical hogwash!

    It does remind me of Matthew 7:22.

  26. Foreigner Chris

    I stumbled over this on somebody’s website under “Salvation”:

    “If you have repented of your sins and received Jesus Christ into your heart, you will feel different and clean. That is because the blood of Jesus Christ has washed you from all sin and taken that burden off of you. However, although that is a wonderful thing you have done, now you must be baptized in water and be filled with His Holy Spirit …”

    Again: “repented of your sins”; “received Jesus Christ into your heart”; “feel different and clean”; “must be baptized in water and be filled with His Holy Spirit” – What a bunch of false-gospel-hogwash! Where can one get that from as the gospel of salvation? For sure not from the bible! How about simple faith, fully trusting in Christ’s finished work on the cross and His resurrection, as the bible clearly says?
    And “a wonderful thing you have done” reminds me of something: “done many wonderful works” – Matthew 7:22!

  27. Kate, this site is such a blessing to me too. When I occasionally attend a church that seems the best grace one I can find, I kind of cringe and feel uncomfortable not knowing what will be said, or if I will feel pressured to join, or if the pastor will favorably quote someone like Francis Chan or some other LS teacher, which has happened in this church before–And this church is the best one I can find in a reasonable distance from my home.
    But here at this Oasis and Fellowship of Grace, EXP, I feel at home with God.

  28. chas, you mention an article where a ‘High Sabbath’ would coincide with the Saturday Sabbath and thus make the crucifixion on Friday..But even if Christ’s death and burial were on Friday, I don’t see how this person can still fit three days and nights between Christ death and burial to his Sunday resurrection.

  29. I was under the impression that SDA held to a Wednesday crucifixion.

    Kate, it is good to hear from you. I once heard from a deluded charismatic that I must be born again every day. How wrong that is.

  30. Kate, we’re glad you’re here. It’s always good to hear from you.

  31. Katmazdobelieve

    Hey all,
    I enjoyed the article. I find comments like these all the time. The ether is full of them and it seems as if it is getting worse and worse.
    As a younger person in the church I was always in fear that I would fall under “the great delusion” (2nd Thes 2).
    I would ask what this delusion was and that question never received a satisfactory answer. I believed based on my Sunday school teachings that this delusion was believing you were saved when you weren’t actually saved.
    How could you know you were saved?
    Working for it. Work. Work. Work.
    The delusion was that you believed and worked, worked, worked, but you could still be deceived. Unsure? Just check your good works, but you could still be deceived so work more, believe more, accept Jesus harder, make Him more of the Lord over you, say the magic prayer and keep asking Him old into your heart, and give Him your everything because……
    You might be deceived, you might be persevering.
    See-saw, See-saw, up and down the religious See-saw of confusion.
    Now I know the delusional is the religion of the Pharisee. The religion of law-keeping and self-righteous service. Those people are under the delusion they can save themselves by being good enough. That is the delusion.

    This site is a blessing. I have never felt more edified as I have reading the comments on these articles. All those years in church and I was never once edified. I didn’t even really understand what being edified was and now I do understand, completely. Thank you, all of you, especially the regular commenters and admins.

  32. Regarding the Thursday vs. Friday Crucifixion, I’ve found conflicting views.

    For most of my post-RCC life I’ve been fed the teaching that the “High Sabbath” referred to in John’s Gospel meant the Sabbath associated with the beginning of the Feast of Unleavened Bread, which starts right after Passover. Because the feast follows lunar cycles (not weekly cycles) it can fall on any day of the week, and is the Sabbath referred to as the “high” Sabbath in John 19:31. It could very well have fallen on a Friday that year, which would put the Crucifixion on Thursday.

    But recently, I’ve come across teaching which claims that the term “high Sabbath” can only refer to a festival Sabbath that coincides with the Saturday Sabbath. If that’s true, it would “lock” the Sabbath in the gospels as being Saturday, and the day of the Crucifixion as Friday. That info was attributed to Arnold Fruchtenbaum by one writer, but I haven’t been able to verify that claim with Fruchtenbaum directly.

    Sadly, I haven’t been able to nail it down either way. I tried a web search of “High Sabbath”, but all the sources I came across held the “coincident Sabbath” view, and were all 7th Day Adventist. I don’t trust their references. A Hebraic or rabbinical source would be more trustworthy, I’d think.

    Sorry I can’t answer more definitively.

  33. Hank does say what’s really important: that the gospel the good news of Christ death for all our sins, his burial and resurrection IS our salvation.

  34. Phil,

    Google Hank Lindstrom Good Friday and you will find an article with a plausible explanation that it took place their Wednesday night. (Though I do slightly disagree with his view on the word Easter)

    Jim F

  35. Phil, you could be right – I’ve thought about that. I didn’t know whether the third day (1 Corinthians 15:3) counted Friday as day 1, or whether it meant Thursday. I’m not sure either way.

  36. Preston, it’s good to hear from you!

  37. Are we presented with inaccurate traditions about the time line between Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection? We have all been taught that Christ died on good Friday and rose the following Sunday. But does this actually allow for 3 days and 3 nights from Friday to Sunday? A growing number of Christians say that Christ must have died and was buried the day before on Thursday and of course rose three days days later on Sunday. There are other reasons for Thursday like a special Passover sabbath on the Friday along with Saturday. I have read a couple of well-known authors who make some good arguments for Christ’s Thursday death and burial.
    Now, the gospel I believe does not require believing Christ died on good Friday; It only says Christ died for our sins, was buried, and rose from the dead three days later, which is Sunday.
    Am I wrong? is there a way that there is three days between Christ’s death and burial on Friday and His Sunday morning resurrection?

  38. Hey John, (everyone).

    Good article.. Enjoyed it.

  39. Alice, you are correct – any strings attached, and it’s not a gift. And, if it isn’t eternally secure, it isn’t eternal life.

    The gospel is the one thing most worth defending, and there are a lot of people in churches who either don’t believe it, or are willing to compromise.

  40. If this matter of ‘Lordship-salvation’ were not an issue of eternal significance, as a matter of eternal destiny of heaven/ hell, I would like to have left it well and truly alone as it is costing me much fellowship and loss of Church/friends. We may not get all Biblical Doctrines correct at the moment of salvation, but we do need to get the Gospel of Grace correct, otherwise we are not really ‘saved’ until we understand Jesus Christ did it ALL.

    As Ralph Arnold says ‘eternal security IS the Gospel’!! If Jesus only saved us for 1 day or 1 month or 1 year, it wouldn’t be GOOD NEWS! But if He saved us for ALL of eternity those who have trusted ONLY in His finished work of redemption on the cross through His death/burial/resurrection apart from any works/fruit on our part, then that is GREAT NEWS!!
    If ETERNAL life is not eternal, then we are calling Jesus a ‘liar’ because He promised to give eternal-life to all those who believe in Him at the moment of initial faith, John 3:16. If eternal-life could be lost, forfeited, reneged or given back or temporary/probationary, then it is not ‘eternal’. If ‘free’ gift comes with conditions attached, then it is not ‘free’!

  41. Johninnc – Very true. Satan doesn’t care if a pastor or theologian gets other topics in the Bible correct. As long as they pervert the Gospel they are playing right into his hands.

  42. John 6:47, very sad indeed.

    The gospel message is Satan’s primary target.

  43. I came across today lots of what I call “Christanese without the Gospel.” They really use terminology that muddies the water of the Gospel, such as “Give your life to Jesus” “Surrender your life to Jesus” “Ask Jesus into your heart.” I even saw one where they said our responsibility was to “Live the Gospel.” Put believe back in the Gospel! That’s the only thing Jesus said to do in order to receive eternal life. And I bet the writer of that same article would condemn someone who doesn’t “live the Gospel” as unsaved.

    There really is nothing new under the sun. The Pharisees 2000 years ago said the exact same things that professing “Christians” do now. “This guy is a drunkard, therefore he lost his salvation!” “This guy doesn’t go to church anymore, therefore that proves he was never saved to start with!” Which is the modern equivalent of the Pharisees saying “This man recieveth sinners!” Well amen to that, because that’s the only type of people that exist. For ALL have sinned and come short of the glory of God. There is NONE righteous, no, not one. When it comes to salvation, everybody’s equal. The guy who is the “most righteous” in the world’s eyes does not do anything different to be saved than the “most wicked” guy in the world’s eyes.

    I’m grieved that so many people could’ve been saved if all they heard was the simple Gospel and not “Repent of your sins and be baptized and make Christ the Lord and Master of your life and live in holiness etc.” Which are all good things for DISCIPLESHIP, not salvation. Think of all the atheists and agnostics of the world who will die and go to Hell because they were turned off by a false gospel message that is no Gospel at all.

  44. Hobbs, I would think that was not a very compelling message.

  45. Phil, agree. The false gospels all point people away from Christ and to themselves.

  46. And Christians telling people there is a Saviour who can save them from hell, then once they are saved, spending the rest of the time telling them they may not really be saved and could wind up in hell after all. Go figure.

  47. Nadinemarie Warner

    Thank you and Amen !

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  48. Oh, that’s right, Jason! I’d forgotten that Lent is coming to a close, and religious people who think they are Christians are all hyped-up because they’ve “persevered” with their Lenten promises. Trophy time!

    Lent: One more reason I’m glad I’ve been delivered from RC-ism. Thank You Jesus!

  49. The false gospel of faith/works says we must make ourselves presentable and acceptable to God for Him to save us.
    The true gospel of grace alone thru faith alone says Christ alone make us presentable and acceptable to God for Him to save us.

  50. The repent parade is nothing new. It was called Lent.

  51. John 6:47, all true. All designed to get people to look to themselves.

  52. And they never say what kind of works, how many works, how long the works have to be there, how long a person can stumble, and what if a person has the changed life and then goes right back to the sins they turned from.

  53. John 6:47, you bring up a good point. It isn’t God who wants us to look to life change for assurance.

  54. You would think that after mentioning all the bad things they used to do in their bragiphony that they would see how sinful they really are instead of deluding themselves into thinking that they aren’t sinners or they don’t sin as much, therefore they are so called “saved.”

  55. Holly, the thing that is most astounding to me is how some people will go on and on trying to convince people that there is a God, that the Bible is true, and that non-believers are under God’s judgment, and then will point to a false gospel of works as the means of receiving eternal life.

  56. Chas, agree. The comments reflect a lot of ignorance out there, on all sides.

  57. Great article John, simple and concise, to the point. Great choice on the Easter ‘parade’ because that is what they do. They point to themselves, what ‘their’ testimony is, and what ‘they’ do, or what ‘they’ don’t do. And then they accuse others of not being believers or being on the way to hell.

    As I listen to them at times I wonder what they are thinking in the quiet of the evening when their day is over. I wonder if they are afraid to go to sleep. If some of what they said haunts them or makes them fear.

    I sure know that their words gave me a spirit of fear for awhile, and yet His Spirit brought His Word to my remembrance and that made me start digging for answers from His Word vs. theirs. These men don’t point people to Christ, they point people to their wonderful works… and the most interesting one I found above was the one about the atheists and being responsible. They are talking about themselves and don’t even know that they are self-condemned.

  58. SO good to read an article like this after seeing so much false “gospel” preaching on the webtoobs.
    Yeah, I’ve been watching the “repent” parade on several sites the last several days. So many “Christians” seem so comfy in their supposed “repentance”, and think it their duty to dump their (rather vague) standards on other people while spreading their LS gospel. The Pope’s alleged remarks about Hell sparked a pre-Easter wave of LS nonsense posts on the same sites, with a helping of Catholic vs. Protestant wrangling thrown in.

    It’s dark out there.

  59. Phil, that is the real meaning of Easter!

  60. I saw the film, RISEN in 2016. In one scene one of the disciples was being questioned by a Roman officer and asked something like, “if this dead teacher of yours has risen from the dead, then what does that mean to you?” The disciple replied, “It means I have eternal life!”
    This is what this resurrection “Easter” weekend, Friday thru Sunday, should mean to everyone. That Christ died for your sins and mine, was buried, and rose from the dead on the third day. This IS our eternal salvation: it is God’s ultimate free gift, the real meaning of “Easter.” only requiring our acceptance by faith of this gospel of salvation.. Christ has rescued us, redeemed us, made us acceptable to be taken home with his Father.
    Satan has always put confusion, legalism, lordship salvationism, phariseeism and other Easter confusion to add requirements to Christ finished, completed, perfect work dying and rising to save us. Christ did it all and paid the ultimate price on the cross and rose from the dead to save us: That means we have eternal life! Now, that is the real meaning of Easter.

  61. It’s sad that people would rather have an impossible salvation over a free salvation.

  62. John 6:47, very well said.

  63. Sam, it is sad that hey can”t understand a free gift. I am hopeful that they will hear the gospel, without all of the add-ons, and understand.

  64. It appears all those commenters want to make themselves their own savior by whatever set of manmade religious rules they think are the essentials.Too bad they can’t understand a free gift is free.Happy Easter( it is finished)

  65. Amen! The Lordship Probation Easter “Parade” is no parade at all. They have a Savior that died in vain and rose again in vain. That’s why they insist on adding works to the Gospel. Whereas the real Gospel is Selfless. You don’t put any self (i.e works) in salvation. If you try to “help” Jesus save you, you don’t get saved.

  66. fryingpan, it’s good to hear from you.

    The articles from which I have gleaned many of the comments, both here, and in “The Gospel According to Internet Comments” are typically fodder designed to engage targeted audiences. Some of the most prolific commenters are the most confused.

  67. Thank you for this important article. Happy “Celebrate His Resurrection Weekend” everyone!