Not Lordship “Salvation”

By Jack Weaver

With your indulgence we will depart slightly from our normal postings exposing and opposing Lordship “salvation.”  The videos below contain wonderful, all-time favorite Military Marches, simply exhibiting American Exceptionalism of times past.

America is still Exceptional, yet not recognized as such by many today.

I am aware that we have readers and visitors from all over the world but, if you will, please bear with us for a time while we present (and you enjoy) this wonderful collection of marches, which for all practical purposes have disappeared from the American scene.

You may turn these videos on and enjoy the marches as background music while you peruse the rest of our web site.

America The Beautiful


These Marches Are Secular and Temporary but Eternal Life is FOREVER. << Click

6 responses to “Not Lordship “Salvation”

  1. Well said, Jack! Thanks again for this post.

    Your friend in the Lord,


  2. And further,

    As we pray for our Republic, let us pray that we could be used of the Lord to spread His Grace Gospel throughout our land and the world.

    The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the solution here and everywhere.

    In Jesus eternally, Jack

  3. Bruce,

    John Phillip Sousa was an excellent example of American Exceptionalism which we rarely see today.

    But I am some 60 +- years past my secular college graduation so that is almost forgotten today. But back in college days I did march to Sousa marches while in ROTC. That music almost makes me want to get up and march around the house.. however I am doing well to simply get up!

    Thanks again for your help,

    In Jesus Christ eternally, Jack

  4. Thanks Jack for the great post! I especially enjoy the John Philip Sousa marches. By the way, some may not know that he was the inventor of the sousaphone—a prominent instrument in the college marching bands. It kind of gets me back in the spirit of Fall with the college football games.

    Blessings friend!


  5. Pearl,

    Thanks for your sentiments. We do need to pray for our Republic.

    And thanks for that link to the Fife and Drum Corps. Excellent.

    In Jesus Christ eternally, Jack

  6. What a treat! That’s a fine way to surf the web, Jack, with these great marching band tunes playing in the back ground. Makes my eyes moist thinking on the finer days America has seen, and, hopefully, prayerfully, will see yet again come November. Thank you for directing our attention to these national treasures.

    My boys will really appreciate these, too. When they come back in, I’ll bring these to their attention. My oldest son has this little tradition of his going on several years now: on the last night of every month, he goes outside before bedtime and plays “Taps” on his fife.

    Speaking of the fife, we just love to watch the Old Guard Fife & Drum Corps. It never gets old. God bless America, land of the free and home of the brave!