My Apologies For Unwanted,Unsolicited Ads

Dear friends,

This morning I received a note from our friend Bruce who said he was surprised to see a YouTube Ad splashed across the bottom of our blog, right about where we write comments. I was alarmed.

This is the first I had heard about it and am embarrassed that you may have been subjected to advertising which we did not approve of nor ask for.

I started this Blog in the last few months of 2005. WordPress, our web host, states that some time in 2006, unless the Blog was upgraded for a fee, they began putting intermittent ads on web sites. It is their way of compensating themselves for their services. I agree with that free enterprise philosophy. However, I am just a tad upset that I was not notified sooner that was their plan.

So, Bruce and I will do what we can to insure that no ads appear in the future (as soon as we can figure exactly how to  do it).

We thank the Lord again for your friendship and help in allowing our web site and the Gospel of Free Grace to be viewed throughout the world.

Just for our information, please drop us a comment if you were ever victimized by one of those ads.

In Jesus Christ eternally, Jack

The Good News of God’s Grace.

4 responses to “My Apologies For Unwanted,Unsolicited Ads

  1. Friends,

    We have now installed the “No Ads” ad-on to Please inform me if you see any ads in the future. Thanks.

    In Christ eternally, Jack

  2. Andy,

    Thanks for that suggestion. I have it on my FireFox browser also and that may be why I have never seen it. I likewise recommend Adblock plus.


    Thanks for the help.. We do host on with a pointer record over to the real site And it works well. Much easier for folks to remember than the lengthy WordPress address.

    The cost of upgrading to the non-ad mode is only about $30.00 a year — much less that I pay to have my WeaverClan site hosted by a Christian web hosting company.

    I appreciate your offer to help and I’ll keep you in mind if we hit a snag.

    In Jesus Christ eternally, Jack

  3. I can’t understand how wordpress is doing this, unless you’re actually hosting on with a pointer record over to the real site (?). We could set up a completely independent site if you want –my blog is on an independent hosting service. Email me if you want help.



  4. Fortunately, I use the adblock plus addon with my Firefox browser, so I am spared the annoyance of most ads!