About a Dear Friend

This morning I received a phone call from Rev. Bill Adams, a good friend of many years. He worked for me and with me in my business while we studied for the ministry at Florida Bible College. He then served as my Assistant Pastor and Youth Director when we later started our church in South Florida. After several years as a faithful minister, and with good will all around, Bill left us and went on to start churches and work in some large prominent ministries throughout the country.

On faith alone and believing the Lord wants him to minister in the Dallas, TX area, he has just moved to Arlington TX. His wife, Brenda and their family will soon follow.

He is praying first that the Lord will provide him with a ministry in the Arlington (Dallas-Ft. Worth) area. He is likewise praying that, if not an immediate ministry, then a satisfactory job that will allow him to support his family and leave time for the Lord to use him sharing Christ in some way.

Also, if you know of a loved one, family or friend in the area who needs to hear the Gospel and trust Christ as Savior or receive some clear Bible teaching, Bill will gladly help. You will find no finer or more faithful witness for our Savior. Please contact me through my email contact at the bottom of this post.

Likewise, please pray for the safety of Bill and Brenda’s fine young Marine son, Brett, who is right now in Anbar Province, Iraq. They’ve not heard from him in months because of the nature of his military mission.

Bill and Brenda and I will appreciate your help and prayers. Bill is a man with a mission to share Christ with lost souls and is certainly deserving of your prayers, help and support.

If any of you, my dear readers, know someone whom the Lord can use to help Bill or that he can help, I will appreciate you letting me know.

Please email us using the email link on the side-bar at right.

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