Amazing Grace Beautiful Rendition

Thanks to Bookworm:

The most beautiful rendition of Amazing Grace I have heard in years.

No Contemporary nonsense, no whining, no screaming.

Just pure beautiful Amazing Grace — my favorite hymn by vocalist Haley Westerna.

How to have eternal LIfe

16 responses to “Amazing Grace Beautiful Rendition

  1. Bro. David,

    The vocalist is Haley Westerna. I know nothing of her beliefs.

    I did see where she sang opera with others…

    Just love the hymn!

    In Christ eternally,


  2. What a beautiful rendition. You are right, bro. Jack, no CCM “whining”. CCM seems to me to only play up the performer & not the Lord. But this lady does it right. Who is she? Wonderful Christ-honoring version of this great hymn. Thank you so much bro. Jack for sharing it. I trust you & yours are well. You are such a blessing.

  3. Dee,

    Thanks for your words…

    I am so sorry to see the sorrow you have recently had… but as Scripture says, our sorrow is not like the sorrow of the unbelievers.. who have no hope, no assurance.

    Praying for you that our God and Savior will comfort and continue to bless you,

    In Christ eternally, Jack

  4. Blessings Jack and Shirley!

    I want to AMEN your choice of AMAZING GRACE!
    How sweet the sound.

    Jack, you have The Bestest Taste as my kids would say.

    Just can’t beat a blessed angelic voice gifted of God!

    Keep up the wonderful job you are doing!
    May Jesus keep you here till He Returns.
    He has gifted you with an extraordinary brain, words of His wisdom that helps me make sense of this world we are in.

    My Mom went Home August 2, 2006.
    My brother, Roger, who had cared for her for 15 years went Home June 13, 2007. His heart was broken. I don’t know if you have ever witnessed a bear of a man going down to nothing in just 10-1/2 months. Never saw my brother cry, but by the time he went home, he was crying everyday. PRAISE JESUS! I know he is so HAPPY with my Mom in Heaven. The night before he went home he replied to my email “Come Home” which contained the words to Softly and Tenderly Jesus is Calling. His reply said, “I am ready whenever He is and I hope it is sooner rather than later.” He wrote these words on Tuesday, June 12, 2007 at 9:04 PM. The Lord took him Home Wed., June 13, 2007 between 9 and 10 AM. He was 62 years old; just retired in Feb. 2007.

    I am praying even more vehemently for our Lord’s Return. My Mom’s and Brother’s Homegoing, losing the Home Place has stripped me of everything I have known for 58 years.

    I am trying to be strong; faithfully proclaiming Jesus.

    This Sat. will be The Perfect Day – July 7, 2007 – 777.
    Praying it will be so for you and Shirley.

    May Jesus continue to richly Bless You with The Treasures from His Heart.

  5. You are welcome! I respect Ken and his research.


  6. TMW,

    I received an email of explanation from Pastor Ken Silva..

    It seems we agree in essence about our doctrine.



  7. TMW,
    I checked Ken Silva’s site and it has some great anti- ec stuff..
    However, a statement in his “Beliefs” page states something that sounds like Reformed or Calvinist theology.

    I wrote him for clarification.. and I will let you know. I will send you a private email copy of my note to him.

    In Christ eternally,

  8. Good morning!
    Nope, hasn’t shown up at my place. But it sounds like some of the same kind that crawl out from under the rocks whenever I post on the emergent church. Did you know that the “ec” is getting closely connected to the “rc”? The threads are starting to show!
    Ken Silva, a SBC pastor and former rc, has a lot to say about them and some other “cultic” types. His link is;

    He has done his homework!
    Good morning, G*D bless and Maranatha to you and your Schweetie!


  9. TMW,

    You gave a great answer to the troll.

    greag and Pastor Ray and the same person — the troll who is too ashamed of himself to honestly say who he is.. He has been over pestering at Bookworm and others using pseudonyms and weird names — but they all originate from the same IP address..

    Check out some of your trolls — may be the same person from the same IP address..

    Ain’t Technology great..

    Isn’t the Lord GREAT!!!


  10. ExP-Sounds like a cult or emergent!
    greag-WE CAN NEVER BE WORTHY OF G*D’s SACRIFICE IN CHRIST JESUS! So you are blowing smoke! All we can do is accept it, HIS Blood MAKES us worthy in the Eyes of G*D!
    We can’t do it ourselves. So you are dealing with some hefty heresy…


  11. I await God’s quickening of your heart, that you might become a new man worthy of Jesus’ sacrifice, Brother.

  12. TMW,
    I still have no idea what he was saying or to whom he was speaking or why he wrote what he did… Ray — if you would like to explain what you mean — we will consider listening.
    In Christ eternally by God’s Grace and my decision,

  13. OY!
    Almost sounds like some of the emergent types who swoop in on my site! Getting told I don’t know or understand grace…
    Grace is a free gift that we must take along with salvation. BUT, if we have no clue as to WHAT we need to be saved from, we are running through the meadows with the butterflies and little fluffy bunnies!
    Now when you realize WHAT you are being saved from, grace is the most beautiful and precious gift EVER!
    As for withered hearts? I’ve spoken with and communicated with Bro. Jack, and there is no withering there!


  14. Praise, Brother, His grace covers us! And He alone washes away the stain of so-called self-reliance. Amen.

    May His love enlarge the withered of heart.

  15. Ray,

    Odd as it is, thanks for your comment.

    You could have suggested, to whomever you speak, that they make a personal choice and decision to trust Jesus Christ alone as their Savior.

    After all, Jesus Christ died for the sins of the whole world, was buried, rose from the grave, proving He is God in the flesh.

    He gives you the invitation to choose to believe in Him for your eternal salvation. THAT is God’s Amazing Grace

    Ray, do that right now! Make that decision.

    In Christ eternally by God’s Grace and His willingness to allow me to decide to trust Jesus as my Savior.


  16. If only, Brother, you would accept His grace that’s freely given, rather than relying on your own devices, in your vain, self-serving, devilish contempt for expressing His will. I encourage you to become the new man in Christ, rather than the centurion pounding the nails deeper into our Lord’s withering hands. All it takes is your act of faith to pray the following prayer:

    “Lord, I am a vainglorious old man who deceives others by projecting my own self-righteousness over them. Indeed, I am a sinner with a heart of bile, lacking both love for others and control of my desires. Purify me, Jesus, that I might – for the first time ever, in my walk with You — shine as a beacon upon a hill, for Your Glory, Lord, I ask this in your name. Amen.”