Errors Regarding Israel in Prophecy

I copied below an outstanding short article taken from the ISRAEL MY GLORY Magazine – May-June 2007, a publication of Friends of Israel.The article offers a great explanation of the difference between a correct interpretation of Biblical history and the lie that has recently come about called “Replacement Theology.” This false doctrine states that Israel is no longer relevant in Biblical teaching and history and has been replaced by the church. If you have ever sought the truth in the Bible about the past and future prophecies regarding Israel and have been confused by teachers who know not of what they speak, this article will help clear your mind and aid you in the proper study of Israel in God’s Word.

The Importance of Literal Interpretation

By Bruce Stott,

Staffing Coordinator, Friends of Israel.

Hermeneutics is the art and science of interpretation. When most readers open a news paper or book, they assume the author intends for them to understand what he is saying. They also instinctively assume that, to understand what the author is saying, they must use a literal, or normal, hermeneutic,: They must interpret the text literally or naturally, unless the context indicates otherwise.

Interpreting the Bible is no different. The goal is to understand what the human author, as he was moved by the Holy Spirit, intended to say. We do so by using a literal hermeneutic (even with passages dealing with end-times prophecies), unless the context indicates otherwise.

Unfortunately, much of Scripture, especially the Old Testament, is interpreted by replacement theologians who use what is known as the allegorical method. It assumes there is a deeper, more spiritual or mystical, understand­ing of Scripture beyond the mere literal understanding and that this hidden understanding is found only by those who are able to search out its secrets.

This mindset is especially prevalent when it comes to prophecy. With the allegorical method, prophecy is not to he taken literally but, rather, figuratively and symbolically.

The allegorical method, however, leads to several major errors:

1. Jesus’ Comings. It is hermeneutically inconsistent. Replacement theologians interpret prophecies related to Jesus’ First Coining literally, but prophecies related to His Second Coming they interpret figuratively.

2. Israel. The allegorical method fails to make clear, biblical distinctions between Israel and the church, Even though there are scores of Biblical passages declaring that God has a distinct future for Israel, replacement theologians either ignore those passages or explain them away or apply them figuratively to the church.

They are eager to apply Israel’s blessings to the church, but not so eager to apply Israel’s curses to the church,

Additionally, if the church is now “spiritual Israel,” as Replacement Theology claims, who is now spiritual Edom, Moab, Ammon, Philistia, Egypt, and all he other nations mentioned in the Old Testament?

3. God’s character. The allegorical method also raises serious questions about God’s veracity. If, in the Old Testament, God promised Israel a literal, earthly Kingdom, but He really meant a figurative, immaterial kingdom, what does that say about God’s character? Does God deceive His people with literal promises and then hold them accountable for not recognizing that they were actually figurative?

In contrast, when a literal hermeneutic is used consistently, there results a consistent understanding of Scripture as a whole. Separate administrations of God’s rule on Earth come to light. A distinct program for both Israel and the church is revealed (not two ways of salvation, but a distinct plan and program). New Testament revelation does not redefine Old Testament concepts.

In addition, a massive amount of unfulfilled, prophetic Scripture, especially in the Old Testament, is faced squarely and addressed. End-times events begin to take shape and fall into their proper chronological places. And God’s character is not impugned, but vindicated. His glory is seen as the chief goal of all of history.

A literal hermeneutic does not make these things so. Rather, it reveals them to be so.

When a literal hermeneutic is used consistently to understand Scripture, the end result is Dispensationalism. When literal hermeneutic is not used consistently the end result is Replacement Theology.

(Friends of Israel web site).

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8 responses to “Errors Regarding Israel in Prophecy

  1. Morning, Bro. Jack!
    As I see it, Israel is at the bones, sinews and flesh stage, HE will breathe into them HIS SPIRIT, then they will get it as a nation!
    Until then, G*D said it, that settles it. I think it is in 2 Kings that HE said HE had written HIS Name on Israel, and there is a satellite photo that proves it. Between Bethel and Jerusalem, the canyons spell out YHWH in hebrew.
    So I’m NOT going to argue with HIM! 😉
    Good morning, G*D bless and Maranatha!


  2. Thanks Rose,

    Yep, Dispensationalist all the way. As I see it, thus saith the Lord.

    No Reformed, no Calvin, no Replacement theology originating from this Blog..

    In Christ eternally,


  3. Good to see some dispensationalists around

  4. Linda,

    I have no Tee shirt from Israel, but I do have my SHALOM sign in Hebrew(which we picked up in Israel) hanging over the lintel in my office… plus a hundred or so pictures taken when we were in Israel 35 years ago.

    Good memories, good people and good food. but a lot of lost folk, just like in America.

    In Christ eternally,


  5. Happy Father’s Day!

    I am wearing my ‘I Love Israel’ t-shirt today… 😀

    He changeth not!

  6. Thanks, TMW,

    Well said!!


  7. ExP-First off, have a Blessed and Happy Father’s Day tomorrow.
    Second-I agree wholeheartedly with you and this article, my late and I left churches when they started spouting that nonsense! It is heresy and smells like smoke. It is also the height of arrogance to assign to the church the works that Christ will do when HE returns!
    Thirdly-It says that G*D doesn’t know what HE means…ooops, bad judgment call there!
    And touching the “apple of G*D’s Eye” is a good way to get on HIS bad side! And since the nations will be judged according to how they treated Israel…nope, don’t want to go there!


  8. You need to check out the accuracy of the May 15th Prophecy in regards to what is happing in Iraq, Lebanon and Syria and the return of the Hidden Imam