December 15th Anniversary

This year, December 15 is the 42nd anniversary of my spiritual birthday.In 1964, my good friend and political compatriot, Shirley Spellerberg., tricked my wife and me into going to a Christmas Concert. I heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ loud and clear, how that Jesus Christ died on the cross for me (atheist sinner), He was buried and rose again, proving Himself to be God in the Flesh, That very night I passed from death to eternal life, from an atheist to a believer in the Savior of the world (but specifically me), Jesus Christ by making that simple decision to trust Jesus as my Savior.

I thank the Lord for His Grace and Mercy, that he would die on that cross for such a wretch as me.

I thank the Lord that Pastor Ray Stanford made the Gospel and the invitation to trust Christ so clear at that Christmas Concert that even I could understand and believe in Christ.

Right now, you too can pass from death to life by trusting Christ as YOUR Savior.

John 3:16
For God so loved the world (you), that He gave his only begotten Son (Jesus), that whosoever believeth (you) in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

Trust Jesus Now, make this the greatest Christmas ever.

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10 responses to “December 15th Anniversary

  1. TMW, The Lord is faithful when we are — and many times even when we aren’t.

    That is His Grace.


  2. the merry widow

    Morning! Here it is;
    I couldn’t find the Statement of Faith up yet, but you can contact Jim Caple, and find out if he has any questions.
    I imagine that the only reason it isn’t up is because it isn’t compleate. But they have very clearly laid out our fallen nature and our need for salvation! They are going slowly, but it’s because they want to get it right! Which sounds good to me!
    I know a number of the men, having been on church council with them, they so want to please the Lord! They were wounded at our old church, but they are prayerfully taking up the leadership, they are also letting the Holy Spirit raise up the elders. No designations, except by G*D! I’m “proud” of them and how they are taking up the leadership, rather than sloughing it off, they started with their families and extending it to their church family! G*D is doing a work here!
    You and your’s have a blessed day in the Lord!


  3. TMW, what is your church web site..


  4. the merry widow

    I just read some of a gentleman’s commentaries about the “emerging church”, he believes that this movement is working it’s way back to the Roman Catholic church! Which would follow the One-World-Church!
    Looks like this might be part of my bone to worry!
    In Christ!
    BTW-I believe the first parts of the Statement of Faith is up at the churches website.

  5. David and TMW,

    Yes, to say the least, the “emergent” church is either a group of unsaved people propagating a lie or they are a group of deceived believers sharing a false message.

    They are far from the Truth that IS the body of believers in Jesus Christ.

    In Christ eternally, ExP(Jack)

  6. Thank you TMW! God Bless you for hitting that emegent church mess. You are correct that it is unScriptural to the max! God Bless you our sister!

  7. the merry widow

    August 16th, about 3pm, 1972! Happy Born-Again Birthday for me!
    Good afternoon gentlemen! The important fact is that we are now brothers and sisters IN Christ, that is the totally wonderful part!
    Jack, I’ve been hitting the “emerging church” movement at my site, biggest bunch of unscriptural hooey! Telling the Truth and hoping someone catches it.
    You and your sweetie have a wonderful, blessed weekend! You too David!


  8. Amen! You know bro. Jack, that used to bother me that I could not put my finger on the exact time as though that made the reality of it invalid. In fact, I’ve heard preachers say as much! Yet, now I know that you are correct. It is that I NOW KNOW that I am in Christ that matters! Merry CHRISTmas to you & your dear wife & family as well!

  9. David,

    Great!!! That means we are almost twins in the Lord — Except for being separated by about 14 years..

    When in Heaven times or dates have no relevance anyway. I have friends who do not remember when they trusted Christ as their Savior — but they KNOW they have and are sure of Heaven anyway..

    1 John 5:13
    These things have I written unto you that believe on the name of the Son of God; that ye may KNOW that ye have eternal life, and that ye may believe on the name of the Son of God.

    God bless you and your dear wife.


  10. Amen bro. Jack! I consider December 17 as my spiritual birthday (1978) since that was the Sunday of the week that I believed in Christ after my Dad shared Him with me. I do not know exactly the time, but that is when I consider it to be. Who knows, it may have actually been the 15th! God Bless you brother Jack!!