Good News. :”Secure Forever!…” Dr. Tom Cucuzza’s Great Book Now Available as an eBook.

Great News Note from Dr. Tom Cucuzza:

Good news! Secure Forever! God’s Promise or Our perseverance? is now available in ebook form from Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Other formats, such as Sony and iBook for Apple are forthcoming.

Someone responded to Bruce’s review on Amazon and said this “I really enjoyed reading your review! This book was a tremendous help in restoring assurance of my salvation. I had fallen victim to the false teaching of Lordship Salvation and experienced doubts for many years as a result. The reason is because I kept looking to my works for signs of life rather than looking to the source of life….JESUS! Dr. Cucuzza’s book really cleared up a lot of my confusion. I can’t recommend this book enough to people! There is so much confusion in churches today, and this is precisely the book people need to read! God’s grace really does transform lives ) “.

This makes it all worthwhile.

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Here are the Links:

The Amazon Link>>:  Secure Forever!..Amazon.
The Barnes and Noble link>>: Secure Forever – Barnes-Noble


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8 responses to “Good News. :”Secure Forever!…” Dr. Tom Cucuzza’s Great Book Now Available as an eBook.

  1. Tom just let me know that he is starting a new sermon series based on this book.

  2. Dear Bruce and Jimmy,

    Thank you for your kind words. There is nothing more wonderful and more important than, as the hymn says, “Thy great salvation so RICH and FREE.”


  3. Dear Tom,

    I recently read your excellent book and passed it along to a patient of mine to read. I especially like how you took what could be complicated concepts and made them simple and easy to understand. Someone has said “truth’s most becoming garment is simplicity” (Moody?) Your book is indeed a reflection of that statement. Thanks for your stand for the Gospel of God’s grace, and so glad to hear this book is available in e-book.

  4. Dear Tom,

    Thanks for sharing with us the great news about your book being available as an e-book. I hope that it gets a lot of exposure that it most certainly deserves! Of all of the books that I have read from a Free Grace perspective, your book had by far the best treatment on the wrongfulness of the Calvinist concept of perseverance (the “P” of the Calvinist acronym “TULIP”).

    Blessings friend!


  5. Dear Tom,

    Thanks for making your excellent book in ebook format. I hope more young people will be able to benefit from reading your book.


  6. This book is a great resource for helping confused believers get grounded in the purity of the Gospel and for witnessing to open minded people who have accepted false gospels.

  7. Hi Jack,

    Thank you so much for your kindness. May the Lord use the book to bring glory to Himself and to free people from spiritual bondage into the wonderful assurance of salvation received by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone.

    Together for souls,


  8. Thanks Tom,

    Truly, “This makes it all worthwhile.”

    We pray for many new readers who will get and believe the clear Free Grace message..

    In Jesus Christ eternally, Jack