Israel pleased with WikiLeaks revelations

Israel may be the last and only honest and honorable nation remaining in the world.

Read this interesting article from Israel:

Israel Today. Israel Pleased with WikiLeaks

“There was much apprehension and concern on Sunday evening as whistleblower website WikiLeaks began publishing nearly a quarter of a million classified US diplomatic cables. Washington had already phoned Israeli leaders to prepare them for any embarrassing information that would be revealed.

But by Monday morning, Israel appeared to be the one nation that had benefited from the stunt.

“If anything, the leaks were positive and did not damage Israel’s image at all,” former National Security Adviser Giora Eiland told Voice of Israel radio. “There was no contradiction between what Israel has said in public and in private.”

In fact, the documents reveal that Israeli officials, especially Meir Dagan, head of Israel’s Mossad spy agency, are regularly sought after by officials from all parts of the American government for their expertise and insight on various Middle East situations. In short, Israel is an enormously valuable resource for America and its interests in the region.”

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israel today | Israel pleased with WikiLeaks revelations.

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6 responses to “Israel pleased with WikiLeaks revelations

  1. Andreas,

    You are right — and thanks for the link to your Blog.

    In Jesus Christ eternally, Jack

  2. The WikiLeaks show that Israel is the only country in the Middle East with an open and honest foreign policy:

  3. Scotty,

    I would not be surprised to hear that there was a conspiracy responsible — And to hear that PFC Manning is a proud, practicing and vocal homosexual — and there has been a warrant issued for Assange’s arrest — on charges of “sexual crimes.” Hmmmmm.

    In Christ, Jack

  4. In my morning browsing I read an article from the L.A. Times saying that the Saudis have blocked the parts about them being concerned about Iran to their own people and news outlets…….cowards!! They’re all cowards!

    As far as a lone PFC doing all this, knowing how loose most government computers are, it wouldn’t surprise me. These youngsters nowadays are pretty savvy on the ins and outs of computers. All that data could have been downloaded and put on a flash ram stick with no problem.

    I pray that that kid isn’t the fall guy for higher ups….I doubt you and I will ever hear the real truth. But, I heard and read some sound bites he supposedly said and they were pretty damning.

  5. Scotty,

    I have heard that most of the Islamic nations want Israel to be the fall guy (like you indicated).
    Also the statements indicate the leaks are for the last three years — one year for Bush and two for BO.. Not sure about this.

    Interesting we see the pols scrambling like a scared flock of birds..
    I have a difficult time seeing a PFC Manning have the security clearance to be able to download all that stuff. Could it be that there are other GS folks who have a hand.
    Treason and the firing squad for Manning and Assange — along with all others who are complicit (including the news outlets who published it -NYT, etc).

    In Jesus Christ eternally, Jack

  6. I found these two paragraphs the most interesting……..

    A slew of other documents reveal that the leaders of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt and Jordan all share the Israeli sense of urgency regarding Iran, and also want the US and/or Israel to stop Iran’s nuclear program at any cost.
    “That program must be stopped,” King Hamad of Bahrain is quoted as saying in one of the documents. “The danger of letting it go on is greater than the danger of stopping it.”

    Then why isn’t Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt and Jordon doing something ??? It wouldn’t because they want US to do it, do they? And if Israel makes a move on Iran, those same countries will be at the top of the list to condemn Israel….

    On the other side, the left is really hoping that these leaks will show everybody how evil George Bush was… far all I’ve seen is straw man arguments pointing at Bush!

    In the old days the NYT would have been on trial for treason…….