New Search Engine “Will Not Share With Government”

Look Patriotic Americans!!

There is a new, wonderfully efficient search engine that replaces Google, Bing, Yahoo, et al. guarantees that they, unlike Google and others, do not store your personal information on their servers. This is a great innovation, especially in this time of government intrustion into private Americal lives and hackers stealing info from servers all over the world.

In the past we have blogged about the comprehensive personal information collection done by popular search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc). These search firms record and store your personal information any time you perform a search.

We also know that Google CEO, Eric Schmidt is an adviser to and confidant for our Socialist President, Barack Hussein Obama. All of your personal information collected by Google is available to our government upon demand.

As a Conservative Christian and opponent of abortion I fear Homeland Security Agency will use search information to brand me as a “radical.” Janet Napalitano has issued warnings about whom she considers “radicals.”  The list includes some Christians and folks who oppose abortion.

The StartPage web site offers the option to include their search engine in the default search box for Firefox and other browsers. I have begun using exclusively as my default search engine. Gleaned from an excellent and informative article at

Not sure of Heaven???

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10 responses to “New Search Engine “Will Not Share With Government”

  1. Alex,

    You are right — FB has all the info we give them — and if we are unaware and join all kinds of idiotic groups, fans, etc.. they have even more.

    We are no longer a private society..

    In Jesus Christ eternally,


  2. You wanna know someone who has an incredible amount of information compiled about each and every one of its users? Facebook. Google has your search info (at the least, and your email at the most), and Facebook has an entire personality profile on file!

    Sometimes I think I have too much personal info floating about the web…

  3. Clark,

    Then I assume that Google (a private/publically owned company) having all your search information does not bother you.
    You know that Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google is a friend, advisor and confidant of the Socialist, anti-Constitutionalist Mr. Obama. That does not bother you at least a little?

    Add that to the Admin saying it will track your cell phone calls at will — without your permission.., does that bother you?

    In Jesus Christ eternally,


  4. “All of your personal information collected by Google is available to our government upon demand.”

    The government already has our personal information. Ever file a tax return? The government not only has your social security number, they are the ones who issued it to you. Your Social Security card belongs to them, and it says in fine print that if asked for, you must surrender it to them. The government knows your name, address, income information, SSN, etc. There has a been a census every 10 years for as long as there has been a Constitution. They’re not getting their intel from Google.

  5. Frasypoo,

    Welcome — Haven’t heard from you in a while. You OK?

    Glad to have you in the crowd of the Marked Ones.

    In Jesus Christ

  6. I’d be a radical too!And I use google a lot!

  7. Thanks Alex,

    You have a great point.

    And since they don’t track, store, keep and share any info I wonder, “What is their motive”?

    Well, anything is better than Google’s liberal agenda, who is becoming as intrusive as our govt.

    In Jesus Christ eternally,


  8. It’s a pretty nice search engine too!

    I wonder how long they can survive operating like this though. What Startpage is doing with user’s privacy is perfectly legal (the way it should be), but how long before the U.S. government makes them archive search records for on-demand intelligence gathering?

    It’s not a left/right issue (both sides seem interested in stripping away the privacy of Americans), so if Startpage gets too popular, look out (no matter who’s in office)!

  9. NancZ

    Still praying for y’all.

    In Jesus Christ eternally,

  10. Well THAT was easy! Thanks for the tip – it’s now added to my browser. Now, to get my family to use it…

    I’ve shared your “Eternal Life for You” page with my son. Still praying.