How To Share Christ

A few days ago my granddaughter, Tara, called and said, “PopPop, on your Blog, why not explain to people how to witness to others.”

What a great idea!! — So I have done it. It will be expanded as I have time.

Go to the banner at the top of this Blog and click on:

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However, first, if you are not absolutely sure of Heaven, please click here:

Find out how to be absolutely sure of Heaven.

Thanks Tara!! — I love you!!

2 responses to “How To Share Christ

  1. And my name didn’t hotlink. My blog is at http://www.clarkbunch.wordpress. com.

  2. First, let me say that I’m going to link to this post from my blog for people who want to know more on this subject. I write a lot about the gospel and it’s importance, but I’ve never tried to teach “how” to share the gospel.

    Secondly, this site is amazing. I am visiting for the first time tonight. My dad is 64, and can hardly work the answering machine. He will never own a computer and says so. I spend some time on my blog arguing with atheists/ agnostics. If you visit, read any of the post titled “Jesus’ Example.” I think you’ll enjoy those most, and it’s probably the best stuff I’ve written.

    Again, this is very good, keep it up. 🙂