Ecumenical Social Gospel from “Christian Leaders”

Those great and well known “Christian”  experts, former Presidents Jimmah Cahtah, Bill Clinton and many other Baptist leaders met in Atlanta for what was called “Celebration of a New Baptist Covenant.” Also attending were Obama, (Church of Christ) and Hillary, (United Methodist Church).[BOLD represents my emphasis and comments]

Included were …. Baptists from throughout North America and former members of the Southern Baptist Convention [who were] upset by its rightward shift. Carter was a lead organizer of the event.

“Thousands of participants prayed and held hands across a massive exhibit hall at the first session Wednesday night. Carter, a longtime Bible teacher at his Plains, Ga., church, called the three-day gathering “the most momentous event in my religious life.”

He [Carter] called animosity among Christians “a cancer metastasizing in the body of Christ.”

This is a great illustration of the lie of modern religious ecumenism which is forging the platform for the New World Order and the New World Religion of the last days.

The former president insisted the meeting was strictly religious, not political. [Even though] It is being held just days before Feb. 5, when 24 states will hold presidential primaries or caucuses.

Former Vice President Al Gore and former President Bill Clinton are among the major speakers. Earlier in the day, at a separate meeting of the black Baptist groups, Sens. Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton spoke about their presidential candidacies.

Critics have dismissed the event as little more than a Democratic rally.

We concur — except, instead of Democrat. they should say Extreme Liberal.. (Same thing).

However, they all heavily emphasize Scripture on social justice.

This is nothing more than spreading the “social gospel” — which is no gospel at all.


Carter and many other Baptists severed ties with the Southern Baptist Convention when conservatives took control of the denomination in the 1970s and 1980s, waging a bitter fight over interpreting the Bible.

Excerpts from a news article here.Thu Jan 31,2008

This ecumenical meeting of those who call themselves “Christians” never mention nor promote the main tenet of Christian Theology, The Gospel of Jesus Christ, the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus to pay the sin debt for every person in the world — and by putting our trust in Jesus, we have eternal life. These folks are preaching and organizing a world-wide anti-Biblical movement which dilutes the Gospel in favor of a false “do-good” religion of works/deeds. This organization of theological liberals is contrary to God’s Word!

Now, here is the Good News:

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9 responses to “Ecumenical Social Gospel from “Christian Leaders”

  1. I find your article to be most un-Christian.

  2. Ella,

    Thanks for taking time to comment.

    You say I print lies — please point out the lies.

    The article from which I copied was written by a sympathetic participant at the conference… and I merely quoted his words… along with my comments about them. He said Hillary and Obama participated in “a separate meeting of the black Baptist groups…” This is verified by many other independent sources.
    You said, “Historically, they invite presidential candidates to speak.” Does this (and other politicians speaking in churches) not go against the Liberal’s favorite mantra, (the lie) of “Violation of Church and State?”

    If Jimmie did indeed lead 48 people to Christ then that is wonderful… but I have searched and never heard or found any place where Jimmie gives a clear Gospel message. I have only found messages where he spews hatred against our government and Israel. Please tell me where I can read or hear Jimmie’s idea of God’s plan of salvation and his invitation.

    Thanks again for writing. Please read our message about how you can be sure of Heaven — the high-lighted link at the end of the article above. You CAN be sure!


  3. Tom,

    The Left sees nothing wrong with being more equal than others before the “law,”

    Thanks for dropping by.


  4. “Critics have dismissed the event as little more than a Democratic rally.”

    Yup. The left loves to accuse the right of “mixing politics and religion”, yet they do it all the time.

    What was that about taking the log out of your own eye before complaining about the spec in another’s?

  5. Have you no shame? You print lies, call names and ridicule people and you weren’t even there. Let’s get the facts straight: Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were not at the New Baptist Covenant Celebration. The Celebration overlapped–deliberately–the separate annual midwinter meeting of the four largest black Baptist denominations. Historically, they invite presidential candidates to speak. This year two candidates accepted their invitation–Clinton and Obama. In no way was that part of the Celebration, and those of us from other Baptist groups were not even informed, let alone invited, to the midwinter meeting.

    Furthermore, I am flabbergasted that a group that comes together around Jesus’ first sermon, Luke 4;18-19, where virtually every sermon, every testimony, every breakout session focused on aspects of his sermon is accused of being unbiblical. It’s diluting the Gospel to preach again the words that Jesus preached?

    Carter described an SBC mission trip he went on where they went door to door and witnessed AFTER they knelt in the street to pray for each home. 100 households in 10 days, 48 persons led to Christ. This isn’t evangelism?

    Be careful before you throw more stones.

  6. Lynda,

    You made a tremendous point in how these apostates are using God’s Name in vain for their own power grab. Never really thought of that angle, but you are right on target. God Bless you!

    Bro. Jack, God bless you as well for providing this forum & mostly for your principled stand for the clear Gospel. May the Lord bless!

  7. Lynda and David,

    Both of you are on target.

    Not being a Baptist (Southern or any other kind), I was unfamiliar with this apostate movement. So now I see — and so many SBC folk have fallen for it.

    But, we know Who wins in the end.. ‘

    And lynda, you are right — grab as many as we can for an eternity in Heaven with the Lord.

    Maranatha!! Look up for our redemption draws nigh!


  8. I think it is interesting to say the least. We, in our Baptist days, would have called these personages ‘backslidden’ at a minimum. These people are not in any way focused on the Gospel or the Great Commission. They are focused instead on using God’s Name in vain as a political tool, and on the Great Power Grab as they gear up for the world domination of the anti-Christ. They are part of that anti-Christ spirit that is already at work in the world, and as the time of the end grows closer, we will see more and more clearly where the line has been drawn. Those who follow these and others like them (Hillary is like Jezebel reborn) will have no trouble bowing down before the image. That beast is coming with ‘two horns like a Lamb, but’ speaking ‘like a dragon.’ Rev. 13:11 Pray for our leadership, pray for our government, pray for the peace of Jerusalem; don’t give up, but don’t forget, either, that all these things WILL be, because our Lord has told us ahead of time. Be not afraid! Work while it is day, and grab as many for the kingdom as you can!


  9. Bro. Jack,

    This just makes me sick, for lack of a more descriptive term. Hard to believe that these 3 men, Carter, Gore & Clinton, can belong to the same denomination as a past great such as R.E. Neighbour. Anyway, thanks for commenting on this joke, & for your commitment to the pure Gospel of grace. God Bless you.