That’s Not Fair

That’s Not Fair

My good friend Dean Chollar, the blind evangelist, sent this short PodCast.

You should listen to the answers to Dean’s questions from a Muslim and a CHINO (Christian In Name Only).

Have you ever tried to share with someone your faith in Christ, and they respond, “Well, as long as your good works outweigh your bad works, everything will be fine.”? They have a world view and an understanding of God that trivializes His justice and holiness.

I shared the following short, 5-minute illustration with two individuals on a recent trip to Europe and was surprised by their answers — as I think you will be, too. It was interesting to see that both the Muslim and the Christian-in-name-only had the same worldview and understanding of God.

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3 responses to “That’s Not Fair

  1. Yardism-Too true, it is a me, me, me world and society! And too often the simple Truth is made complicated and hard.
    Jack-Please be praying for Avenging Apostate, there were a group of young men arrested in Dubai(?)for apostacy to mohammadism, and we are concerned that he may be one of them!
    Good morning, G*D bless and Maranatha!


  2. Yardism,

    Good observation..

    I fear this is typical of many who claim the name of Christ..

    And we need to pray for those who seem to understand, like the Muslim, that they would trust Christ as Savior.

    In Christ eternally,


  3. I found it interesting that the Muslim fellow who doesn’t know Christ (he obviously knows who He is, however misinformed) immediatly recognized the judge in the second scenario as Christ. While the other guy(I would be interested to know what religion he is a part of) was simply dumbfounded that such a judge could exist.

    It goes to show, like you say, the simplicity of the Gospel. If you present it in an easily understood way, the message gets through. What the hearer does with that message is still up to them. In this case, the Muslim decided to find a bible and investigate further. This is someone who probably wanted nothing to do with Christianity before he sat down on that plane.

    The other fellow, has probably (my assumption) been presented with such a cloudy, convoluted version of the Gospel, that he didn’t even recognize that he was hearing an illustration of the Gospel. “Where could you find such a judge”? Well sir, if you claim to be a Christian, that Judge is found within your own heart. How easy it should have been for him to see that. But he was probably trained (wrongly) in all the ways man has to participate in his own salvation. “Where are you going to find a judge like that”, how hard am I going to have search; to what ends must I toil; What is it going to cost ME. …me, me, me.

    It isn’t about me. It is ALL about Him.

    Thanks for posting that Jack. Very interesting indeed.