Pray For Ray – and Egypt

Forty three years ago this December, my dear friend, Dr. A. Ray Stanford made the Gospel so crystal clear and understandable to this former atheist that I accepted that Bible truth and made the decision to trust Jesus Christ as my personal Savior.

Today, Monday, 9/23/07, Ray is in the hospital in Florida, undergoing an operation that he prays will slow his progressing cancer. One kidney is shut down, the other is in bad shape, metastasis has invaded his clavicle and ribs.

In true “Ray” fashion, he is concerned that this “minor” setback may cancel or delay his trip to Egypt (UPDATE – My Error, Lord willing, Ray is scheduled to leave for Egypt, November 19th.) where he will assist in growing the Bible seminary there. He is expecting to teach over 100 Bible believing native pastors how to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ clearly and then encourage them to be Biblical soul winners in a land of treachery.

Ray is determined to go to Egypt. Pray for the Lord’s will for Ray in his mission for the Lord, the lost souls in Egypt and especially pray for his concerned family.

Oh, by the way, Ray is 90 years old!

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5 responses to “Pray For Ray – and Egypt

  1. Thanks Bro. David,

    He and the family appreciate it.

    In CHrist,


  2. Praying now, bro. Jack.

  3. And when he gets Home, I’ll bet there will be a huge celebration!

    And even there you aren’t retired, work won’t have a curse on it, so he will continue, and go from glory to glory! What a deal!

  4. Thanks TMW,

    Prayers appreciated — Ray will be a warrior for the Lord until his Savior calls him home.

    In Christ, Jack

  5. No retirement here! What an example!
    Most certainly will pray, and will put him on the prayer chain!
    Good morning, G*D bless and Maranatha!