Secure Forever! Must Read.

Secure ForeverYou may have noticed that I never sell anything on this blog. There are no “click” ads and no requests that you send a “tip” to ExPreacherMan.

However, you will also notice I have made one exception to this rule. I am still not selling, but recommending and introducing an excellent new book, Secure Forever! God’s Promise or Our Perseverance?, by Dr. Tom Cucuzza. In the 1970’s, Tom served our church as my Assistant Pastor and Youth Ranch Director.

This easy-to-read book is a must for everyone, especially those who have not yet trusted Christ as Savior, new believers, mature believers and theologians.

The most notable feature, which is missing from most “Christian” books, is an immediate and clear explanation of the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ — presented right away in the Introduction, rather than hidden somewhere within the text or at the end. Tom is “not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ” and he shows it clearly and concisely throughout the pages of this book. It is full of Bible verses, quotes, references and endnotes.

The real value of this book is Tom’s explanation, in simple language, how and why “religions” have distorted and perverted the clear meaning of God’s Word.

The very first paragraph of Chapter One illustrates how Tom understands and teaches the Bible:

One of the great characteristics of the Bible and the words of Jesus is the simplicity and yet the depth of the statements we find in Scripture. It is certainly one of the marks of inspiration. Jesus spoke in terms that children could grasp and yet theologians could never exhaust.

We have all heard the many uses and explanations of the word “faith.” Tom’s simple two sentence quote from the book clears the air on Biblical faith.

The Bible knows nothing of “intellectual faith”, “saving faith”, or “genuine faith”. It only knows of the faith every human is capable of exercising, a faith that brings salvation by the grace of God.

You will do well to get this book and read it along with your Bible. Check out his Bible references. You will find that Tom’s writings will enlighten you.

Tom, forgive me for not addressing you as Dr. Cucuzza. You are a friend whom I love and feel as close to as a son.

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  1. Oh bro. Jack! What a great quote from his book concerning Biblical faith! I appreciate it so much. It makes my heart “saing” as they say down here! Just as the Bible does not need to “prove” or “explain” that God created the earth, so it doesn’t need to explain what faith is! Even a kid knows! It takes us adults to cloud the picture! Thank you for telling us about Dr. Cucuzza’s book! I have listened to some of his sermons online, & have always been totally impressed. God Bless you my brother. I am thankful to be able to call you that!