Lost to Neglect — America and Our Faith

“The problem was those who believed it failed to teach it! And soon many who did not necessarily oppose it, just no longer held it.” IFCA Voice Magazine, September-October 2006

This quote made me think about our blessed America whch I love and my faith in Christ, in whom I trust for my eternity.

Our country began with The Constitution and Declaration of Independence. Most churches begin by capturing their fundamental beliefs within a doctrinal Statement of Faith based on the Holy Scripture. In each case principles are delineated and then affirmed by those involved in the group (our country, our church).

Our liberal education system has failed just as have many of our churches because, “The problem was those who believed it failed to teach it! And soon many who did not necessarily oppose it, just no longer held it.” This illustrates the rot caused by apathy and compromise. Education no longer teaches the principles of our Constitution. Our fundamental churches no longer teach the basic principles of Scripture.

Unless we reverse this trend in our wonderful country and in our fundamental churches; unless we begin to stand for what we believe, our Republic designed by the Fathers of our Constitution and our churches designed and ordered by the Lord in His Scriptures will “Circle the drain.”

Liberals rejoice because the bell tolls for the death of our Constitution and of our fundamental Biblical faith.

2 Tim. 313-14 “But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived. But continue thou in the things which thou hast learned and hast been assured of, knowing of whom thou hast learned them.” The KJV Bible

Our country and our faith — will the younger generation be Lost to Neglect???

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4 responses to “Lost to Neglect — America and Our Faith

  1. Free Grace Faith in America is virtually nonexistent..

  2. the merry widow

    ExP- Paul certainly had a way with words! My heart is grieved, it is broken over the “might have beens”, but that is not where I live! I try to infuse Truth into my 2 and any of their friends who hang out here. We must stand firmly on the Rock of our Salvation, we must proclaim Truth, we must Trust the only One Who can be trusted. We must study to show ourselves approved, we must not flag in our battle with the forces arrayed against us, we must put on the Full Armour of G*D, we must use HIS Strength, we must persevere as we approach the Great Day of the Lord! The Day is coming when we will receive the rewards we haven’t earned, when we worship in the Eternal Light of HIS Glory, when we dance for joy at our completed redemption(the slave, the land and the bride), when Death and Hades are defeated and Messiah’s Footprint is seen by all on the back of the Adversary’s neck! When we sing with the Morning Stars and drown them out! When we throw our crowns at HIS Feet, OH GLORIOUS DAY! With no night ever again! But for now, we have a battle to fight and a Lord to honor!
    Good morning, G*D bless and MARANATHA!


  3. Thanks TMW,

    You are right — and my thanks to you, I added a verse above which indicates the trickery that comes to those who watch not.

    In Christ,


  4. the merry widow

    It is a sad truth Bro. Jack, we have thrown away our heritages. The Republic and the Faith. But didn’t this get written down 2-3,000 yrs. ago? John certainly saw it on Patmos, Ezekial and the other prophets wrote it down from G*D’s Words to them. Jesus in Matt. certainly laid it out! Man’s attempts, no matter how well intentioned, cannot stand, they decay and rot! Only the Kingdom of the Messiah, ruled from Jerusalem will stand the test of time, even then Satan uses humans to try and screw up G*D’s Work! Praise the Lord we won’t live through the worst of it! We don’t deserve preservation, but we get it anyway, each day done, another day closer!
    G*D bless and Maranatha!