US Churches Anti-Israel

Liberal churches in the USA have always been far left.. but read this quote from the Jerusalem Post. Liberal Churches are anti-Israel to the core! This article was sent to me by “The Berean Call,” a Conservative Christian group. and was posted in their latest weekly newsletter.

The findings of a delegation of the World Council of Churches, upon returning from a visit to Beirut and Jerusalem is that “Israel’s assault on Lebanon was planned even before Hizbullah attacked and was aimed at driving a wedge between the different faiths that have been living in harmony in the country. We came back from Lebanon sharing the impression that this destruction was planned. And if the action by Hizbullah was the trigger, this was a planned operation all ready to go.” The World Council of Churches represents 348 Protestant, Orthodox, Anglican and other churches and works cooperatively with the Roman Catholic Church (“Jerusalem Post,” 8/17/06).

[Comment from The Berean Call: To the World Council of Churches, it very reasonably seems that they do not care that missiles have been indiscriminately fired into population centers in Israel for months (years) prior to the Israel incursion. No rational individual blames a dog who is constantly kicked for occasionally biting back. Having divorced themselves from biblical truth, the World Council of Churches have cultivated a selective blindness. Inevitably they divorce themselves from reality.]

Nuff said!

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  1. the merry widow

    Hi ExP! Long time no see, thought I’d drop in and see how y’all are doing. Miss seeing you on other threads, hope everything is going well for you!


  2. Thanks Tom,

    You are right with every word all the way through.. I have been too close to all the corruption and fighting it ever since I trusted Christ as my Savior at age 35 in 1964..

    We fight that corruption with the Truth of the Word of God, The saving Grace and Gospel of our Savior Jesus Christ.


  3. The WCC (and NCC) were just about Soviet front groups during the Cold War, and since its end have shifted from defending the communists to defending terrorists.

    Among the membership of the WCC are your big “mainstream” protestant denominations like the Episcopalians and Presbyterians (PCUSA). Their leftward tilt is well known by all, as is their falling membership.

    Believe it or not, the situation is even worse in parts of Europe, especially with the Anglican Church in the UK. They have been completely taken in by the anti-Israel propaganda coming out of the British Muslim community.

    On the other hand, American evangelicals are staunch supporters of Israel, as I’m sure you well know. As an ardent supporter of Israel, I am therefore a member of a local independant evangelical church. Every year our pastor takes a large group to Israel, and next year I’m determined to go.

    Anti-Semitism is the work of the devil. While not everyone who is opposed to various Israeli policies is anti-Semitic, all too many are.

    Nice post, ExP

  4. AntiFederalist,

    Thanks for commenting. Glad you dropped by and find these posts interesting.

    Drop by again. We look forward to your future comments.


  5. Thanks, David, AOW and TMW,
    Great observations!!
    Separate and be not unequally yoked with error!!
    Yes, TMW thanks for the tip. I saw the Pedestrian Infidel posting at,
    However some of their commenters may not believe in ETERNAL security!!
    Eternal is ETERNAL … period!

  6. the merry widow

    G*D never abrogated any of HIS promises to Israel, they are for the love HE bears for the Patriarchs! Unlike al’a’alah, HE knows all and NEVER NEEDS TO CHANGE! This is the Time of the Great Apostacy, and repudiating the Truth is a hallmark! i.e. “Did G*D REALLY say that?” I don’t usually watch or listen to John Hagee(or most TV pastors) but his latest book is very good, “Jerusalem Countdown” tells what happens to nations or people who “curse” Israel or divide the land! We are in for a world of hurt, folks!
    I stand with G*D, not man or Satan on this issue!
    Good morning, G*D bless and Maranatha!

    P.S. ExP- Did you see that Pedestrian Infidel published your letter and it’s answer? Good on them, that took courage, but G*D bless AA!

  7. Absolutely, AOW. Recently the Southern Baptist Convention way, way too late, but at least they finally did, cut ties with the ultra-ultra-liberal Baptist World Alliance. I wrote our state Baptist Newspaper (also liberal) & was jumped by a bunch of folk saying I was divisive, etc, etc. Unbelievable how folk can get attached to & blinded by these corrupt institutions. Thank you bro. Jack for another fine comment.

    BTW, I realize that Israel is yet unbelieving for the most part, but they have a bright future as Ro.9-11 teaches us! It’s wonderful to see any soul saved, but when it is a Jewish soul, what a joy! God Bless.

  8. A true believer should go the other way upon finding out that a particular church belongs to the World Council of Churches. I learned that decades ago.

    Good post, ExP!

  9. Yep David,

    An “open” Liberal mind is simply a reservoir into which garbage finds a home.. and is later vomited with a vengeance.

    Thanks for the comment.
    ExP (Jack)

  10. Sad but true. I am more & more seeing the reality that the unbelieving mind is simply incapable of holding truth. It is so “open” that all truth just slides out!