Lordship “Salvation” Icon Kirk Cameron, Promotes Calvin’s Geneva Bible and Teams Up With Liberty University.

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By Jack Weaver

If we thought things could not get any “weirder,” we see that Lordship “Salvationist” (LS) and teeny-bopper Idol, Kirk Cameron is:

  1. Promoting the sale of John Calvin’s terrible Geneva Bible on TV and news web site like World Net Daily.
  2. Convocation speaker and now teaming up with Jerry Falwell’s Liberty (“Christian”) University (LU) in starting a “Christian Film Production” course of study. But this should come as no surprise since LU’s Statement of Faith basically agrees with Cameron and reads: “We affirm that each person can be saved only through the work of Jesus Christ, through repentance of sin and by faith alone in Him as Savior. The believer is declared righteous, born again by the Holy Spirit, turned from sin, and assured of heaven.”
  3. Teaming with Calvinist LSer, John MacArthur on YouTube about their unbiblical idea of the way of Salvation. I’ll not provide the link — but they both agreed that total submission, heart, mind, soul and body to the Lordship of Christ “is the only way of salvation.” Total apostasy!!!
  4. Cameron has been a long-time friend and compatriot of apostate “evangelist” Ray Comfort. We have commented many times about the terrible doctrine of Comfort. Here is one comment by our friend Holly Garcia: Link:>> Comfort- 2013/07/23 at 6:11 pm If there was ever any doubt about Comfort and Cameron preaching an accursed message — this will dispel it. You may follow the link for further excellent comments from our readers.

Friends, we as Free Grace Believers, must remain constantly vigilant in the face of “sweet, charismatic double-talkers” who pervert the simplicity that is in Christ Jesus:

“But I fear, lest by any means, as the serpent beguiled Eve through his subtilty, so your minds should be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ.” 2 Corinthians 11:3

That time has come. We who know the Truth must preach the Word, in context, the Gospel of the Good news of the Death, Burial and Resurrection of our Savior (1 Corinthians 15:1-8) as His all sufficient provision for anyone’s salvation by Grace through Faith in Jesus Christ alone!!! (Ephesians 2:8-9) No more, no less!!

The TRUTH of Salvation

47 responses to “Lordship “Salvation” Icon Kirk Cameron, Promotes Calvin’s Geneva Bible and Teams Up With Liberty University.

  1. Phil, good point!

  2. John, so were the Billy Graham Crusades.

  3. Phil, I would imagine, given the cast of characters, that the film in question will be an ecumenical/dominionism cocktail.

  4. Kirk Cameron has a new movie coming out called, “Revive US.” It is one of these one or two day engagements in theaters the last week in Oct. And it has some of the usual suspects like Metaxes and Ben Carson in it. It is scheduled for only a two day engagement, fortunately. From the preview it sounds like one of these “fool proof ways” to revive America.
    They say God can even use bad preaching….but in Kirk’s case,,,well? I have a feeling the movie message will say,” you got to have works along with the cross to get to heaven.” That’s what I heard in a IFCA Bible church I gladly left in 2000 from some MacArthurite loadshippers, one of whom was a church elder.

  5. Lisa – Some just don’t know and are deceived and aren’t actively deceiving others. Yet some are friends and are teaching others falsehoods, it’s taken me years to obey the simple truths of Scriptures, and of course I miss the mark. But I could just not bring myself to ‘mark and avoid’ friends who were just deceived.

    But I made a distinction, not sure if it is correct. The ones that are there to hear and aren’t teaching/preaching another gospel I distinguish from those actively teaching it and standing against correction regarding it. They may disagree, but they are sticking around and listening.

    Kirk Cameron, I pray he is saved, but he is now deceived and also a deceiver, preaching an accursed turn from sin gospel, right along with Ray Comfort who even says stop sinning.

    So I take this as a mandate to each and every believer in Rom 16:17-18, we are to mark (name names) and avoid, for the safety of the body and for others who will come to believe. It’s hard if it’s friends, and the Lord I believe taught me a hard lesson on that one. I had one that would not hear, was not at all teachable, who would just cut and paste every verse on repent to prove repent = repent from sin. When I said that John didn’t contain the word repent, yet was written so that people would know that He was the Christ, the Son of God and that in believing, they would have life in His name — that didn’t even make her think. When I spent hours and hours on patiently showing her the meaning of repent, (told her God repented also), and yet, she still wouldn’t hear. She kept posting pretty little Bible verses and pictures and gained more followers after herself including almost 350 of names from my friends with. How did I know these were people she just had interacted with? Because some didn’t interact on FB almost ever, others were just family members, some were friends of my parents, one was a man who I thought was a father of a childhood friend (turned out not to be – not even a believer and not active on FB), yet there he was on her friend’s list suddenly. And so I figured out it wasn’t just accidental meetings but a real gleaning of my list. And I was to blame for allowing her to stay around all this time, teaching you could lose your salvation, posting quotes and teachings from Calvinist men, preterists, and others, and defending them if you should let her know the error. I feel for her, pray for her, and yet I blocked her from my list (after telling her why — she teaches actively a false gospel). It was hard, hurt my heart, she was someone I loved. But I love the Lord and His truth more, so I’m trying to do what I should in each instance so that someone else isn’t misled because of my lack of acting when I should.

  6. Lisa/John, from the conversations I’ve had recently I’ve come to undertand that not many Christians have been taught that it’s possible for Christians to “fall away” or live a “carnal” lifestyle.

    They simply don’t believe that Christians can “practice sin” or walk away from believing in Christ and yet maintain salvation.

    It’s simply not taught in whatever churches they’ve been part of. I find this really disturbing.

    On the other hand, the Christians I know of who now embrace Lordship teaching… once would have believed that Christians can fall away (due to their church denom.) but I suspect many would now have migrated to the position that “they were probably never saved to begin with”.

    I was one of the above.

    I was taught that believers could fall away and yet still be saved, which I believed. But when I started reading J Mac the Grace Killer, I became a Pharisee and decided that all naughty Christians were false converts.

    So many Kirk Cameron is deceived. Maybe he’s a wolf…. only God knows.

  7. Lisa, I don’t think that those who preach the false doctrine of Lordship salvation are necessarily unsaved. They may be using the confusing language they have always heard. Additionally, we know that it is possible for believers to fall from grace.

    But, it is hard to trust in Christ and something else at the same time. Satan has a bullseye on the gospel for a reason. Jesus isn’t just necessary for salvation. He’s enough.

    Keeping the gospel clear is paramount.

    Romans 1:16: For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek.

    You might like the comment linked below, that discusses gently teaching those in error:


  8. I am in agreement with you on all points but one. I don’t believe those that preach the false doctrine of Lordship salvation are necessarily apostate. Many are misguided because of what they have been taught but they have still believed in Jesus as their savoir. Our doctrine does not have to be perfect for us to be saved. We need to keep putting the glorious gospel of grace in every way we can and pray for these misguided brethren to get full revelation that we are no longer under the law. God bless you.

  9. Phil, unfortunately, I am circumspect regarding anything going under the “brand” of Christianity. The overwhelming majority is tainted with works of some type – either front door or back door.

    Our mission at ExPreacherman is to proclaim the gospel, and to fight the pervasive LS/Calvinism masquerading as biblical Christianity.

  10. Kirt Cameron and Ray Comfort were on a morning show (can’t remember its name) on the JUICE network ( I think it’s one of the TBN stations). They were sitting on the front bumper of a Fire truck in a fire station. I think this show was aimed at teens and young adults to catch fire to get believers to get out and spread the gospel of salvation before the fires of hell consume the non believers. Although they talked about Christ’s death and resurrection to save us, I have a feeling there is a plus something else with these two. And it didn’t take long for Kirt to mention “repent” in coming to a saving faith–and I think he means more than just a change from unbelief to belief in Christ.

    There wasn’t much other choice: Benny Hinn, Marilyn Hickey and daughter, and of course Joyce Meyers, with the 700 Club coming up next. And this is supposed to represent evangelical Christianity? (LOL) Needless to say, I am thankful for ExPreacher man and all other true grace ministries.

  11. I have heard this theory – That a Roman Catholic Jesuit priest….

    my thoughts – if a Roman Catholic came up with it, the Roman Catholic church would be teaching it, which they do not. Especially since the new pope is a Jesuit.

  12. Interesting you should bring up that movie….

    Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron have teamed up with:

    Joe Schimmel (repent from sins + lose your salvation Arminian)
    Jacob Prasch (Messianic, part Pentecostal, admittedly Wesleyan Arminian, repent from sin, lose your salvation gospel, along with some Hebrew Roots teachings of the necessity of midrash to understand the “deeper things of Scripture).
    Joel Richardson, author on endtimes, mixed up with end times ‘teachings’.

    So their point is there is ‘not a single verse that clearly teaches the pre-tribulation theory’.

    They offered 10,000 if they could state just one verse or passage that states that Jesus will rapture the people before the tribulation begins. I’m good with Rev 3:10 and Rev 4:1 even. What do the people here think about Isaiah 26:19-21?

    They they go on to this ‘theory’ that ‘cult leaders’ like Darby, came up with. That a Roman Catholic Jesuit priest, and a defrocked Pentecostal charismatic, along with C.I. Scofield, and Tim LaHaye ‘propagated’ this theory.

    Kirk Cameron since hearing “Schimmel’ (whom he likened to Elijah and John the Baptist) now identifies himself as Post Tribulationalist now.

    They end their promo (which you have to go buy their video of course) with the Mass deception that church will undergo. They say ‘you’ll have to get our your Bible’ (as if you haven’t) and forget to tell you, that ‘you’ll have to get out your wallet’…..

  13. Phil, you said: After that show, the Gathers were on singing “what can wash away my sins? NOTHING but the blood of Jesus.”…..I guess Kirk and the LS bunch believe works are also needed to help make the person acceptable to God.

    My comment: I heard a young man playing this song on a street corner in my city a few years ago. His partner was handing out LS “gospel” tracts. It’s kind of like Billy Graham with “Just as I am.”

  14. Jack, and John, it’s sad that many churches and denominations have to mix faith plus something else, repenting of sins and good works to be saved. I thought LaHaye and Jenkins believed in grace/ faith only. Maybe I was wrong.

    I was watching some of this Left Behind series they did in 2005 with Lew Gossett and of course Kirk. It didn’t take long to hear the “R” word used in their plan of salvation. After that show, the Gathers were on singing “what can wash away my sins? NOTHING but the blood of Jesus.”…..I guess Kirk and the LS bunch believe works are also needed to help make the person acceptable to God. I sometimes ask a faith plus works believer just how many good works do you need to work you way to heaven? Usually they will either dodge the question, or say they just keep loving and depending on God, or they accuse me of “easy believism.”
    I only have one plea: Christ took my sins to the cross and imputed his perfect righteousness to me. (2 Cor 5:21). Not my works, but only Christ’s on my behalf can reconcile me and give me eternal life.

  15. Phil R

    Interesting analysis of the LB movie. I recall reading the original Tim LaHaye/Jenkins Left Behind book when it was first published many years ago (20 plus years) — and we thought it was pretty accurate, even though, admittedly, my discernment at that time was not honed as well as today.

    We bought others in the series, specific books in the series maybe the next two volumes, Tribulation Force and Nicolae.

    We were greatly disappointed because they began to insert “repent of sins” to be saved. I did not recall that false phrase in the original.

    We wondered at the time what could possibly have changed their message between books. Thinking back it seems obvious that in order to get general “church” approval they had to mix in works with their “salvation” message.


    In Jesus Christ eternally, Jack

  16. Phil, thanks for the movie review. We can pray that the topic might open doors for us to discuss Christ with some people. We will be competing with lots of purveyors of false gospels (like Kirk Cameron) who will be telling non-believers to hurry up and believe a false gospel before it’s too late.

  17. I mentioned the new “Left Behind” movie with Nicolas Cage. I went to see it today,,,Although the acting was better that the first one, I am sorry to say it is a dissapointment and is far from following the book. At least the first movie did pretty much follow the LB book. This new movie spend nearly all the time and right to the end being mostly about a near air crash,( an over used plot.) There is really only a vague message of what has really happened and why. There is no message that Christ has come for those who have trusted in him for salvation, no one refers to proofs from the Bible like John 14, and 1 Thess. 4, At the end of the movie they only show a quote from Mark which I am not sure even refers to the rapture.
    The La Haye/Jenkins book Left Behind, which I have read twice, they not only say it’s the rapture but give the reasons why they were taken to Heaven in detail. And the book and original movie don’t spend the whole time trying to get a crippled plane landed. The plane lands no more that half or two thirds of the way through the original movie and book.
    I don’t know about Cage, but i think the people who made this new movie seem to be clueless about what it means to be a saved born again Christian and the blessed sure future that awaits the believer.
    Personally, I’ll take the original “Left Behind” movie even though it’s a bit campy and has the false gospel believing Kirk Cameron in it. At least it has some message of salvation in it even though they give it though a TD Jakes recording.
    The theater had a fair number of people in it and I noticed an air of dissapointment Iike they couldn’t wait to leave.

    I don’t recommend this new movie: it just more politically correct Hollywood like the recent Noah movie.

  18. Phil R

    Thanks for the latest update on Kirk Cameron.

    One of the problems with him being so widely accepted as a “theologian” is that he was/is a “teeny bopper” movie idol.. and as such now falsely claims the mantle of Biblical authority.

    Just as mega-church rock star Joel O’Steen is now advertising on TV (probably 100 times a day) that you can pay $5.99 a month to listen to his lies on private subscription Radio — and even call in for personal counseling.

    The enemy, Satan, is still alive and well, never ceasing his subtle subversion.

    Ephesians 6:11-13
    “Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.
    [12] For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.
    [13] Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.”

    Pray that we will all STAND for the Truth of God’s Grace, regardless.

    In Jesus Christ eternally, Jack

  19. I flip to TBN every once in a while to see who is on. And low and behold there’s Kirk Cameron with some guest mentioning John MacArthur and his legalistic buddy RC Sproll. I think the guest had a Geneva Bible with him. Back in the ’90 I began attending this IFCA Bible church. One of the first things I noticed was one of the Bible study teachers using a Geneva Bible. It wasn’t long before i started hearing praise for John MacArthur and his books. I knew next to nothing about Johnny Mac and his teachings at the time, but if i did more about him I would have made a run for the parking lot and never returned. Fortunately I left that church when I saw how LS legalism was infecting this church more and more.
    Hopefully Kirk Cameron will get some “growing pains” and see the light of God’s free unconditional grace.
    A new “Left Behind” movie is starting in theaters tomorrow and I and the wife are going. It stars Nicolas Cage and good news! Kirk Cameron is NOT in it trying to work his way to Heaven. This version of it should be much better and than the first cheezy, campy one that came out a decade or so ago.
    Kirk also had a couple of other guests on TBN and they were explaining the LS plan of salvation of needing to repent and turn from your sins and turn your life over to Christ….and on and on, to make themselves righteous. I think they said something about faith in Christ in there somewhere.

  20. There is also some history on the word repentance passed from Tyndale to Geneva via the Latin words penance and penitent. This is from memory, not researched recently, but Geneva’s claim to fame is that they supposedly went to the original Greek and Hebrew, vs. re-translating a translation, but not apparently with several words/thoughts that had come by ‘fixing’ the Roman Catholic concepts of certain things like repent being made as a word where they had placed penitent or penitence/penance. Not sure if that helps at all, but knowing the leanings of the Geneva along with a man like Calvin’s notes being in there, I knew I wanted no part of it.

  21. Holly,

    Excellent points — accurately researched. Thanks.

    In Jesus Christ eternally, Jack

  22. Aaron,

    Kirk Cameron, Calvinist Lordship “salvationist,” false teacher and self proclaimed “evangelist” advertises the Geneva Bible on TV and web sites. Knowing his bent for false Calvinist doctrine, the Geneva could be nothing else but Calvinist. 20% Calvinist would do lots of damage.

    And for the other off-brands, many are full of false doctrines.. so if someone is on the brink of “believing in Christ” from the Geneva, it would be important to know; are they trusting in their “election” or their “predestination” or their “perseverance” to be saved? Or do they rightly understand that true salvation is not in any way by works but is solely by Grace through our Faith in Jesus Christ alone as Savior. To stretch a point, one could pick out a few verses in the Catholic Bible that could lead someone to Christ — but why take a chance with any other version than the proven KJV.

    In Jesus Christ eternally,m Jack

  23. The Geneva Bible could better be called Calvin’s Bible. Not just because Calvin and Beza basically ruled Geneva, but because it was made there, think 150 copies initially.

    It was the first to use numbering and had cross notes, and commentary from all the reformed people, along with tons of Calvin’s notes in the margins. A lot of the study notes were by the major reformation leaders, and people like John Bunyan used it. It was mostly taken from the English of the Great Bible, but they did do the translation they say from the Greek.

    I think they’d have to recognize the bent of the scholars who undertook all the study notes and commentary, and for me, I will stay away from reformed influence in a Bible translation.

  24. Aaron, welcome and thanks for your comment.

    I am not familiar with the Geneva Bible. I will say that the fact that someone dies for something does not, in and of itself, make that something true. For example, there are lots of terrorists that die for false religions.

    That said, I am not familiar with the Geneva Bible, so I offer no critique of it. I am familiar with significant errors in the NIV and some other translations. I would welcome you to read the article by Tom Cucuzza called “Why I Use the King James Version”:


  25. Geneva Bible is 80% if not more the same as the King James Bible. Almost word for word because the King James pretty much copied the Geneva. No one should diss a Bible translation that people died, burned and hung and put in prison for. Every translation after the Geneva I have never read or heard of anyone being burned alive or killed or put in prison for making their newer and i want to make money translation. It could be the Geneva, KJV, NIV, ESV and the multitude of other translations, they all are very close and people have been led to Christ through each translation. That is the goal. A translation that doesnt speak to you might very well speak to someone else and save them from a life without Christ. Someone could be very close to accepting Christ through the Geneva Bible and then read your comments and give up thinking it is all false. Don’t be a stumbling block to others.

  26. John, that last statement of faith that you just posted, should be on Bruce’s list regarding things you don’t say regarding the gospel…There is just so many things below, I started to bold and italicize, but it made my head swim.
    What if we weren’t genuine?
    How much sin?
    What if you didn’t turn from ALL of it?
    What if you held on to one or didn’t realize yet it was sin?
    Faith is accepting Jesus? What does that mean?
    What if we didn’t commit totally?
    The ENTIRE personality? What if I was holding back? What does that mean?
    Lord and Savior, you mean the Bible’s definition or MacArthur?

    YOU SHARED: “Repentance is a genuine turning from sin toward God. Faith is the acceptance of Jesus Christ and commitment of the entire personality to Him as Lord and Saviour.”

    I shake my head in awe, not one word about BELIEVE ON HIM….and you shall be saved…

  27. Jack, I don’t know much about the elder Falwell. But, according to the Thomas Road Baptist Church website, they do have a “Spurgeon” building. It was dedicated around 1965. Also, the church is affiliated with the Southern Baptist Conservatives of Virginia, which adheres to all of the Lordship “salvation” tenets of the “Baptist Faith and Message”, including the following:

    “Repentance is a genuine turning from sin toward God. Faith is the acceptance of Jesus Christ and commitment of the entire personality to Him as Lord and Saviour.”

  28. Sam – it’s getting lean out there, those who are willing to teach the Word, to rightly divide it. Praying we all use wisdom to test the spirits, to prove all things, to hold fast to that which is good, to search the Scriptures to see if those things (that are being said) are so, to be in the strong meat of His Word so we can have our senses exercised to discern between good and evil.

  29. What Jack said about Dr. Tom Cucuzza–and you can stream the audio as well. You don’t have to rely on your radio to hear his sermons. The archives go back pretty far.

  30. Sam,

    Thanks for dropping in.. You are welcome here.

    We are not familiar with many good current Radio preachers. There are a lot of bad/unclear ones.

    Our good friend, Dr. Tom Cucuzza is on the air on some stations in the Minnesota area and also you may listen at any time to his sermons from his church web site over the Internet. Great Grace preaching.

    Home Page:

    Radio Programs and sermons:

    Here is his Gospel Video:

    Come back, visit and comment again.

    In Jesus Christ eternally, Jack

  31. I would be interested as I would like to see if you if you have any listed that are on the radio in my neck of the woods.Anyway I really appreciate what I learn from you guys the way it is.

  32. Holly,

    Thanks — Take your time, it is an idea of a work in progress. 😎

    Not sure there is a lot of interest for such a project. There is a need, though.

    In Jesus Christ eternally, Jack

  33. Jack, in the meantime, I’ll try to get organized 🙂

  34. Bruce, Holly, Abe, FryingPan9 and everyone else.

    Thanks for the comments and ideas.

    By using names and/or organizations with quotes we would need links (for our legal records in reserve at least, even if we do or don’t post the link).

    It could be alphabetized and ready with “hover quotes”. I like FryingPan’s name Wiki-Heresy as a header page. Not sure if “Wiki” is a copyright, though. Also we may have too many of those header pages to manage right now. I think Bruce and I can work it out.

    Bruce, please send the Calvinist link to me privately for ideas.

    Holly, Good idea, let’s talk. Maybe this should be with private email rather than long rabbit trail discussion here on this post.. Sorry about that, mea culpa. Will follow up personally in the future.

    Thanks for your comments and ideas.

    In Jesus Christ eternally, Jack

  35. Darn Abe! I meant to preface that all with purpose-drivel social gospel 🙂

  36. Hi FryingPan9,

    An interesting idea about the “data base.” I thought that I had already discovered such a site online. It correctly exposes dozens of false teachers who claim to promote a form of “Christianity.” Chan, MacArthur and Spurgeon are samples of names which were on the list. Sadly, as I dug into the site’s founders’ materials and statements of belief, I discovered them to be Calvinists to the core. So I won’t give the link. Too bad.

  37. Rick Warren has pretty much become an ecumenical barometer, for lack of a better way of putting it, as in, you can almost measure the level of one’s compromise by the closeness of their association with him.

  38. “I believe all these people, emergent purpose driven social gospel, kingdom now, mystical and contemplative, legalistic law keepers, Calvinist, reformed, Lordship, Catholic, even Muslim will have no trouble eventually joining hands together as long as it’s toward the greater good and they think they are doing God’s work”

    Yes, all those people already do many works together, one such person that unites all those people together to work together, is Rick Warren.

  39. Abe, I read your comment after I posted to Fryingpan, but you also added a couple I neglected to mention, catholic and ecumenical… so true… I believe all these people, emergent purpose driven social gospel, kingdom now, mystical and contemplative, legalistic law keepers, Calvinist, reformed, Lordship, Catholic, even Muslim will have no trouble eventually joining hands together as long as it’s toward the greater good and they think they are doing God’s work…

  40. Jack, we’ll talk…. been compiling lists and quotes, not terribly organized, but lots of names, don’t think you could have enough space to cover all the false teachers out there. Big names… I am found it’s easier with the catch phrases, or key words or buzz words to spot a phony. Some of them are so good, they do subtle additions to the gospel by a simple “and” in relationship to believing, saying something like, “salvation comes by faith alone AND repenting from sin”. Then they will quote a verse like, “repent or likewise perish”, or “commanding all men everywhere to repent”. They have subtly added the “and” and also “from sin”.

    This has been done so long, it’s hard for people to distinguish…

  41. FryingPan, I agree with you…
    WND is a terrible dominionist and sensationalist style “news” site, that panders to supposedly conservative readers. Yes they feature Rives, and Mark Biltz, Michael Rood, Rico Cortes (Sabbath keepers-HRM) and even Jim Staley who is blown about by all sorts of winds of doctrines, he doesn’t really know what he believes exactly as far as I can determine, but an awful lot of religious rules, and reading things into Scripture that were never there. Almost a SDA/HRM blend with a touch of replacement theology thrown in while oddly law keeping. 🙂

    In the same manner of the church at Galatia, these Hebrew Roots teachers/lawkeepers sneak in privily to spy out other’s liberty on this supposed news site who willingly give them a platform. They are there to try to bring people back under bondage, or keep people from hearing the true gospel message.

    Those people at World Net Daily are not straightforward about the truth of the gospel if they ever knew it. If Kirk Cameron or Ray Comfort had any biblical discernment, they would not associate with them, but it seems they are birds of the same feather.

    This same site World Net Daily promotes false prophets like “Rabbi” Jonathan Cahn. On odd mixture of supposed Messianic rabbi/pastor, who uses the mystical writings of the Zohar in his teachings in ‘church’. The Zohar is the base for the occult writings of the Kabbalah (Cabala, Kabbala). A form of seeing the future through taking apart every shred of Scripture (theosophy I belileve) and seeing something that others do not in His Word. It’s the fables we were warned of.

    This Jewish ‘rabbi’ is sort of a reverse-engineered Replacement theologian as well, using a prophecy spoken to Israel and likening it to America as well, and Jewish covenants, he compares to America and Abraham I believe to George Washington, in so-called “fictional prophecy” that his book promotion says is real.

    You can’t make this stuff up…they are hiding in plain sight and their followers don’t seem to notice the emperors have no clothes. Kirk Cameron’s counterpart (Cameron) doesn’t seem to mind being on Female Pastor, word-of-faith, prosperity teacher, Joyce Meyer’s television show.

    If he truly believes, then in light of 2 John 1:7-11 he still doesn’t mind packaging his book as a special deal with Joyce Meyer and the supposed healer Reinhard Bonnke, a three pack of their “teachings”.

    People who love the light, would never purposely keep company with professing believers who teach a false, dark, Satanic gospel that does not save.

    Associations do matter. We realize we don’t come out from the world, but we do judge the teachings and doctrine of men who profess Christ, knowing that taking heed to doctrine will save both us and the hearers.

  42. FryingPan,

    I will try to figure a way to make a running database of suspects or organizations with updates going to all ExP subscribers.. We will need names and a short damaging quote (and a valid link which we may or may not use for obvious reasons) Each one will be readable by hovering the cursor over the name as I have finally figured out how to do with scripture in the latest article above. Updated as we receive the info and as I find energy and time.

    Bruce, John and I will need cooperation from as many as of our Grace friends as possible — names, links and quotes, used at our discretion. Other ideas will be considered. Best sent to Bruce, John or to me personally if you have the email address.


    In Jesus Christ eternally, Jack

  43. Wow, Jack. Your last comment is so timely. I was JUST thinking earlier this weekend how helpful it would be to have a “data base” type website for Free Gracers like us to document this stuff.

    Unfortunately this is not me volunteering to do it as I can barely put a blog together let alone something as helpful as “Wikiheresy” or whatever it should be called. But I’d be more than willing to offer some suggestions is someone more capable offered up some practical ideas as to what’s “doable” or whatever.

  44. FryingPan and Abe,

    Thanks — Great comments from both of you.

    A couple of years ago I watched Cameron and Comfort do a tag-team match in street corner witnessing. They really “got ’em lost” but sent them straight to hell by telling them that they must “repent of your sins – turn from your sins” to be saved.

    But that matches up with Liberty’s statement of faith as of now. However, I don’t recall the original Jerry Falwell, Sr ever preach a turn from sin message. Maybe Jr. changed the SoF. However, Falwell’s was mostly political anyway (Moral Majority social “gospel”) — and that was WAY back when I was involved in things political also.

    And WND is a sneaky message.. very ecumenical and, I suspect, there is a not-so-subtle profit angle there. Nothing wrong with profit — but to mix in ecumenical “religious” stuff with it is shameful.

    But there are so many apostate teachers around — we should make and keep a compiled list of each with quotes from them.

    In Jesus Christ eternally, Jack

  45. I’m glad that fryingpan brought up the WND thing, I forgot about that, forgive me for the second post, but WND is about as ecumenical as they come, when it comes to support of catholic, protestant, and dominionist authors/viewpoints. Not surprising to find Cameron/Comfort/etc. on there.

  46. Kirk Cameron also has yet another new movie coming out soon, which will put even more people into interest of what he and these others have to say.

    The “Geneva Bible” is so very slanted toward calvinism, especially because of the notes that you can’t get the book without.

    And Ray Comfort. These guys would have declared most of the first church as unsaved, due to their extreme views and false gospel.

  47. Thanks for the warning, as some say, Jack. I’m not the least bit surprised that Mr. Cameron is using World Net Daily to promote the Geneva bible. WND has offered a video platform for Ray Comfort and Richard Rives for years now. I wish more folks would investigate the latter. He seems really big on pushing that keeping the Sabbath is required for salvation. I say “seems” because 1) I don’t want to watch him long enough to figure it out and 2) Well, I guess I don’t need a second reason now that I think of it 😉

    I’ve had some suspicions about Liberty U as well and this only confirms them.