Pure, Simple Grace Gospel Illustrated!!

Dr. Tom Cucuzza

The simple, clear Gospel of God’s Grace — The Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Tom’s Church: http://www.northlandchurch.com/

You will never hear/see it any clearer.

16 responses to “Pure, Simple Grace Gospel Illustrated!!

  1. I just shared it on my Facebook wall. If I can share it ANYONE can. I’m not exactly the most open person when it comes to social networking . . . But some things are too good to keep to oneself and the simplicity that is in Christ needs to be proclaimed! (Plus I’ll see if there are any folks I’ll maybe have to unfriend or at least have “words” with. Oh boo hoo hoo . . . )

  2. Jerald McGowin

    Very good illustration

  3. Denise, Welcome back!!

    We appreciate you and your understanding and love of God’s free Grace salvation.

    We who believe that are in the minority but we continue to earnestly contend for the Faith once delivered to the saints (believers). Jude 1:3

    In Jesus Christ eternally, Jack

  4. This makes my heart warm just watching. Praise the Lord for making Salvation so simple. Living in a country where we are taught nothing is free, it is truly a struggle to understand how free God’s grace is to me and all who choose to believe! It pains me how difficult we make it to come to Christ. I often find myself slipping back into self focus, and not focusing on Christ’s completed work on the cross! Love this website and it has been such a blessing to me!

  5. Thanks Tom for this video. I have already posted it on my facebook page. I especially like the idea you bring out about believing on His name. He is God who is your Savior and we are saved the moment we trust in him. Praise God.

    This is a sharp contrast to those who add in turning from sins, acts of faith (public confessions etc), commitments to discipleship, and deep sorrowful pleading for God to save. The fact is that we are saved through faith. I can go to bed tonight knowing 100% that Christ is my Savior because I trust Him to save me. That will never change no matter what man says to me because God has said and I trust Him completely.

  6. Thanks Tom,

    Yes you are right. I use the gesture every time I get a chance and we both used it when we were together at Palmetto Bible Church. And I know you will use it just as clearly at my memorial service when the Lord calls me home. 😎

    Speaking of Harry Ironside, The night my dear wife Fern went home to her Savior, my kids sent a minister to be with me at the hospital until they could get there. Though I was in shock, I witnessed to him anyway. I was sharing the Gospel “hand gesture” with him and he interrupted me and finished it off himself, explaining that Ironside was the “originator” of the illustration. I don’t remember much more of the conversation but I am not sure of his assertion.. however what I do remember was interesting.

    And Kenneth G, Dr. Hank Lindstrom, just like Tom and I, was also a graduate of Florida Bible College and learned the illustration there. Also Hank was a dear personal friend who invited me to speak at their Graduation/Commencement services at his Tampa Bay Bible College where I presented the Gospel using the “hand gesture” to graduates, students and parents — MANY moons ago. Hank is right now enjoying the glory of Heaven and the presence of his Savior Jesus.

    The message is the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the illustration is an one of the best ways to present it.

    Thanks again Tom, I pray the video will go viral on the Internet with the help of our dear friends here at ExP.

    In Jesus Christ eternally, Jack

  7. Dear Friends,

    Thanks for all the kind comments. We thank the Lord Jesus Christ for His wonderful plan of salvation that provides for us the “good news” to share with the world. To God be the glory!

    This illustration captures peoples’ attention to where they will listen to the gospel. The man who led me to Christ, Dr. A. Ray Stanford, the same one who led Jack to Christ, used this illustration every time he spoke. Jack also uses it. I have seen it in print also in Harry Ironside’s commentary on 1 Corinthians 15.

    May the Lord bless all who are sharing the gospel of grace with our lost and dying world.

    Tom Cucuzza

  8. Expected Imminently

    Thank you Tom; sin is dealt with in one fell swoop. Sin is no longer the issue since Jesus paid the price pronto! ALL sin is bought and paid for so stop looking for it in the dead old man. Praise The Lord !


  9. Matt for Grace and Truth

    You’ve got to “hand” it to Tom!

    That is a great grace based Bible message. Pass it on!

  10. Kenneth Groenewald

    What? There was no mention of counting the cost? Enduring to the end? Prove your salvation? Living a life of obedience and commitment? I’m so glad for those who stand for the truth oh the Gospel. Very simmilar to Dr Hank Lindstrom. The only Gospel that saves. Anything different is “another” Gospel, a Gospel that is perverted. There are two things that we do not mess with or change. 1. His word and 2. His Gospel.


  11. Iaagrace,

    Well said and true..

    We think Tom is a keeper, specifically A Keeper and Proclaimer of the Good News of Salvation By God’s Grace alone through Faith alone in Christ alone.

    In Jesus Christ eternally, Jack

  12. I know our eyes should always be on Christ and not men. However, when a man chooses to use his gift to the glory of Christ and share the best news in the world clearly, and does not give in to fad theology…in my opinion, he should be supported and encouraged.

    Once again, Dr. C nails it…beautiful!
    Dr Cucuzza is fine expositor and we need more pastors and bible teachers like him. Bible teachers like myself and younger pastors need to look to guys like Dr Cucuzza and Dr. James Scudder as mentors, not MacArthur and Piper! What the world needs now is…men choosing to abide in Christ who speak the truth (The Gospel Of Grace) in love and clarity!

    What is the obsession with younger pastors and bible teachers with the Calvinists? It can’t be the beards! Although it must be duly noted that alot of Calvinists (the Restless and Reformed crowd) do seem to wear beards!
    Not go-tees….BEARDS! Sort of Grizzly Adams meets the Amish!
    What gives?
    Reformed Theology is just inside out Catholicism! There is no assurance of salvation and the look is always inward and not on Christ!

  13. What? No pounding the podium? No spit flying from the mouth? No literal finger-pointing how vile a sinner I am? Shouldn’t I be peeled off the floor about now for fear that I unless I repent of my sins to be saved, I remain a sinner in the hands of an angry god?

    Such a contrast to the bulk of mixed messages out there which speak of God’s amazing grace then smoothly insert such phrases as “repent of your sins”, “turn from your sins”, “heart-repentance”, “cry out in godly sorrow”, etc, etc.

    I especially appreciated how you addressed eternal security from the very beginning. Because we are sealed by his Holy Spirit, He is also our Enabler to live the Christian life. Anything else is a misleading, false “gospel” of self-righteous works.

    “And the very God of peace sanctify you wholly; and I pray God your whole spirit and soul and body be preserved blameless unto the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.
    “Faithful is he that calleth you, who also will do it.” 1Thessalonians 5:23,24

  14. Andy,

    Great idea… it would be wonderful if every Bible believer with a FaceBook account would do the same. What a great way to do the Christ’s Great Commission!

    In Jesus Christ eternally, Jack

  15. Thank you so much for this wonderful video. I am sharing this on my Facebook profile immediately!!!

  16. Thanks Tom!

    This was a terrific presentation of the gospel—plain, straightforward, and thoroughly biblical. The Gospel message of the Bible is clear and simple. Yet, so many voices in Christendom want to complicate and muddy up the gospel, making it oh so difficult to come to Christ simply by grace through faith.

    Thanks for standing strongly for the grace of Christ Jesus!