Unashamed of Grace

Here is a brilliant, intellectually honest Blog for you. I have added it to my Blog Roll.

Antonio da Rosa regularly exposes the lie of Calvinism and the wonders of God’s Grace in His FREE salvation.

For some of us who have been and are exposed to the incessant lie of Calvinism , Antonio’s Blog is a breath of clean, fresh air.

Visit and enjoy: Unashamed of Grace

I would also like to recommend a post on our personal Web Site.

It is a letter written to a friend, George Orick, who was a fellow victim of cancer.  George was a brilliant, retired professional writer who for many years was an assistant to and writer for Peter Jennings, talking head on ABC TV.

George was not a believer in Jesus Christ. He wrote to me asking about faith and prayer. I answered him with a long letter detailing my journey from being raised a Calvinist, to an atheist and finally to a believer in Jesus Christ — by His Grace.

Drop by and enjoy.


5 responses to “Unashamed of Grace

  1. Rose,

    Thanks for dropping by.. Come and browse anytime.

    I subscribe to and scan your group-blog posts every time a new one comes up on my Bloglines feed.

    I appreciate the ardent and level-headed anti-Calvinism on Unashamed of Grace but I have ceased “arguing” TULIP because I am about Calvin-ed out. They are so blind. I have reasoned with them for many years…

    I was raised Calvinist and became atheist and finally trusted Christ as my Savior at age 35, 42 years ago…

    I like your personal blog also and will subscribe to it.

    In Christ eternally by God’s Grace and my choice,


  2. Hey, thanks for the link to our group blog. I just found it. Your blog looks so interesting!

  3. Good post! I’ve enjoyed reading the link.

  4. Thanks David,

    There are so few sites that are willing to preach God’s Free Grace WITHOUT Calvinism or reformed theology.

    Antonio’s is a great site…

    In Christ eternally, ExP(Jack)

  5. Oh yes bro. Jack! That is a great site. The older I get, & I am sure getting old in a hurry, the more I am thankful for grace!! I see my sinfulness more & more & it is just then that I need His grace more & more! Perfect Savior that He is, He provides it!! Thanks & God Bless!