Love Lithuanian Style

By johninnc

For anyone who is not yet alarmed by what is going on in the name of COVID safety, I thought a sarcastic title, along with a montage of what is going on in a country that is a current leader in the effort to subjugate its population under medical tyranny might look. The montage includes statements from prominent figures in government and media.

This is a depiction of life with the COVID passport. There are reportedly NO illustrations of life without the COVID passport. The implications are chilling.

In this illustration, compliant Lithuanians show their passes to access commercial life. The system eerily resembles the electronic wristband-enabled entry and Fastpass system that has been in use at Walt Disney World for the past several years.

Here, a woman’s phone is electronically scanned.

This sentiment sounds familiar. Dr. Francis Collins referred to a similar measure by US president Joe Biden as a “much more muscular requirement,” which he hopes will make a “big difference” in getting more people vaccinated in the US.

This sentiment, while evil, is at least honest, and is not wrapped up in the “love thy neighbor” shroud of the religious enablers of mounting tyranny in the US.

Here is another loving sentiment (sarcasm alert), this time not wishing the unvaccinated dead, just blaming them for something they didn’t do (anyone, vaccinated or not, can spread COVID-19) and telling people who have been vaccinated to not associate with the unvaccinated.

Another loving note (again, sarcasm), based on the lie that it is only unvaccinated people that can spread COVID-19. The writer should know that this is a lie, but like the others, just doesn’t care.


So, anyone who is providing cover for the tyrants pushing this madness: don’t try hiding behind “love thy neighbor.” You are a disgrace.

9 responses to “Love Lithuanian Style

  1. Holly, that is good news.

    I am praying that God would thwart the plans of these evildoers.

  2. John, it looks like some more court cases are being mounted, and today OSHA backed off from its position. I keep praying for more people to rise up and stand against this tyranny.

  3. Jason, I agree that the US has devolved into a third-world banana republic.

  4. First time I’ve noticed johninnc bring up foreign politics outside the US and Australia. Covid is making even Africa look conservative today. And here’s the kicker: the president of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Felix Tshisekedi supports Israel and Trump. The Catholic Church literally tried to stop his election. A Francophone Biafra has risen. They experienced Russian collusion narrative before we did. The USA feels like a third world country.

  5. A couple of the deceptions being used to “normalize” the mounting tyranny are precedents of other required vaccines and legal precedents in the US in which the courts have upheld vaccine laws.

    First, the COVID “vaccines” do not confer immunity, and they have a very short shelf-life for whatever good they are purported to do.

    Second, how many people are having to show proof of other vaccines to get into restaurants, shopping, and entertainment venues? How many are actually even proposing extending these mandates to participate in everyday life?

    Finally, the US Supreme Court case from 1905 upheld a state LAW (not mandate or executive order), based on the facts and circumstances of that particular case. There has been a whole body of precedent, subsequent to that decision, that upholds bodily autonomy.

  6. chas, I think there is a lot of that, but it is also likely that at least some people who are clear on the gospel are pushing the vaccines as well.

    I know a lot of people who do not profess faith in Christ, but who are virulently anti-mandates. And, I know some people who seem clear on the gospel, but who seem to have fallen for the dominant COVID narrative hook, line, and sinker.

    Now that it is clear that the vaccines have a very limited shelf-life, and do not confer immunity, any argument that is based on getting vaccinated to protect others doesn’t hold up. Anyone, Christian or otherwise, who is a decent person should be willing to acknowledge the obvious holes in the dominant narrative, and should oppose COVID vaccine mandates.

    But, many people who should know better are making a cynical gambit that they are better off going along with the tyranny.

  7. It’s interesting that the “spiritual leaders” we have in Christendom–the same ones who can’t discern the truth of the Gospel of free grace–are just as clueless about the jab. And vice-versa.

    I detect a pattern…

  8. ropheka, it is good to have sources outside of the MSM.

    And, we have the whole armor of God to protect us from the wiles of the devil and those who are giving him a hand in this.

  9. I go to Dr. for the truth as well as Bitchute and Rumble with information to protect myself but ultimately depend upon Jehovah. He is the wisest and always protects His children from these anti-Christs

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