An Open Letter to Dr. Francis Collins (and His Christian Accomplices)

I read with great interest your recent interview with “Religion News Service” entitled “NIH director ‘a bit’ frustrated with evangelicals about vaccine.” I have provided some excerpts from that interview, along with my comments:

A day after President Joe Biden announced sweeping policy changes to continue to address the COVID-19 pandemic, one of his administration’s top health officials said he doesn’t expect widespread use of religious exemptions to get around them.

Francis Collins, director of the National Institutes of Health, also acknowledged Sept. 10 he is “a bit” frustrated with fellow evangelicals who have hesitated or refused to get the vaccine, even as the delta variant has led to an average of more than 1,000 U.S. deaths a day.

Collins said he hopes the “much more muscular requirements” will make “a big difference” in reducing the number of unvaccinated Americans, noting the country needs to vaccinate at least five times the 800,000 who are being vaccinated daily in order to overcome the variant.

My comment: “Much more muscular” is code for COERCION, Dr. Collins. You are hopeful that the government’s nefarious goals are successful. You are aiding and abetting the destruction of informed medical consent, and thereby the medical enslavement of your fellow citizens. If these “much more muscular requirements” don’t meet your goals, how much “more muscular” are you willing to go?

President Biden said on Thursday that “this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated,” and you have urged your fellow evangelicals to get vaccinated as an “opportunity to do something for your neighbors.” But studies have shown white evangelicals are among the most resistant and hesitant toward the COVID-19 vaccine. Does this make you frustrated with your fellow believers?

Well, to be honest, it does a bit. But I’m also trying to be sure I’m listening carefully to what the concerns are because I don’t think lecturing is probably the best way to get people to change their minds.

It is odd because evangelicals generally believe strongly in this love-your-neighbor principle. And we do know if we want to get this terrible pandemic to come to an end, it’s going to require all of us to get engaged in getting immune, and the best way to do that is with a vaccination.

My comment: The premise of this question is based on an out-and-out lie. This is not a “pandemic of the unvaccinated,” Dr. Collins, and you know this. Your refusal to correct the lie on which this question was premised is proof positive that you have no regard for the truth, whatsoever. You know that vaccinated people can be infected, and infect others, the same as unvaccinated people. THE VACCINES DO NOT MAKE PEOPLE IMMUNE, DR. COLLINS. YOU KNOW THIS. I KNOW THIS. YOU ARE COMPLICIT IN THE DESTRUCTION OF PEOPLE YOU ARE PROFESSING TO LOVE.

For months, you and other people in the administration have talked about faith leaders of various perspectives as being “trusted partners” in the efforts to get people vaccinated against COVID-19. Has that approach shifted, or do you think those efforts haven’t worked as well as you had hoped?

Oh, I think they have worked in many individual circumstances. I do think faith leaders have been in a tough spot. And some of them, even though they’ve come around, personally, to the view that the vaccine is something they want for themselves and their families, they’ve been reluctant to raise it amongst their parishioners because of the fear this might be divisive.

I’m hoping we’ve now reached the point where the evidence is so strong—where we see people dying around us—that those faith leaders will decide it’s worth taking the risk to get some pushback. To basically say, folks, let’s look at the truth of this. The truth will set you free.

My comment: Yes, the truth will set you free. But, the lies that you are pushing will not set anyone free. Dr. Collins, you are quoting Jesus as cover for your lies and deceit. DR. COLLINS: HAVE YOU NO SHAME?

Dr. Collins, recruiting Christians to participate in your evil deeds will not make you less responsible for your crimes, but more responsible. It doesn’t matter if every last one of them joins you, you are still wrong!

I know you are in deep, Dr. Collins. But, you still have the opportunity to d0 the right thing. Tell the truth. Renounce your lies and the monstrous tools of this evil regime!

P.S. Your credibility in trying to reach people for Christ is destroyed by your obvious embracing and propagation of lies and coercion. Those Christians who join you in this effort are destroying their Christian witness as well. I would pray that God would expose your evil deeds, but they are already in plain sight. I hope that the guilt of what you are doing nags you in every waking moment.

Now, a note to those Christians who see through these lies: if you are taking an active stand against these mandates, keep it up. If you are keeping your head down, and waiting for this storm to pass, that is not a good option. Let people know that you are not OK with this tyranny. If you are in a church whose leaders are silent or complicit, share this letter with them.

10 responses to “An Open Letter to Dr. Francis Collins (and His Christian Accomplices)

  1. I just saw this depiction of the recent Southwest Airline flight cancellations:

    This attempt by unvaccinated Southwest airline employees at crippling U.S. air travel is the latest reminder that it’s a very short distance from anti-vaxxer to domestic terrorist.

    My comment: this is outrageous on so many levels. First, how is it domestic terrorism to refuse to perform a discretionary service for someone who is abusing you? Second, the only long-term solution to this “domestic terrorism,” according to this twisted reasoning, is to either fire the “domestic terrorists” and replace them with vaccinated “good guys,” or to somehow compel the “domestic terrorists” to get vaccinated and get back to work.

  2. Holly, I agree that the support, or even tolerance, for vaccine mandates is unconscionable.

    I am also thankful for the courageous stands being taken by some against these mandates. I have continued to pray that God would thwart the plans of the evildoers who have stolen our freedoms, and who are trying to steal what is left of them.

  3. Holly, even if someone doesn’t say they wish you dead, if they are OK with vaccine mandates they are equally OK with either of only two possible outcomes: Roll up your sleeves or be banished from society.

    These preacherticians are right there with them.

  4. Johninnc – I really appreciate your stand here. I have watched as people I know and respect have taken this vax, albeit some without much knowledge, just assuming it is just another shot. And missionaries are pretty used to it. But no one could be ok with seeing another person forced to either take it or be fired. Forced to have it or not get service (including eventually medical services). I keep reminding myself to pray and thank God for those who are standing up. I am praying for more whistleblowers (and seeing them). I am praying for more in leadership to step up and take forceful action — I was happy to see Gov. Abbott take the action he did today against mandates, and I’ve been praying for citizens to stand up and fight against this tyranny. I pray when I see the medical protests, I support them however I can. I pray when I see the pilot’s protest and speak about it, as the news are complicit in lying about it. I pray for wisdom in these times. But I thank God for those who have discernment, and are willing to prove all things. God’s Word has a way (we know) of giving enlightenment in any situation.

  5. Much more ‘muscular’…

    And therein lies the problem. Their carnal heart is showing though.

    I was listening to a nurse today talk about another nurse who was so upset she was wishing her patient would f—-g die or blanket blank blank, go home and die. And it reminded me of my frienemy on Facebook.

    The school nurse.
    The professing ‘follower of Christ’.
    Ex-alumni of my Christian High School in my same class.
    A mother and a Grandmother.

    She had absolutely no problem wishing me dead. For a post similar to this, about forcing people and people losing their jobs. She wished I would get sick with Covid and die. A school nurse… Now can you imagine she is working with children? Lord protect them.

  6. This is from an editorial at MedPage Today, entitled “It’s Not Our Job to Judge Who Is Morally Worthy of Care — The role of COVID vaccination status in allocating scarce medical resources” by Benjamin Tolchin, MD, MS, and Sarah C. Hull, MD, MBE:

    It is entirely consistent with healthcare as a human right for employers and the government to require vaccination with a safe and effective vaccine as a public health measure, and even to punish lack of vaccination with loss of employment, fines, and other legal penalties — so long as those punishments do not include restrictions on access to healthcare.

    My comment: So, providing healthcare to people who have been forced from their jobs and banned from the public square is a moral imperative? That seems to be a rather narrow interpretation of “love thy neighbor.”

  7. Would the Good Samaritan have refused to help the injured man if he hadn’t received his COVID vaccine?

    Just asking.

  8. Please note that my indictment of Dr. Collins and his co-conspirators in the religious community contains NO conjecture whatsoever. It is based on unassailable facts.

    While there are likely additional elements to this crime that I cannot conclusively prove at this time, the addition of those elements is not necessary to prove my case. That is, I have conclusively proven my case, without needing any additional facts or factoids.

    The purpose of this article was not theological, per se. Rather, it is an indictment of those who are, through their support for this vaccination program, willfully engaging in the deception of the public and the ruination of dissenters.

    It is also to let dissenters know that they are not crazy in thinking something is amiss, and that their dissent does not make them a public menace (even if it makes them a public enemy).

    It is likely that many of the proponents of the vaccine program from the world of professing Christendom have never believed the gospel of Jesus Christ, and therefore lack eternal life. But, it is also likely that at least some Christians are pushing this as well.

    Last, this article was a call to action for people of goodwill to hold others accountable for one of the greatest mounting crimes in the history of mankind.

  9. ropheka, it is always good to remember that nothing can separate us from the love of Christ.

  10. I go to Dr. , bitchute and Rumble to know the truth and protect myself against these anti-Christ. Ultimately I depend upon Christ above all others.

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