An Open Letter to Dr. Francis Collins (and His Christian Accomplices)

I read with great interest your recent interview with “Religion News Service” entitled “NIH director ‘a bit’ frustrated with evangelicals about vaccine.” I have provided some excerpts from that interview, along with my comments:

A day after President Joe Biden announced sweeping policy changes to continue to address the COVID-19 pandemic, one of his administration’s top health officials said he doesn’t expect widespread use of religious exemptions to get around them.

Francis Collins, director of the National Institutes of Health, also acknowledged Sept. 10 he is “a bit” frustrated with fellow evangelicals who have hesitated or refused to get the vaccine, even as the delta variant has led to an average of more than 1,000 U.S. deaths a day.

Collins said he hopes the “much more muscular requirements” will make “a big difference” in reducing the number of unvaccinated Americans, noting the country needs to vaccinate at least five times the 800,000 who are being vaccinated daily in order to overcome the variant.

My comment: “Much more muscular” is code for COERCION, Dr. Collins. You are hopeful that the government’s nefarious goals are successful. You are aiding and abetting the destruction of informed medical consent, and thereby the medical enslavement of your fellow citizens. If these “much more muscular requirements” don’t meet your goals, how much “more muscular” are you willing to go?

President Biden said on Thursday that “this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated,” and you have urged your fellow evangelicals to get vaccinated as an “opportunity to do something for your neighbors.” But studies have shown white evangelicals are among the most resistant and hesitant toward the COVID-19 vaccine. Does this make you frustrated with your fellow believers?

Well, to be honest, it does a bit. But I’m also trying to be sure I’m listening carefully to what the concerns are because I don’t think lecturing is probably the best way to get people to change their minds.

It is odd because evangelicals generally believe strongly in this love-your-neighbor principle. And we do know if we want to get this terrible pandemic to come to an end, it’s going to require all of us to get engaged in getting immune, and the best way to do that is with a vaccination.

My comment: The premise of this question is based on an out-and-out lie. This is not a “pandemic of the unvaccinated,” Dr. Collins, and you know this. Your refusal to correct the lie on which this question was premised is proof positive that you have no regard for the truth, whatsoever. You know that vaccinated people can be infected, and infect others, the same as unvaccinated people. THE VACCINES DO NOT MAKE PEOPLE IMMUNE, DR. COLLINS. YOU KNOW THIS. I KNOW THIS. YOU ARE COMPLICIT IN THE DESTRUCTION OF PEOPLE YOU ARE PROFESSING TO LOVE.

For months, you and other people in the administration have talked about faith leaders of various perspectives as being “trusted partners” in the efforts to get people vaccinated against COVID-19. Has that approach shifted, or do you think those efforts haven’t worked as well as you had hoped?

Oh, I think they have worked in many individual circumstances. I do think faith leaders have been in a tough spot. And some of them, even though they’ve come around, personally, to the view that the vaccine is something they want for themselves and their families, they’ve been reluctant to raise it amongst their parishioners because of the fear this might be divisive.

I’m hoping we’ve now reached the point where the evidence is so strong—where we see people dying around us—that those faith leaders will decide it’s worth taking the risk to get some pushback. To basically say, folks, let’s look at the truth of this. The truth will set you free.

My comment: Yes, the truth will set you free. But, the lies that you are pushing will not set anyone free. Dr. Collins, you are quoting Jesus as cover for your lies and deceit. DR. COLLINS: HAVE YOU NO SHAME?

Dr. Collins, recruiting Christians to participate in your evil deeds will not make you less responsible for your crimes, but more responsible. It doesn’t matter if every last one of them joins you, you are still wrong!

I know you are in deep, Dr. Collins. But, you still have the opportunity to do the right thing. Tell the truth. I would pray that God would expose your evil deeds, but they are already in plain sight.

Now, a note to those Christians who see through these lies: if you are taking an active stand against these mandates, keep it up. If you are keeping your head down, and waiting for this storm to pass, that is not a good option. Let people know that you are not OK with this tyranny. If you are in a church whose leaders are silent or complicit, share this letter with them.

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  1. Holly Garcia Held

    Johninnc, standards are not only low, but skipped over, lied about, covered up, etc. I just keep praying for more and more whistleblowers.

  2. Holly, yeah, the standards for testing have been pretty low.

  3. Holly Garcia Held

    I still marvel at the fact that they are approving the boosters when they have never run the proper testing period, and mRNA shouldn’t be used.

  4. Holly, it is really hard to have much trust in the public health establishment, and even the medical profession at this point.

    And, organizations that took government covid funds likely felt at least some implicit pressure to not rock the boat.

  5. John, just wow (on the booster being the only thing approved). These people will answer. Even if they had good intentions, they did absolutely no homework, no research to make sure their patients were getting something that was right for them. Instead we saw nothing but bullying and ridicule. And I believe it has cost many their lives. I saw something in Reader’s Digest (which has gone very woke btw) that said cancer deaths have skyrocketed downward at a rapid rate. I just wondered to myself, I wonder how many cancer deaths were listed as covid deaths? How many flu deaths? How many heart attack deaths? How many stillbirths? How many other deaths due to existing issues were listed as covid? How many other deaths were attributed to Covid?

    I remember a nurse I knew on FB, I remember him becoming one 10 years prior. He was so excited. So disgusted when his boss tried to get him to sign off a patient’s death as covid. The patient had fallen down stairs drunk, broke his neck and was put on a ventilator. He said he never was tested, and never had symptoms. And he said he saw far more of that in other places. I was in medical groups where there were many whistleblowers. But they silenced them.

  6. From Alex Berenson:

    It is hard to overstate the importance of this change, which effectively undoes more than two years of public health guidance on the importance of the two-dose mRNA regimen.

    The change is even bigger than it appears. Each dose of the Moderna bivalent vaccine contains only half as much as mRNA as the original Moderna shot. So people who receive the Moderna vaccine will get only one-quarter as much mRNA as the original dosing schedule, 50 micrograms instead of 200.

    (Pfizer’s booster contains 30 micrograms of mRNA, the same as the original dose, so the Pfizer regimen has been cut only in half.)

  7. I just read that the US FDA has just removed authorization for the original monovalent covid “vaccines.”

    Unless I misunderstand, that means that the shots that so many of us have been demonized for not taking, the shots that the president of the United States MANDATED (before most of the mandate being struck down by the US Supreme Court), the shots that many people were forced from their jobs or schools for not taking, the shots that many people were disallowed from restaurants, concerts and other venues for not taking, the shots that kept people from being able to get jobs in many companies for not taking, the shots that many people were not allowed to go into their offices for not taking, and the shots that even some churches used for segregating their congregants are no longer even authorized.

    I’m not hearing a lot about this from Francis Collins or any of the other “Christian leaders” who teamed up with the rest of the world’s institutions to “promote” the shots.

    The bivalent “boosters,” that only 17% of US residents have gotten so far, are now the only authorized covid “vaccines” in the US. Go figure.

  8. Holly Garcia Held

    One comment just zapped. William, I met Dr. Paul Benware, maybe about 09, from Moody Bible Institute. He is grace based, and has a survey of the Old and New Testament, that are more outlined than commentary, but he does go through a bit and gives some helpful info. He has also done Daniel, Hebrews and Revelation (don’t know if he’s done others, but I have those). He is classical dispensationalist, and pre-tribulation, and a grace based gospel.

  9. Holly Garcia Held

    William, I wrote an article in tandem with John on faith being the gift. Used part of what he said here, don’t really recall who did what, but one of the things I brought up was Jesus commending the Centurion, wouldn’t just be patting Himself on the back, but it would be giving God’s glory to a man, which would be a sin.

  10. Holly Garcia Held

    The problem with so many of these people like Collins, is they are a terrible example of Christ and Christianity.

    And then people like Elon who seem to be doing some seeking, surely must be turned off by these religious leaders (so terribly reminiscent of the religious at the time of Christ).

    Why do you hang out with those unvaccinated? (sinners)

  11. I’ve been thinking more about the connection between free speech and other freedoms, such as the right to informed medical consent.

    Too often, I’ve gotten caught up in arguing about the scientific evidence behind lockdowns, masks, “vaccines,” and other coercive medical interventions. Those arguments miss the main point.

    It is like arguing about the merits of a person having the right to free speech by examining the nature and content of his speech. The right to informed medical consent is a right, in and of itself, as is the right of free speech. Neither is the means to something else. That is, informed medical consent is not the means to minimize the spread of disease and the right of free speech is not the means to “reaching a durable consensus” or “minimizing hate” or anything else.

    In an authoritarian world view, rights are simply tools the government may use to achieve its objectives. That would be great if you are SURE that the world system (governments, corporations, media) will always align with your values. Otherwise, it is categorically foolish to be OK with your rights to informed medical consent being suspended, revoked, or subject to government whims. Only the most worldly people can be SURE that their values will always be in line with the world system.

  12. William, I really am not aware of any really good commentaries. I sometimes consult Constable Bible Notes, but I would not give them an across-the-board recommendation.

  13. William, well, in the first place, this has to do with spiritual gifts for people who are Christians. Every person has the capacity to believe in Jesus as Savior, but perhaps there is some range of capacity for growth in faith, just as there is for growth in wisdom, etc.

    The guy with whom you are contending is really reaching with this one.

  14. John, To the best of your knowledge and experience, are there any other Free Grace commentaries besides the Grace New Testament Commentary that you would recommend?

    The problem today is that there are way too many “commentaries” that are written by Calvinist and Arminian authors whose teachings cannot be trusted.

  15. John, I’m currently engaged in a heated debate with a very staunch Calvinist who insists that faith is a “gift from God” based upon a twisted Calvinistic eisegesis of Ephesians 2:8. However, it is clear in the text of Ephesians 2:8 that ETERNAL LIFE is the gift of God, NOT faith.

    I tried numerous times explaining to him that faith is a human exercise that is generated from within a person’s own heart when that person is convinced that something is true, in this instance, the gospel.

    I gave the example of Jesus commending the centurion’s great faith before everyone in Matthew 8:10 and Luke 7:9 because his great faith was generated from his own heart. Now, if the centurion’s great faith were a “gift from God”, then Jesus would be in essence commending Himself and patting Himself on the back which makes no logical sense. I also gave the below following Scriptural examples:

    Luke 7:50 – Jesus said to the woman, “YOUR FAITH has saved you; go in peace.”

    There is nothing in Luke 7:50 that suggests that the woman’s faith is a “gift from God”. Christ said, “YOUR FAITH” indicating that her faith in Christ was generated from within her own heart.

    Also, the woman with the bleeding issue in Matthew 9:20-22 had faith in believing that Christ can heal her bleeding issue. Her faith was generated from within her own heart.

    Matthew 9:20-22 – 20 Just then a woman who had been subject to bleeding for twelve years came up behind him and touched the edge of his cloak. 21 SHE SAID TO HERSELF, “If I only touch his cloak, I will be healed.”

    22 Jesus turned and saw her. “Take heart, daughter,” he said, “YOUR FAITH has healed you.” And the woman was healed at that moment.

    Now the person is throwing 1 Corinthians 12:9 at me and I am having trouble countering him on this one. I went to the Grace New Testament Commentary for help, but it gave no information on 1 Corinthians 12:9 or what it means.

    1 Corinthians 12:9 – To another FAITH by the same Spirit; to another the gifts of healing by the same Spirit.

    Can you offer some insight on 1 Corinthians 12:9??

  16. chas, yeah, I’m pretty sure the dominant corporate narrative du jour is no more dependably representative of “truth” than Anthony Fauci is dependably representative of “science.”

  17. Elon Musk must really get a chuckle out of such pious nonsense from these deceived (at best) religious “leaders”. Christians are supposed to be discerning, not lovers of everything that claims to be “truth”.

    It’s like the Lord is using the Jab scam to mark wolves.

  18. I just read a recent article at MedPage Today entitled ‘Our Culture War Is Killing People,’ Says Former NIH Director
    — Francis Collins talks Elon Musk, vaccine misinformation, and long COVID

    Following are some excerpts:

    Asked what he would tell Musk if he had the opportunity to speak face to face, Collins embraced the hypothetical. “So Elon, you’ve built your career on science. Why aren’t you worried about a circumstance where there is unbridled, demonstrably false information that is dangerous to people’s health?”

    My comment: It does not surprise me that Collin opposes free speech.

    “Christians, of all people, are supposed to be people of truth. ‘The truth will set you free,’ the words of Jesus, John chapter 8 … It’s so upside down. And this, for me, is a source of great distress,” he noted.

    For this reason, he said he’s tried to leverage his own background to reach this community by speaking on podcasts alongside other evangelical thought leaders, such as Rick Warren, Franklin Graham, and Tim Keller. He had even thought about writing a book on the subject until he was called to be science advisor to President Biden.

    My comment: Does Collins’ love for the truth extend to the gospel message, or does he just need “Christian celebrities” to help him push his version of the truth?

  19. Holly Garcia Held

    Helen, probably going to be unavoidable for most of us, so we build up our immune systems and pray our loved ones might hear.

  20. I’m so sorry for the late reply, Holly. I seem to have issues with responding from my phone and only works on laptop. I’m so sorry to hear that your daughters are suffering with the shedding. It is terrible. Definitely going to be praying for their protection and that these vaccines will come to a head and be permanently banned in the damage they are doing to people.

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  21. Holly Garcia Held

    Helen from what one of my children is experienced with visiting V’d inlaws, and they’re always sick, then they all get sick, I tend to go with the shedding. I have 3 out of 4 daughters who this has been the case with inlaws. They’ve gotten sick from the V’d people and they were also the ones who stayed sicker longer (those with it). So, that’s anecdotal I realize, but seems suspect. How would we know though? None of us trust those in charge much for good reason.

  22. I am so sorry, Holly, that chemical exposure killed Gilbert. It’s so wrong that these ingredients are allowed when they are so carcinogenic and toxic. Same with the vaccines and shocking that such information is censored, but there’s not much to find on DuckDuckgo on ‘vaccine shedding’, which I believe is real.

    These liars who continue to lie, even when they are given the truth of the dangers of these vaccines, anger me. Seems that they have no fear of God. I guess all we can do is to warn them and pray that they see their need for Jesus. I worry for those who continue to follow the narrative and wonder if God can open their eyes some how.

    Even driving in my car, people rarely are kind to let you out, tailgating, using mobile at the wheel, impatient to wait, it reminds me of the descriptions of humankind in 2 Timothy 3:2-5.

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  23. Helen, I can’t help but wonder the same thing (do they know Him), but mainly because most of those have the gospel wrong (if not all). But their lack of Godly wisdom is apparent. I’m not opposed to medicine, but discernment is needed when we decide to put things into our bodies. And this thing was suspect from the beginning.

    I remember doing my own research and how these search engines tried to block it by doing ads saying ‘safe and effective’. I looked up the ingredients and the ones not even listed. I searched for the companies that made the products and looked up their Safety Data Sheets. 3 of the ingredients had the warning of ‘Do not ingest’ or ‘not for human consumption’, and 1 of them literally had the warning, ‘do not inject’.

    My late husband died because of chemical exposure. He developed scleroderma which in turn effected his internal organs. We have a right to decide for ourselves without guilt, what we will inject into our bodies. And these evil ravening wolves will answer for trying to coerce the body of Christ to do things against their conscience.

  24. Holly, it’s hard to know what their various motives are. But, anyone should be able to see that lies, coercion, and censorship are not of God.

  25. Holly Garcia Held


    I’ve heard the ‘love our neighbors as ourselves’ from these types, and shook my head at the irony. What they mean is ‘you do what I think is right.’ That’s not love. We know they do not have discernment, so where is this coming from? That’s what I ask. Love of money? Fame? Notoriety? Pride? Lording it over others? Whatever it is (or all the above and more), it’s not love, it’s control.

    They can give their opinions, but they want to go further and stop others from freely expressing themselves, by using the demonic ‘misinformation’ tactic. They will have to answer for these things.

  26. I fully agree, Johninnc.

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  27. Helen, we know the Covid shots do not stop transmission of Covid. So, the whole “love your neighbor” argument for getting the shots has been discredited.

    These “faith leaders” are allowing themselves to be used as government propagandists.

  28. Wow. Do they know our Saviour? Do they know that Jesus walked up the leper and healed him? Jesus was not afraid. They promote the vaccine as saviour and completely ignore the fantastic immune system that is given to us by our creator. These religious leaders are shameful, using the words of Jesus wrongly to persuade people to possibly harm themselves and cause death. Such an ill neurotic society.

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  29. There is more and more information coming out about the efforts to use “trusted messengers” from social media influencers, medical doctors, and “faith leaders” to entice people to take the covid jabs and support other parts of the government covid narrative.

    From a recent article by Dr. Joseph Mercola:

    Christianity Today theologian Russell Moore and Ed Stetzer, director of the Billy Graham Center — both personal friends of Collins — “argued that Christians had a responsibility to tamp down on ‘conspiracy theories’ like the notion that the virus leaked from a Wuhan lab or that masks were ineffective,” Daily Wire writes.

    Former NIH Director Pushed the Big Lie to Christians

    Collins’ messaging was in part distributed via BioLogos, an organization founded by Collins in 2007 “to create bridges between scientists and Christians.” In late August 2020, BioLogos distributed a public statement titled “Love Your Neighbor, Get the Shot.”

    The statement was signed by a long list of well-known Christian leaders, including theologian N.T. Wright, Christian authors Philip Yancey and Lisa Sharon Harper, Veggie Tales creator Phil Vischer, Christianity Today CEO Timothy Dalrymple and several seminary presidents.

    All vowed to “actively promote accurate scientific and public health information from trustworthy, consensus sources,” and to counter “misinformation” and “conspiracy theories.” Messaging included statements such as:

    “Mask rules are not experts taking away our freedom, but an opportunity to follow Jesus’ command to love our neighbors as ourselves (Luke 6:31),” and “Get vaccinated” because “Vaccination is a provision from God.”

    My comment: Just wow.

  30. Keith, yep. It must get really exhausting to keep up with being on the “right side of history.”

  31. It’s amazing how fast we went from “Stick a needle in everyone’s arm” back to “My body, my choice”.

  32. It seems as if almost everyone has thrown in the towel on getting any of our human rights returned that were stripped away under the guise of covid.

    I had lost sight of the extent to which people who have chosen not to receive the covid jabs have been relegated to a very thin slice of the job market.

    I was reminded of this today, when my son’s girlfriend (who is between jobs) was telling me that many employers are requiring vaccines, and she hasn’t had them and doesn’t intend to get them. So, she is picking through the few companies that don’t require them, like someone picking over a chicken carcass after everyone else has had their fill.

    Anyone who supports (or is even OK with) their friends and neighbors being excluded from most of the economy for refusing the jabs is an enemy of freedom.

    Most of our political leaders have moved on, and we are continuing to hear crickets from our religious leaders. But, I guess I’m just not ready to give up on this.

  33. Holly Garcia Held

    Johninnc, I know… It gets more suspect when they define their gospel. I figure I don’t know if they once believed and were bewitched, only He knows, but the remedy is to share it with them if I have that ability. And of course to mark and avoid these people.

  34. Holly, since so much of professing Christendom seems to believe false gospel messages, it’s difficult to tell what someone is professing, just because they identify as Christian.

  35. Holly Garcia Held

    I’m afraid the trouble is that those who identify as Christians may be similar to those who identify as women or men when they were born the opposite.
    I read a little of Dr. Collins exodus from atheism into Christianity, but what kind? If he is involved with the likes of Tim (trap door in heaven) Keller, what ‘gospel’ has he heard?

    I feel sorry in many ways for those who feel as if they have it all together in their positions of power. Especially those who think they are both (religion and politics). Reminds me of the Pharisees of old. Wanting to kill Jesus because they loved their position. I wonder which (if any) of these will actually believe on Jesus as their Savior? Or if they will be the ones fighting Him with the AC at the end.

  36. Holly, it would be great to see one of the mandate proponents come out against that position.

    But, Collins and many others are dug in really deep.

  37. I wondered after the recent news of huge increases in strokes and heart issues and cancer, if Doctor Collins has had any change of thinking (repentance) 🙂

  38. Yes, Deceiving and being deceived. I believe these people are so hard, I know nothing is impossible with God, but it’s shocking to see their cold, hard, dark, foolish hearts. And to see people follow after them as if nothing is wrong with what they are saying is also unsettling. But we can certainly see how people will believe in another. That false one is coming, in His name, and they will receive Him.

  39. Holly, it is hard to fathom how people can’t see the inconsistencies in the dominant “public health” narrative.

    Also, it sounds like Zeke Emanuel is a legend in his own mind!

  40. It would seem to be common sense that people would begin to see the obvious in front of their eyes even though the hospitals and government agencies are trying to hide it. Several of the staff I spoke with in our last hospital visit (don’t want to get too specific), told me outright that the vaccinated were not being charted as vaccinated when they were covid positive. And when they were giving the unvaccinated ‘numbers’ to the press, they were using January 1 numbers (95% unvaccinated). So they were purposely deceitful. I don’t think it’s an isolated case.

    As for the NY Times, of course they think the President can and should force shots. They are Marxists for the most part. They want to be the oppressor. They are bullies and liars, John 8:44 is really being played out before our eyes.

    The proposal to group them into one category I am told by those I have spoken with, that it has already been happening to some degree from the beginning. That’s why we know heart attacks, strokes, etc., went down because C.O.D. was Covid. And Flu and Respiratory Viral numbers also went down, again being lumped in as Covid.

    As for the “welcome to the ‘new normal’ and ‘the Emanuel’”…these people do really think they are gods. If you go to his website, much like Collins, the first thing you see is praise for himself.

    “Zeke Emanuel is a force of nature. Author, ethicist, cook, medic, policymaker: he makes other over-achievers look lazy and inadequate. There are very few policy experts – in health care or any other field – with Zeke’s smarts, political antenna and persuasive powers.”

  41. Holly, among the most recent proposals are that COVID, Flu, and RSV be considered one broad category with testing, tracing, reporting, vaccines, etc.

    Following are a couple of excerpts from a MedpageToday article entitled “Living With COVID: Welcome to the ‘New Normal’
    — Rebuilding the public health system will be essential, as will more COVID testing.” The “Emanuel” refers to Zeke Emanuel, brother of former Obama Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel.

    Emanuel has an uncanny talent for “telling it like it is,” and he does this in explaining how COVID-19 and its variants will become just one of a number of circulating infectious upper respiratory viruses like influenza and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). Noting the combined risk posed by these illnesses and the common measures they share for reducing transmission (e.g., improved ventilation), he proposes that the public health sector view all respiratory virus infections as a new composite category with aggregate risk. A national risk level would be defined for cumulative respiratory viruses and an appropriate weekly “peak cumulative level” determined…

    The final article in the triad presents a number of specific medical countermeasures that will be important pieces of the national strategy — e.g., facilitation of further development, deployment, and tracking of vaccines; and rapid development of efficacious therapies.

  42. Holly, yeah, Collins is quite impressed with himself.

  43. Holly, I would think that with so many “vaccinated” people testing positive for COVID, that people would realize that the narrative that its is solely, or even primarily the “unvaccinated” who are spreading COVID is completely untrue.

    Almost all of the push for “vaccine” mandates is predicated on this lie.

    And, so many want to downplay the costs of the “vaccines,” in terms of side-effects and erosion of civil rights.

  44. Re: Francis Collin’s quote:

    “I’m really fortunate to be someone who has both a scientific approach and a spiritual approach”

    Had to laugh, his arm reaches far behind him to pat his own back. Reminded me of the Pharisee praying in the square, “I thank you that I am not like other men”.

  45. John, I now know personally so many vaccinated who have gotten sick and also infected others, so they also transmit. And they have been sicker it seems. But the shame is that people won’t share and the public news, social media, etc., censor the truth. This is not ‘science’ but it is a lie.

    My one friend I haven’t seen in some time, came over Sunday for ‘church’, and she is now convinced that the health issues she has had has coincided too closely to the shot. She lost her eyesight after the second shot, and had the booster in December and a few weeks later ended up in the hospital with heart issues, she has afib now. Something she had not had any issues with before. Now she is finally determined not to have anything to do with it, but she said her doctor scared her into it because of her age and diabetes.

    You know of Adam’s young friend who was paralyzed to her chest after her second shot. And my daughter’s older friend who did die of Covid (he also was a smoker/drinker), had lost two family members to the shot. But their death certificates were listed as the cause being the shot. One had blood clots, the other kidney failure. Both new developments, and unusual for doctors to correlate it to the shot, but maybe more are waking up.

  46. The New York Times seems to think that Biden should have gone with “much more muscular requirements.” This is a quote from January 23, 2022 New York Times:

    The nation’s precarious economic health, and the political blowback that Mr. Biden and members of his party could face if it worsened, made him all the more cautious. So rather than forcing Americans to get shots, he spent months struggling to accomplish it through persuasion.

    My comment: This is astounding. The New York Times thinks the president can FORCE people to get shots!

    Discerning Christians should have already realized that the COVID “public health” campaign, steeped in lies, coercion, and censorship, could not be of God.

    For the rest of folks, including confused and deceived Christians, I believe that God is at work making it unmistakably clear that much of what we have been fed by the world and its “experts” regarding the pandemic is false, and even purposely intended to deceive them.

    Beyond ever-shifting “public health” guidance, people should be noticing that many of their “vaccinated” friends, family, and acquaintances (or maybe even themselves) are becoming infected with COVID. Since we have been told repeatedly that masks would slow or stop the spread of the virus, that “vaccines” are the way out of this pandemic, that this is a “pandemic of the unvaccinated,” and so-forth, this may come as quite a surprise to many.

    But, it appears that the majority of people still won’t accept what is as plain as the noses on their masked faces!

  47. Following is a recent quote from Francis Collins from an interview with PBS:

    “I’m really fortunate to be someone who has both a scientific approach and a spiritual approach”

    My comment: Coercion to force people to get “vaccines” to be able to continue to be employed is not of God. You are either deceived, a deceiver, or both, Mr. Collins!

  48. John, Well said! I wholeheartedly agree with you.

  49. William, I can’t claim to know all of the nefarious plans that these evildoers have in mind, nor exactly how they will manifest themselves.

    All I know is I can actually see what they say and I can tell when it contains lies, coercion, and censorship. I can take a firm, adamant stand against their evil deeds, and I am not going to give a pass to people who are OK with these “vaccine” mandates, as if it is just some policy preference. It’s not. The mandates are pure, unadulterated evil, and people who support them (even tacitly) are doing evil.

    I am starting to see articles, even one in a medical journal, extolling the virtues of “vaccine” mandates, saying they are “effective.” In other words, by threatening peoples’ livelihoods, mobility, and opportunity to participate in society, they are able to increase “vaccination” rates.

    This is like saying that sticking a gun in someone’s face is an effective way to improve their willingness to give you their possessions. This is also pure, unadulterated evil.

  50. John, It appears that Collins, along with Fauci, Gates, the WHO, etc, are also trying to usher in a “new race” of evolved humans with this whole transhumanist movement and artificial intelligence movement. The technology is here already. I’m sure you heard of “Sophia” the android robot manufactured by Hanson Robotics. I’m sure many of us heard her making her infamous statement that goes, “This is a good start for my plan to dominate the human race.” That statement has many implications.

    In Japan, at the Henn-na Hotel in Tokyo, which is staffed almost entirely by robots, there are android robots greeting and checking customers in. We’re talking about android robots with human faces, expressing smiles, and other human like gestures and dressed like us.

    I heard China is trying to make genetically modified soldiers that don’t tire out, but aiming for something just like that old T.V. commercial with the Energizer battery bunny that “keeps going and going and going”. Obvious purpose is evil.

    Then there’s talk about genetically modified animals as well that are born whose obvious purpose again, is for evil. This really reminds me of Revelation 6:8.

    Revelation 6:8, KJV: “And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the BEASTS OF THE EARTH.”

    Or it’s possible that the “beasts” that John was referring to are in fact “micro beasts” in that what was revealed to John are images of viruses magnified hundreds of thousands of times under the microscope.

    At present, we don’t see any beasts in great numbers like bears, tigers, lions, rhinoceros, and wolves running the streets killing people. It’s highly probable that during the 7 year Tribulation that these genetically modified beasts will be rampant on the streets of every country along with genetically modified soldiers. However, that’s not all. Now, we hear of such monstrosities like genetically modified mosquitos and other flying insects. “Science Magazine” terms them “flying syringes.” Perhaps this is what John is referring to in Revelation 9.

  51. I just saw where Collins played a song for his retirement, to the tune of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” Below are the lyrics:

    Somewhere past the pandemic when we’re free
    There’s a life I remember full of activity
    Somewhere past the pandemic masks will come off
    No more need for a nose swab every time we cough

    As we are gathered here today
    Covid’s toll has hit and sent us reeling
    Our partners like the ones right here
    Will help to make the pathway clear
    To find the true healing

    Somewhere past the pandemic life will resume.
    We’ll all complain about the traffic, forgetting how we hated Zoom.
    Somewhere past the pandemic we’ll hug our friends
    And thank the people in science that brought pandemic’s end

    My dozen years are almost through
    But its been great to work with you
    Let’s end Covid now!

    My comment: We are free now! I don’t wear masks. I never have.

    Your “partners” will not “make the pathway clear.” Rather, they are paving the road to tyranny. There will be no “true healing” coming from these monsters.

    My life never paused, Francis. Therefore, there is nothing to resume. And, your brand of science will not bring the pandemic’s end. You are a vain man, Dr. Collins.

    It is evildoers like you, Francis Collins, who have made people believe that demonizing a minority who choose not to get vaxxed is good. It isn’t good, any more than Hitler convincing people that all of Germanys ills were caused by Jews was good.

    It is pure, unadulterated EVIL!

  52. William, it does seem like most people are deceived.

    Any person with integrity, even one who has chosen to get “vaccinated,” would uphold the rights of others to choose to not get the “vaccines.”

  53. John, Everything is backwards just like it says in Isaiah 5:20-21. The “unvaccinated” are the outcasts and the evil ones spreading the variants like “Delta” and “Omicron”. I have so far tested NEGATIVE for covid 20 times within a one year time period. How am I “spreading” the variants?

    Reuters and Newsweek Magazine stated that the new “Omicron” variant are occurring mostly among the fully vaccinated which is in agreement with French nobel prize winner virologist Luc Montagnier’s assertion that it is the fully vaccinated that is developing and spreading these variants which according to Dr. Michael Yeadon, former Pfizer vice president that these “variants” are basically “same -iants” that are harmless. They are “harmful” because Fraudci says there are and because of the continuous non stop fear mongering that is being generated,

  54. Political writer David Frum (former speechwriter for president George W. Bush) had this to say today in a series of tweets:

    But the malignant minority is not yielding to reason any time soon. And even such seemingly basic mandates as “no jab, no fly” seem beyond the enforcement capability of the US federal government. So what now? 4/x

    Seems the best option is

    1) Keep encouraging vaccines and boosters;

    2) Impose vaccine mandates where it can be done;

    3) Otherwise return to normal as fully as we can, especially the schools; and

    4) Let hospitals quietly triage emergency care to serve the unvaccinated last

    Reading the reactions to this tweet, I am impressed by the immense self-pity of the anti-vaxxers – who see themselves as bottomless victims, even as their own bad choices deny hospital care to so many others in desperate need.

    My comment: So, I am part of the “malignant minority”?

    Following is the formal definition of “malignant” from Merriam Webster:

    Full Definition of malignant
    1: tending to produce death or deterioration
    malignant malaria
    especially : tending to infiltrate, metastasize, and terminate fatally
    a malignant tumor
    2a: evil in nature, influence, or effect : INJURIOUS
    a powerful and malignant influence
    b: passionately and relentlessly malevolent : aggressively malicious
    the malignant tongues of gossipers

    Frum is in favor of:

    Keeping “unvaccinated” people from flying.

    Coercion, as he wants the imposition of mandates “where it can be done,” even though our courts in the US have, so far, stopped the mandates.

    Putting unvaccinated people last in line for treatment (this is eerily similar to the “separate but equal” policies we had in the US during the Jim Crowe era).

    At least he is not advancing the argument that “unvaccinated” people are making others sick, as is the claim of most others in the establishment.

    Folks, these attitudes are fairly mainstream and they are FRIGHTENING!

  55. Helen, Yes, natural immunity is the best and the longest lasting because it is what God has given us when He created us and our bodies. Anything other than that that supposedly claims will “boost our immune system” is a total lie.

    Like you and many other physicians have stated, these so called “vaccines” will annihilate one’s natural immune system over a period of time where it is their hope (Big Pharma, Fraudci, Gates, etc,) that the masses will cave in to fear to take the “vaccines” and the follow up “booster shots” which will make people their lifelong customers. It is so obvious that their lust and greed for $$MONEY$$ is an insatiable thirst that is never quenched.

    There was a video on either Rumble or Bitchute where a registered nurse discovered that they are mixing in placebos along with the real McCoys. They are doing this so that it won’t be so obvious to everyone that genocide/population control is one of their agendas.

    In other words, they have it set up in such a way where many will die from these vaccines and many won’t. Deviously clever. Taking these vaccines is like playing Russian roulette because the general public, that is, us, have no way of knowing which are placebos and which are the real McCoys in those vials. Many victims die right away after getting either the 1st or 2nd jab within hours, some die days later, some die weeks, and some die months down the line. It is the opinion of French nobel prize winner virologist Luc Montagnier that many who don’t die now will die 2 to 3 or more years down the line.

    Fraud Fauci will NEVER take these vaccines and what we saw of him on national T.V. where he rolled up his sleeve and took the “1st dose” was most probably a placebo. We also see the hypocrisy and irony of our former President Trump where he and his First Lady were both treated with Hydroxychloroquine by Dr. Zelenko when they both tested positive for Covid, while at the same time was aggressively pushing his “Operation Warp Speed” insanity encouraging the masses to take the Covid vaccines.

    By the way, it was also during that time that Fraud Fauci and his associates were going any which way possible pushing his worldwide misinformation campaign deliberately maligning and bad mouthing Hydroxychloroquine calling it “ineffective” for treating Covid. This also included many doctors who were on the same page with Fraudci writing fraudulent medical articles in reputable medical journals maligning HCQ. Also, as a part of their misinformation campaign, extremely high lethal doses of HCQ were given to a number of severely ill Covid patients in 2 experiments inducing death in their devious efforts to “verify” that HCQ was “ineffective” and “deadly.”

    The 1st experiment was called “Solidarity” conducted by the WHO on 3500 covid patients at 400 hospitals spread out in 35 countries. The trial was halted following the fraudulent Surgisphere report. In the Lancet journal, it was claimed that there was a 35% higher death rate among patients being given HCQ which is obvious as they were deliberately given high toxic doses. The Lancet Journal later retracted the report, but the WHO resumed the “Solidarity” experimental trial where 100 countries expressed interest in participation.

    The 2nd experiment was called “Recovery” and was sponsored by the Wellcome Trust (GlaxoSmithKline) and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the UK government where the experiments were conducted at Oxford University back in June 2020 on 1,542 patients where 396 Covid patients (25.7%) died after being administered extremely high lethal doses of HCQ.

    Lethal doses of HCQ were given to Covid patients who were on a ventilator, or in shock, or in a near death condition where they were incapable of giving their consent. These evil experiments were discovered and exposed by Dr; Meryl Nass and disclosed publicly. Once it was publicly disclosed, the WHO immediately stopped their experimental trials on June 17, 2020.

    The misinformation/maligning campaign of HCQ didn’t stop there as the world’s 2nd largest HCQ plant in Taiwan exploded under very suspicious circumstances back in December 2020. It is so obviously clear.

    Well, there we have it, the epitome of evil and their methods.

  56. Thats good. You have natural immunity. From what I have read about the shots they cause acquired immune deficiency syndrome or AIDS, according to Zev Zelenko. They completely destroy the natural immune response. They are mRNA gene and cell therapies and should not be called vaccines.

  57. Helen, I agree that it seems like conditioning for the one world beast system.

    Meanwhile, I am recovering, and now the onslaught of propaganda is coming at me, fast and furious, that natural immunity wanes, or is otherwise not sufficient, so I should get the “vaccines.”

    I imagine I will be shamed for having had a serious case of COVID, but not “seeing the light” about the “vaccines.”

    I cannot definitively state that I am bulletproof against future infection, but I have no intention of getting the shots.

  58. Yea, its the same lie he told to millions and still millions continue to believe his lies and will obey him. They are under mass hypnosis. The poor children. Its conditioning for the one world beast system.

  59. Its disgusting. A lot of the churches over here are testing or vaccine centres. They cannot see Satan who appears as an angel of light, but a false one. I cried with overwhelm when I got back from town picking a parcel up because of level of people in masks. It is not normal.

  60. I just saw a new video of the UK’s Boris Johnson telling people to get boosted now “for our freedoms.”

    My comment: if you have to get shots for freedoms, they really aren’t freedoms. They are social credits, either individual or collective.

  61. Helen, “all three” is just a number. Soon, it will be “all four” and on and on.

    We no longer have health care systems, more like “vaccine” administration systems.

  62. And I wonder if Fauci has had all three. How that evil man is still in his position, I have no idea.

  63. Here is Fauci’s latest:

    “I’m hoping from an immunological standpoint that that third shot of an mRNA and the second shot of a J&J will give a much greater durability of protection than just the six months or so that we’re seeing right now,”

    My comment: He is out-and-out admitting that the initial rounds of “vaccines” have a very short shelf-life. His solution: more of them.

  64. Holly, in addition to everything that you have said, the emergency approval for children is also very disturbing.

    I can’t fathom how the risk of COVID to children warrants an emergency approval for “vaccines” for them.

    If we have a “cyber attack,” they will probably blame some foreign nemesis, and use it as a pretext for taking what’s left of our rights. At this point, I don’t trust the US government any more than any other of our enemies.

  65. This administration is so wicked, and the silence from the wolves is probably well-rewarded.

    Even those who speak of these mandates being wrong still laud the ‘good’ of the vaccine while never speaking of the harm. I saw a doctor who was fired for not taking it, yet he spoke of the good of the vaccine, but he just didn’t feel like he needed it. The only objection he had was just not knowing the long term outcomes, YET, he still spoke well of the ‘good’ it was doing and repeated the mantra that all (he didn’t even use ‘most’) of the sick patients were unvaccinated.

    I just can’t quite swallow that with all the nurses in all the hospitals that I know that have told me differently. So even those who are telling stories, aren’t quite being truthful. We’ll never really know in this lifetime.

    I saw too that the same wicked cartel of people like Bill Gates/Scwab etc. were now prophesying that a cyber attack is coming which will take down the power grid. They also said they will have to ‘cleanse’ the internet from the ‘bug’. Maybe back up all you have here to a separate hard drive. I keep praying the Lord might like to take some of these evil ones down as an example, but I guess it’s good I don’t have much say so. They’d all be in shackles.

  66. Well, the Biden administration has come out with a January 4, 2022 implementation date for its workplace “vaccine” mandates.

    The silence from Franklin Graham, Robert Jeffress, and J.D. Greear is deafening.

  67. Holly, the current “leadership” of our country is taking a wrecking ball to it. They don’t have any regard for people that they are hurting.

    I can’t fathom how any discerning person could think these “leaders” have our best interests at heart.

  68. Johninnc,

    It seems there are not many who have discernment in these last days.

    How can a government call for people to flood the border (criminally), then think about paying them for being separated from their family in the operation of a crime? It’s our tax dollars, yet they’re using them to deconstruct the medical system, causing the discerning nurses, doctors, etc., to quit, then citing shortages to threaten the unvaccinated tax payers with no help if they come to the hospital.

    They worked on bringing down law and order, and our military. And first responders, police officers, front line workers, all the good ones leaving. Travel, and transport torn apart. Using our money to destroy us. Ingeniously dark and wicked like their father.

  69. Holly, what a twisted view Piper has on this, and so many other issues.

    I don’t know why anyone would think that a government that lies so routinely would be truthful with their statistics. And, it still comes down to the principle of informed medical consent. If we do not have that, we have no civic freedom whatsoever.

    We are being bombarded 24/7 with COVID theater and vaccine propaganda, coupled with lies, censorship threats and coercion. Discerning people should see these as red flags.

    Piper is just trying to find a new twist for his worldly view.

  70. John Piper is chiming in to tell people it is an “act of love” to get the shot. He says the reason the people he knows aren’t getting it is “because of fear of being out of step with people they respect, and in step with people they don’t admire,” he writes. “My message to them is simple: You are free.”

    According to the ‘Christian’ article Piper quotes federal and state data showing that more than 90 percent of COVID hospitalizations and deaths are among those not fully vaccinated. ?I marvel they have absolutely no compunction in either blatantly lying or just uninformed).

    Piper continued to state many Christians have resisted the vaccination due to fear of being considered out of step with their political allies. Such fear, he says, is unbiblical.

    “Your conscience is increasingly clear. It says, ‘Get vaccinated.’ But there is this niggling fear of looking left-wing, or progressive, or Democratic, or compromised, or woke! So, my message to such folks is this: ‘The children are free!’

    My message to people who listen to this Ravening wolf? Flee.

  71. I just saw this depiction of the recent Southwest Airline flight cancellations:

    This attempt by unvaccinated Southwest airline employees at crippling U.S. air travel is the latest reminder that it’s a very short distance from anti-vaxxer to domestic terrorist.

    My comment: this is outrageous on so many levels. First, how is it domestic terrorism to refuse to perform a discretionary service for someone who is abusing you? Second, the only long-term solution to this “domestic terrorism,” according to this twisted reasoning, is to either fire the “domestic terrorists” and replace them with vaccinated “good guys,” or to somehow compel the “domestic terrorists” to get vaccinated and get back to work.

  72. Holly, I agree that the support, or even tolerance, for vaccine mandates is unconscionable.

    I am also thankful for the courageous stands being taken by some against these mandates. I have continued to pray that God would thwart the plans of the evildoers who have stolen our freedoms, and who are trying to steal what is left of them.

  73. Holly, even if someone doesn’t say they wish you dead, if they are OK with vaccine mandates they are equally OK with either of only two possible outcomes: Roll up your sleeves or be banished from society.

    These preacherticians are right there with them.

  74. Johninnc – I really appreciate your stand here. I have watched as people I know and respect have taken this vax, albeit some without much knowledge, just assuming it is just another shot. And missionaries are pretty used to it. But no one could be ok with seeing another person forced to either take it or be fired. Forced to have it or not get service (including eventually medical services). I keep reminding myself to pray and thank God for those who are standing up. I am praying for more whistleblowers (and seeing them). I am praying for more in leadership to step up and take forceful action — I was happy to see Gov. Abbott take the action he did today against mandates, and I’ve been praying for citizens to stand up and fight against this tyranny. I pray when I see the medical protests, I support them however I can. I pray when I see the pilot’s protest and speak about it, as the news are complicit in lying about it. I pray for wisdom in these times. But I thank God for those who have discernment, and are willing to prove all things. God’s Word has a way (we know) of giving enlightenment in any situation.

  75. Much more ‘muscular’…

    And therein lies the problem. Their carnal heart is showing though.

    I was listening to a nurse today talk about another nurse who was so upset she was wishing her patient would f—-g die or blanket blank blank, go home and die. And it reminded me of my frienemy on Facebook.

    The school nurse.
    The professing ‘follower of Christ’.
    Ex-alumni of my Christian High School in my same class.
    A mother and a Grandmother.

    She had absolutely no problem wishing me dead. For a post similar to this, about forcing people and people losing their jobs. She wished I would get sick with Covid and die. A school nurse… Now can you imagine she is working with children? Lord protect them.

  76. This is from an editorial at MedPage Today, entitled “It’s Not Our Job to Judge Who Is Morally Worthy of Care — The role of COVID vaccination status in allocating scarce medical resources” by Benjamin Tolchin, MD, MS, and Sarah C. Hull, MD, MBE:

    It is entirely consistent with healthcare as a human right for employers and the government to require vaccination with a safe and effective vaccine as a public health measure, and even to punish lack of vaccination with loss of employment, fines, and other legal penalties — so long as those punishments do not include restrictions on access to healthcare.

    My comment: So, providing healthcare to people who have been forced from their jobs and banned from the public square is a moral imperative? That seems to be a rather narrow interpretation of “love thy neighbor.”

  77. Would the Good Samaritan have refused to help the injured man if he hadn’t received his COVID vaccine?

    Just asking.

  78. Please note that my indictment of Dr. Collins and his co-conspirators in the religious community contains NO conjecture whatsoever. It is based on unassailable facts.

    While there are likely additional elements to this crime that I cannot conclusively prove at this time, the addition of those elements is not necessary to prove my case. That is, I have conclusively proven my case, without needing any additional facts or factoids.

    The purpose of this article was not theological, per se. Rather, it is an indictment of those who are, through their support for this vaccination program, willfully engaging in the deception of the public and the ruination of dissenters.

    It is also to let dissenters know that they are not crazy in thinking something is amiss, and that their dissent does not make them a public menace (even if it makes them a public enemy).

    It is likely that many of the proponents of the vaccine program from the world of professing Christendom have never believed the gospel of Jesus Christ, and therefore lack eternal life. But, it is also likely that at least some Christians are pushing this as well.

    Last, this article was a call to action for people of goodwill to hold others accountable for one of the greatest mounting crimes in the history of mankind.

  79. ropheka, it is always good to remember that nothing can separate us from the love of Christ.

  80. I go to Dr. , bitchute and Rumble to know the truth and protect myself against these anti-Christ. Ultimately I depend upon Christ above all others.

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