Jack’s Health Update

Jack had his valve replacement surgery at 1:30 p.m. today.

Holly posted the following update:

Hi everyone, Jack’s daughter updated, the surgery had been delayed about 4-1/2 hours, and by 1:30 Florida time, they had not operated. But she just updated again:

Things went perfect. Still asleep but ICU. Thank your Lord for your Grace.

We are thankful that Jack was finally able to have this surgery, and that the Lord brought Jack through this surgery today.

Please continue to pray for Jack’s speedy recovery, and for peace and rest for Shirley and all of Jack’s family.

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  1. Still praying, and will continue to pray. Lord give the doctors the right mixture of antibiotics and the wisdom to keep him hydrated enough and attentive and astute caregivers.

  2. I spoke to Shirley today.

    Jack is still in the hospital and has been struggling with an infection that they are trying to treat. He has several family members on hand and Shirley said that Jack seemed to recognize them and attempt to talk to them. But, his speech has been difficult.

    I know that Shirley, Jack, and each of their families would appreciate your continued prayers.

  3. Nathan, Shirley sent an e-mail earlier this week.

    Jack’s doctors have been dialing in his medications and he seems to be responding well.

  4. I was wondering how Jack is doing. Does anyone have an update?

  5. Praying for Jack to know that sometimes it is better then being in the skilled nursing. Praying that they don’t let him go too early, I understand his frustration, but tell him to look up for the harvest, the fields are white in that hospital! ❤

  6. I just spoke to Jack. He has gone back to the hospital where he had his surgery. He has had some tangential issues related to his surgery that involve some throat problems. They were unsure as to the cause (virus vs. side effect from surgery), and Jack felt like they wanted to keep him there until he is stronger and more mobile. Jack is tired of being in the hospital and misses being at home.

    I told him we had a record number of visits to ExPreacherMan yesterday, and he was excited about that.

    He asked for our continued prayers.

  7. Praying for attentiveness from the staff and also for blood tests and things like that. I hope the facility is a skilled nursing facility that is better than the ones we encountered here in Arizona. May the Lord give them wisdom and excellent caregivers and alert staff and doctors.

  8. Jack has been released from the hospital and moved to a nursing facility. He called and talked to my wife last night, and then Shirley talked to her as well.

    They do not know how long the stay at the nursing facility will be, but fortunately it is closer to their home.

    I know they appreciate all of your prayers.

  9. Thank you Holly for guiding our prayers for Jack & Shirley. May God grant Jack & Shirley the rest, strength and encouragement they need at this pivotal recovery time. Thanking God for answered prayer and continued pleading for Jack’s healing.

  10. Holly, thanks for providing the update. I have joined you in praying for Shirley and Jack, their care team, and everyone with whom they come into contact.

  11. I spoke to Shirley just now, things are still progressing, but slowly.

    Here are some things to pray for. For good rest for them both, and strengthening in every area. Surgery takes it out of you, and especially a heart surgery. It takes a while to get your appetite back, which affects your strength, which affects even breathing, eating and being able to keep you equilibrium. So, Jack has been able to do some eating and needs to be able to gain his appetite back, and get strong.

    Pray for the Lord to work as He will, for the people in there, for the comfort of both Shirley and Jack. I can tell you from experience as a wife, and both a daughter in this last year with my father and the last five years with my husband, it can be exhausting in so many ways.

    Please pray for good caregivers, alert and conscientious, and both wise and kind. Same for the doctors, pray for them to be very alert to anything that is needed to get him back on his feet.

    Please do keep them in prayer, our prayers matter, there is a reason they are there, and so please pray for joy, and rejoicing and a good report for them all.

    Pray for others that are able to help with things that people might not normally think of. Cleaning floors, bathrooms, refrigerators, bring a home cooked meal to Shirley even, whatever the Lord knows will lift them up. I remember that my mom would not leave either, and I saw how hard it was for them both, but I believe the Lord has good things in all of this. Shirley was encouraged to meet someone from her hometown, and so pray for the Lord to continue to strengthen and encourage them both in the Lord and for others to speak His Word to them.

    We need them! Thank You Lord for what you have done so far, and please prompt Your people to continue in prayer for our beloved sister and brother in Christ, and for John as he works both here and at work and home. In Jesus name we pray, Amen.

  12. So glad to read an update. Entreating our gracious and loving Heavenly Father on Jack and Shirley’s behalf.

  13. I spoke to Shirley earlier today.

    Jack has had some issues with his bloodwork that have required a couple of transfusions.
    He has also had high blood pressure that has required a new medication.

    Shirley said that both conditions were much better today than yesterday.

    Jack’s release date has still not been determined.

    Shirley has continued to stay with Jack to ensure he is getting the best possible treatment. She said that she is able to sleep on a cot they have provided.

    Shirley and Jack both appreciate your continued prayers for both of them.

  14. Dear Shirley and family,

    I’m still praying for Jack that God will strengthen him day by day.

  15. Praying for the right help and the wisdom they need to make decisions.

  16. Cyndi (JoyFounder)

    Praying for Shirley and Jack. Merry Christmas to all!

  17. I heard from Shirley today.

    Jack moved to a private room two days ago. He needs to continue to recuperate in the hospital for a few days, and then will move to a rehabilitation facility (Shirley was unsure as to whether this was an inpatient or outpatient facility). She said that he was experiencing intermittent alertness, along with periods of some confusion (I think this is common in senior patients who have been through major surgery).

    I don’t think they have had any visitors in the past couple of days, and I think Shirley has ben staying with Jack around the clock. I’m sure she must be very fatigued.

    Both Jack and Shirley appreciate your prayers and concern.

  18. Thanking the Lord for His favor on Jack and Shirley.

  19. Andy, I don’t have any new information, but we will provide updates as we do.

  20. Not sure if this will go thru but any further news on jack ? Thanks, Andy

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  21. So thankful to the Lord, and praying for all to continue to head in the right direction. Praying for people to see, and to hear their witness for Christ.

  22. Praise God for our answered prayers. I will continue to pray that Jack will become stronger every day.

  23. I received an update from Shirley late last night. Below are excerpts:

    “A short report on Jack today. What a difference a day makes. When we got to the hospital this morning, Jack was sitting up in a chair and had been there for 2 hours. With the aid of his walker, he was able to stand on his own, turn and sit in the chair, and to do the same to get back to bed and lie down.. About noon with the help of two from physical therapy, he walked out in the hallway for a brief walk and back again.

    His doctor said to take the tube out of his nose and begin him on a liquid diet. He drank a bowl of broth and had a cup of jello at noon and the same for supper…

    He was talking more and sleeping less. A little foggy in what he says at times but over all he is doing much better.

    Mike and Cindy, his son, left this afternoon to be with their children in Raleigh, NC. And tomorrow Kym and Jan will leave for Chattanooga, TN to be with their family who are coming for Christmas. Kym and Jan will stop and see Jack on their way and will leave me there at the hospital. When Jack is moved to a private room, I will be able to spend the nights in his room with him, with a recliner to sleep in. If he isn’t moved to his own room tomorrow, I will sleep in a waiting room until he is. The Lord knows all about this and I am OK with it…

    Thank you so much for praying for us.”

  24. great to hear jack has come through surgery and that he is doing well. god has his healing hand on him. maree

  25. Thanks for the update

  26. I spoke to Shirley this morning, and then with Jack.

    Shirley said they have had good news today, in that they had removed the tube that had been going from Jack’s nose into his stomach. She said that Jack could stand and turn around.

    Jack has experienced some issues with his kidney and stomach functions, and they are trying to treat those.

    Jack said that he has had terrible headaches and throat pain, but he sounded in good spirits in our brief conversation.

    He asked that I thank everyone for their prayers.

  27. Cyndi (JoyFounder)

    This is such a difficult time. I am praying that Jack will receive more kind and compassionate treatment and that his kidneys will begin the filtering process. I pray that God will grant Shirley the strength to stay at Jack’s side with focus and optimism. Thank you for the update.
    Yahweh Rapha > The Lord is our healing!

  28. Bless you both, Shirley! Thank you for touching my life through this ministry.

  29. Here is the second update from Johninnc:

    Hi Family and friends

    Today was the third full day for Jack in ICU. Everyday, he looks better and shows signs of improved. His vital signs are stable.

    He has not yet been able to swallow so the tube to his stomach is still in his nose, much to his discomfort. He really wants it out. The Gastroenterologist has said that it will be taken out tomorrow morning. This will enable him to drink some liquids and begin eating some food. His throat, which is really hurting, should feel better with the tube out. And Jack will be able to lie on his side much more easily.

    They are still checking his kidneys, anticipating that their filters will soon begin functioning as his body works toward becoming more normal again.

    Today, being the third day after his TAVR, he was a bit discouraged which is not unusual. His ICU nurse in ICU on Wednesday and Thursday was very good, kind and explained well the answer to any question. Today’s nurse was not always gentle and did not tell what she was going to do. She did give an answer to questions. She came to this hospital from Chicago…. that may explain her a bit.

    Jack has been sitting in a chair some the last two days. He needs to do that more…. maybe he’ll be more willing to do so after the tube is out of his nose.

    His stay in ICU will probably extend to over the weekend.

    We continue praying for him to heal well and soon be feeling more encouraged.

    Shirley Weaver

  30. Johninnc is out of town and asked me to post a couple updates. First is from his daughter.

    Thank you so many special ones I call dear friends. We may not always talk but the birthday wishes have been awesome. But so special are the prayers for my dad. Please continue. He is still in ICU. Lots of problems. But a great group of docs. I just felt I needed to come home with my kids. It’s hurting my heart and I am torn. But God is in control. Pray for dad’s comfort.

  31. Cyndi (JoyFounder)

    Thank you so much John & Holly.

  32. Praying Cyndi also for your neighbor John and his family.

  33. Thinking of you, Jack, in our thoughts and prayers.

  34. PRAISE THE LORD! Oh such good news! Will continue to keep Jack & his Family in prayer!

  35. Praise GOD!! Still praying!!

  36. Cyndi, I have prayed for this man and his family.

  37. Cyndi (JoyFounder)

    Thanks be to God for His mercies, renewed EVERY DAY! I pray for continued strength for Jack and his family. So grateful for all these updates!
    Clearly ExPreacherman is blessed with dedicated prayer warriors!
    I ask that you pray for my neighbor John. He was admitted to the hospital 2 1/2 weeks ago with vertigo & low sodium levels. They can’t figure out what’s wrong with him and he is deteriorating rapidly. The situation is very grim. He is in his 50’s and has 3 college children. His wife (Jenny) is recovering from recent brain surgery & steadily improving. He has been out of work for quite some time (laid off from IBM here in the Silicon Valley) & she hasn’t been able to work due to her health. They are believers in Jesus Christ and have been very active in a local Bible believing church. I COVET all your prayers for this dear family. Thank you for being available to hear my petitions to God. Thank you & may God bless you all this Christmas time.
    God bless you Shirley & Jack.

  38. Johniinc, so grateful to hear, never did see any more updates yet, so that is a big blessing. So thankful, thank You Lord!

  39. Jack,

    I owe you a debt of gratitude for helping me along the way in understanding the gospel of grace. You have been inspirational and to think that at your age of 85? You still preach the gospel passionately by way of the internet is just awesome. You remind a lot about Moses who started his ministry at the age of 80.

    I’m praying for your health. Trina is right. God ain’t finished with you yet.

  40. Get well soon Jack, praying for you.

  41. That’s really encouraging, praise to our Father!

  42. Jane heard from Shirley today. Shirley reported that everything went well and Jack had been alert, and recognized everyone.


  44. Yes, recovery takes some longer than others, and I am praying for a speedy recovery, God willing, but also that they don’t try to kick him out too early as many hospitals are wont to do. Haven’t seen an update from his daughter yet on FB, but will update if I do.

  45. Thank God for making thinks go that well, will continue praying.

  46. They didn’t know why the surgery had been delayed but we know there must have been a good reason. Today was his daughter’s birthday so I think this must have been a wonderful present. Knowing what I went through with my father, I think she is very thankful ❤

  47. Praying for Jack’s recovery and for Shirley, too!!

  48. Thank you, Father! Continue to bless Jack and Shirley (and family) in Jesus name.

  49. Thanks be to God!