Former Muslim Now Christian Talks Islam

A former Muslim, Mosab Hassan Yousef has trusted Jesus Christ as his personal Savior and was a guest on Hannity… He expressed his knowledge of Hamas, the Koran and why Islam wants to kill all Jews. He confirms that there are no moderate Muslims if they believe their Koran.

Mosab is the son of a jailed Hamas terrorist leader and MP, Sheikh Hassan Yousef, the most popular figure in that extremist Islamic organization.

This is an amazing video..and testimony from a brave young Christian and former Muslim.


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6 responses to “Former Muslim Now Christian Talks Islam

  1. Polly,

    If I may be permitted to add, also keep in mind that Jesus Christ is God. That is a fact which islam refuses to acknowledge.

  2. Polly,

    Thanks for your comment.

    Obviously you do not understand the writings of Mohammed in his book, the Koran. It is full of hatred for “infidels,” the Jews and Christians. He was a merchant of hate. His god that you say he loved was Allah, his own invention, and in his book, he never mentions the only way of eternal salvation — by faith in Jesus Christ alone. A very important fact is that his book was written hundreds of years after Jesus died on the cross and rose from the grave for the sins of you, me, Mohammed and all mankind.

    Yes, you have the right attitude that we should pray that all mankind would come to the decision to place their faith/trust in Jesus Christ alone as their Savior. This includes misguided religions such as Islam and some mainline religious groups in the USA.

    There will always be a division of mankind, those who have trusted Jesus Christ a Savior and those who have not — and Islam’s goal is to destroy all believers in Jesus.

    Polly, I pray you have trusted the only Savior Jesus Christ as your Savior and are assured of eternal life with Him. Please read and believe this good news:

    In Jesus Christ eternally, Jack

  3. Polly Berry

    From what I understand from a short reading in a college class and one or two comments from trusted Christian sources, Muhammed loved God, had a relationship with Him, led the people by G_d’s leading and won many people to G_d. His followers loved him so much that when he died THEY made him a god. Muhammed would not be pleased to know what is going on under his name today. I am a believer in Yeshua, the Son of God. I am by no means an expert, yet i feel we have to be mindful of the merchant and peddler of hate, and not judge ignorantly. This deceiver wants to keep division among mankind. We should pray for their release from the kingdom of darkness that they be saved.It’s not G_d’s will that any man perish (die in thier sins).We are the light and salt and will be held accountable for what we did to win souls (help people to escape the prison of sin and death)

  4. Thanks Jack,

    Good answer, short & sweet.


  5. Glen,

    The Muslim “Allah” is the fictional figment of the imagination of Mohamed.

    Our God of the Bible preexists everything and created everything..

    No comparison.

    In Jesus Christ eternally,



    Hello Jack;

    the link for this post may be corrupted, I could not get it to work. But I did find a site for Mosab Hassan Yousef. Very interesting stuff.

    How would you respond to this question? “How is God/Yawah different from Allah?”

    “Lov’n the Lord & Liv’n the Life…”