Bible Truth or Fiction? Part II

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Our previous post, “Bible Truth or Fiction” and the wonderful comments grew to the point of being almost unmanageable. Therefore this post is a continuation of and will include the last three points, #5, #6 and #7 from the previous post.

As in the previous post, I will inject my thoughts (in red) in between the statements.

I invite you to comment on these statements and my analysis — and, if you are so inclined, please visit the previous post for some very lively comments.

Are these statements Bible Truth or Fiction?

(5) You must give your heart or life or both to Jesus to be saved.

FICTION: We give NOTHING to God or Jesus to have eternal life (be saved)..

We simply believe that the gift God has offered (eternal life) is true. We take His gift, trusting Christ to be who He says He is (our Savior) and that He will do what He has promised. His promise is that when we trust HIm, He gives us eternal life without charge and with no strings attached.

(6) You must make Jesus your Lord and Savior to be saved.

FICTION: We don’t “make” Jesus the Lord of anything . Jesus IS the Lord God Almighty. He IS the Savior.

We don’t “make” Him our Savior but we trust Him as our Savior…

After we have made that one-time decision to believe in or trust Jesus as Savior, we should then decide to be obedient or submissive to Him and His Word — as a servant is to his Master.

However, whether or not we become obedient or submissive to His word does not affect our eternal relationship with Christ. Yet it definitely does affect a believer’s day-to-day fellowship with Him.

Salvation (relationship) is FREE. Once in Christ we cannot change that relationship.

Fellowship is a work — a decision believers make to be obedient and submissive to their Savior. Fellowship can change day-to-day,

(7) The Bible uses the words, “God is Sovereign” and “Sovereignty of God.”

FICTION: These two phrases do not appear in the King James Version of God’s Word. The word “sovereign” or “sovereignty” is nowhere in the KJV.

However it does appear in some of the more recent interpretations of the Bible. It seems that many of those interpretations emanate from or are promoted by those “theologians” of the Reformed or Calvinist persuasion.

This is an excerpt from a Calvinist web site — which, for obvious reasons will not be cited.

Here is the Calvinist lie:

“The system of Calvinism …… focuses on God’s sovereignty, stating that God is able and willing…… to do whatever He desires with His creation. It also maintains that within the Bible are the following teachings: That God, by His sovereign grace predestines people into salvation; that Jesus died only for those predestined; that God regenerates the individual where he is, then [he is] (sic) able and wants to choose God;…”

Obviously God is all powerful, the Creator of Heaven and earth.

However, in His sovereignty, He does not over-rule man’s responsibility to make a personal choice or decision to trust or reject Jesus Christ to be his Savior.

Christ died for the sins of the WHOLE WORLD not just those “predestined”:

1 John 2:2 “And He is the propitiation [substitute] for our sins: and not for ours only, but also for the sins of the WHOLE WORLD.”

Our responsibility? Believe in Jesus to have eternal life:

1 John 5:13 “These things have I written unto you that BELIEVE on the name of the Son of God [Jesus]; that ye may KNOW that ye have eternal life, ……”

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19 responses to “Bible Truth or Fiction? Part II

  1. Dear Erin, I enjoyed reading your comments. You seem very kind and genuine. I like your straightforward style of expressing yourself.

    I was very interested to read about your mother who seems brave to me and also very reasonable. I don’t see any attempt by her to blame others.

    I don’t think it’s quite accurate to conclude that your mother’s “congregation” was happy to spend her contributions and that the “congregation” deserted her. The individual members of the congregation would not have known how much she contributed or even if she did. Certainly the pastor should have known and been more proactive in supporting her in her hour of need. Other individual members of the congregation probably could have done more. That’s a harder responsibility to lay on them, especially if it was a large church. The smaller the church, the more likely that individual members would be aware of the needs of others.

    I am most intrigued by the withdrawal of your mother’s friends. I’ve heard that more people than you’d expect leave their spouses who develop cancer. I think the same dynamic might have been at work with those friends, as I think you correctly pointed out to your mom.

    Still, I think close friends need to be more proactive and “hang in there.” I’ve had friends who drifted away over the years and I confess it bothered me a lot, and I didn’t have a cancer that was distressing anyone. I just thought that friends DIDN’T drift but that they made an effort to stay close. But, to my distress, I’ve found that people have different ideas of what friendship entails. Do you know the line from a Kate Wolf song about friendship? It’s something like “Some friends are like gold.”

    And gold is rare.

    And don’t get me wrong. I wish I could say I’ve always been a perfect friend. But I can’t.

    It sounds like your mother gave a lot of herself and I think she was justified in feeling dismayed, if that’s the right word. Puzzled, for sure. But then people can break your heart, can they not? Isn’t that one of the reasons why people turn to God? To try to contact infinite love? In my worst trial, it was the religious songs and words that were the most comforting and strengthening. Maybe it’s just a fact that earthly things are a source of sorrow and heavenly things a refuge.

    Well, I’m quite the hypocrite here, let me tell you, as I am not a man of faith. I’m a sympathizer and supporter of the Christian faith but not one who’s ever been able to cross over the River Jordan, if that’s the right image to use.

    I would like you to know that I’ve known expreacherman for about 14 years now. Until last year we’d never met face to face. But whether just communicating by email or face to face, I’ve always found him to be a kind and respectful friend. I’ve greatly enjoyed the too few times I’ve been able to enjoy fellowship with him and Shirley. I assure you he is an unusual and warmhearted guy. He has the courage to witness for Christ before anyone anywhere. And he’s not one to shirk the theological wars. For that I give thanks. A lot of people will not reveal their true agenda but with expreacherman that will never be the case.

    I figured out what I like about your approach. You are a good example of how a soft answer turneth away wrath.

    Best wishes to you.

  2. i don’t understand the conflict btw the bloggers above. it seems as though you guys are arguing about nonsense. i feel often that Christ’s followers turn more people away than anyone. why are you scared of difference? my mom was the most spiritual person i have ever met. thankfully, i took from her that God is love. i am openly gay and broke down at the thought of telling my mom. i didn’t want her to disapprove or believe in her heart that i was hell bound. with many hours and tears it finally came out. she referred to Jeremiah and quoted “i knew you before you were in the womb.” i know that christian conservatives use this as pro life ammunition, but why not apply it to everyone? why are you so quick to judge? my mom always believed in giving to the church. she has given thousands and thousands of dollars to the church. she had a nice? circle of friends throughout the years of attending this particular church. she was diagnosed with cancer and my father left her. her church lady friends faded from her life quickly. she would ask me ” what is going on? do you think they’re mad about dad?… no, mom, they probably don’t know how to cope with a great friend being so ill.” in a way i stood up for a congregation of people that had no problem spending my families(mother’s) money while deserting her in her time of need. personally, i feel many of you let down millions of people in your stance for the Lord. i have read the Bible several times and know that the broadcast of Jesus is love, acceptance, humility, and forgiveness. i hope you do not find this as a lashing out towards Christianity. i am by far an admirer and believer in Jesus Christ. i just wish more people spread his message of acceptance and not separation.
    i would love to be proved wrong: that you are not narrow minded, judgmental, and angry at “the wide path”. i wish you both the best and i just felt like sharing at this particular moment?!?!

  3. Unown,

    At one time I believed there was no God.. But now I know.

    Psalm 14:1
    The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good.

    Wonderful creation which you enjoy proves there is God! Just look around, breathe, eat and enjoy.

    Please try to prove to me that there is no God!


  4. the bible was man made. what makes you say there was
    a god. there is no proof that there is any god.what if there
    is a higher power that just put us here.

  5. what if there was no god. what would you say

  6. Rhett,

    Thanks for dropping by and I appreciate your comment.

    Come back soon to this and my other later and archived posts. You’ll find lots of Good Stuff

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  7. Hey,
    Great stuff here!
    I’ll definitely bookmark this place and come back soon.


  8. Thanks for the comments and may God bless all of you.


  9. Yep, Helen,

    Please forgive the colloquialism “Yep” I pray I did not offend.

    FBC is my second Alma Mater, graduated Summa Cum Laude (December 1971) as an old man, sold my business and, with some dear Christian friends, started Palmetto Bible Church in Perrine, FL.

    I had several friends in my church who settled in or near Charlotte. I believe one of them started a church just outside Charlotte. Who were the FBC folks pastoring your former church in Charlotte? (you said Chalotte — and I have friends, former members of my church who still pastor a church in Shallote NC, — so which is it? Chalotte, Charlotte or Shalotte?)
    (Private email if you wish to keep them anonymous).

    Small world in Christ, right?


  10. Florida Bible College? The one in Hollywood, Florida? My husband and I once went to a summer camp there. Actually, a former pastor and some others in our former church in Chalotte, NC graduated from FBC. I know it well.

  11. Helen,

    If you have visited my Gospel web site you would know that I graduated from and was working on my Master’s degree from the University of Alabama when I left to be married. Later after trusting Christ, I graduated from and was ordained into the ministry by Florida Bible College at age 43…

    I know that my educational background would be frowned upon by the Literatti and assorted Poetry societies..

    But I do see many lost trusting Christ through my ministries. Seeing the lost come to Christ is the most important thing to me and should be for every believer.. even if my style is non-PHD.

    You must understand — I was raised in the lie of Calvinism before I trusted Christ at age 35.. I know that certain teachings of Calvinism constitute a dangerous and false doctrine..


  12. “‘Where did you go to school?’ you ask? Among others, the School of Common Sense.” In other words, you didn’t?

  13. Helen,

    “Where did you go to school?” you ask? Among others, the School of Common Sense.

    I am sorry you find me “irresponsible” and “wrong” but I will never intentionally advertise the URL of a Calvinist web site (or those of any other unscriptural doctrine).

    Surely you know that if a person wishes to read the lie of Calvinism they can go to a search engine and find hundreds, maybe thousands — all basically saying the same as my quote above… However, I’ll never recommend it.


  14. ExP, When you quote someone and refuse to give the URL (as you did above) that’s irresponsible. Where did you go to school? And didn’t they teach you to give credit where credit is due? You don’t give your reader’s enough credit. Statements without authority are of no use to anyone. It’s just wrong to quote someone out of context and not even tell who they are.

  15. Hi ExP, “Fellowship can change day-to-day,” or even more often. Have a good day.

  16. Thanks Maria,

    Interesting? maybe — but do you have no comment on content?

    Do you agree or disagree?

    I pray the Lord will continue to bless you..


  17. interesting reflection
    God bless you this day
    Maria in the UK

  18. Thanks Helen,

    Glad we agree on #5… It is difficult to count the many, many times I see “gospel” messages imploring folks to give their all, their life, their heart, everything to Jesus to be saved. I think I’ll start a log of churches and organizations who corrupt their message that way. It is a pity.

    And about my statement on #4 (previous post) you are no doubt right. I seem to have have violated the Bible’s dictum (and my supposed specialty) to “make it clear.” Even though my statement “mental faith decision” was/is clear in my mind I can see how some may say “Whaaaaat?”

    I have used such a statement with others and they understood, but we are commanded to “speak words easy to be understood.” I shall be more careful.

    Thanks, ExP(Jack)

  19. Concerning #5: Amen!