Israel: In The Coil Of The Snake..

Is Israel Surrounded?

This was originally posted January 6th 2006 — and is more relevant today than then.
Can you even find Israel in the sea of Muslims? Believe me, THEY know how to locate Israel.

Just Ramblin’.

Think Israel…. Think its borders.. think its predicament.

I am not an Israeli but I love Israel and pray for the peace of Jerusalem, but think on this.

Would “surrounded” describe Israel? We have known for years that this is the condition of the little nation of Israel. Look at a map of Israel and its environs.

  • “Palestinian” Gaza to the west, “
  • “Palestinian” Egypt and
  • “Palestinian” Saudi Arabia Wahabists to the South,
  • “Palestinian” Hesbollah in Lebanon and
  • “Palestinian” Golan Heights to the North,
  • “Palestinian” Syria to the East,
  • “Palestinian” Iran over to the east within striking distance — Calling the shots
  • Supposedly friendly Jordan to the East…

Palestinian terrorists Hamas elected in the Jimmah Cahtah supervised elections in Palestinian territory.

Hesbollah rockets striking Israel without mercy and without care about killing civillians.

Iranian “President” Ahmadinejad promoter and financier of Hamas and Hesbollah all over the world makes some claims he is the Islamic “messiah” and threatens to wipe Israel off the map.

Ahmadinejad recently concluded a friendly visit with Dictator Bashir Asad of Syria. What did they talk about? Was it in preparation for the present offensive?
General Georges Sada, former cabinet guy and confidant of Saddam Hussein writes and swears that he has credible information that Saddam shipped 57 airliners loaded with WMD to Asad in Damascus, Syria just before the Iraqi liberation. See article here

Israel IS surrounded, as in the coil of a snake, by militant Palestinians who vow to kill all Jews and wipe Israel off the map. Ahmadinejad , the oil rich “messiah,” could call all Palestinian terrorist governments to attack Israel on cue, while he sends some of those No-See-Um WMDs to Israel via his long range missiles.

Pray for the peace of Israel… but pray someone strikes Palestinian terrorists before they strike Israel. (and the terrorists will strike). (and they HAVE)!!
And just think, until recently the USA paid the Palestinian Authority millions and millions of US taxpayer dollars..

An interesting take on Palestinians in Jewish World Review, by Victor Davis Hanson.

Addendum to Hamas plans:

From The Patriot Post, Conservative newsletter — published by Mark Alexander, a true Patriot friend:

With the election results in, the United States has vowed not to deal with Hamas—and with good reason. Thursday, only one day after the elections, a joint U.S.-Colombian sting operation uncovered a false passport ring with links to Hamas and al-Qa’ida. The counterfeit Colombian passports were then used by terrorists to gain entry into the U.S. and Europe. South American organized crime’s latest cooperation with Hamas and al-Qa’ida shows just how broad the global campaign against terror has become.

Patriot Post, International Conservative Newsletter

Israel is indeed in the coil of the snake — and Iran is the head of the serpent.
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10 responses to “Israel: In The Coil Of The Snake..

  1. Yehuda, Jack & all,

    I cannot understand the believer that does not love Israel!

  2. yehudah glick

    directed by the Lord i have found this site
    and wish to express thanks to all of you who are backing
    us. it means alot to us

    yehudah glick – director general
    temple institute jerusalem

  3. Always on Watch,

    Thanks for the tip on “Obsession.” Have heard about it on Fox News and appreciate the link.

    I guess we could never expect the MSM to report about what Sada and Obeidi had to say — it would ruin their “Bush Lied” mantra.


  4. A few months ago, General Sada spoke at a church near where I live. I was unable to attend, but a kind soul made an audio CD for me. Very powerful!

    Of course Saddam’s weapons were moved elsewhere. General Sada (a Christian) and Mahdi Obeidi (a Muslim who headed Saddam’s nuclear-development program) have so stated; I heard Dr. Obeidi speak in March of 2005.

    The media refuse to tell the story of the line-up against Israel.

    BTW, the movie “Obsession” is available on line right now. Have you seen it? You can watch it HERE

  5. Tom

    Absolutely right and very discerning.

    And it would only take a couple of nukes to “wipe Israel off the map” as Ahmadinejad vows to do.

    Somehow, someone must stop Ahmadinejad and the Mad Mullahs of Islamic terrorism.


  6. Israel was surrounded by enemies from it’s very inception in 1948. The differences today are

    1) Her enemies are in the process of building nuclear weapons

    2) These enemies are Islamic radicals today, and thus less amenable to our concepts of reason. From 1948 until maybe 1982, her enemies were secular Arab nationalists. Nasser may have been anti-Israel and anti-West, but he was not a nut. Ahmadinejad is a nut, but one that we need to take seriously.

    3) The West is increasingly post-modern, and moral relativism will keep everyone but the United States from coming to Israel’s aid when the chips are down.

  7. ESimonson,

    Thanks for your note.

    Tell your wife that if she is a true believer in Jesus Christ, she has no worries.. because the next thing “end times” for believers is the “Rapture” from this earth – to be with the Lord forever… And after we are gone there will be on earth the 7 years of terrible tribulation, following which will be the battle of Armageddon.

    Believers in Christ will not suffer any of the “end times” tribulation, having been taken out to meet the Lord..


  8. This makes my wife nervous as she is more ‘end times prophecy’ inclined than I. I don’t fear for Israel so much as I know that they can take care of themselves and that God will take care of them as per his promises.

    There is definately a Iran and Syria dynamic going there as you relate. We can only hope that Israel will decimate Hezballah in a way that frightens Iran.

  9. I support AIPAC, which is the major American Jewish lobbying organization. One of the reasons I support it is because AIPAC takes American Congresspeople on trips to Israel. Many of these people have never been to Israel, nor even looked at a map. It really changes their view of the situation when they realize, on the ground, what a tiny country it is, and how closely Israel’s enemies press upon it. I think you did just a great, on-point post, Jack. Thank you!

  10. As always, bro. Jack, you’re right on target, pun intended. It makes me wonder how believers can not pray for Israel, since that nation gave us our true Messiah, the Bible & so much more. God has blessed America, largely I believe because of our support of Israel, & I pray that we never rescind that support. But of course, I also believe He has blessed & continues to bless America, though His hand may be slowly moving away, because of the Gospel that has been given out through this nation. Thank you bro. Jack for carrying on that most important of all works through your fine ministry!