Lordship Salvation’s 3 Ws

By johninnc

John 5:24: Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that heareth my word, and believeth on him that sent me, hath everlasting life, and shall not come into condemnation; but is passed from death unto life.

As the darkness of the world-wide coronavirus response was unleashed, one of its tools was the use of government mottos that could be easily parroted by the public. Thus, rather than thinking critically about what was happening, citizens could avail themselves of this alliterative mnemonic and even participate in amplifying the government’s talking points.

Here in North Carolina, our version is: Know Your Ws: Wear, Wait, Wash

If you leave home, know your 3 Ws!

Wear a cloth mask over your nose and mouth.

Wait 6 feet apart. Avoid close contact.

Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer.

I have heard commercials and seen billboards with all, or parts of this message hammered home over and over again. Of course, the most popular component is the mask, because handwashing is hard to display!

I will not make this post about the efficacy of these measures. Our governor dictated a statewide mask mandate on June 26, 2020, a day on which there were around 1,700 recorded “cases,” which eventually grew to a daily high of more than 11,000 several months later.

Whether the 3 Ws increased, decreased, or had no impact on the spread cannot be empirically determined. However, we have succeeded in making people objectify one another, in creating another arbitrary division between people, in abrogating civil liberties, and in conditioning people to accept, and even promote, previously unfathomable encroachments on bodily autonomy.

As I have covered in other posts, almost all institutions, including many churches, have been brought into the brainwashing effort.

Having said all of the above, much of professing Christendom has fallen prey to a disease represented by another version of the 3 Ws: Work, Wait, Watch!

Work for eternal life: The Bible says that eternal life is received the moment one believes in Jesus as Savior. In stark opposition to that, many churches teach either subtle, or not-so-subtle versions of believing in Jesus as helper, instead of Savior. They do this by adding some element of a person’s works to how one receives eternal life. In so doing, they change the life-giving gospel into a false gospel of works. Some examples include:

  • Turn from sins for eternal life
  • Be willing to turn from sins for eternal life
  • Believe and be water baptized
  • Put Jesus on the throne of your life

We see one of these examples imbedded in “The Baptist Faith and Message,” which is used by the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC), as well as many other Baptist organizations and churches:

Repentance is a genuine turning from sin toward God.”

“Faith is the acceptance of Jesus Christ and commitment of the entire personality to Him as Lord and Saviour.

Wait to see if it “worked”: Whereas the Bible says that one need not wait for a “changed life” to have assurance of eternal life, not everyone agrees. According to a popular false gospel website called “Got Questions”:

Lordship salvation is not a salvation-by-works doctrine. Advocates of lordship salvation are careful to say that salvation is by grace alone, that believers are saved before their faith ever produces any good works, and that Christians can and do sin. However, true salvation will inevitably lead to a changed life. The saved will be dedicated to their Savior…

Faith must involve a personal commitment to Christ (2 Corinthians 5:15). It is more than being convinced of the truth of the gospel; it is a forsaking of this world and a following of the Master

For the Lordship Salvation camp, assurance of salvation comes through the observation of change in the professing believer, i.e., that he is accomplishing good works.

Watch yourself and others for evidence of eternal life: This concept is completely alien to scripture, yet it has been propagated by some of the biggest names in the religion business. The late Charles Haddon Spurgeon, often called “The Prince of Preachers,” had this to say:

Another proof of the conquest of a soul for Christ will be found in a real change of life. If the man does not live differently from what he did before, both at home and abroad, his repentance needs to be repented of, and his conversion is a fiction.

And this, from the late Arthur Pink:

There is a faith in Christ which is saving, and there is a faith in Christ which is not saving. Possibly, the reader says, “But I know that mine is the former: I have seen myself as a lost sinner, realize I can do nothing to gain acceptance with God, and have put my trust in the finished work of His Son.”…Dear friends, others who were equally sure as you are  now in Hell! Suffer us to enquire, Have you tested your faith by Scripture? Have you taken the trouble to ascertain whether your faith is accompanied by those evidences which are inseparable from a saving faith?

We may not know for a long time, if ever, whether the 3 Ws of the coronavirus were effective in suppressing anything other than human dignity. But we know right now that the 3 Ws found so prominently in the word of churchianity undermine the gospel of Jesus Christ, and serve only to keep people lost and to undermine the assurance and growth of believers.

If you would like to know how to have eternal life click here: THE GOSPEL

48 responses to “Lordship Salvation’s 3 Ws

  1. Alice, John 5:24 completely affirms that a person can know he has eternal life, without reference to anything other than God’s promise. That verse nicely states the biblical truth and thus eviscerates all LS claims.

  2. Isaiah 64:6 teaches that all our righteousnesses are as filthy rags in God’s eyes.
    Why do Lordshippers admit that we are not saved by our good works (righteousness) but somehow ‘good works’ help maintain our salvation?
    In other words our good works are ‘filthy rags’ before salvation but after salvation, good works are not filthy rags, but necessary to remain saved.
    Why don’t they believe in imputed righteousness of Christ to the believer at the moment of first trusting in Christ? Romans 4:6 ‘ even as David also describes the blessedness of the man, to whom God imputes righteousness without works’.
    Is there really a difference between saying:
    1. Good works are required to ‘maintain’ our salvation,
    2. Good works are ‘evidence’ of salvation?
    Either way, they’re adding ‘works’ to faith to remain ‘saved’ ( even if they argue that good works are not necessary to get saved in the first place).
    If 2 is true, then how many good works are necessary as evidence of salvation? At what point can I objectively know that I have done enough good works to be sure that I’m saved with certainty?
    Ultimately they are looking at their own performance, transformation of lifestyle in order to give themselves assurance of salvation instead of looking unto Jesus and Him crucified.
    Their focus is on themselves to ‘stay’ saved, not on Christ alone.

  3. Phil, thanks for the warning on Hindson!

  4. Alice, I read what you said Ed Hindson said at this prophecy conference. I used to listen to his prophecy shows on TV. But recently I heard him give his confusing salvation message which sounded legalistic, faith plus this or that… I think he is still on the staff at Liberty University. What you say he said about the believer will produce works sounds LS and SBC. Based on what I head him say about the plan of salvation and what you said, HIndson is on my ignore list.

  5. chas, that’s a good point – kind of reminds me of “statements of faith” at LS sites. They could be called “statements of works.”

    I’m glad you are enjoying this thread, and that you are part of the expreacherman ministry!

  6. 2nd Cor. 13:5 tells us to test ourselves to see if we are in the FAITH, not to see if we are in the works. Iow, what are we trusting in for eternal life; the finished work of Christ on the cross alone, or must something of ourselves be added? To think that anything must be added to Christ’s sacrifice is to “fail the test.” As usual, self-righteous “established authorities” like J-Mac have it exactly backwards, indicting themselves with the very Scriptures they fling at us “greasy-gracers.”

    I’m enjoying this thread a whole lot. Stuck in this spiritual wasteland known as SoCal, it is so good to have a place like ExP to visit (even if it is only online).

  7. Matt, maybe some of the churches pushing PPE and injections are worried about lawsuits. My guess, though, is that most want to fit in with the dominant culture.

    I agree that under MacArthur’s false gospel there could never be any real assurance of eternal life.

    2 Corinthians 13:5 should never be used for self-inspection of eternal life based on works, nor inspection of anyone else. And, you are right that fruit inspecting a dead person is a huge waste of time.

  8. I wonder if the churches requiring proof of vaccination, temp checks, etc are doing it more out of a fear of litigation.

    Holly, Pink would consider me absolutely demon possessed then, I LOVE Christmas!

    MacArthur should know that those living in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. His university almost lost its accreditation for a “culture of bullying” if I remember correctly, and then there’s the harassment of Brannon Howse by his crony Phil Johnson.
    To have any assurance under MacArthur’s theology, you have to be either self-righteous or have some some serious cognitive dissonance – “Oh I don’t PRACTICE sin/My sin isn’t HABITUAL/I feel BAD when I sin so I’m REALLY saved”.

    2 Corinthians 13:5 says “Examine YOURSELVES” not “Examine everybody else.” I can’t think of a bigger waste of time than trying to “fruit inspect” a dead man.

  9. Alice

    I shake my head when these ‘scholars’ can’t exposit 2 Cor 13 rightly, yet can take the place of judging another man’s salvation based on works.

    I agree, only the Lord knows whether Ravi believed or not. I cannot understand why people will not be Bereans and look at these passages in context. And why they trust these men to teach them the Word.

    I’ll never forget a teacher who used to reference other Scriptures when questions were asked, started sounding confused all of the sudden. When I asked a question about what she was saying, she got upset. I remember being confused about why she was upset with me, I didn’t tell her she was making no sense, but was trying to clarify what on earth she was saying (without using those words). It was her John MacArthur ‘study Bible’ I believe. Sadly that year a lot began to change. Others came in from another class, presumably to support her as they’d never attended. I guess I likely was considered the troublemaker, although it was never my intent. Yet as we contend earnestly for the faith once delivered, even if we try hard to do it gently with patience, we are going to offend some, maybe many.

  10. Johninnc, first time I had heard about a church requiring it, but if there is this one in Michigan, I’m guessing there are far more.

    Sam, thanks, always trying to ask which one. I think Ron Shea did an article somewhere on clear gospel which goes through Bible verses and asks the questions on ‘which kind’.

  11. Alice, it sounds like you watched a video of people who are wrapped up in a false gospel of works.

    It is wholly inappropriate to judge another person’s eternal soul, particularly based on the presence of sin in that person’s life.

    MacArthur, those on his panel, and those who agree with their false works-based gospel should go back and read John 5:24 and Revelation 1:27.

    John 5:24: Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that heareth my word, and believeth on him that sent me, hath everlasting life, and shall not come into condemnation; but is passed from death unto life.

    Revelation 1:27: And there shall in no wise enter into it any thing that defileth, neither whatsoever worketh abomination, or maketh a lie: but they which are written in the Lamb’s book of life.

  12. I just watched a YouTube video of John MacArthur with a panel of 3 men discussing Ravi Zacharias, his sexual scandals and whether he is in hell right now.
    These 3 “self righteous men” concluded that any person who claims to be a Christian with unrepentant sin needs to “examine if they are in the faith”. MacArthur said such a sinful lifestyle is “uncharacteristic of a person who is going to be in the kingdom of God”. One guy said, using 1 John that such “fruit” speaks of a person who is not saved.
    These “experts” know nothing about the 2 natures of the believer in Christ: the NEW nature in which it is impossible to sin and the OLD sin-nature in which it is possible to sin until physical death. The Flesh wars against the spirit as Galatians teaches.
    Only the Lord knows whether Ravi is in heaven or in hell but what these men are teaching is totally un-biblical.

  13. Thanks Holly I understand your explanation on using the term positional sanctification as it makes sense the way your using it.Thanks

  14. Holly, that’s the first I’ve heard of injection requirements to get into a “church,” but I’m not at all surprised.

  15. Yerbae, yes that sick feeling, often being a sure sign it’s not of God.

  16. In relation to your original Article John and how even the church buildings are participating in this brainwashing. This is from a personal good friend:

    “The in-law’s told my husband on the phone this morning that their (ultra liberal Presbyterian) “church” is now requiring parishioners who want to come to church in person to have both doses of the vaccine, answer medical questions about any symptoms, and sign something. Welcome to the new globalist agenda in the religious organizations and pre-control of the coming AC system. We try to explain these things to them and it just goes over their heads.”

  17. Yerbae. Years ago, I just couldn’t listen to certain ‘preachers’. Paul Washer seemed to be really popular around 2005 or so. FB ‘friends’ were constantly sharing and ooh-ing and aah-ing over his stuff. I tried a couple times and turned it off and avoided. Ray Comfort, John MacArthur, all awful. When I tried to say something, the nastiness in those people who loved them came out.

    When I got asked by a friend to do just what your friend asked, I transcribed the video. Stopped and started and noted the time and what was said.

    And I did it like this, notating the time, because unbelievably some would literally say, “he never said that”.

    Paul Washer said: “___________________________” (at 1:43 in the video)
    But the Bible says: “____________________________”

    And I’d pray. I tried hard to make it, they say, the Bible says. Some hear, a few hear honestly. The majority got angry, blocked, unfriended, gossiped, condescended, even called me reprobate. God bless those two past friends who just came to mind as I wrote this. Because they did not recognize the clear gospel and seemed to despise it. But boasted in their own works (Ps 94:4).

    God bless your efforts with your friend, it may take your time to look up all the passages, but it does dual cutting (Heb 4:12) and instructs us, and builds us up (Acts 20:32) at the same time 🙂

  18. MattM,

    Pink was definitely what I would call ‘mean’ and also condemning and accusatory (think of the accuser of the brethren), as most hard-core Calvinists are. When I did a Christmas post, I found all sorts of quotes by Pink on his thoughts on those who celebrated. If you even sent a Christmas card (even if it contained Scripture or the gospel) you were unsaved.

  19. Sam, Some mean it different ways. One guy that came to my website to harass me several years ago was seeing progressive sanctification as some sort of a probationary salvation (which some may very well see it that way), but that wasn’t what I believed. But the word tripped him up so I try very hard to explain what the Word says instead.

    The Bible says in Heb 10:10-14 that we were sanctified (once for all by His sacrifice), and that we’re perfected forever (that’s position). I also think of Jesus praying in the Garden of Gethsemane, for His already clean disciples (all but one), yet He prayed for them to be sanctified by the truth, His Word is truth. I see that as a practical cleansing like seen in Eph 5:26 or Ps 119:9.

    I usually try to remember to ask the contextual questions, like saved how? Saved eternally? Saved from consequences? Holy how? Holy for eternity or in our purity of walk? I guess that’s why I tend to use positional or ‘practically speaking’ or ‘our walk’. Because we are told to ‘be ye holy for I am Holy’, and we are also told to purify ourselves even as we are pure (1 Jn 3:3). So we see position vs. walk.

    People tend to take a word and think it only means one thing (i.e. Salvation = eternal life). So I always try to ask those questions when I get hung up. Even what we see in James 2 is a different kind of justification than the justification unto eternal life. Or the glorification in Rom 8:30 I do not see as the same as what happens when we are raised from corruptible to incorruptible (1 Cor 15:50-58). I think that’s where church language has confused a lot of people, it did for me. So thankful for the simplicity of one Professor from Moody Bible years back who said that most of our questions can be answered by asking the five W’s and the how of context. All 6 won’t always be answered, but it helps.

  20. katmazdobelieve

    I am praying for you and your friend.

  21. Verbae’, some of my wife’s dyed in the wool LS friends didn’t want to talk to her anymore once she let them know about the differences between the truth of the gospel and the errors of LS. They likely have found it very threatening, because they have so much sunk cost and so many relationships in their religions.

    Your friend is ingesting poison when he sits under false gospel teaching and wants to share it with you. He must be sensing that there is a stark difference between your beliefs and his, or he wouldn’t be trying to bring in the cavalry from Calvary to help him defend an indefensible position. It would be nice if you could get your friend to watch videos, read articles, etc. But, my guess is that he has already heard you clearly. It is likely the message he is resisting, instead of the messenger.

    I have prayed that you will have wisdom in interacting with your friend.

  22. Hobbs, When I read the quote from Pink I got a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. It is amazing how he takes the clear gospel message and just flips it on it’s head. Thank God we know the truth of the gospel now, none the less, reading it still made me upset!

    John, my friend that I talked to about Calvery Chapels being LS, is sending me videos from his church. He wants me to watch it, then we can chat. I thought I would watch it then I could send him a video by Yankee and ask him to recipicate since I watched his video. But I started watching the Calvary pastor’s video and within the first few minutes I couldn’t watch anymore because of the errors in doctrine.
    I am praying to Lord for wisdom on how to handle this friendship.

  23. johninnc, yeah I can see we need to highlight these errors so we can tell the good from the bad. I’d read the quote before but it just got to me this time. Good to know others are on the case in defending our hope.

  24. Hobbs, I’m glad you found the hymn uplifting and sorry that the Pink quote brought you down.

    Whether or not that was Pink’s desired effect on people, it definitely is not sound doctrine. I thought it was useful to reference it, as it is indicative of the false gospel information being promulgated by false teachers.

  25. The other day I awoke with the ‘Thine be the glory’ hymn going through my head; hopeful, joyful stuff about Christ conquering death. Then I read the Pink quote and by the end of the day I was a bit wrecked, it’s taken a while to recover. So yeah, I agree that quote is pretty nasty.

  26. MattM, yes, Dilbert often cuts to the heart of a matter in a really pithy way.

    As to the Pink quote, I agree that he seemed to almost take pleasure in trying to undermine peoples’ assurance by undermining the gospel.

  27. There was a Dilbert comic a few days ago that summed everything up nicely. Dilbert was on a video call with someone who demanded he put a mask on. Uncomfortably accurate.

    I meant to ask in my previous post, but does that A.W. Pink quote seem a bit mean-spirited to anybody else? It’s almost like he takes pleasure in attacking the reader’s assurance.

  28. Alice, the Bible says that anyone who has believed in Jesus as Savior has eternal (everlasting) life, which means it cannot be reversed, lost, or forfeited.

    John 5:24: Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that heareth my word, and believeth on him that sent me, hath everlasting life, and shall not come into condemnation; but is passed from death unto life.

    I believe this will continue to be the case during the Great Tribulation. I simply do not think any people who have believed in Jesus as Savior will take the mark of the beast. Once people believe in Jesus as Savior, they do not have to work to keep eternal life. Then, as now, no one can keep themselves saved any more than they can save themselves. I believe that God will someway, somehow make sure that no one who has accepted Jesus as Savior will take the mark of the beast.

    Meanwhile, the appetites of tyrants to compel us to adhere to their every whim, and to engage businesses and our fellow citizens in the efforts is frightening, especially since their tyrannical appetites appear to be insatiable and to have no moral boundaries. It is even difficult to know who our leaders are, as most of our visible leaders would not seem to be clever enough to hatch these diabolical schemes, either individually or collectively.

    Many of the so-called “conspiracy theories” about where the world’s powers are going with all of this have been prescient. In the past few days, we have had Dr. Anthony Fauci call for “vaccinating” infants as young as 6 months, seen increasing calls for “vaccination” cards and related passports, and found out more about databases being developed to track these monstrosities. And, there is always “the next strain” or “the next wave” around the corner.

    I think the reason this terror campaign has been so successful is that it has simultaneously fed on several fleshly impulses, including fear, herd mentality, and self-righteousness. We see on social media people wearing masks in their profile pictures, boasting of having received the “vaccines,” and congratulating one another. Many are almost begging for more tyranny. I read yesterday that more than 70% of the population in the UK advocates proof of “vaccines” for being able to engage in everyday activities, once everyone has been offered the “vaccine.” It seems as if almost no one is receptive to the truth about what they are supporting.

    Watchful Christians can see the world’s political and religious powers coalescing in increasingly organized fashion. When the culmination of this will be, I can’t say, but the process is clearly underway.

    The best advice I have is to not let our hearts be troubled, to remember that this isn’t our home, and to continue to promote and defend the gospel.

  29. Just what I was thinking. Awful, destructive thing to say. Talk about pulling the rug from under people. Perhaps he regretted it, we all make mistakes.

  30. Just wondering……
    As we have been dealing with Covid regulations for the last 12 months we have had to obey the government rules about wearing masks, social distancing, lockdown of businesses, schools and churches etc whether we believed in their efficacy or not, we had to comply.

    In the very near future, the Covid vaccinations are going to become mandatory/ compulsory without which we will not be able to get employment or go to grocery stores, attend school or catch public transport or fly in planes.

    Is it possible that during the 7 -year tribulation, many people who will have come to faith in Christ after the rapture of the Church, if they capitulated and gave into pressure and coercion to receive the mark of the beast / worship his image, are they still going to heaven?
    Revelation 14 makes it quite clear that those who receive the mark of the beast or worship the image will suffer eternal torment in the lake of fire forever.
    Salvation has always been by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone in all dispensations. But during the tribulation it seems to be faith in Christ and also not giving into pressure to receive the mark of the beast.
    Any thoughts would be appreciated.

  31. Your daily, weekly and/or monthly reminder that salvation is either earned by our works, or Jesus’ works.

    (I know regulars don’t need this, but I’ll bet the traffic this website receives warrants it).

  32. Chas, excellent point!

  33. “Dear friends, others who were equally sure as you are now in Hell!”

    One is left to wonder; just how, at the time he wrote that, did A.W.Pink know that? Had he been there?

  34. Well Johnnic I agree so amen to that. Two old men in agreement how about that lol. Now if the church’s could somehow discuss some of these issues wouldn’t that be nice if they would at least attempt to clear up some of these salvation issues. (Just kidding ) Well Have a good day and thanks for your blog I really enjoy all the comments here a lot of good issues discussed.

  35. Sam, in terms of becoming a saint (being sanctified), that happens completely, and irreversibly the moment a person believes in Jesus as Savior. We see quite a few of the epistles addressed to “the saints” or “the sanctified.”

    There are verses in the New Testament that some interpret to support the concept of “practical” or “progressive” sanctification, although scripture never specifically uses either term. I think any of our regular commenters who use these terms are clear that we are saints (sanctified) from the moment of belief.

    The concepts of being transformed by a renewing of the mind, growing in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ, and walking in the Spirit are all scriptural, but are misused whenever someone asserts that they are automatic in the lives of all Christians. That misuse is what can lead to fruit inspection.

    I think, no matter what terminology one uses for the above concepts, we all agree that scripture teaches that a Christian need not look to evidence of growth, transformation, degree of spirituality, nor anything else for evidence of eternal life. The only basis for assurance is God’s promise that anyone who has believed in Jesus as Savior has eternal life that can never be lost or forfeited.

    John 5:24: Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that heareth my word, and believeth on him that sent me, hath everlasting life, and shall not come into condemnation; but is passed from death unto life.

  36. Johnnic I agree with renewing of the mind, that is a good answer. I know you and most here reject fruit inspection I have noticed the term progressive sanctification before but I understand no one here using that in a way that requires growth to prove your salvation. I do think that the term progressive sanctification implies that improvement is required to become sanctified or more sanctified which would be incorrect as you either are or your not. Anyway I hope this makes sense if not just delete it. I also agree with the statement of faith completely.

  37. Sam, if you take a look at our statement of faith, we affirm that all Christians are sanctified the moment they believe in Jesus as Savior.

    I prefer to think of Christian growth in terms other than “progressive sanctification,” or “practical sanctification,” in favor of terms like “transformation.”

    Romans 12:2: And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.

    It is obvious from the text that it is not automatic in the lives of Christians.

    I know many of our readers and commenters here use the terms “practical sanctification” or “progressive sanctification.” I think all agree that we are “positionally sanctified” at the moment of belief.

    While I prefer to use other terms, I do not think that the use of “progressive sanctification” or “practical sanctification” leads to fruit inspection, nor do I think that any of our regular commenters think that those concepts should be used as a basis for fruit inspection. I think all of our regular commenters reject fruit inspection, of oneself or others, to provide any evidence or assurance of eternal life whatsoever.

    What COVID rules and LS have in common, is that as soon as you point out the absurdity or inconsistency of either, their proponents will come up with another angle.

  38. I may find some disagreement on this but I believe when you trust Christ for your salvation you are sanctified at the same time.I know some think this is progressive as they improve or mature etc. But my point is I think progressive sanctification leads to fruit inspection. Interested in others opinions on this. The government is not clear with all there Covid rules and the churches are not clear with their presentation of the Gospel (most but not all of course)

  39. MattM, people who are stuck in an LS mindset still think that God will only give a person the free gift of eternal life if they do something to merit it. Of course, this mindset is diametrically opposed to the clear biblical teaching that eternal life through Jesus Christ is the gift of God.

    The focus on how much or little one is sinning, or how many or few good works one is doing, or whether one’s perceived direction is improving for evidence of eternal life is simply not biblical. Nothing anyone says, no matter the label or accusation leveled, will change that.

  40. Alice, I agree. Focus on “fruit inspection” as necessary evidence of eternal life does not meet the biblical test of assurance, which can be found in John 5:24, among many other places in scripture:

    John 5:24: Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that heareth my word, and believeth on him that sent me, hath everlasting life, and shall not come into condemnation; but is passed from death unto life.

    There is a huge risk in some of these prophecy conferences (and related books, blogs, etc.), that peoples’ interest in the topic can expose them to teachers/teachings that undermine the gospel.

  41. Johnninc, absolutely agree. It’s so simple people trip over it. So many people think you have to add work somewhere, either in the front or the back, because in one way or another they are “ashamed of the gospel”.

    I’ve begun to think that “antinomian” along with Pelagian is the Reformed boogeyman. “Be careful or Auntie Nomian will get you!” It seems like when they know they don’t have a leg to stand on a works Salvationist says “antinomian” or “pelagian” and think that wins arguments.

  42. In a recent prophecy conference in California, a well-known prophecy teacher Ed Hindson said in his sermon “every believer will produce some fruit some 30 fold, some 60 fold, some 100 fold but all believers will produce SOME fruit. If there is no fruit, there is no life, if there is no life, there is NO salvation’.

    Once again it is back to “fruit inspection“ in order to establish one’s salvation status. Constantly looking at one’s performance, behaviour, conduct to give oneself assurance of eternal life instead of looking to the cross of Calvary of Jesus Christ and eternal security based on His finished work of redemption.

  43. MattM, a lot of people never come to faith in Christ because they don’t think it’s fair. Many such people naturally find false works-based gospels to be credible, because they teach that only good people (or people who want to be good, or are willing to be good, or who commit to being good) should get to have eternal life.

    Conversely, the Bible teaches that anyone who believes in Jesus as Savior has eternal life that can never be lost or forfeited, without reference to intention or desire to reform one’s life.

    Receiving eternal life by grace, through faith is not just the preferred way, it is the only way. The “Got Questions” site makes it sound like the gospel and Lordship “salvation” (LS) are equally valid, with each having its pros and cons. That is simply not true. Nor is it true that the gospel “makes it easier to arrive at antinomianism.” Hearing (or reading) and believing the gospel is how one receives eternal life. The only way that makes it easier to arrive at antinomianism is if the only people who ever arrive at antinomianism are those who have eternal life.

    LS is a false gospel of works that, by its very nature, points people away from Christ and to themselves. John Piper, among many others, does teach LS.

  44. Since you’ve brought up the gotquestions article, and since I (ironically) found out about Free Grace through that article, I feel the need to point something out. They say this: “The fact of the matter is that Free Grace Theology can make it easier to arrive at antinomianism.”

    If that’s true, then it also be reasonable to say that Lordship Salvation makes it easier to arrive at legalism, self-righteousness, and Works Salvation, would it not? I mean, the perfect evidence for that would be John Piper, who is unapologetically preaching that we are “saved” by our “fruit”!

  45. Rick, I’m glad you have found our articles to be a blessing!

    We are sometimes more prolific than others on new content, but we are always thankful for all of our readers.

  46. Rick D'Andrea

    Absolutely love your articles. I look forward to new ones constantly. My only complaint is that they are not issued often enough at a time when people need the Truth most. Thank you for this now most important ministry.

  47. Dennis, I am glad to hear that more are regaining their senses. I think that may be slowly happening here as well, which is usually met with renewed government and media devotion to fear mongering.

  48. Dennis Klopper

    Thanks for this posting. We have the same problem in New Zealand, with propaganda and fear about the virus, the order if the day.

    Some people however are asking from their slumber, opening their eyes to the real agenda behind all this.

    A movement called Voices for Freedom has started here, and is gaining traction.

    Blessings Dennis Klopper.

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