Our Beautiful America

You will be awed as you view this amazing web video. You will see wonderful places you recognize, but remember:

  • Our gallant soldiers are fighting to preserve what you see.
  • There are forces in our country and abroad who would like to take over and destroy the soul of our beautiful America.
  • Today, we have the freedom to worship as we please, but again, forces are afoot who would destroy this freedom.
  • They will not rest until America is under totalitarian rule.



2 responses to “Our Beautiful America

  1. Thanks Dee,

    Good for what your brother did. We should appreciate those who sacrifice for us and our freedom.

    Yes, May God continue to bless America.. The way our country is going, He may not!

    In Christ, ExP(Jack)

  2. Jack, you are amazing!
    I don’t know how anyone knows as much as you!
    I thank Jesus He has gifted you with such;
    you share it with us.
    Before Jesus called my brother Home, it was his dream to travel America – he loves it so much.
    He sacrifically; faithfully gave to the wounded and paralyzed Veterans.
    Put one of their signs on his front door “PROUD SUPPORTER PARALYZED VETERANS OF AMERICA.”
    He also had the American Flag on there.
    On his mailbox he had the American Flag and sign “PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN”
    In his front yard, he had a flag pole with the American Flag on it everyday.
    On his shirt, he proudly wore the pin with the American; Israel Flags on it. I gave him that; he loved it.

    May God continue to richly Bless America; our troops.