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29 responses to “Guest Rules – Disclaimer

  1. Bruce,

    Thanks so much for taking the time to read and analyze the Neufeld article. That must have been yeoman’s work. My suspicions were confirmed. He is obviously a radical Calvinist/LS proponent. One wonders how such doctrine can be believed by Christians.


    Thanks again for your query. I pray Bruce’s analysis answers your questions. Please be assured, Lordship “Salvation,” whether it be from Neufeld, MacArthur, Chan, et al, is truly a works based “faith” and absolutely contrary to the entirety of the Bible.

    Please use our search box, above, right.. and enter “lordship salvation” or “MacArthur” or “Chan” and you will see multiple articles and discussions which will enlighten you on the subject.

    You will notice I have deleted the link to the Neufeld article.

    Also please comment directly on articles in the content part of the Blog. Originally this “Comment Rules” area was supposed to be informational. I will close comments on it today.
    Thanks for your interest and you are welcome any time for discussion.

    In Jesus Christ eternally, Jack

  2. Hello Jack, Thank you for this blog. I found the right place. Bruce, I appreciate your feedback. Thank you for taking the time to read and respond to the article. I have begun to distance myself from MacArthur. I never believed in Calvinism. I read an excellent book The Dark Side of Calvinism by George Bryson. Regarding Lordship rethinking this area. It does seem to be works salvation.


  3. Just so there will not be any doubt as to the unbiblical thrust of the Neufeld article, I decided to include a few more quotations:

    “Eternal life depends on obeying Jesus” (p. 276).
    “Active obedience to Jesus and his teaching continues to be the narrow gate to life” (p. 277).
    “In Mark, selling all to buy the field means readiness to walk away from bodily life itself, and only this saving obedience brings eternal life” (p. 283).
    “God’s wrath is coming, and to repent and be baptized will bring a merciful salvation, as long as it includes repentance fruit, particularly economic kindness and integrity. No fruit, no escape” (p. 285).
    “Our reader [ref. to Mark 8] learns that following Jesus includes faithful witness to Jesus and the gospel (v. 35), to Jesus and his words (v. 38), and to both in the face of death. This dangerous following is not a radical higher stage of discipleship or Christian living, but the only way to eternal life. Saving one’s life now brings a death without resurrection life” (p. 281).

    Do you hear what this man is saying? He is declaring that salvation only comes through man’s sacrifice and obedience—clearly a false, works-for-salvation gospel!
    Neufeld’s last statement quoted reminds me of Francis Chan’s “Crazy Love” book that sends all the lukewarm (those whom he subjectively deems to be not radically committed to God) to hell!

  4. Hello Mike:

    Thanks for dropping by and for your question regarding the Neufeld article. I trust that you are an honest searcher for truth and not one who is merely trying to promote Reformed Calvinist/Lordship Salvation doctrine.

    I printed out and read the article in detail. Here is my evaluation:

    The Neufeld article, as with all Reformed/Calvinist LS teaching, uses the Synoptic Gospel DISCIPLESHIP passages, which are clearly directed to BELIEVERS signifying how committed disciples of Christ SHOULD ACT) as though they were salvation texts for unbelievers to become saved. This is erroneous unbiblical unbalanced teaching. It leads to a falsely-manufactured contradiction with clear salvation texts which declare repeatedly that salvation comes through BELIEVING IN CHRIST JESUS ALONE (we are saved by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone). Has anyone ever noticed that Reformed Calvinist LS writers almost always avoid the Gospel of John??? Here are some of those clearcut salvation Scriptures: 1 John 5:1-13; John 3:16-18; 5:24; 6:29, 35, 40, 47; 7:38; 11:25-26; 20:31; Ephesians 2:8-9, Romans 4:5, Acts 16:30-31; Titus 3:4-7.

    Neufeld made so many false and contradictory statements in his article that I would not even attempt to list them all. I’ll quote just a few things that he said just to give the main thrust of the article:

    Strangely and ironically, Neufeld, in Chapter II assents to the fact that the Synoptic Gospels were written to believers, yet the rest of the paper seems to deny or circumvent this fact. He said (p. 271), “I will not contend with the common view that the Synoptic Gospels address believers, in Matthew’s case Jewish believers.”

    Now, listen to some of the FALSE statements that Neufeld makes:

    “One accesses the saving of Jesus by repentance, baptism, and confession” (p. 271).
    “Being his (Jesus’) people requires baptism and confession, and above all repentance that bears fruit” (272).
    “Being merciful, pure in heart, peacemakers, and persecuted for righteousness’ sake also develop the meekness of the second beatitude. Each is an aspect of the condition by which the follower of Christ receives salvation from God” (273).
    “Jesus announced an almost entirely interpersonal righteousness, calling people [to] be merciful, be peacemakers, do not hate or condemn, forgive others, love enemies, and do to others as you would have them do to you. Jesus also included moral concerns like adultery, and some pointed teaching about possessions and wealth. By embarking on this ‘way,’ one joins with Jesus’ people and receives God’s forgiveness” (275).

    Mike, and others, I could go on and quote many other similar statements from this writer Neufeld. All of his statements above are FALSE and UNBIBLICAL! They clearly promote a false gospel of works-for-salvation.

  5. Mike,

    I am sorry that I cannot read that PDF due to eye problems and the inability to magnify the document sufficiently. If it were columnar I might be able to.

    However I noticed a few things in a quick read of the first couple of paragraphs that he speaks in terms of a Calvinist position and then the home page of the organization which published the article recommends an Adventist web site. I disagree with both philosophies.

    Maybe someone will be able to read the article and publish a comment.. but if you have a specific question and want other answers, go to our home page and pick a post and comment there.

    If you read the article on the header above, “Eternal Life For You” you will see the Biblical position on “What Must I Do To Be Saved.”

    Thank you.
    In Jesus Christ eternally, Jack

  6. Just came across yout site will researching Lordship Salvation. I was wondering if some can comment on THE GOSPEL IN THE GOSPELS: ANSWERING THE QUESTION “WHAT MUST I DO TO BE SAVED?” FROM THE SYNOPTICS . . . Edmund K. Neufeld

    {{ False Doctrine Link Deleted by Administrator }}


  7. Thanks, Jack, for the clarity of your teaching and for standing strong through the years.

  8. Thanks Jeff,

    Not sure what else may be said than what has been said,,, except:
    God’s Grace is NOT Cheap. The price paid was the Death, Burial and Resurrection of the Son of God, Jesus Christ. Never call it cheap.
    Romans 11:6 “And if by grace, then is it no more of works: otherwise grace is no more grace. But if it be of works, then is it no more grace: otherwise work is no more work.”

    Grace cannot be mixed with works – polar opposites.

    In Jesus Christ eternally,


  9. Hi,

    I stumbled onto this site googling about Francis Chan’s sermon, and was surprised by such a strong reaction to it and the discussion that followed. I was wondering if you could help me understand some of the perceived differences between the two views.

    I know that we tend to label LS as “faith by works” or Free Grace as “cheap grace”. Chan’s position in the video, while kind of harsh, was done in love and still maintained that salvation was by faith alone. The works that he mentions are for us to examine in our own lives. I don’t think he ever points a group out specifically and says YOU ARE GOING TO HELL because of XYZ ACTION. He says if we examine our lives and this lifestyle, there are a lot of things we should think about in regards to our faith. Living in Northern Virginia, I guess I can empathize with the “comfortable lifestyle” of this area and the tension it has w/ my faith.

    Anyway, Looking over your site, I feel like it is essentially saying the same thing, that we are saved by faith and that we should move away from sin. I don’t know if that was confusing or not. But essentially I take away the common things. That we ultimately are saved by faith, not works; that a growing faith in Christ should be marked by a changing in attitude/action that reflects Christ. I don’t believe of any LS advocate that would point at someone who is going through a rough patch in their lives and say they are doomed or were never a Christian. These things are for the believer to examine for themselves.

    Part of me feels like they all semantics at the end of the day. You can look at the entirety of someone’s life and say they were never a Christian in the first place, or that they “fell away”, or whatever else but does it really matter at that point.

    Haha, okay well I’ve gone from asking a question to being on a soapbox so I will stop. Any insight would be helpful. Thanks!

  10. Eden,

    Thanks for stopping by. I visited your site and thought your articles were interesting.

    You asked for my opinion — these things were obvious to me upon first reading.

    However I saw no indication of a detailed statement of your faith. What do you really believe in detail?

    From some of the things you said in your articles, I would ask:

    Do you know that Jesus Christ died for ALL of your sins — not just some, not just past sins? ALL !!!

    Do you know for SURE that when you die, you will go straight to Heaven? You need to know this. Yes or no and why.

    Do you know that 1 John 1:9 gives the solution for our daily sins — and reclaiming our fellowship (not our salvation)?

    Please visit here and tell me if you completely understand and agree.

    In Jesus Christ eternally,

  11. Hello! I would love your opinion of my blog. In Him,

  12. Otis,

    Thanks for dropping by.. Your comments are right on target.

    In Jesus Christ eternally,


  13. If Obama was once a Muslim, then he cannot be a Christian because he is not dead. He is actually dead in trespasses and sin. He hates America like his Czars and will continue to bankrupt us so we are vulneable to a take over by China or the invading hords of Islam. Islam is the Trojan Horse. From the cell phone will come the call for the coup. With our armies are spread out around the world, who will defend us? Make your peace with Jesus Christ.

  14. I like the way you write and thank you for sharing your thoughts on many issues. I live in Singapore and worship in a Methodist church. Will drop in again. May the Lord keep you and your wife safe from all harm and evil and give you more energy to continue to share the gospel of salvation through Jesus Christ. God bless you.
    Best regards,
    Ai Boon

  15. Just wanted to say God bless you! I have a writing site for young people. Come check it out when you have time!

  16. Thanks David and Anthony.

    Jesus Christ and Him alone.

    In Christ eternally,


  17. Praise God bro. Anthony!! What glorious truth! Only in the cross of Christ I glory!!!!!!!!

  18. Thank you for your replies, my friends. Being on the road most of the time allows me to listen to alot of “Christian” radio. It’s very disturbing to hear very popular so called Christian teachers lead many astray by adding works to the initial phase of our salvation by encouraging the act of “giving your life to Jesus” or “making Jesus the Lord of your life” or “turning from your sin”. Thats impossible for the natural man (the once born) to do! They always confuse discipleship with salvation! It is so clear from Paul’s letters and even from the theif on the cross, that being “born again” happens in an instant the moment a person approaches the cross with only his sins and nothing else and accepts what another has done, God’s only begotton Son DYING FOR US! This not only happens in an instant but also places us into an everlasting union with Christ that can never ever be broken! Not even if we stopped believing (if that were possible), or continued in “sin” supposing that we are sinless after salvation. This blessed union is what is sorely missing in 98 percent of ALL Christian churches today! We need to get back to Christ within and not the law without! We need to rightly divide the Word of Truth. If we want to return to Mount Sinai we must remember that there is penalty with law breaking. Those that want to be under law today only take the commandments and NEVER the penalties! Whens the last time you have seen a young man or woman thrown out into the street in front of their church and stoned to death for committing adultery? Those that wish to be under law, as a way of life to God, do not hear what the law is saying! It says…I AM DEATH TO ALL SINNERS! And what are all we? Great is our Lord and Saviour the Lord Jesus Christ! He is the ONLY one that can rescue us, He alone! Never can we add or do ANYTHING to be pulled from the fire! My God bless all those who PREACH THE CROSS OF CHRIST! And the cross alone! Grace, pure Grace is whats missing. Grace has got me and will never let go! Know this, popular pastors, God has pronounced a curse on any other Gospel than the one the apostle PAUL clearly teaches. See you in the clouds….


  19. God Bless you bro. Jack.

    Bro. Anthony!! What gracious words! I agree with bro. Jack! So good to have solid brethren post! May the Lord bless you & I do hope to hear from you again soon! Bro. Jack is a great brother who has much Bible-directed wisdom to share!

  20. Anthony,

    We are pleased to have you visit our humble web site., Thanks for dropping by.

    It is always exciting and encouraging to hear from doctrinally solid, discerning believers in Christ.

    I pray God will continue to bless you in your walk with Christ,

    In Christ eternally,


  21. Greetings, I’ve just had a short overview of your website and comments on Lordship salvation and amazed at how close your responses are to what is taught in my assembly. I’m especially encouraged by your “36” amazing things. My former pastor is retired now but has wriitten extensivly about the pure grace that is clearly explained in scripture concerning the PREACHING OF THE CROSS! and has defined 36 “values of the cross”. Im starting to see that those that are truly SAVED understand what pure GRACE is. Grace is the stongest motivator that has ever been offered to mankind to abstain from ANY sin! It was only after I started to understand, that on a cold, terrible night, close to 30 years ago, in an instant I saw the truth plainly revealed in the word of God, believed and was saved forever. It then took about 20 years of praying that I finally understood the power that was inside of me, Christ himself! Thats 20 years of being saved but looking and living like an unsaved person, constantly TRYING to live the Christian life with absolute failure. Now, with the confidence that I know my past, present and future sins are forgiven I’ve starting living with victory, with great joy and peace! The Lordship salvationists deny that we, as we live in a world controlled by the enemy, have 2 natures: The old man as from Adam (flesh), and the new man, the one we will be forever(spirit). They try to get the old man saved, the one that died with Christ! And most believe THEY have. The old man is strong but the new man is much stronger with resources from God Himself! God Bless you sir. I hope to write again soon.

  22. I tried your “Please Email Us” link but it won’t go through. Please email me. You knew me as Tina Ammons or Tina VandenHurk.

  23. Brother Dennis,

    Wonderful about your Dad.. though you will miss him — what an assurance to KNOW he is “absent from the body and present with the Lord!”

    God bless you and your family,

    In Christ eternally,


  24. Greetings Brother Jack in the faithful name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Hope you and Ms Shirley had a wonderful Resurrection Sunday. He is faithful, isn’t He?

    My dad went home to be with the Lord the week before Easter. How great the encouragement we find when our faith rest in Him. It was the first day of spring March 20, 2008 that my dad broke forth in newness of life, this time in eternity.

    Thanks for the link to the Windows Live Writer. I am using it and it is very nice.

    malachi (Brother Dennis)

  25. David Rockwood

    Jack, has there been any change with the eyesight in your one good eye? I pray for you every day on my way to work, and before going to bed.

    Isn’t is great that Ray is going to Egypt to preach and teach, in spite of his cancer? May the Lord continue to bless you both.


  26. Dear Sir,

    I wanted to add you to my blogroll and for some reason it came up with a number. Do you know why it does this?

    Thank you for standing firm to the old landmarks. My 12 year old son wants to be a preacher. He said he knows the Lord is calling him into the ministry and has been saying so since the age of 5. I am thankful that all three of my children have made a profession of faith. We strive hard to not only set the example but be the example God has called us to be as their parents.

    I am so glad I stumbled across your blog.


  27. Randy — if indeed you are “Randy”

    Your comment belies the premise of your attending statements. Apparently you found some doctrine from other web sites and tried to plug it in here.

    (1) You will never find words in my blog that suggest “all i have to do to have eternal life is to say a prayer one time and then i can continue to live in my sin…”

    Saying a prayer will not save anyone. Only your belief or trust in Jesus Christ as YOUR personal Savior will give you eternal life. Obviously your sarcasm tells me you have not done so. Who are you trusting for eternal life? Sounds like maybe yourself.

    (2) “Living in sin” does not determine your eternal destination. According to Scripture, you are already a condemned sinner by nature and by deed, regardless of whether you involve yourself with fornication or pornography or a lie. Without Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, you are hell bound. Without Christ, we all are.

    (3) Christ never asks you to give up your sin to trust Him as your Savior. Your premise is wrong. However, if you are a believer in Christ, He asks that you SHOULD move away from sin.. not TO BE saved but because you are saved. THAT is how much He loves you. As a believer in Christ, you would have the power to do so… as an unbeliever you will have no power nor inclination to do so.

    (4) To “Repent” is to change your mind about Jesus Christ and who He is (THE SAVIOR) as opposed to whatever god or gods you presently worship. (Not to turn from sin – you never found that “repent = turn from sin” doctrine on this web site).

    Your last statement — “When I meet Him..” is true. You WILL meet Him either happily as the one belonging to Him as YOUR redeemer — or you will meet Him as your Righteous and Fearful Judge. Then you will realize you have condemned yourself to hell by not believing or trusting in Jesus Christ as your Savior.

    Randy, He died for you in your place, paid your sin debt– was buried, rose from the grave.. and showed Himself to many. He says to you, “Whosoever (Randy) believes in ME (JESUS) shall not perish but have everlasting life.” That simple.

    Randy, please trust Jesus alone to be your Savior.


  28. randy lefebvere

    it’s good to know,from your teachings,that all i have to do to have eternal life is to say a prayer one time and then i can continue to live in my sin.I mean,i want eternal life but i aint giving up my fornication and pornography.Thanks for letting me know that to get eternal life i dont need to do anything!!Some preachers say we have to do all kinds of stuff,like repenting and turning from our sins.I can now feel good that i DO have eternal life and will always have it,no matter what sins i cherish and refuse to give up.I’ll make sure i tell Jesus when i meet Him that you really helpped me understand these things.