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Dismantling the Calvinist Tulip: “TULIP” De-Petaled

I appreciate this quote excerpt from a wonderful Blog friend. It is priceless… I have taken the liberty to emphasize some words and phrases. Excerpt from Major Ian Thomas’ book “Mystery of Godliness”: FREEDOM OF CHOICE By: Major W. Ian … Continue reading

Lordship Salvation’s J.D. Greear – The Situational Calvinist

By johninnc John 3:16: For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. In doing research for another recent post, I stumbled across an … Continue reading

True or False: A Person Who Believes In Jesus For Salvation WILL Have A Change Of Behavior

By Jack Weaver and our fellow Administrator, John.  In a recent Internet conversation with a gentleman, he insisted that a person who believes in Christ WILL have a change of behavior. He insisted that a believer, being indwelt “with the … Continue reading

Notes on Calvinism: Calvinism, a Rigged Carnival Game

Remember going to a carnival as a child? Pretty fun; pretty exciting, right? I used to love the carnival games. So magical! So enticing! For a small price of a couple of quarters, along with a bit of skill and … Continue reading


Please note: While we still welcome comments regarding Wiki-Index, we will no longer be maintaining the index. Wiki-Index: ExP’s mission is not to tear down, but to defend the Truth of God’s Word and protect the sheep from being deceived.  We expose lies … Continue reading

John MacArthur Speaks on Predestination: A Rebuttal

John MacArthur Speaks on Predestination Question: A Grace-Based Rebuttal Source of the MacArthur Interview:, 2010, Media, General Session 5, an Interview with John MacArthur Introductory Comments: Generally speaking, when I review an article or interview, I will select several … Continue reading

Calvinists /Lordship Salvationists Set Up a Straw-Man Argument Against Free Grace Teachers — It Is Called “Decisional Regeneration.”

By Jack Weaver and our friend/contributor, John We recently received a comment (which we did not publish) from a gentlemen who stated: I am so glad you and your generation are retired! Yours is the generation that brought us the … Continue reading

Notes on Calvin and Calvinism: Was John Calvin Really a Calvinist?

A Possible Sheep in Wolves’ Clothes or a Hard-core Calvinist Through and Through?—Notes on Calvin and Calvinism: Was John Calvin Really a Calvinist? . Sources: Dr. Phil Stringer, “Was John Calvin a Calvinist?” Grace Leadership Conference, 2011, Quentin Road Bible … Continue reading

Latest pronouncement by John Piper: It Takes a Village to Remain Eternally Secure; John Piper’s Latest

(Source: desiringGod website, 9/15/2012: John Piper, article, “Eternal Security is a Community Project.”) In his recent sermon, “Eternal Security Is a Community Project,” John Piper declares that our eternal security is not based solely upon the finished work of Christ … Continue reading

Statement of Faith

Source for Our Beliefs 1. The Bible, in its original documents, is the inspired Word of God, the written record of His supernatural revelation of Himself to man, absolute in its authority, complete in its revelation, final in its content, … Continue reading

Calvinism >> Moderate << Lordship "salvation"

While web surfing yesterday I came across a church web site in which the well known Pastor claims he is neither a Calvinist nor a Lordship “Salvation” proponent — yet he promotes both on his web site. He indicates that … Continue reading

Calvinism and the Sovereignty of God, Calvinism’s “god” of Limited Sovereignty!

posted by Califgracer In his 1986 book, Inside The Tulip Controversy:  Calvinism Rebuked and Revisited, author Kent Kelly lays out a convincing argument for the blatant hypocrisy of Calvinism (on page 59) in that, although Calvinists pride themselves on believing in … Continue reading

The God of Calvinism: Calvinism’s “god”: All Loving or a Misanthrope?

by Califgracer One of the top ten excuses that I have heard from individuals who reject Christianity and the God of the Bible goes as follows: “I just can’t understand how a loving God could send people by the millions or … Continue reading

Lordship salvation, Calvinism and One Naturism: Do Christians Still Possess a Sin Nature?

I would like to propose a question or two to my readers about One Naturism, so called. Thanks for the suggestion from reader JanH. Having written extensively about the problems with Lordship Salvation and Reformed/Calvinist teaching, it appears to me … Continue reading

John MacArthur / Lordship Salvation

I was recently challenged by a person who responded to my comment on another Blog. Because he was a devotee of John MacArthur, he was upset that I called MacArthur a proponent of “Lordship Salvation.” (LS) He claimed, in very … Continue reading