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Rick Warren’s Ecumenism. “Chrislam” and Lordship Salvation?

Is there a connection? Most folks don’t necessarily think of Rick Warren as a big supporter of Lordship Salvation — but we have written and documented it here and here. Think about this idea I propose that Warren may be … Continue reading

Andy Stanley’s Catalyst “Leadership” Now in SoCal with Rick Warren

As if Andy Stanley’s big Catalyst Leadership shindig a few weeks ago in Atlanta, featuring speakers Cornell West, Mark Driscoll, et al was not enough, Andy has expanded his CatalystOneDay Leadership Conference to Orange County, California. meeting with Rick Warren … Continue reading

Rick Warren, Tony Blair, John Piper – Togetherness?

Apostate Ecumenism at its worst?  Peace at any price, without the Prince of Peace? How long will the followers of these men continue to swallow the lies. Look at the amazing combination of Catholic dogma, New Age, Reformed/Calvinist drivel emerging … Continue reading

Beware Rick Warren’s New Age Daniel Plan. It sounds so good, but… POISON

Lighthouse Trails has a very interesting and disturbing article on Rick Warren’s New Age “Daniel Plan.” I have included some excerpts from the article along with my comments . Do these names and terms sound familiar? Are they names and … Continue reading

Rick Warren and His Latest Apostate “Health” Efforts

Has anyone else noticed Rick Warren’s new health kick.. utilizing three “doctors” to minister to his church. They are Dr. Daniel Amen, Dr. Mark Hyman, and Dr. Mehmet Oz, all three New age gurus, two of whom worked with Oprah’s … Continue reading

Rick Warren Speaks to Islam Muslims – No Gospel

Rick Warren, who some call “Pastor To The World” showed his true colors when he spoke to 8000 Islamic faithful in Washington DC on July 4th 2009. He said: “Muslims and Christians can work together for the common good without … Continue reading

Rick Warren speaks at Islam Convention July 4th

Rick Warren, in his effort to be Ecumenical Pastor of the World, will be speaking to the Islamic Society of North America at their conference in Washington DC. on July 4, 2009, American Independence Day. Do you suppose he will … Continue reading

Rick Warren — Problem? or Problem Solver?

This morning, for five ot ten minutes, Fox and Friends featured Rick Warren, famous Pastor of Saddleback Church and author of “The Purpose Driven Life.” This was obviously a promotion for Rick’s special on FoxNews one day soon. I don’t … Continue reading

Lordship Salvation: Partaking in Greg Laurie’s Evil Deeds (Part 2)

By johninnc 2 John 1:11: For he that biddeth him God speed is partaker of his evil deeds. We recently featured an article on the upcoming “Harvest America” event, led by false teacher Greg Laurie. See link below: Lordship Salvation: Greg … Continue reading

Lordship Salvation: Greg Laurie’s Bitter Harvest

By johninnc John 3:16: For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.  I recently received from our regular commenter Holly a couple of … Continue reading

Southern Baptists Hold Lordship Salvation All-Star Event

The Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) is holding its annual Pastors’ Conference June 8-9 in Baltimore. This year’s event is called “Show Us Your Glory”. We have written several articles at ExPreacherman that document the SBC’s long history of perverting God’s … Continue reading’s Most Popular Articles Posted Within The Amazing Past Year

Listed below are our most popular articles posted within the last year. The number of views are recorded in the right hand column of each listing. You will notice on our page- right column – that has accumulated over … Continue reading

Are All “Christian” Religions Teaching Lordship “Salvation”?

By Jack Weaver The Gospel  1 Corinthians 15:3-4 To Be Believed: John 3:16,18a For Eternal Life!! John 10:28 Not by Works: Titus 3:5,  Ephesians 2:8-9 It is sadly evident that virtually every “Christian religious” system ever formulated by mankind (men … Continue reading


Please note: While we still welcome comments regarding Wiki-Index, we will no longer be maintaining the index. Wiki-Index: ExP’s mission is not to tear down, but to defend the Truth of God’s Word and protect the sheep from being deceived.  We expose lies … Continue reading

Sympathy for Rick and Kay Warren at Their Son’s Suicide

By Jack Weaver Rick and Kay Warren’s son, Matthew, committed suicide a week or so ago. Many of us here have children and, no matter their age or circumstances, we can think of nothing worse than discovering that our child … Continue reading

Mission Impossible “salvation”: Lordship “salvation” — Demanding the Impossible!

By Jack Weaver Occasionally we are asked why we concentrate on exposing the awful and un-Biblical  theory called, Lordship Salvation [LS] or, as I prefer to call it, Lordship Probation. This false message is advancing at lightning speed through too … Continue reading

Outlandish Quotes by “Religious” Leaders

If you ever suspected that the “Religious” Left is perverting the Gospel of Jesus Christ.. these quotes should convince you.See how many you know… Unbelievable — and these are the “Leaders” of the modern Church. Pitiful. Today there really aren’t … Continue reading

When Do We Compromise?

When do we compromise our faith, our beliefs, our principles, our morals?  NEVER !!!! There are organizations and people, leaders and Pastors who are trying to undermine our fundamental Bible faith. Compromise and acceptance of error is not new. It … Continue reading

The Emerging Emergent Church

From The Berean Call newsletter, September 2007 issue is an article on “Weaning Evangelicals Off the Word – Part 3” It is interesting in that it names names and organizations who are involved in the “Emerging Church Movement” and enumerates … Continue reading