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Philippians 4:6: Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.

Given the number of prayer requests that we receive, we thought it would be helpful to consolidate into one place, and have prayer requests as a header for this site.

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  1. Helen, It appears that child sacrifices are happening again, but in the form of “vaccines”. Back in the OT, it was Baal and Molech worship where parents sacrificed their children in the fire. King Solomon was guilty of this too as he built 2 altars to the 2 Satanic gods, Chemosh and Molech as recorded in 1 Kings 11:6-8.

  2. William, you did a wonderful thing trying to protect that child. I am sorry that you were attacked on so many fronts. This “hypnosis” on the population is called mass formation and Prof Mattias Desmat has done many interviews, even to the Corona Auswiss with Reiner Fuellmich and his team. The devil is showing no mercy going after the children with these mRNA jabs. The truth is even out now that they are cell and gene therapy. Bayer executive Stefan Oelrich said it on video weeks agoSent from my Samsung Galaxy J4+ – Powered by Three

  3. John, It sure feels like we are being hemmed in by evil from all directions.

  4. Thanks William.

    That is a really dreadful story about what was happening at your local school. It seems like the whole world has been brainwashed.

  5. I had to take a stand today and spoke up for the truth. I was in my backyard working out when suddenly I heard a little child screaming at the top of his/her lungs, crying for help and I could tell that this child was in a struggle being dragged away. I could hear the child scream out the words, “NO, NO, I don’t want it!!!” “Help me!!” “Help me!” It was LOUD! This went on for a good 5 to 7 minutes straight and sounded like it was coming from the schoolyard of the elementary school where I work at just next door to my house and the first thought that came to my mind was that a little child was either getting raped or getting kidnapped, so I immediately ran to the schoolyard and noticed that cars were parked in the yard and several people were standing around. The screaming from the little child had stopped by the time I got there, so I told some of the adults there that I heard a little child screaming and struggling for help and I asked what was going on.

    A lady that was seated and breastfeeding her son told me that it was her little daughter that was screaming and struggling because “she was nervous and scared about getting the vaccine.” Then it dawned on me that the school cafeteria was being used on Saturday mornings as a vaccine clinic. I got upset and told the lady that if her daughter does not want the vaccine that ”SHE SHOULD NOT BE FORCED TO GET IT.” She got upset and told me that “it was none of my business and that I should leave!” and “get out of here!”, but I told her “no.” I then told her the truth and said that this “vaccine” is not a vaccine, but a bioweapon. She got even more upset and then threatened to call the police on me. I told her to “go ahead and call the police on me” and that it “scared me”! She never called the police.

    At that point a rep from the health department came out of the cafeteria and confronted me and said that I had no right to be there. He asked who I was and I told him that I work there and also live in very close proximity to the school. I told him that I was very concerned about the little child screaming and calling for help like that where I thought that she was being raped or kidnapped. He also told me that the little girl was very nervous and scared about getting jabbed so I told him the same thing that I told the little girl’s mother, but he said children need to be vaccinated for protection. I then proceeded to tell him that these vaccines are known to kill people and that many people also suffer severe anaphylactic side effects. The rep acknowledged the fact that the side effects are real.

    But when I said that it is a known fact that these vaccines have killed people, another rep immediately butted into the conversation and rebuked me saying that “No one has ever died from the vaccine!” I told him, “Oh, really?!” I told him that I have a whole compilation of cases over a foot high and that I did my homework on this one. I knew he was lying and totally blind to the truth.

    The first rep then told me that he knew our principal and that he was going to talk to him about this. I left and went home and called the principal and told him that I went there out of concern as a concerned citizen and had every right to be there and he agreed.

    During the whole time I was there, I could see how blinded and ignorant these people were where they just totally gave in to the lies, the fear mongering, and the narrative that is being aggressively pushed without ever doing their homework. They are just blindly going along. Sheeple. I can tell them the truth, but they will no doubt get offended and want me to leave. The same is true of all physicians, nurses, and medical personnel who tell the truth and refuse the jab will get threatened, fired, smeared, and censored.

  6. John, Glad to hear that you’re recovering. Still praying for you.

  7. Thanks Helen.

    God has truly blessed me with healing and I appreciate all of your prayers.

  8. Thats amazing, Johninnc. So glad that you are feeling better. Holly and myself and others have been praying for your recovery.Sent from my Samsung Galaxy J4+ – Powered by Three

  9. Thanks for all of your prayers everyone!

    I seem to have turned the corner, and I am making a slow recovery

    I was able to walk around the neighborhood yesterday. It was slow and taxing, but I made it.

  10. Still praying for John. Anybody heard how he’s doing?

  11. John, Are you feeling better? Is the HCQ and Ivermectin working?

  12. Hey William, thanks so much for asking.

    Gifford is still at home and will be for some time. He’s doing some PT and they did cast his arm. He has the walking cast on his leg and soft cervical collar. Because of the broken ribs, it will be some time, but sure the Lord is probably using for the right reason.

    My daughter is still pretty sick, she has not gotten the carbon monoxide test back still. But she is not ‘down’ if you know what I mean, just resting. I have her taking the Quercetin, Zinc, D3, C, NAC, and Hesperidin/Diosmin combo. She is taking mucinex and using a steamer, so she says she is on the mend. My son-in-law is doing just fine.

    I think you are thinking of my friend Debbie and her daughter Em. Em is still in out, in out, in out, etc. of the hospital. 2 times in the last week, the last by an ambulance. She needs a different hospital, I told her to go to Texas, I’d get her a hotel and when Em got sick again, go to a hospital there. I don’t know what she will do… But I’m kind of beside myself, they have had their fair share. Em’s faith is strong though even as she wastes away physically.

    The one who was paralyzed from the Jab, she got to go home yesterday. She is still basically the same, not sure if she has recovered any use of anything yet, but at least she was with her family for Thanksgiving, and I saw a whole lot more of God and prayer mentioned in the comments. We never know who understands, but I pray this causes them to seek.

    Thanks for praying, I sure appreciate it always.

  13. John, still praying. I’d suggest Mucinex in day (guaifenesan) and a suppressant maybe at night for sleep. Coughing response is good, our bodies natural response. Also, a steamer has always been huge for me with suppressing cough at night. The cool mist doesn’t work. I’ve had respiratory issues since a little kid, so I’ve learned what does and does not work for me. Plus just the necessity of having to be a medical power of attorney. Most drug stores have cheap steamers (Vicks brand usually) and the only thing is, sometimes you have to add a pinch of salt depending on the hardness of your water to get it to boil. It does need frequent clean out for the mineral and calcium deposits that build up. But I think it may help (and Vicks lol).

  14. Hi John, my prayers for your recovery.

  15. Holly, How is Gifford doing currently? I’m still praying for him. How is your daughter and son in law? and your daughter’s friend? Also, how is Adam’s friend who got paralyzed from the waist down after getting the jab? I’m still praying for them all. Please keep us posted. Let us not give up praying for one another! God is good.

    Happy Thanksgiving!!

    Philippians 4:6-7 – 6 Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.

    7 And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.

    Luke 18:1 – And he spake a parable unto them to this end, that men ought always to pray, and not to faint;

  16. John, Glad to hear you’re on the HCQ and Ivermectin. I hear you. The cough can be a real pain. Ever since childhood, if I ever get a cold, I always get a nasty throat infection that comes with a hardcore cough that keeps me up all night where I have to take a heavy duty cough syrup to keep it under control. The same is true currently whenever I get a cold.

    Still praying for you. Please keep us posted. Happy Thanksgiving!

  17. William, it’s been rough going. I started on HCQ and Ivermectin yesterday. I still have a wicked cough and can’t sleep without taking heavy cough suppressants.

  18. Aristotle Logan Vargo

    Praying for you johnincc!!!

  19. John, How are you doing? Are you on the Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin or Zithromax?

  20. Chas, My gosh!!! $130 a week at your own expense just for the test?!!!! That is utterly insane! This just goes to show how they are going any which way possible to try to make life as hard as possible for those who refuse the jabs. It’s not about the health and well being of the general public, but about the love of $$$$. They are trying to make your wife compromise and give in using this method. Praying for you and your wife. Praying that God will deal with her evil employer.

  21. Chas, I don’t know where you live, but there are places that offer it less expensively. I know they were asking in our stop the mandate group and several came up with alternate places for less than nothing (Grand Junction Co).


  22. Thanks everyone for the prayer and support.
    The problem with testing is that it’s at our expense. $130.00 a week. My wife might as well quit and find another job (though I don’t know if anyone’s hiring the “unvaccinated”). At least, if she stayed home, we’d save on gas.

  23. chas, Praying for your wife’s work situation with the mandate. I am currently testing every week just so that I can keep my job. I’ve also submitted a religious exemption which my employer has accepted, but they also added that it is just for now. Your wife should go for the weekly testing with the PCR testing kits. My workplace supplies them every week. I’d rather get tested than jabbed. Those jabs have been proven fatal and permanently crippling for many people worldwide. I have a whole compilation of cases from all over the world that is over a foot high which is just the tip of the iceberg.

    I’ve so far tested negative 18 times within an 11 month time period. Praise God!

  24. Holly, I’m not a doctor and I have no idea regarding the dosages for Hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin, and Zithromax. All I know is that these meds have done marvelous wonders for covid patients. The Hydroxychloroquine is very inexpensive to manufacture and to purchase, but because of the fact that Fraudci and his associates have gone any which way possible to malign these proven drugs with their misinformation campaign, banning, and removing them off the shelves that one needs to find the right doctors and right pharmacies to have access to them.

    America’s frontline doctors such as Dr. Simone Gold, Dr. Stella Immanuel, and world renowned epidemiologist, Dr. Harvey Risch can all attest to the fact regarding the effectiveness of these proven meds.

    I’ve read that Remdesivir has proven to be ineffective and very expensive and is known to kill about 25% of covid patients who take it, so Remdesivir is a big NO NO.

  25. William, I saw some protocols using both hydroxy and IVM at the same time. Interestingly, they appear to have been scrubbed from the net. Any thoughts on what the dosages were?

  26. Praying for all your needs here. God knows and cares about each individual. Praying for the best for you all with jobs, and unrest, and fear. His Word seems to take care of an awful lot of that as we have a way to answer the enemy in our lives. Not too much longer and we won’t have to deal with Sodom and Gomorrah.

  27. Aristotle Logan Vargo

    William we have been praying for Gods protection at night. This has happened on and off for a long time. It doesn’t really bother us because we know what it is. In those moments even thinking Jesus seems to stop everything. Thank you so much for caring man seriously

  28. Aristotle Logan Vargo

    Wow only 13 days? That’s ridiculous. Praying for God to bless you guys financially and for your wife to get an even better job. Also praying for God to give you complete peace in this situation. Praying for this situation to work out in an amazing way so that God’s power can be shown.

  29. Chas, praying for your wife.

  30. Well, the jab mandate war has just come home. Tonight my wife was informed by her employer that she has 13 days to present proof of “vaccination” to keep her job. Her alternative is to submit to weekly testing which would cost us almost half her weekly pay.

    She knows too much about the jab to get jabbed. Since she’s had pneumonia before, we’re going to look into getting a medical waiver. Of course we would appreciate any prayer on the situation.

    She says she already “feels a great peace” that God is going to take care of the situation.

    Many thanks, all.

  31. Praying for you, John.

  32. John, Remember that your chances of recovery are 99% as verified by Dr. Simone Gold, Dr. Stella Immanuel, and many other physicians who are part of America’s Frontline Doctors who have healed many patients who had covid. The Hydroxychloroquine, Zithromax, Ivermectin, etc, does wonders when taken early.

    Still praying for you during our family prayer time. Please keep us posted.

    God bless!

  33. William, I tested positive for COVID on Friday.

    I am hoping to start on Ivermectin tomorrow.

  34. Aristotle, Thanks for praying for my requests. Hope things are going well with you and your wife. Is your wife still being harassed in the middle of the night by those Satanic apparitions?

    She should rebuke them loudly in the name of Jesus Christ and they will leave.

  35. John, If you’re still not feeling well and test positive for covid, I recommend that you get a hold of one of the doctors from the list I gave you where they can prescribe or know of a doctor in your area who is not going along with the narrative who can prescribe Hydroxychloroquine, Zithromax, etc,

    Hydroxychloroquine has around for about 65 years and is FDA approved and has been proven again and again to be effective in healing patients with covid. In fact, Hydroxychloroquine is such a threat to the narrative being pushed by Fauci, Gates, the WHO, the CDC, etc, that the world’s 2nd largest Hydroxychloroquine manufacturer in Taiwan exploded under very suspicious circumstances recently. It is so obvious. India is currently the world’s largest manufacturer.

    However, Fauci and his associates, the CDC, WHO, etc, are going any which way possible running their misinformation campaign maligning these proven drugs and having them banned and removed off the shelves. Many physicians are being threatened with loss of employment and suspension of their medical licenses and are not allowed to prescribe these proven meds. This is the epitome of sheer evil.

  36. Thanks Aristotle!

    Just before I got sick, we had been in Arizona, and I had completed several epic hikes in the Grand Canyon, including two rim-to-river hikes. I was getting lots of sun, and was feeling quite vigorous.

    What a difference a few days makes.

  37. Aristotle L Vargo


    i wanted to share some studies with you:


    There seems to be a correlation with the severity of symptoms experienced and the amount of vitamin d in your blood. If you are deficient your body will have an “aggressive inflammatory response with the release of a large amount of pro-inflammatory cytokines in an event known as “cytokine storm.” The host immune response to the SARS-CoV-2 virus is hyperactive resulting in an excessive inflammatory reaction”

    It seems to be that if you live in a place that doesn’t get a lot of sun in the fall/winter/early spring you will need to supplement vitamin D. I get mine from vitamin shoppe. It’s called garden of life D3. I get the 5,000 iu capsules. It takes time to get your blood to the right levels. I take about 10,000 – 15,000 iu’s a day.

    Here is another study where people dosed up to 60,000 iu’s of vitamin D a day. It was tolerated and they did not get toxicity:


    COVID-19 virus induces cytokine production. It induces pro-inflammatory responses, proliferates efficiently from the human respiratory tract, those infected with viruses increase pro-inflammatory cytokine and chemokine production within 24 h. Levels of all viruses tested were measured and high cytokines were found, especially IL-6, TNF-α levels were found to be significantly higher. Our data in Table 1 show that the virus enables uptake and cytokine storm production. High levels of cytokine storm syndrome’ may be one of the critical hallmarks of COVID-19 disease severity. There is ample evidence that vitamin D is essential for normal immune and lung functions to fight pathogens and prevent autoimmune diseases. It is demonstrated that there exists the potential of vitamin D supplementation to prevent acute respiratory infection by modulating the innate immune response. As vitamin D therapy can reduce the COVID-19 disease burden, so daily supplementation is preferred to better outcomes in COVID-19 patients. Preventing vitamin D deficiency in patients with severe COVID-19 seems prudent as vitamin D deficiency is very common and it is associated with both an increased risk of various inflammatory diseases and increased susceptibility to infections including COVID-19.

    I hope this can help

  38. Thanks for the prayers, everyone!

    I have had a real tough time the last few days, particularly with a persistent cough, extreme lack of appetite, and general malaise.

    I received something from the health department last night urging me to get the vaccines as soon as I recover. This seems idiotic.

  39. Aristotle Logan Vargo

    Hey Johninnc! Thinking about you! Praying for you to be healed and feel better. Any updates?

    Also Holly thinking about you too! praying for your son. Is he doing ok??

    Hey William I’m praying for your people too!

  40. John, I will be praying for you too!

  41. Thanks for your prayers Aristotle!

  42. Thanks Holly.

    This is the first I’ve heard of Quercetin, so I’ll go look for it.

  43. William, I am 100% convinced that natural immunity is superior to the shots.

    Our medical profession has very negatively distinguished themselves throughout this “pandemic,” and most people have gone along for the ride.

    Romans 12:2: And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.

  44. Praying John. They have been treating people with High dose melatonin for quite some time for West Nile Virus, SARs and even Ebola, 1kg to mg, with double the dose at night. Some say you can go high as 1 gm (1000 mg) daily. But babies were treated up to 240 mg. that had West Nile.

    Praying you feel better. Don’t forget the standards, take quercetin WITH zinc at the same time (helps the zinc get into the cells), tonic water is supposed to help too. Quercetin is an antiinflammatory as well as antihistamine. Vit d3 up to 50000 a day while sick, 5-10000 a day prophylactic. Don’t forget Vit C about 1 gram a day spaced out, you might have to start with 5000 mg, some get intestinal distress from it.

    Also, what they’re finding is people are way low in magnesium, potassium, B12 and iron after an infection. Just fyi.

  45. John, I forgot mention, but you may already know that when a person tests positive for covid and recovers that they will develop natural immunity which is far better than the so called “vaccine” itself.

    Ironically, this fact is confirmed by current scientists working for Pfizer Pharmaceuticals who were caught in an undercover recording that they were totally unaware of making these assertions. Of course, all the pharmaceuticals, etc, have been lying through their teeth claiming that their vaccines will produce good immunity as they are “safe and effective”, but now we hear something totally different from scientists who work for Pfizer.

    Here is the link where they make these statements.


  46. Aristotle Logan Vargo

    Praying for your people holly. Praying for you johnincc

  47. Thanks for the prayers and info, William. I have no intention of getting the jabs.

  48. John, Praying for you. Whatever you do, DO NOT take the vaccine which has been proven fatal and permanently cripple hundreds of thousands of people from all over. I have a whole compilation of cases from all over the world that is over a foot high which is just the tip of the iceberg.

    If you test positive for covid, your chances of recovery are 99% as verified by such doctors as Dr. Simone Gold, Dr. Stella Immanuel, Dr. Brian Tyson, and others. The best meds for covid currently and proven effective are Hydroxychloroquine coupled with Zithromax or Ivermectin, Vitamin D3, and Zinc when taken early.

    Dr. Brian Tyson has healed over 1700 covid patients with great success and Dr. Stella Immanuel has healed over 300 patients all with great success and zero deaths. I don’t know which state you’re in, but please be very careful and stay away from doctors who are going along with the narrative being pushed by Fauci, the CDC, etc, because they will never prescribe the above mentioned med combination as they are threatened with termination of employment if they do.

    I want to give you the names and numbers of physicians who have proven to be honest and transparent about the current scamdemic. These are America’s frontline doctors who have healed many covid patients and taken a stand by speaking out against the widespread medical tyranny. They can also refer you to a physician in your city or state that is not going along with the narrative where they can prescribe the above mentioned meds. Most of these physicians will charge a consult fee, but it’s worth it. If your primary care physician is going along with the narrative, then he/she will more than likely not prescribe the above mentioned meds as their jobs will be in jeopardy if they do.

    1) Brian Tyson, M.D.
    2026 N. Imperial Ave.
    El Centro, CA 92243
    1-760 – 592-4351

    2) Vladimir Zelenko, M.D.
    Monroe, New York
    845 – 782-0000

    Dr. Zelenko was the physician who treated President Trump and his wife with Hydroxychloroquine when he and his wife tested positive for covid.

    3) Stella Immanuel, M.D.
    (281) 530-1230
    Rehoboth Medical Center
    6728 Highway 6 S
    Houston, TX 77083

    4) Silver Strand Urgent Care
    San Diego, CA
    1-619- 349-2347

    Hope this helps, God bless!

    Please keep us posted.

  49. Please pray for me. I have been feeling extremely fatigued for the last couple of days, and have had a slight fever at times.

  50. Holly, Praying for your friend’s daughter, your daughter and son in law and Adam’s friend who suffered paralysis. It’s so obvious that the medical authorities don’t care anymore where many are just into making the big bucks where human lives are expendable.

    I’ve read that many ER doctors are being forced to list non covid patient’s deaths as “covid” and to list vaccine deaths as “covid deaths” and to list deaths as “due to unvaccination.” This is to exaggerate the number of covid deaths and to create constant fear mongering and control hoping that the unvaccinated will cave in and comply.

    Now, they are pushing the 4th jab where they figure if the first 3 won’t kill or cripple, then maybe the 4th one will.

  51. Holly, I have prayed for your friend’s daughter, your daughter and her husband, and for Adam’s friend.

  52. William, I’m praying for her and several others I know dealing with similar things. One friend’s daughter has been in and out with gastroparesis, unable to eat or hold fluids down. They send her right back out again, she is in a dangerous situation and needs prayer.

    Not only do some ‘suspect’ it is Covid, but oftentimes doctors will list you as such by symptoms, without a test. And we know those tests measure an immune response of any kind. They are not Covid specific which is sickening.

    One of our friends that passed away, his father told us they listed his death as Covid, and it was not. I don’t know if they ever got that reversed. And through FB friends I’ve heard of far more cases. I think it’s terrible people need to state, “I do not want ______________” as a drug or ventilation, etc. I’m concerned for my daughter who is due in a few months.

    In addition, her husband has been given the mandate, so pray for my daughter and son-in-law.

    Adam’s friend has been paralyzed from the chest down, pushed into taking it by a work mandate. She is currently in rehab.

    Love of Money… we can absolutely see up close how evil it is.

  53. William, I have prayed for Melissa and her mother. I’m no doctor, but it sounds like inability to eat could be all sorts of things other than COVID.

    I have lost a great deal of trust in the medical profession throughout this fiasco.

  54. Dear Brothers and Sisters in the faith,

    Please pray for a lady named Melissa whose mother is in the ER right now with stomach problems and cannot eat. The ER personnel suspects that it is “covid”. However, there are many hospitals that are pushing their insane covid protocols on patients who don’t even have covid by subjecting them to covid tests that come back with a false positive result. Then they are subjected to dangerous drugs that they don’t even need jeopardizing the well being of patients.

    As many of us are already aware, there are many hospitals that are labeling illnesses that have absolutely nothing to do with covid as “covid” to deliberately exaggerate the number of covid cases. It has been proven that the number of covid deaths here in the U.S. and abroad were deliberately exaggerated to increase and spread fear mongering so that the masses will be in a state of utter fear and panic and go rushing in to get the “vaccine.” It has been stated that patients who died of pneumonia, cancer, strokes, heart attacks, etc, that had nothing to do with covid were listed on their death certificates as dying from covid.

    In other words, there was a sudden DECREASE in the number of pneumonia, strokes, etc, deaths and a sudden INCREASE in the number of covid deaths listed on the death certificates. Talk about chicanery in deceiving the masses into getting the vaccine!!

    Also, hospitals here in the U.S would get reimbursement if patients were listed as having covid-19 pneumonia or put on a ventilator. Hospitals with Medicare covid 19 patients with pneumonia were reimbursed with $13,000 and those who were put on a ventilator were reimbursed with $39,000.

    It’s all about $$$ where integrity, honesty, and transparency is literally thrown out the window.

  55. Appreciate you all. He is suffering from pain and doesn’t have a follow up doctor yet.

    The Stop the Mandate Groups are really being run by my daughters, I’m just helping. The one in Grand Junction, Colorado, is doing well, evidently there is another group in Phoenix we haven’t met up with. I just keep praying, nothing more important than that as our first and continuing step. God bless you all.

  56. Holly, I am praying for you and your family and those you’re helping through the medical tyranny madness every day.

  57. William and John, (and everyone), thank you. I know he’s probably better at home, but then again I’m not there, so I tend to worry about it. With the direction some hospitals are going, I’m sure it’s far better. God bless you all.

  58. Holly, Thanks for the update. Will continue to pray for Gifford’s recovery from surgery and his injuries. I think it’s best that he recover back at home. The best care is home care. My son was once admitted into a hospital for surgery where the nursing care was just lousy after his surgery.

    My wife stayed in the hospital with him after his surgery and she did a much better job than the nurses. It’s been revealed that many hospitals are now imposing their insane covid protocols upon admitted patients who don’t even have covid at all. There are many cases where patients are just abandoned and left there to die.

  59. Holly, thanks for the update. I am thankful that Gifford’s surgery on his wrist was successful, and that his lung is no longer collapsed. It does sound like he was released early, but I’m hopeful that this will help him avoid complications and hazards that are often attendant to hospital environments. I’nm sorry that you couldn’t find a doctor to answer your questions.

    I have prayed that he would be comforted, and healed, and that God would give him wisdom in making the right decisions to expedite his healing.

  60. Thank you all. He was removed from the ventilator, then the next day had the surgery, then the chest tube was pulled yesterday (his lung had collapsed). The surgery was on his wrist, his leg fracture must be hairline (I never could get a good answer, nor get a doctor to talk to) but they put him in a walking boot, and the cervical fracture, he is in a collar. And they released him yesterday evening (seemed way early due to the chest tube), but pray that all will be ok and that my son will do what he should.

  61. Holly, praying for both your son and you.

  62. Holly, praying for your son and you.

  63. Holly…
    Praying for you and Gifford.

  64. Holly, Praying for your son and that he will have a successful surgery and a rapid recovery. Please keep us posted.

  65. Praying for God to be with you and comfort you Brian

  66. Praying for you and your son Holly!

  67. Thank you John. I really pray this draws him closer to the Lord.

  68. Holly, I have prayed for your son Gifford, and for you and the rest of your family.

    I have prayed that Gifford would be comforted and have relief from his pain, and that his surgery will be successful and that he will be delivered from the hospital as quickly as possible.

  69. My son Gifford was in an accident last night. He didn’t have his license on him, so evidently concussed, he gave his old address. They brought him in and were calling him ‘Romeo’. I’m unclear on all of it, but they tracked his girlfriend down today, and she texted us on her way to the hospital. He has multiple broken ribs, cervical fracture, leg, knee and wrist fracture. Sedated, they put a chest tube in, and some other things. They said he is stable, and have scheduled him for surgery for the fractures, but not till Monday. This is not the time for people to be in hospitals, so appreciate the prayers.

  70. Chas, it’s funny, but learning about the history of the Bible, the books, how many years it was written over (approximately), the authors, the languages, the continents, the author’s different walks of life, the different literary styles, and yet the harmony, all of that was very helpful in one way, yet the Bible is either the Word of God or not. I think if they do not see it, why are they wasting their time on ‘just another religion’? And the truth is, they haven’t explored it much. I was writing something today (never know if I’ll publish it or not), but in it I reflected on Dylan Thomas, the poet ‘rage rage against the dying of the light’, and how I had hopes where he wrote another which was ‘death no longer has dominion’, yet when I read the poem, it was a poignant reminder of the natural man trying to decipher the Scriptures. He took a small portion and massacred it with his own words.

    Pray for her, pray for more laborers in the harvest.

  71. Chas, there aren’t any apologetics ministries with which I’m both familiar and comfortable.

    I did a comment search on Charlie Campbell and couldn’t find anything here. However, if the site you went to recommends MacArthur, plus has a false gospel, that is good enough reason to avoid it.

    The problem with most apologetics ministries is the same problem with most other ministries – they say they believe the Bible is the Word of God, but they don’t teach what the Bible says about how to have eternal life, and/or what the Bible says about eternal life really being eternal, and/or what the Bible says about how to have assurance of eternal life.

    Catholicism also seems to add church tradition to scripture, which means, in reality, that they think the Bible merely contains the Word of God, and that church tradition augments it.

    Each person is different as to what would persuade them to believe something. Many have been hardened in their incorrect beliefs by people whom they seem to be “authority figures,” in both secular and religious matters.

    I have spent considerable effort trying to convince people that the Bible is real by focusing on who Jesus is, according to the Bible, and, in some cases, by appealing to Biblical prophecy being fulfilled. I haven’t met with much obvious success.

    A good question for your sister might be whether or not she thinks the Bible contains enough information about how to have eternal life. If she says yes, then you have a starting point. If she says no, the next question would be where else would one have to look? This could help determine what, if anything, she considers to be authoritative.

    I have prayed that God would grant wisdom to you and your wife in your discussions with your sister.

  72. Unbelief is so insidious.
    My wife sometimes gets drawn into long phone conversations with my (staunchly Catholic) sister. Recently, Sis made a statement that has rattled my wife because it’s so absurd on its face that it’s jarring, disorienting. It was this:

    “The Bible is just another book. It’s not special.”

    Leaving aside the serious contradictions that should raise for anyone as religious as a devout Roman Catholic, my wife has had difficulty arriving at a logic-based answer. My wife was raised Baptist, so the brazen notion that the Bible “is just another book” wasn’t entertained much. After going over the basic list with my wife; the Bible’s historicity, its unity in spite of its composition (66 books by 40 human writers over thousands of years), the record of prophecy, etc, she’s still uneasy about it. She’s looking for a quick, concise response to something she knows instinctively is just… wrong.

    Today I searched online for apologetics material, and came across the “AlwaysBeReady” site. It looked good until I checked their page on salvation. The LS “turn from sins” definition of repentance was openly stated. They also recommend materials by JMac, Torrey, and other LS culprits. That really cuts into my comfort factor about the site, whatever good points they may have. (Charlie Campbell has been discussed here before, hasn’t he?)

    Anybody know of good Bible apologetics materials from free grace teachers? Please pray for my wife that she’ll be strengthened, and able to present the Truth to my sister (who won’t even talk to me about such issues).

    Thanks to all.

  73. aristotle vargo

    praying for you brian. im sure your mom believed and was saved.

  74. Brian, I am so sorry to hear. I really think it it’s God’s longsuffering mercy that allows these things to humble people (and us) to be able to share the truth. The gospel is powerful, so I have seen/heard after the fact that someone I never thought believe, did believe before dying. Late wages… Praying that was the case for your mom.

  75. Daniel, praying with you for him before he dies that he might hear the gospel and believe.

  76. Brian, I’m sorry to hear of your mom’s passing. I lost my mother many decades ago when I was 19, but thank God she was a believer before she passed. It’s good to hear that your mom indicated that she understood what you shared with her which means she believed and is now saved possessing eternal life.

    As you already know, eternal life is a FREE GIFT with no strings attached and all it takes is a moment of simple CHILDLIKE faith/belief in the gospel to save a person – Matthew 18:3. My mother in law recently believed and got saved when me and my wife shared the simple gospel with her. She is in her 80’s, but for the longest time she refused to believe.

    When we recently shared with her the reality of hell and the Lake of Fire and the reality of heaven, she finally woke up and told us that she didn’t want to have anything to do with hell and the Lake of Fire. We prayed and asked her, “Do you believe in what God’s Son Jesus did for you and that you will instantly possess eternal life if you do?” She said, “Yes, I believe.”

    John 9:35-38 – 35 Jesus heard that they had cast him out; and when he had found him, he said unto him, Dost thou believe on the Son of God?

    36 He answered and said, Who is he, Lord, that I might believe on him?

    37 And Jesus said unto him, Thou hast both seen him, and it is he that talketh with thee.

    38 And he said, Lord, I BELIEVE. And he worshipped him.

  77. Brian, I am so sorry for your loss. It was good that you were able to be her caregiver, and that you had a chance to share the gospel with her.

    I have prayed that God would comfort you and your family in your mother’s passing.

  78. My mother passed on fairly quickly last eve. Thank you all for your prayers. I have been her caregiver for the last 4 years following a bad stroke. I’m thankful for the Lords help in my life. I was able to witness to my mother before and after her stroke. She had a fair measure of cognitive impairment after it, but I have to trust in the Lord that she was receptive and able to understand. She did seem to indicate that she did a few times understand what I was saying.

  79. Brian, Praying for your mom that she recovers.

  80. Brian, I have prayed for your mother.

  81. Please pray for my mom. Very critical condition.

  82. aristotle vargo

    praying for your sisters dad Daniel. praying he will believe and be saved.

  83. Daniel, Praying for your 2 half sister’s dad that his heart be receptive to the gospel of John 3:16, and the simplicity of it as taught in 1 Corinthians 15:1-5, and Acts 16:30-31 and that he receive the free gift of eternal life. Please keep us posted.

  84. Daniel, I have prayed for him.

  85. Daniel, I have prayed for your half sisters and their father – including that if he doesn’t know Jesus as his Savior, he will hear the gospel and understand, that he might believe and be saved.

  86. I have two half sisters who’s dad is dying of lung cancer. He’s not feeling well at all, he can barely move. That man was previously the landlord for our apartment, i pray that he comes to the truth of the gospel before he slips away into eternity forever.

  87. William, I agree 100%. I’ve had to cut off more than a few people over the years, one of them being a sibling. I have Christian friends who don’t have an assertive bone in their body and who allow toxic, manipulative people to ruin their lives and it makes me want to pull my hair out in frustration at their apparent inability to see how they’re NOT doing these people any favors by enabling them. It’s no different than an unassertive boss allowing a toxic employee to poison an entire workplace because they “feel sorry for them” or for whatever other lame rationalization they come up with.

  88. Aritstotle, I am thankful that you are feeling better, and that you have been able to regulate your insulin through diet.

    I have prayed for your wife, and for you, that she would no longer be troubled by these things.

    Note: Please limit your replies to words of encouragement and prayer, and refrain from conjecture or opinion as to the nature and cause of apparitions.

  89. Hey guys. I’m doing fine. Pancreas was producing too much insulin which was driving my blood sugar down. I’ve been eating low carb and reducing my caffeine intake and I feel back to normal thank God!

    On a more serious note. My wife has always heard and seen supernatural things over the years. A couple hours ago she was sleeping and heard a mocking laughter. She woke and in the kitchen was a man in a black t shirt and jeans with a distorted face. He snickered and then sped off at light speed. She was scared for a moment but she is fine now. Unfortunately this is not the first time she has dealt with this.

    Please pray for us. We will be strong but it disgust me to know that they are bullying my wife and in my home. This happens every once in a while in some way or another. Please pray for us.

  90. Yes, have prayed for these needs also, hope to continue.

  91. Just wanted to let you folks know I prayed for these recent requests and needs. Hope all end well; go with Christ

  92. fryingpan9, Thanks. You know in life even as a Christian there comes a point in life in a situation like this that a Christian needs to be more assertive and put their foot down and get rid of a troublesome person by severing ties with that person forever even if that person is family.

    I had to do that with my brother in law who has a toxic personality whom I had to evict out of my apartment years ago because of his ungrateful attitude. He showed no gratitude whatsoever in the nice things that I did for him. I had to evict him and severed my ties with him for good and I’m so glad I did.

    I also had to do that with 2 very bad tenants in my apartment whom I evicted. They both also had toxic personalities. I would give them an inch, but they would take a mile. They basically took everything for granted and had this attitude of entitlement. I had to hire an attorney where the sheriff’s department had to be involved in the eviction.

    It’s like oil and water don’t mix. You can forgive a real obnoxious person when they offend you, but if that person never wakes up to reality and keeps repeating the same mistake over and over again, it’s time to draw the line and severe your ties with the person forever.

  93. William,

    I will continue to pray for Renee. I pray for her every day and have been for years. I sent her an email to let her know. I suspected the situation w/ her sister-in-law was more or less exactly as you described it. All I’ll say on that is that it’s sad, disappointing, and let’s face it, INFURIATING when someone takes advantage of someone like Renee who does so much to help the hurting and the lost. She’s very fortunate Renee is as sweet and gentle as she is.

    Rant over.

  94. William, I have prayed for Renee and the situation with her sister-in-law.

  95. Dear Brothers and Sisters in the faith, Please continue to pray for Renee. She’s been through so much lately that it’s heartbreaking. She also recently lost her close friend, and now this. Please pray that God will deal with her sister in law who is responsible for this devastating fire that burned the whole house down. Her sister in law is basically a leech, a sponge, and a freeloader who has been living with Renee, but is a very LAZY deadbeat who is not paying any rent, is not working and not contributing to the welfare of the family.

    She has been warned time and again about her cigarette smoking and her blatant negligence in not putting out her cigarette butts, but she is not listening.

  96. Hi Justin, Great to hear that your Dad is home. I’ll be praying for his pain that it will go down and that he have a speedy recovery. Thanks for praying for my friend Renee. She’s been through so much lately that its heartbreaking.

  97. Justin, thanks for the update!

    I am thankful that your father is doing better, and I have prayed for his continued recovery and relief from pain.

  98. Thank you all for the prayers! My Dad made it home from the hospital 2 days ago, he’s doing much better but still in a good deal of pain. Please remember him in regards to that. Hope you all doing well. William, I said a prayer for you friend as well.

  99. My prayers also for Renee and family.

  100. Hey William. Praying for Rennes family.

  101. William, I have prayed for Renee and her situation. That is so awful.

  102. William, I have prayed for your friend and her family.

  103. Dear Brothers and Sisters in the faith, Please pray for my Free Grace Christian friend named Renee. Her house burned down to the ground about 2 days ago. She and her son, and dog survived, but their 2 cats died and a 3rd cat is missing. The fire was caused by her negligent sister in law who was smoking and did not put out the cigarette butt.

  104. Justin, Praying for your dad that he will have a speedy recovery from the surgeries and from the heart attack.

  105. Hey Justin. Praying for you, Kyle, and your whole family.

  106. Justin, I have prayed for your father, Kyle, and for you and your family.

  107. My father is in the hospital. He had his kidney removed two weeks ago and then had a massive heart attack and open heart surgery yesterday. Please keep him in your prayers. It’s been rough lately with all the health scares in my family. His name is Kyle. Thank you all so much again.

  108. Aristotle, Praying for you. I highly recommend that you see a doctor ASAP. I also have hypoglycemia and once it hits I break out in a sweat, feel lightheaded, shakiness, experience loss of strength, and have this intense craving for sugar. It happened on several occasions when I was working out with weights. I called upstairs for my wife to throw me a couple of candy bars out the window.

    Eating the candy bars helped to stabilize my condition and within about 20 minutes I’m back to normal. I think your situation is more serious and again, I recommend that you see a doctor as soon as possible.

    Please keep us posted. God bless and hope you feel better!

  109. Aristotle, it sounds like you are really having a tough time. I’ve continued to pray that you would be comforted and healed.

  110. Thank you all for your prayers.

    Yes William the other night I was so hungry and nothing could fill me. I was eating any sugary thing in sight. I woke up the next day 5 pounds lighter than the day before which scared me greatly.

    Thank you for the advice Holly. Beginning yesterday I have only had coffee, butter, spinach and pork shoulder. This has stabilized my blood glucose level to 90-100mg.
    I’ve noticed at 100 mg I feel great. 90 is ok but I still don’t feel 100%.
    Once I start to go below 90 I am in a lot of trouble. 70’s is when my heart starts racing and immense panic starts setting in and below that I feel like I might be having a heart attack and the thought of death consumes me. The fear is unbearable

    I have been so irritable and hard to be around. A lot of these low blood sugar attacks happen right as I’m about to go to bed so I have slept 9 hours in the last 3 days. I look horrible. My eyes have massive bags under them. The lack of sleep is wearing on me and I feel so overwhelmed. I want to cry sometimes but I can’t. I feel weak and useless. I’m being mean to my dogs. Every little thing just takes me over the edge. I’m anxious all the time. Honestly I’m just a wreck right now

    I’m afraid of people looking at me because I feel so ugly. I can’t workout because it immediately drops my blood sugar. Sometimes talking makes me tired. I can’t sing a hymn because it requires too much energy.

    Sorry to vent and make this so long but I just like talking to you guys and all of your advice helps me and makes me feel better

  111. Praying for you Aristotle. Eat smaller meals more frequently, and try to have some nuts available or even a jar of peanut butter. Because it has carbs, protein and fats, it works well to stabilize sugar for longer. I had gestational diabetes with all my pregnancies, so I learned a lot.

  112. Aristotle, my prayers for your health problems and that your doctor can help.

  113. fryingpan, wow. It is essential to do your own due diligence!

  114. Aristotle, It sounds like you might have hypoglycemia. Do you have sudden cravings for sugar?

  115. Re that Free Grace Tracker, it took me less than 3 minutes to find this in the statement of beliefs of a church in my county:

    “Salvation occurs when man, confronted with God’s Word (Romans 10:17; 1 Peter 1:23), repents of his
    personal sin (Acts 17:30; 1 Thessalonians 1:9) and receives God’s grace through faith in the Person and work
    of Christ (Romans 3:21-22).”


  116. Aristotle, I know it is frightening when you are experiencing a health problem that has seemed to just come out of the blue. You also have a lot going on in your life, with your job change and move, and those things can be stressful, even when they are beneficial changes. I have prayed that you will be healed, and that you won’t be anxious in the meantime.

  117. Aristotle Vargo

    Thank you so much Johninnc. These prayers really mean a lot to me. Tom, thank you so much.

    (Administrator’s note: please do not post email addresses. Please see “Guest Rules”)

    I would really like to find like minded believers. It is a spiritual desert out here. William thank you for the grace tracker. I am checking that website right now.

    Also, in the last month my blood sugar has been dropping to The point of almost fainting. This has happened 10+ times. I’m 31 years old, 5’11 and about 170 lbs. I’ve never experienced anything like this before and I don’t have diabetes that I’m aware of.. I’m going to the doctor hopefully next week. I’m hoping it’s not something very serious. It has caused me an incredible amount of fear and stress because I never know when it can strike. I am starting to see patterns though.

    One day I felt invincible and now I feel like im made out of paper. Please say a small prayer for me if you can.

  118. Aristotle,

    If you’re looking for a Free Grace church in the new area you are moving into, here is a Free Grace church tracker that tracks all Free Grace churches within all 50 states here in the U.S.


    Good luck and God bless!

  119. Aristotle, congrats. By the way, I’m not sure which suburban area you’re targeting, but I happen to know of a couple of really good, doctrinally sound Churches out there which I can recommend. You can email me if you like.

  120. Aristotle, what awesome news!

    I am very thankful that you have this new opportunity, and I have prayed for you to have a successful and happy transition to your new home and job.

  121. Aristotle Logan Vargo

    Wow. The power of God. My brother in Christ was able to put in a good word for me to help me get another, much better job. Unbelievable how fast it happened. Truly shocking how powerful God is. This job will give me an opportunity to leave the city of Chicago and move to a much quieter suburb where my wife and I can put down roots and raise a family.

    Holly I really think you were right about God nudging us to move out of certain areas. I’m tired of the city life.

    Thank you all so much.

    So blessed to know all of you.

  122. Daniel, praying… Thank you Phil.

  123. Daniel, I have prayed for you – and your father.

  124. holly, my prayers for you and Jason.

  125. Hey guys, I have a problem. Next week on my day off, my dad(65) said that he’ll drive me to the hospital to get the vaccine.
    I obviously do not want it, and my dad said that biden had signed executive orders requiring employees to take the covid vaccine. Please pray for me and my dad, He already took the vaccine long ago.

  126. Thanks everyone for praying. We’re moving slow, and seem to have found a good follow up doctor for Jason. Sometimes I feel like fresh eyes are a good thing.

  127. Holly, I am praying for both of you.

  128. Aristotle Logan Vargo

    Whoa Holly I’m glad you are ok and Jason is doing better. Praying for you guys.

  129. Holly, I have prayed for Jason, and for you. What a harrowing series of events!

    I am glad that you were able to confirm, via your personal account, what many of us have suspected is happening in many places.

  130. We have been in Idaho. On Aug 30th, we were struck by a 70ish woman, who u-turned in front of us. She must have been in shock, she was monotone, but her concern was for her car. Not that she pulled a U-turn across a double set of double lines on a two-lane highway. We were both sore, my husband’s leg was sore, that part of the car took the brunt of the broadside collision. But we just thought we were sore. The next day he was swollen and limping, by the following day we went to a chiropractor, he could barely walk, then urgent care who gave him a walking boot, they took an X-ray, couldn’t see any fractures and said he had severe soft tissue damage. We went back to the hotel, and he took a nap, a long one, and I woke him up to drink some water and see if he wanted something to drink. When he wouldn’t drink much, I felt his head, it felt a little warm. But I had a thermometer, he did not have a fever. I checked his leg, and it seemed redder and more swollen, and warm to the touch. I tried to get him to sit up but he could not. I thought maybe he had a concussion, but he just couldn’t. I took his temp again, it was 99.6 I think, and called the paramedics, because I could not help him stand. By the time they got there, he was over 100, and by the time he got to the hospital was 103.

    Of course they thought Covid, but in the hotel room, I explained to the paramedics to examine his leg, one was hot, the other was not. He had cellulitis, and ended up in the hospital 6 days. What a trip…

    Anyways, while we were there, I was able to talk to and meet some believers in nurses, all who were standing against forced vaxs. Made some contacts, and the Governor’s assistant asked me to write up my experience (the hospitals are claiming full ER’s etc. due to Covid. Long story, but same thing in WA (my cousin is a nurse at two hospitals there, and my Uber driver the first night worked at another). All say the same thing. Everything that comes in is C. They tried to say Jason had it, and I said, NO, He does not. This is an infection in or on his leg. They did test him and it was not what they said.

    I won’t go into much else here, but to say, thank you for your prayers, as now we’re navigating moving some things (we got a place here) and he isn’t really able to do too much.

  131. John,

    My apologies. I have to admit that I get a little carried away in my zeal to expose the evils of those whom we are supposed to “trust” in regards to our health and well being, but thank you for posting my last comment. I just want other believers to know how evil our medical and governmental authorities are and their low regard for the sanctity of human life. Again, my apologies John.

  132. William, with all due respect, we have moved beyond the realm of prayer requests.

    I had overridden my earlier desire to not administer comments until after September 5, having made an exception for prayer requests.

  133. Thank you Holly and John. It is so obvious that the globalists/eugenicists are using this so called “vaccine” as a weapon for global genocide to reduce the human population. Have you both checked out the incriminating statements that “Dr” Fraudci Fauxi made back in 2012 in the the American Society for Microbiology journal, Sept/Oct 2012, Volume 3, Issue 5?? Fauci’s article was entitled, “Research on Highly Pathogenic H5N1 Influenza Virus: The Way Forward”

    Fauci states: “The voluntary moratorium on gain of function research related to the transmissibility of highly pathogenic H5N1 influenza virus should continue”….

    “Putting aside the specter of bioterrorism for the moment, consider this hypothetical scenario, an important gain of function experiment involving a virus with serious pandemic potential is performed in a well regulated, world class laboratory by experienced investigators, but the information from the experiment is then used by ANOTHER SCIENTIST WHO DOES NOT HAVE THE SAME TRAINING AND FACILITIES AND IS NOT SUBJECT TO THE SAME REGULATIONS. In an unlikely but conceivable turn of events, WHAT IF THAT SCIENTIST BECOMES INFECTED WITH THE VIRUS, WHICH LEADS TO AN OUTBREAK AND ULTIMATELY TRIGGERS A PANDEMIC?”

    “Many ask reasonable questions: given the possibility of such a scenario–however remote–should the initial experiments have been performed and/or published in the first place, and what were the processes involved in this decision?”

    Fauci goes on and states, “Scientists working in this field might say–as indeed I have said–THAT THE BENEFITS OF SUCH EXPERIMENTS AND THE RESULTING KNOWLEDGE OUTWEIGH THE RISKS.”

    My comment – When Fraudci mentioned about “another scientist who does not have the same training and facilities and is not subject to the same regulations”, does that not sound like it would be a scientist from the Wuhan Lab? It has been stated that the Wuhan Lab has a somewhat inferior facility where viruses are susceptible to leakage. In other words, the Wuhan lab is not up to par in regards to safety and security standards. This reminds me of Chernobyl where it was a combination of human error and an inferior facility that was not up to par in regards to safety that resulted in that great nuclear disaster.

    This is what Bill Gates had to say regarding the worldwide population back in 2010 at a TED Talk, a non profit-organization devoted to spreading ideas. Gates states, “First, we’ve got population, the world today has 6.8 billion people. That’s headed up to about nine billion. Now, if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, WE COULD LOWER THAT BY, PERHAPS, 10 OR 15 PERCENT. But there, we see an increase of about 1.3.”

    MY comment – Why would vaccines “lower” the human population when they are supposed to improve health and prolong people’s life spans???? Improved health care and reproductive health services would also prolong people’s life spans.

  134. William, praying for you and your situation as well.

  135. Praying for you too William, and all here. May He go before us and fight this battle. And may we be ever in prayer for each step.

  136. Aristotle, praying for you. Sometimes I’m wondering if God is nudging His people to move out of some of these areas. I’ve seen so many move as of late. I am in Idaho right now, we got here a couple days ago. My cousin is a nurse who works in two hospitals, they are looking at the same, and planning on moving possibly. My niece works with the reserves, and will leave, even dishonorably if they try to force her.

    Mat Staver of Liberty counsel has a video I suggest you watch, because he’ll tell you that you need to put it in your own words. One of the things they’re doing is outright denying that the vax were developed with Aborted babies, or saying, so what, it’s 30 years old. You need to have several reasons, life is in the blood, your body is the Temple of the Lord, and so forth, provide the Scriptures in context. I believe Staver has a form you can follow and put it into your own words. Fight. Fight by writing representatives, CC like minded people so they know there are many who feel the same. Ask them to write. I know we don’t have many it seems, but if God is for us, who can be against us. He is with us, that is great consolation. And we are saved and will be with Him forever. Praying for your needs.

    Disclaimer: I do not know the man’s religious beliefs, so only referring for the legal advice on exemptions:


  137. Aristotle,

    You should try filing for a medical or religious exemption or both. I did both in my department. If my department denies both, I will hire a human rights attorney to fight this tyranny, but if that fails, I will lose my job. If I lose my job, so be it. Our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit and we don’t need poison contaminating and damaging it.

    I’m sure you heard about the 153 hospital employees of Houston Methodist Hospital including physicians and nurses who lost their jobs when they refused the jab. Even though the corrupt judge ruled in favor of the hospital mandate, the fired employees are not giving up and are still fighting hoping to get their case up to the Supreme Court.

    There are quite a few services that help those of us who don’t want the vaccine like Liberty Counsel, Employees For Informed Consent, and the National Vaccine Information Center. You can Google their websites.

    Hope this helps, God bless!


  138. Please note: although the expreacherman site is not being actively administered again until September 5, we will make an exception for prayer requests.

  139. Aristotle, I have prayed for you and your wife, and for your deliverance through this ordeal.

    I know some others on here were aware of approaches to exemptions, so perhaps that is an avenue you might pursue.

  140. Aristotle Logan Vargo

    Hey guys. My boss messaged me this morning. He is considering making the vaccine mandatory. I know him. He will definitely do it. I’m more than likely about to lose my job. I’m a real estate broker in Chicago. Chances are mostly every brokerage here will do the same thing. Businesses here are mandating the vaccine without even being forced to do so. They want to market themselves as 100% vaccinated to make more money. Ah the last days… Anyway’s.. I knew this was coming and I know God will see me through. Please, whatever little prayer you can say for my wife and I would be great. I feel like we’re surrounded at this point.

  141. I once had difficulty with my vision after an extremely vigorous workout, followed by too much screen time.

  142. Daniel, praying. You might ask some questions like how much time she was on the phone. Had she taken any medication, etc. (don’t answer, just questions to ask her and share with her doctor). I don’t know her age, but she might need an eye doc. My husband was dyslexic and had that issue, but it sounds like something new for you. Pray for each small thing.

  143. Justin, praying, and thank the Lord that it seems that all can be removed. Asking the Lord for a very skilled surgeon. God bless you all.

  144. Praying for your mother and hope that her vision problem improves.

  145. Daniel, I have prayed for your mother.

    I have experienced that sensation and it is very unsettling.

  146. I’m a little worried for my mom, she came into my room and told me that her vision is getting weird. She said that when she was reading on her phone, the words were dancing or something like that. I’m always on edge, so many “what ifs”. Please pray for her.

  147. Justin, thanks for the update. I will pray for your father and mother, and for you.

  148. Thank you all again for the prayers. My Dad goes to have his kidney and part of his bladder removed next week. It’s a low grade tumor and they believe they can get it all at once. They will also be able to repair a hernia he has while doing the procedure. Please remember him and my mother in your prayers. Thank you all again very much. I appreciate you all especially John, Holly and this website. It’s been a source of comfort for me over the years. Hope you all are doing well.

  149. Yerbae, many of us are accused regarding not being ‘in a church’. In fact even some well meaning churches don’t seem to understand that some of us have looked long and hard, and it’s not about ‘being perfect in everything’ but about having the gospel right first. So many of us relate and week with you.

  150. Thank you John!

  151. yerbae’, I am glad that you found encouragement from God’s promise to us as believers.

    I have prayed again for God to comfort and strengthen you and your wife, and to continue to bless your marriage.

    The enemy does not want you serving God. He may be trying to goad you into compromising with a church that undermines the gospel while you are emotionally vulnerable.

    From our statement of faith:

    The early church, under the leadership of the Apostles, was doctrinally sound. Conversely, many churches today are not doctrinally sound and actually undermine one or more of the essential tenets of eternal life received by grace through faith in Christ, eternal security, or the proper source of assurance. It is dangerous to participate in any such churches. While finding a good local church is a blessing, that may not be a viable option. Meeting with small groups of other like-minded believers at homes, through media, or even online forums may be the best alternative.

  152. Thank you John and Holly! John, what you said, about God holding me in His hands, brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for those encouraging words.
    I am being attacked, because we are not in a church, and I am not serving God in a church. And also, being married 40 yrs, but being attacked in the same area’s, that when we are at a low point, tends to rear it’s ugly head.

  153. Yerbae, I don’t think I can add much to what John said so beautifully. Praying for you, for guidance and peace.

  154. yerbae’, I have prayed for you, that God would comfort and encourage you and your wife, and that He would bless your marriage.

    Retirement is a major life change, and so having to process a flood of emotions, particularly in the early stages, is very common. You will find no shortage of advice on how to stay busy and connected during retirement, so I won’t add any, other than that there is no off-she-shelf solution, and that it will take time to adjust. I retired a few months before the COVID mania started, so I can definitely relate.

    The enemy who is attacking you has already been defeated. Remember that God is holding you firmly in His hand, and will never let you go.

  155. I need prayer please. I retired about 3 months ago, and I am having a very difficult time with it, even though I have found a couple of part-time jobs. I am depressed and I am being attacked by the enemy big time. I am trying to be in the word, but even that is a chore lately. We still haven’t found a church to go to in our area, that doesn’t twist the gospel, and that is weighing me down also. It’s affecting our marriage.

  156. Some of you have asked after Ron Shea. We spoke for awhile yesterday, and he asks for prayer regarding an upcoming appeal (if I have it right what it is). As we all know, there are many unjust judges in this world. Sometimes we have to use the world system. God can turn anyone, so pray that this judge will be convicted of any unfairness, and rule properly.

  157. katmazdobelieve – Praying for you friend.

    Even the disciples had doubt, fear, unfaithfulness, lack of belief.

    Our faith is strengthened by the Word. Sometimes we just forget that, or we get a little too commonplace about it, or distracted with the cares and distractions of this world.

    Do a word study in His Word. Choose something like faith for example and just write down or copy some that stand out to you, but look at them in context. Thank God for the things you see. Reiterate to Him that you are thankful and believe what He said to you. ❤

  158. chas, I know your advice was well-intentioned, and that people doing their own research on this issue is advisable.

    Again, thanks for sharing your experience. And, you didn’t cross any lines.

  159. Johninnc…

    My apologies for breaking any rules, it wasn’t my intent to start a thread on SSRIs, let alone provide medical advice, only to encourage anyone considering advice that they may already have to “do your own research” as some say.

    The SSRI issue is almost as significant to me as the issue of LS, since misinformation on both “messed me up” so badly for so many years.

    Again, sorry for crossing any lines.

  160. chas, I think getting folks back to the essence of the gospel message is a good idea. The focus of a person presented with the gospel needs to be on Christ – who He is and what He has done – rather than the “what if I…” questions, which are a distraction.

    I think anyone should be very circumspect about diagnoses of psychiatric disorders and their proposed pharmaceutical interventions. Thanks for sharing your experience.

    Having said that, I do not want this to be the start of a thread on this topic. From our “Guest Rules – Disclaimer” page:

    No web page or email response should be construed as medical counseling, therapy, legal, or other professional advice in any way whatsoever.

  161. I think trying to figure out the precise nature of “the unforgivable sin” is a rabbit hole, a distraction designed to do just what it’s doing with that 15 year old; get his mind working in circles. It basically involves rejecting the Holy Spirit’s testimony regarding Jesus Christ–the Gospel itself–to the point of death. The remedy is to simply believe in Christ’s sacrifice for one’s self, which is a lot easier to do when all the LS nonsense about “repenting of sin to be saved” is swept aside.

    Regarding OCD, as someone who was “diagnosed” with it in 1996, and after being on an SSRI (Prozac) for 16 years after that, I would warn anyone against taking any SSRI. They can cause worse problems in the long run. I’ve been “off” of Prozac for over 8 years and I’ve still not gotten over it’s worst effects completely.

    Other psychotropic drugs have equally dubious histories. Anyone wondering about how these drugs came to be may want to checkout the work of Robert Whitaker. I don’t recommend some of his proposed solutions to their problems, but he has researched their history well.

  162. Justin, thanks for the update.

  163. Thank you all very much for the prayers. We got news yesterday that it is a low grade tumor. They’re still trying to figure the best way to remove it. William- I also prayed for the high schooler you mentioned. I, myself struggled with intrusive thoughts as a teen and adult and know how tormenting it can be. Knowing that your thoughts flow through and not dwelling on them can help. Acknowledging that its only a thought and moving on, helps to become more accustomed to not being upset by them. Almost like conditioning the response. The more you try not to have them, the more you will because you’re thinking of it. I’ve learned through therapy it’s best to acknowledge the thought, and move on. Like, ” oh that was a thought, like many others, it isn’t true” Prayer and Therapy will definitely help. Hope it goes well for him.

  164. Praying for him, poor guy… I recently dealt with a pastor who was obsessing with the same thing. I think what a lot miss too, is the Leadership of Israel had a service or job, in which they were to recognize who the Messiah was and they were to hear Him, and notify His people. They knew the time He was supposed to arrive by the prophecies. They refused to believe, or acknowledge His miracles. Not so sure it wasn’t they didn’t believe He was the Messiah, more like they just did not want Him to rule over them. They didn’t want to lose the power and position they had with the Vineyard (Israel – Isa 5). Instead they decided to kill the Son.

    I will raise them up a Prophet from among their brethren, like unto thee, and will put my words in his mouth; and he shall speak unto them all that I shall command him.
    And it shall come to pass, that whosoever will not hearken unto my words which he shall speak in my name, I will require it of him. Deut 18:18-19

    I agree with you, they had a responsibility to recognize those signs and wonders and declare Him the Messiah to the people, and even when they did not, God still had the High Priest prophesy regarding Jesus. (reminds me of Balaam and the donkey).

    And one of them, named Caiaphas, being the high priest that same year, said unto them, Ye know nothing at all, nor consider that it is expedient for us, that one man should die for the people, and that the whole nation perish not. And this spake he not of himself: but being high priest that year, he prophesied that Jesus should die for that nation; And not for that nation only, but that also he should gather together in one the children of God that were scattered abroad. Then from that day forth they took counsel together for to put him to death. John 11:49-53

  165. William, I have prayed for the young man to whom you have been witnessing.

    It is great that you care enough for him to try to help him, and have gone to great lengths to try to assuage his fears.

  166. Dear John and all brothers and sisters in Christ, Please pray for a 15 year old high schooler that is suffering from very OCD (severe obsessive compulsive disorder). This person has an irrational fear that he has committed the unforgivable sin aka “blasphemy against the Holy Spirit” and is utterly tormented with intrusive thoughts about it 7 days a week non stop.

    I tried my best assuring this student that this sin in the context of Matthew 12 and Mark 3 cannot be committed today for it requires Jesus’ physical presence performing miracles/healings in order for a person to commit it. I also told him that his very concern at having committed it is proof positive that he has not. I tried explaining over and over again that many people in the church are very ignorant when it comes to what the blasphemy of the Holy Spirit really is. The unforgivable sin is called the blasphemy of the Holy Spirit which is recorded in the context of Matthew 12:22-32, Mark 3:22-30, and Luke 12:8-10. It is the attributing of the miracles/healings, and exorcisms performed by Jesus to the power of Satan. The Pharisees and the teachers of the law were personal eyewitnesses to the many miracles/healings/exorcisms performed by Jesus which produced no faith in them whatsoever.

    In spite of all those great things that Jesus did, they still stubbornly would not believe or acknowledge Him as God, but instead falsely accused Jesus of being “demon possessed” and “performing exorcisms by the power of Satan” which shows their utterly faulty logic. Then we have the faulty logic of the unbelieving Jews of John 10:31-39 which is evident in the fact that despite Jesus performing many great miracles/healings in their presence they refused to believe that He was God, but falsely accused Him of being only a “mere man.” Again, the unbelieving Jews refused to believe that Jesus is God in John 12:37 despite His many miracles and healings in their presence.

    Even when Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead, the Pharisees and chief priests still did not believe that Jesus is God, but planned on killing both Jesus and Lazarus – John 11:45 -53, John 12:9-11. If the Pharisees and the unbelieving Jews were to persist in their stubborn state of mind and dying in that very state, then they would have committed the unforgivable sin.

    Now, I tried explaining all this information to him over and over again, and even referred him to an expositional article on the unforgivable sin written from a Free Grace perspective and even referred him to a book written specifically on the unforgivable sin, this student still obsessively fears that he has committed this sin.

    I told him that he needs to see a psychiatrist and take meds to control his OCD. His parents have set up an appointment so please pray that it goes well. Your prayers are appreciated.

  167. Holly, thanks for the update. I’m glad it went well.

  168. Thank you for those who prayed. The surgery for his heart yesterday was regarding a pacemaker whose wires had become detached and one side was not working. We did not know if they were going to be able to re-feed the wires, he had a terrible time last time, and the potential was that he’d have to open his side and put it direct. Thankfully he did not go that far, and he said he was pleased with the outcome, and one of the wires (that needed to be removed), he said dislodged by itself and easily pulled out, so that made it a lot easier. His surgery was delayed about 4-1/2 hours, so we were a little concerned, but all is well, thank you all.

  169. Justin, praying for your dad Kyle. Keep praying for the little, seemingly insignificant things as you go through this. I’m asking for it to be benign, God willing, and that you might keep your mind stayed on Him, your eyes fixed on Jesus (Is 26:3; Heb 12:2). Take heart!

  170. Justin, Praying for your father and for you. Please keep us posted regarding your dad’s biopsy results. Hang in there, brother. You’re not the only one. My mother had breast cancer, liver cancer, and bone cancer.

  171. Justin, I have prayed for your father, and for you.

  172. Please pray for my father Kyle, he went in earlier for an exploratory surgery to see if a mass in his left kidney is cancerous. Thank you all, and God bless.

  173. So thankful to hear that, it worked wonders for my old dog’s allergies.

  174. Aristotle, thanks for the update. That’s great news!

  175. Aristotle Logan Vargo

    Thank you all for your prayers! Pup is doing fine and i have him on a very selective diet to avoid this happening again!

  176. Aristotle Logan Vargo

    Thank you Holly! My wife gave a him a benadryl wrapped in a piece of cheese and he was better in a matter of hours!

  177. Aristotle, Praying for your puppy dog that the hives will go away.

  178. Aristotle, dogs can take benadryl, and you can look online for what dosage per pound of dog. Praying.

  179. Aristotle L Vargo

    Thanks guys. All the vets in my area are appointment only so my only option is the emergency vet which is an insane amount of money. I will take him if need be though.

  180. I have prayed as well, Aristotle.

  181. Aristotle, I have prayed that God would comfort your little pup, and take the hives away from him.

  182. Aristotle L Vargo

    Hello everyone. Would you please pray for my new puppy? We got him Saturday and yesterday he had some type of allergic reaction to something that is giving him hives. Please pray that he is healed. He’s not scratching a lot and he’s still very energetic. It just hurts my heart to see him covered in hives/welts 😦

  183. Katmazdobelieve, I’m continuing to pray for you.

  184. katmazdobelieve

    Hello everyone,
    Daniel, Hope the sleep issue is improving.
    I pray for everyone here regularly.
    I know all of you pray for everyone as well.
    I’m just fatigued from all that is going on.
    Please keep me and mine in your prayers.


  185. My prayers too Daniel

  186. Aristotle L Vargo

    Daniel I have prayed for you to have better sleep!

  187. Daniel, I have prayed you’ll find the solutions to your sleeplessness issues.

    William, you nailed it on the head. I tried something with melatonin in it as a sleep aid years ago and . . . Wow. Once was enough. Super vivid nightmares. Really freaky. Though to be fair, I was told that is sometimes a side effect. Wasn’t willing to see if my body just had to get use to it, LOL.

  188. Hi Daniel,

    I’ve taken melatonin for years and In my opinion, it is one of the best natural sleep aids. But of course, everyone is different and will react differently to different supplements even if they’re natural or organic. We’re all built just a little differently on the inside and out.

  189. Daniel, I have prayed that you would be restful and not anxious, and that you won’t have any adverse effects from the supplement that you are taking.

  190. Hey guys, I have trouble sleeping at times so I bought this nature made sleep supplement which has melatonin, magnesium and L-Theanine. I’ve heard of L-theanine lowering blood pressure and i generally have anxiety for my health, etc. I’m hoping to the Lord that this supplement won’t cause any negative reactions in my body.

  191. Aristotle L Vargo

    prayed for you kate

  192. Kate, Glad to hear you’re feeling better. Another instance of doubt/uncertainty can be seen in “Doubting Thomas”. I have my moments of doubt/uncertainty as well. Of course, these are not indications of being “unsaved” as Calvinism would falsely teach, but that we are human.

  193. katmazdobelieve

    Thanks. It seems like I am calmer and my mind less troubled after I ask for prayer from the expreacher man crew.

    That did help. It was edifying. Thank you.


  194. katmazdobelieve, Praying for you. We are all still human and have our occasional bouts of doubt and uncertainty which is normal. Did you know that John the Baptist had his moments of doubt and uncertainty? In John 1:29, JB enthusiastically announces to everyone that Jesus is the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world, but then in Matthew 11:3 and Luke 7:19 JB expressed doubt and uncertainty regarding whether Jesus is really the Savior.

    It’s interesting to note that Scripture says that JB was filled with the Holy Spirit while still in his mother’s womb – Luke 1:15, but then later he expresses doubt and uncertainty regarding who Jesus really is.

    King David had his moments of doubt and uncertainty as well. King David writes in Psalm 9:9-10 -” The Lord also will be a refuge for the oppressed, A REFUGE IN TIMES OF TROUBLE. 10 And they that know thy name will put their trust in thee: for thou, Lord, HAST NOT FORSAKEN THEM THAT SEEK THEE.”

    BUT look at what King David writes in the very next Psalm, which is Psalm 10:1:

    “Why standest thou afar off, O Lord? WHY HIDEST THOU THYSELF IN TIMES OF TROUBLE?

    We see the same thing again in Psalm 22:1-2 where he writes:


    BUT then in the very next Psalm, David writes:

    Psalm 23:1-4 – “The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.
    2 He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters. 3 He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name’s sake. 4 Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.”

    Hope this helps, God bless!

  195. katmazdobelieve, I have prayed for you, that you would not dwell on doubtful thoughts and would not continue to be troubled by them.

  196. katmazdobelieve

    Hey everyone,
    Please pray for me. I’m struggling with some doubt/uncertainty and I know that that frame of mind is sinful and not edifying.
    I am praying also but I am still finding myself struggling.

  197. Aristotle, what a nice thing to say, and we feel the same.

    To the rest regarding the shot, the conditioning, not the mark, people being made afraid who have received it, etc., I agree, but I do want to do what John says about keeping this post about prayer.

    I pray we’ll all be wise on what we say or do, praying for each thing, warning others in love.

    I pray for you all, we have a tidal wave of evil that God is holding back, and we have the Holy Spirit in us, the restraining influence (I believe) in this world, so I pray we will be walking in the Spirit more often, and keeping our eyes on the author and finisher of our faith.

  198. William, people who don’t want these injections should not be forced to get them. I hope that I will stand firm in defending that right.

    The world’s powers will take as many of our freedoms as we yield to them. Our fellow citizens have, by and large, determined that they no longer want to live as free citizens. Starting with masks and lockdowns, very few people have spoken out in the name of defending personal and economic freedom (which go hand-in-hand). Property rights have been suspended writ large, as have freedom of assembly and freedom of speech. Hardly anyone has even batted an eye.

    Having said all of this, I am ready to bring this discussion to a close.

    Note to all: I think the concerns about the COVID injections have been fully registered here. Please refrain from additional comments of that nature.

  199. John and Chas, I agree with you both that the jab is not the mark. However, there is a priming element of Revelation 13:17 that some companies and organizations are trying to mandate. I have a co-worker whose spouse works for a passenger airline company where the CEO was recently discussing about mandating the jab for all employees including pilots, flight attendants, etc, for continued employment.

    I work for the public school system and I am already seeing this priming practice taking place. Eventually, if this comes to us, we as believers need to draw the line and take a stand and say “NO” standing up in the name of our Savior Jesus Christ. It may get to the point for some of us to hire an attorney to fight this. Our bodies, our choice.

    The right to refuse a medical tyranny is reaffirmed under the Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights – 2005 which states, “Any preventive, diagnostic, and therapeutic medical intervention is only to be carried out with the prior, free and informed consent of the person concerned, based on adequate information.”

    A mandated jab would violate the NUREMBERG CODE, which many consider as one of the most important documents in the history of medical research ethics standards. The foremost ethical principle of the Nuremberg Code is as relevant today as it was first made back in 1947: “The voluntary, informed consent of the human subject is ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL.”

    With this unapproved experimental jab, INFORMED CONSENT is absolutely essential because it affirms the human right of the individual to accept or reject. Informed consent stands as the moral and ethical barrier to ensure that governments do not pervert medicine.

  200. Chas, I agree – it is critically important that these injections not be conflated with the mark.

    We should all continue to be careful to clarify that.

  201. Johninnc…

    The reasons you listed for being wary of the C-19 vaxes are exactly the same as mine, regardless of the controversies about ingredients.
    The thing which crops up in many discussions that I find very dangerous is an issue which impacts the Gospel itself; the idea that these vaccines are wholly or in part tantamount to the mark of the beast. I think that could very well undermine the faith of Christians or anyone hearing the Gospel who have already received the Jab.

    One thing this whole kerfuffle has demonstrated is how misunderstood the MotB is.

  202. Aristotle, we are so glad you are here and that you find the site to be a blessing.

    We will all meet one day soon.

  203. Aristotle L Vargo

    Thanks johninnc! I’ve never met you in person but you are one of my best friends! I enjoy coming to this website because of all the love I feel from everyone! I love you guys! God bless all of you!!!

  204. Aristotle, Praying for your brother and his girlfriend and hope that the puppies will be provided good homes where they will be cared for and loved. I’m on the same page with you regarding the vaccines. All my co workers have taken it despite my warnings to them. I am one of the few who has not taken it, but everyone else is rushing in line blindly to get it.

  205. Aristotle, I have prayed for your brother and his girlfriend.

    Also for you and your older brother in the face of pressure for unwanted injections.

  206. Aristotle Logan Vargo

    Hey guys. My brother and his girlfriend just lost their dog. She died yesterday. She had puppies a little over a month ago. Puppies are doing well. Please pray for them. They need all the help they can get. Just a little short prayer if you don’t mind.

    As far as the vaccine goes I’m in the Chicago and they are pushing it at my job. My older brother is the only one left at his job who hasn’t gotten it and they are pressuring him too. Let’s be honest, we knew this day would come. Personally, i’ve done my research and will never, ever get that vaccine. There is clearly an agenda. My facebook is full of people taking photos of themselves with the vaccine card. This is strange behavior. I’ve also noticed many saved brethren are not getting it which makes me wonder if the Holy Spirit is giving us a warning…. Also, many fully vaccinated people are still getting covid. If they fire me for refusing the vaccine, so be it. The Lord will take care of me and my family. There is nothing in the world that could make me take that vaccine. God will always be there to help us no matter what happens! They can take whatever they want! I will always have Jesus! A section of one of my favorite psalms below!

    Psalm 2 KJV
    2 Why do the heathen rage, and the people imagine a vain thing?
    2 The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the Lord, and against his anointed, saying,
    3 Let us break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from us.
    4 He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: the Lord shall have them in derision.

  207. Administrator’s note:

    It is beyond the scope of this ministry to make medical evaluations or recommendations.

    I am personally leery of the COVID injections for a number of reasons, including the following:

    1. It is not clear to me that people who have already had a disease should be “vaccinated” against the same disease.

    2. It is not clear to me why low-risk groups (e.g, children, infants, and most young adults) should receive these injections.

    3. It is not clear to me why virtually everyone should be given an experimental medical treatment that hasn’t been fully approved.

    4. The injections are being pushed using extreme high-pressure, heavy-handed tactics.

    Having said all of the above, each person should carefully consider what he thinks is best in his particular circumstances.

    I would ask that we stick with prayer requests in this thread.

  208. Chas, There is an honest Christian doctor named Dr. Carrie Madej who is very experienced and knows what goes into these “vaccines” that the pharmaceuticals are presently calling “95% effective” and “safe.” These vaccines contain substances called “Hydrogel” and a substance called “Luciferase”.

    The name of the latter one is very revealing and has luminescent qualities for the purpose of tracking people. There is a sermon by Pastor Billy Crone on Covid-19 of Las Vegas who is Free Grace. This sermon of course has been banned on YT and censored and can only be heard on Rumble.com. Anyway, at the 54:12 segment of the sermon, Dr. Carrie Madej gives the truth about what the ingredients are in these “vaccines”. What she honestly reveals is shocking and when looked at from a Biblical perspective, lines up perfectly with the prophetic truths of the book of Revelation.

  209. William…
    Reading over your post of 4/6, I couldn’t help but note how I could have posted exactly the same fears. The remedy is exactly what others have said here; Trust in the Lord, rest in Him. I’ve prayed for you.
    I’ve been trying to get at the truth about the various vaxes by researching the ‘net. What a rabbit hole, huh? Of course, the official info is all sunshine and roses. The other side–which I think is far less motivated by $$–is nonetheless harder to sort. My biggest concern was the J&J vax since it has been connected with aborted fetal tissue, but I’d found some detailed info that said “Not exactly…” Seems it was developed using a synthetic line of cells that was made from another synthetic line made from another… back 20 years or so ago from another synthetic line that was developed somehow from a line made using fetal tissue. The bottom line is that there’s no actual fetal tissue in the vaccine itself. It is interesting that recently a huge batch of the J&J stuff was “ruined” somehow and a significant shortage of it is anticipated.
    I’m still researching. We ALL need to pray for each other’s search.

  210. EmeraldLeaf.

    That is one analogy I think of often; Peter and the stormy seas. Taking our eyes off of Jesus. Thanks for bringing it up again. Reminds me of Ps 107:25-32 and also this from Ps 89.

    8 O Lord God of hosts, who is a strong Lord like unto thee?
    or to thy faithfulness round about thee?
    9 Thou rulest the raging of the sea:
    when the waves thereof arise, thou stillest them.

  211. William praying. When I was younger, I worked at the state hospital in town. I learned a few things, but removing outside information, i.e., news, f.b., Twitter, instagram, T.V., and on and on is a very good thing to do when you are stressed. Replace that time with time in His Word. We all need a break. When my kids are stressed, I remind them, put down the phone, turn off the t.v., pick up the Word. I remind myself of the same. If I find myself getting too stressed, I get what I call ‘Feet time’ (Mary sitting at the feet of Jesus, hearing His Word – Lk 10:38-42).

    Pray for everything and don’t worry about tomorrow (Jesus said). Just keep praying when you are worried about something, tell Jesus and then tell Him again if it comes back up. Try to find some Scripture that relates to hold on to.

    25 Therefore I say unto you, Take no thought for your life, what ye shall eat, or what ye shall drink; nor yet for your body, what ye shall put on. Is not the life more than meat, and the body than raiment? 26 Behold the fowls of the air: for they sow not, neither do they reap, nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feedeth them. Are ye not much better than they? 27 Which of you by taking thought can add one cubit unto his stature? 28 And why take ye thought for raiment? Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they toil not, neither do they spin: 29 and yet I say unto you, That even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these. 30 Wherefore, if God so clothe the grass of the field, which to day is, and to morrow is cast into the oven, shall he not much more clothe you, O ye of little faith? 31 Therefore take no thought, saying, What shall we eat? or, What shall we drink? or, Wherewithal shall we be clothed? 32 (For after all these things do the Gentiles seek:) for your heavenly Father knoweth that ye have need of all these things. 33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. 34 Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof. Matt 6

  212. Emerald, we know that everything that happens, God either causes or allows. We can’t always know which is which, but we know that He doesn’t ordain bad things that people do.

    We should remember that nothing will separate us from the love of Christ, and have peace and comfort in that.

  213. emeraldleafministries

    William, I’ve prayed for you. I understand a little of what you’re going through, we just have to remember that the Lord doesn’t want us to fear. That may be hard sometimes, but we must trust and believe Him. Being human, we need those reminders. When I fall off track, I ask if I’m believing Him and trusting? That’s the faith walk. He will make all things right in the end, we just need to learn through it all to make us better, to endure so as to be strengthened and walk nearer with our Savior. We all have moments, but we want to be progressing in the right direction. You and me are a work in progress, just as we all are, and just have to learn to be patient and embrace God’s perfect plan. Does He fail? No. Did Peter take his eyes off the Lord? Yes, and that’s when he began to sink. These are the kinds of things that help me, and I hope you can put them to work as well.

  214. William, I have prayed for you! Particularly that you would not worry about what pressure the world may bring to bear to compel people who don’t want these injections to get them.

    A lot of people seem to want to rob us of the agency over how we live our lives, particularly as it has to do with COVID PPE and injections. I pray that the injections will not become compulsory in general, and in particular that we will continue to have access to employment and normal health care without having to accede to getting the injections. People of good will have the opportunity to take a stand against this medical tyranny, and I am hopeful that we will have lots of company in resisting forced injections.

    We have the comfort of knowing that nothing can separate us from the love of Christ, and that He will soon appear for us. There are so many others who don’t have that hope.

  215. Dear John and all brothers and sisters in the faith, Please pray for me. I suffer from OCD and have had this disorder all my life since childhood. (obsessive compulsive disorder). You know, my OCD is acting up bad. I’m scared that they’re going to make the vaccines mandatory where we all are forced to take it. I have read many cases of people taking it and dying shortly, others getting permanently injured, others having seizures, and very serious anaphylactic reactions where they end up in the ICU. This is really stressing me out bad and is becoming my worst nightmare. These cases are very real and my biggest fear is that I will eventually be forced to take it and end up like those people.

    My OCD fear is also that those who don’t take it will have their employment terminated, their health insurance stripped away where we will be denied access to our meds, etc, etc. Please pray for me. This has been overwhelming me bad as it seems like our Lord’s return at the Rapture is taking forever.

  216. Aristotle, thanks for checking in!

    I am doing well, and hope that you are.

  217. Aristotle L Vargo

    Hope you all are well! Miss you guys!!!

  218. Thank you, I’m praying for Christy every day too.

  219. Holly, I have continued to pray fo Christy and her family.

  220. Thanks everyone. Our women’s group has kept a list of Supplements, even how to take them (like Quercetin with fat, or D3 in the morning, or Zinc with a couple ounces of Tonic water – supposedly helps with cells). We’ve added over time, including not just OTC but the regimens with RX, and Medicines given in hospital as well as steroidal breathing treatments. Home treatments like percussive, etc. If anyone would like a copy of the doc, if John is willing I can send to him and he can share. Only if he feels it’s appropriate.

    Please keep praying for my friend, she was mentioned on Northland today, it is Pastor Trout’s wife, Christy.

  221. Holly…

    Have prayed for your friend and will continue.
    Yes, sadly, people with existing medical issues are more susceptible to C-19 than others. That’s another reason we were concerned with my wife because she is in her 60s and has had pneumonia in the past, even to the point of kidney shutdown. But now she’s healthy now; 2 for 2 Covid negative, so that documentation is nice. We have taken D3, Zinc and other supplements for many years. (Which reminds me, it’s Saturday. Time to refill my pill container.)

    Many thanks again to all for prayer.

  222. Holly, I have prayed for your friend.

  223. Holly, Sorry to hear of your friend with covid. I will pray for her. Ideally, the best treatment would be hydroxychloroquine coupled with the antibiotic Zithromycin (Zithromax), Vitamin D3, and Zinc, but unfortunately the FDA, and most hospitals and medical facilities have banned the use of hydroxychloroquine which has been proven very effective against covid. It’s all because of politics that this approved drug has been banned.

  224. A friend of mine who I’ve not met in person, but also a laborer in the harvest, has been very sick with Covid. She has underlying conditions and it may have caused some other issues. Please pray for wisdom on choosing which hospital, treatment, doctors and peace and comfort in all. Thank you.

  225. Chas, Praise God her test results came back negative! That’s good news! As a strong suggestion, there are many physicians who recommend that everyone take lots of Vitamin D3 and Zinc to help boost their immune system during this covid crisis. My and and my family have been taking this combination along with a good multi-vitamin supplement.

  226. chas, that’s great news!

    Thanks for the update and advice.

  227. John and William, and anyone else, thank you for your prayers.

    The wife’s test result came this morning: NEGATIVE. She can now go back to work once she shows her boss the print-out of her result.
    Strange thing, i was most apprehensive about a false positive, since we knew her “headache” was actually a migraine; not C-19 related. Gotta be very specific with one’s language when answering these questionnaires.

    Again, many thanks to all.

  228. William, I know a lot of people are concerned about the safety and efficacy of the vaccine. I don’t want to persuade, nor dissuade anyone from taking the vaccine, as that is well above my area of expertise.

    Note to all: We should be careful about any and all information that is being disseminated about this coronavirus. The insistence with which the dominant narrative is being foisted upon us, as well as the suppression of any opposition to that narrative, should give us all a heightened sense of awareness that the measures being taken by our governments are not necessarily in our best interests. That being said, I don’t want expreacherman to become a forum for debating COVID information or disinformation.

    Proverbs 14:15: The simple believeth every word: but the prudent man looketh well to his going.

  229. Chas, I’m praying for you and your wife. This whole covid scamdemic is getting ridiculous. I’ve noticed people shy away from me when I cough, clear my throat, and sneeze even when I’m wearing a respirator mask which gives the best protection. I recently was tested as required by my employer and the result was negative. The number of covid cases and deaths have been greatly exaggerated.

    There are cases of illness and deaths that have nothing to do with covid, but it gets listed as “covid”. I read that many hospitals receive reimbursement or funding every time a patient death is listed as “covid.” Chas, don’t let your wife’s employer pressure her into taking the vaccine which has done more harm than good.

    So far 10 people have died from taking the vaccine and 3,150 medical personnel have experienced serious adverse reactions from the vaccine where some ended up in the hospital ICU. Many years have passed and they have not developed a vaccine for HIV and other diseases, but now all of a sudden in less than a year they have developed an experimental “vaccine” which they claim is “95% effective”.

    I don’t buy that period. Vaccines normally take YEARS of research and YEARS of testing, but this current covid vaccine lacks that and is now being rushed and pushed. We are being used as the guinea pigs and lab rats. I hope our Lord returns soon to Rapture us before they start making this “vaccine” mandatory.

  230. William, continuing to pray for you and your family.

  231. John, JohnWI, Aristotle L Vargo and Holly,

    Thank you all for praying for me and my son. Please continue to pray for us that we both don’t revert back which puts a heavy strain on our family, especially my wife who gets deeply grieved and cries when she sees our anger problem in me and my son.

    Your prayers are greatly appreciated.

  232. Chas, I am praying for you and your wife.

  233. chas, I have prayed for your wife, and for you. I guess anything qualifies as a COVID symptom these days.

  234. William, I am praying for you brother!

  235. Well, here we go again. The wife needs to take another Covid test. She works a job in retail that requires her to “check in” every morning before going to work via a test by text-messaging. She has to answer a series of questions designed to spot C-19 “symptoms”, one of which is headaches. She’s had recurring migraines since she was a teenager. She had one since the last time she worked, though it was gone the next day. So she’s been “red-screened” and can’t work until she can produce documentation of a negative Covid test.

    That was last week, and she’s lost a week of work already. Couldn’t get tested before today. I’m asking for prayer that her test is negative, though we’re as much concerned about a false positive as a real positive.

    Thank you all for prayer.

  236. William, anger is a problem that I believe besides prayer, can also be tackled by applying certain Scriptures to it (i.e., not letting the sun go down on your anger, or being angry, but sinning not). For me I try to take that to Him in prayer before I speak. Or remembering what James said about being faster to listen to what someone is saying. Slower to speak. Meekly receiving the engrafted Word.


  237. Thanks Aristotle!

    Happy New Year to you and to everyone at expreacherman. We’re glad that you’re here!

  238. Aristotle L Vargo

    Happy new year everyone! Glad to have met you all! This website is so cool!

  239. Aristotle L Vargo

    prayed for you william

  240. William, I have prayed for you, your son, and your family.

  241. Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

    Please pray for both me and my son who have an anger problem that has been difficult to overcome. My son also has a problem with being very disrespectful and lacking patience. It’s been tough on us as a family. Please pray for us. Thank you.

  242. Andrew, I find tremendous comfort in His Word, especially knowing that in advance that He wrote the Scriptures for us to give us comfort and hope.

    For whatsoever things were written aforetime were written for our learning, that we through patience and comfort of the scriptures might have hope. Romans 15:4

  243. Note to commenter Andrew:

    I am familiar with the condition that you described and I have prayed that you would be at peace.

    There are varying degrees to which people are troubled by circumstances in their lives, and our Lord is intimately aware of our individual circumstances and needs.

    It is great that you have assurance of eternal life and that you desire to grow in grace and in the knowledge of Jesus. Focusing on His sufficiency and faithfulness to us is the best advice I would offer.

  244. Holly, thanks for your prayers and reminding us that God is a just God!

  245. John Tully, Johniinc, John WI, Chas, Aristotle

    I think that many of us can relate. I pray all the time for evil to be exposed to the light, and I do pray for a reprieve, for Him to continue to restrain the evil. All the time I remind Him that He is a Just God, and loves justice and hates injustice, and I ask Him if He is willing, to bring them to justice now. If not, I know it will happen later.

    I too have to keep a balance, and to be very sure I’m in the Word, or it can be very oppressive can’t it? I am selective in who I watch. Newsmax has some shows I like, and I tape so I can FF if I don’t want to hear about something in particular, just so I can get to the news I may want to hear. Greater is He that is in us though…

    Looking forward to the Rapture too, but praying for those who will left behind or even killed during that moment and later.

    Love you all in Christ, praying for the body. We’re fatigued, worn, but He is our strength, His grace is sufficient!

  246. Aristotle, it’s great to hear from you!

    Thanks for stopping by to affirm your love for us. It is always encouraging. Please know that I love all of you as well.

  247. Aristotle L Vargo

    Checking in to say I miss you guys and love you all!

  248. Chas, I have chosen the same balm as you have for my sanity’s sake. I have gone on a diet from the lies promulgated by the mainstream media. I am also cautious with alternative sources.

    The church, since its beginning, has been told to look for Christ’s appearing. The church was never instructed to look for His appearing contingent on the state of the world.

    I am also hopeful that we will get a reprieve and that people will come to their senses.

  249. Regarding the state of the union (and the election), I’ve seen more than one conservative blog recommend moderating one’s intake of news, even to the point of shutting off TV (mainstream) news entirely, just for the sake of one’s sanity. I’ve applied that solution to my own life, especially now that FOX news has gone full-on lefty. It has helped a lot.

    As for the state of the world and the Rapture, it has helped me to keep in mind that the timing of the Rapture is not tied to the state of the world, let alone the U.S. The Rapture will occur when the Church is full; when “the fullness of the Gentiles” has come in. The state of the world is irrelevant. It has been getting “worse and worse” since Paul’s day, and will continue to deteriorate, though perhaps with a reprieve here and there by the Lord’s mercy. Let’s hope we get another 4-year reprieve. It won’t postpone the Rapture by a single second.

  250. Thank you John!

  251. John Tully, I have prayed for you.

    I think many of us are struggling with what is going on right now, and would like to see a just outcome. It may be healthy to limit consumption of political news. Even conservative outlets sometimes have not so hidden agenda, such as selling gold and prepper books.

    We know that the Bible calls Satan the god of this world. He is very active in the affairs of this world, and he knows what his destiny will be. Unfortunately, many people, whose minds he has blinded to the gospel, do not.

    Yes, God knows what will happen. But, no, the evil things that people do in their lust for power are not of Him. The sovereignty (kingship) of we the people of the Unites States of America is not well-understood, nor accepted by most of our fellow citizens. That, combined with the bent of so many toward self-righteousness as a talisman against disease and death, make us ripe for abdicating our sovereignty to authoritarians, who will abuse any and all of our remaining civil liberties.

    As you said, we know that the independence of nations will be subsumed by a one-world government, whose authors don’t realize how fleeting their designs will be. Jesus will set things right.

  252. Last Saturday, I was under a real spiritual battle, to the point of being depressed about what is going on with this election. Thankfully, after listening to Pastor Cuccuzza’s sermon #11, in the series on Armagedon, I am doing better.
    I keep going back and forth between wanting the things that are going on behind the scenes to be exposed, and the people that are committing these crimes to be brought to justice, and then realizing that if nothing is done, then we are that much closer to the global reset, and the one world dictatorship, and the rapture of the church, before the tribulation begins.
    I am trying to limit my time on political stuff (conservative websites only), but it’s hard. I still want to be informed. I am praying for our current President.

    Please pray for me that I can leave it in the Lord’s hands. Thank you!

  253. Chas, so sorry. But they may not have ever known. Sometimes just using Scriptures that answer their errors (without mentioning the errors) helps in the long run. It helped my husband and my brother-in-law.

    Probably better not to mention the rapture unless they ask like you say. But since she’s brought it up, you could write her a ‘dear John’ type of letter (like the one I wrote to Jason years before we dated). You could tell her ‘if’ she survives the tragedies of that time, that she might want to ask why others are gone?

    Keep praying for her!

  254. Chas, It’s tragic that you mention how your close relative has written you off as a “lapsed Catholic” and won’t believe a word that you say regarding the true gospel since you don’t have the necessary “qualifications/credential” and are not an “ordained priest” according to her expectations.

    I’d just like to say that having the right “credentials” and being “ordained” does not automatically guarantee that a person understands and is teaching the real and clear gospel of the Bible. A young child of 5 could understand and explain the real gospel better than a person like your relative. No offense to her.

    There are many so called “theologians” who have their “Th.M” and “Th.D” degrees and their “degrees” in Greek and Hebrew, but are the worst heretics on the face of this earth. MacArthur has a “doctoral” degree, but currently teaches that one can take the mark of the beast and still be saved.

    Many of these so called “men of God” are just so full of it and are up on their proud high tower using their “credentials” and their semesters in Greek and Hebrew to bully, intimidate and to push their false doctrine more intelligently. Again, a little 5 year old child would do a much better job at explaining the gospel to an unsaved person.

    1 Corinthians 1:19-20 – 19 For it is written, I will destroy the wisdom of the wise, and will bring to nothing the understanding of the prudent.

    20 Where is the wise? where is the scribe? where is the disputer of this world? hath not God made foolish the wisdom of this world?

  255. Chas, that’s a good approach.

    Most of the prophecy sites I have seen are some version of “hurry up and believe a false gospel before its too late.”

  256. William and Holly…

    I’ve come around to a similar place regarding the unbelief of some of the people I know, especially a close family relative who remains a staunch Catholic. She views me as a “lapsed Catholic” at best, and won’t listen to anything I have to say about the Bible since I don’t have the necessary “qualifications”, not being an ordained priest. I’ve come to the conclusion that the only thing short of her own imminent death that would cajole her into even considering what I have to say is the Rapture itself, the very concept of which she ridicules.

    I’m a premillenial pre-tribulationist myself, but having seen the effects of “Rapture Mania” that has come from attempts to drum up head counts at prophecy “studies” by issuing de-facto predictions of the probable time of the Rapture (date bracketing), I tend to point a person’s attention not to the Rapture (unless they’re already interested in it) but to the unknown date of their own death. That tends to focus their attention on an event that they know will happen eventually, and side-steps any baggage they may have about the Rapture. Much less clutter to deal with.

    “Even if there is no Rapture, can you be certain you’ll survive the day?”

    The answer to that question can only be “No.”, especially in these times of the Chinese Plague. Which leads one to the next question…

  257. William, yeah, completely oblivious.

  258. John, Just like it says in Scripture, prior to the Rapture, many of the unsaved will be in a “business as usual” mentality.

    Matthew 24:36-42 – 36 But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only.

    37 But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.

    38 For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noe entered into the ark,

    39 And knew not until the flood came, and took them all away; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.

    40 Then shall two be in the field; the one shall be taken, and the other left.

    41 Two women shall be grinding at the mill; the one shall be taken, and the other left.

    42 Watch therefore: for ye know not what hour your Lord doth come.

  259. William, my husband was not only unconcerned (back when he was a friend), he would get angry when I would bring it up. He’d say, how am I supposed to just believe? And I told him that faith comes by hearing the Word, and he hadn’t so much as cracked it. He just tried to stare me down.

    Another time he snapped at me, “do you ever talk about anything else”? (I was just noting the sunset at the restaurant which was beautiful, an ever changing canvas. I just was quiet. So he snapped again, “Oh, so you’re not going to talk with me now”?

    I explained to him, it’s a big part of who I am. And so if he can’t stand that, he probably doesn’t like much of me. Long story short, prayer, reminding him he wasn’t promised tomorrow. I didn’t harangue him but if there was a lead in opportunity, I took it. I think some of the hardest ones sometimes fall easier. I will confess he shocked me when he told me he believed several years later. I had written him a long letter (he was going into the hospital for heart surgery — his second one). And I was pretty straightforward, but I knew he needed ‘proof’. I gave him all sorts of Biblical proof in prophecies and just the miraculous nature of the Bible coming together.

    Anyways, while there is breath, there is hope always 🙂

  260. William, it can be frustrating to try to witness to people when they often seem to show such little interest.

    I am thankful that your wife’s mother is a believer, and one more witness to the life-giving message of the gospel.

  261. Holly, I think for many people like my wife’s immediate family, it will take something like the commencement of the 7 year Tribulation to wake them up, otherwise they will never wake up to the truth. My wife’s mother who is in her 80’s finally recently believed and got saved, but the rest of her family is very stubborn and unconcerned and is not taking my wife’s warnings about the upcoming Rapture and Tribulation seriously. Everyone is basically nonchalant and asleep.

    After we’re all raptured, many of our non believing relatives, friends, and co-workers will no doubt be in an utter state of panic, fear, and confusion over our sudden disappearance where some will finally wake up to reality, but some will no doubt be deceived by the alternate explanation given by Satan in the masquerade of “UFO extraterrestrials” that our disappearance was due to the fact that we were taken up by the “bad aliens” and that they’re the “good aliens” that have come to help us in this time of panic. The Anti-Christ will appear and come to power where many will be brainwashed and see him as the “savior.” For those that come to know Christ during the Tribulation will have it very hard because many will be severely persecuted and martyred by the Anti-Christ and his forces.

  262. Chas, praying with you that she will see how short life really is, and she’s been given a second chance.

  263. Chas,

    Praise God that your wife’s aunt is receptive to the gospel. We’re still praying for her. My mother in law recently believed and got saved and she is in her 80’s. Please keep us posted. God bless!

  264. chas, thanks for the update. Her response is encouraging, and she seems receptive to the topic.

  265. Update on the wife’s aunt’s OH surgery last Monday (10/12):

    The surgery went well. (Wife’s not sure if it was double or triple bypass.) Aunt’s doing well and may go home Friday or Saturday. Wife spoke to her Wednesday on the phone, and told her “You know, If you believe Jesus died on the cross for your sins, you’re His child. Your performance doesn’t change that.” To which the aunt replied, “Yeah!” This emergency has apparently clarified her thinking on salvation. No, it’s not exactly a long, comprehensive presentation of the Gospel, but her response is encouraging. We’ll be keeping an eye on her.

    Many thanks again to all who have prayed.

  266. @Holly, and @Chas, i prayed for your familiy members.

  267. Chas, praying for her. Maybe your wife could just offer to read to her this booklet?

    Click to access how_to_be_sure_you_are_going_to_heaven_with_cover.pdf

  268. Chas, praying for your wife’s aunt that the surgery will go smoothly.

  269. chas, I have prayed that her surgery will go well.

  270. Many thanks to all who prayed for my wife’s aunt. She’s going into surgery this morning about 10:00 PDT. Will post more when I have info.

  271. Chas, we had a situation in which a man dying of lung cancer had heard so many different messages that the family members asked us not to talk about God with him. However, the man wanted us to pray with him, and we imbedded the gospel message into the prayer.

  272. Chas, Praying for your wife’s aunt. As a suggestion when the opportunity comes up for you and your wife to share the gospel with her either in person or over the phone, it’s a good idea to share with her the example of the thief on the cross in Luke 23:42-43, the woman in Luke 7:50, and the Philippian jailor in Acts 16:30-31. In those 3 instances, it is clear that eternal life is a FREE GIFT that is not dependent upon how “good” they were, but dependent upon their BELIEF on Christ and what He did which will save them right then and there in a nanosecond.

    Let your wife’s aunt know that if she is convinced about who Jesus is and BELIEVES that what He did on the cross for her with His shed blood, death, burial, and resurrection is true, then she is saved. Please tell her eternal life is free and all she has to do is BELIEVE and RECEIVE which is a one time event that will make all the difference for all eternity – John 5:24.

    My mother in law who is in her 80’s recently BELIEVED and got saved. In the past she refused to believe for the longest time, but when we recently told her of the reality of hell, and the Imminent Great White Throne Judgment and the Lake of Fire, she finally woke up and BELIEVED.

    Please keep us posted. God bless!

  273. Chas, thanks for the additional info.

  274. My prayers also, chas

  275. More info:

    The aunt I mentioned is in the hospital for open-heart surgery, which apparently is what has her concerned for her eternal destination. At best she won’t be home for a week, and with this C-19 lock-down we can’t visit her. She’s been getting tons of phone calls already, so there’s no telling what’s coming at her about “spiritual” things. Well, the Lord certainly can visit her and give her understanding.

  276. Chas, I have prayed for you, your wife and your aunt!

  277. My wife just told me about one of her aunts who is having health problems (in her late 70s) and has been questioning her “Christianity”. The account I have is 3rd-hand, but from the sound of it, she’s having the “Am I a good enough Christian to go to Heaven?” struggle. Please pray that my wife and I will be able to present the Gospel to her clearly, and that she will hear with understanding.

    Many thanx.

  278. Holly, sorry to hear about your mother. I have prayed for her, for Adam, and for you.

  279. Thank you everyone. I was blessed. I got to spend time with him a couple of months earlier, and much time on the phone. I was able to be sure he understood the clear gospel, and he started watching Pastor Tom Cucuzza and called him ‘his pastor’. That gives me great comfort.

    William, that is so awful, I am so sorry for what you have been through, how terrible. Jesus knows our sorrows. I have lost a lot of family. My mom just also had a stroke and cancer has returned. I’ve reflected on it and realized although we all go through different ways of losing people, the Lord is there with us. I’ve lost a baby, a brother, father, a favorite aunt just dropped dead of an aneurysm in her brain right after she married (she was living with us). My daddy, and my late husband, who was my best friend and other best friends right after. Then the loss with Adam and the car accident, it’s traumatic. He’s still here, just not very much. I do not know how people do it without the Lord, if I thought on it, I would sink into that dark stormy ocean (and sometimes do).

    But thank the Lord, we do not grieve as others who have no hope.

    Again, so sorry for the trauma you have experienced, and I know He is there to comfort. And the trauma, hurt, and sorrow, others have experienced here. He stores your tears (Ps 56:8).

    God bless you all today.

  280. Holly, i’m sorry to hear of the loss of your loved one. I lost both my parents, my closest uncle, and my brother. I lost my mother to cancer, my father to heart failure, my brother to a heart attack, and my uncle was murdered in a massacre along with 13 other people. Everyone was killed execution style during a robbery.

  281. Holly, i have prayed for your cousins wife, daughter and the the two sons.
    I am sorry for the loss of your cousin too.

  282. Holly, thanks for the update. I am so sorry for the loss of your cousin.

    I have prayed for his wife, children and other loved ones.

  283. Thank you all for praying for my cousin. He went back in after being home for a day or so. They ventilated him again, he had much wrong with him. Alfy went to be with the Lord in the middle of the night. He leaves behind his wife and a 13 year old daughter and two sons in their twenties. Pray for them all to be at peace and comforted at this time with only the comfort He can give.

    But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him. 1 Cor 2:9

  284. Holly, we’ll see what happens. Our daughter sends us cute puppy pictures almost every day.

  285. Johninnc, we decided against another one and got our very active Belgian Malinois ‘Grace’ who is the perfect example of how clumsy and rambunctious we can be as sinners.. She is a mess, stick with your first inclination 🙂

    Mark, so glad you’re with us, there are more out there of course that stand by salvation being free apart from strings and conditions. The difficult passages link above you might find helpful too, or just a Bible study in general.

    Thank you Aristotle, fryingpan, William, Marcus, Marcel and others. Praying you all have a lovely weekend with your family. My family is coming over today for ‘church’ with Pastor Cucuzza. They all will be doing something else tomorrow.

    My cousin you all prayed for was out for a day then went back in two days ago. They said he had pneumonia, but his hospitalist saw his wife in the hallways and came in and spent some time, and it’s just water on the lungs from before, she moved him over from oncology to the heart/lung area and is watching him herself. He still has to deal with the cancer and tumors all over, but a step at a time. God is so good.

  286. Thanks Aristotle! I hope you do as well.

  287. Aristotle L Vargo

    I hope everyone has a nice Labor day!

  288. Aristotle L Vargo

    Glad you are out of the lordship salvation nonsense Mark. I recently got out too. Such a horrible experience. I pray that you grow in grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ!

  289. Aristotle L Vargo

    I prayed for your people Holly. I prayed for your marriage Marcus.

  290. marcel andree

    Hi Marcus,

    I prayed for you and Ann and that it will stay a wonderful relationship between you and her again.


  291. William, I agree that the world and its worldly religions (including Calvinism/LS) institutionalize their narratives and then try to marginalize dissent.

  292. John, Exactly and well said. It’s eisegesis of the Scriptures where the false philosophical presuppositions of men are imposed imposed into the Scriptures. Calvinism has been forcefully imposed into all the seminaries, textbooks, dictionaries, and churches for centuries like a cancer. Calvinism holds sway in this country and we are talking about centuries of brainwash and indoctrination. Many are taught since a very young age not to question the Calvinist doctrine of predestination, but to take it for granted.

    Many Calvinist “pastors” and “theologians” will even go so far as using their “Master’s” and “Doctoral” degrees and their degrees in Greek and Hebrew to defend and to impose their false doctrine of “predestination” into the Bible upon those in their congregation. They will also no doubt use their “credentials” to bully and intimidate young babes in Christ and unsuspecting Christians who are inexperienced and who don’t know Scripture well.

    Questioning would be considered downright blasphemy and an insult to the church forefathers of old who handed down this teaching and who could “never make a mistake”. It’s utterly foolish how many people venerate the Calvinist teaching on predestination just because its been around for centuries. It literally becomes brainwash, cherished dogma, and changeless data. It’s no different from Charles Darwin’s theory of “evolution” or I should say “evil – lution” that has also been forcefully imposed into all the public school textbooks, teacher’s minds, college and university textbooks for centuries. Again, many in the public school system are taught not to question Darwin’s theory. The one who questions will always get ridiculed and bullied and treated as an “ignorant” fool. The whole scientific field is based on this false philosophical presupposition of Darwin, a mere man. Has it ever occurred to the general public that Darwin is dead wrong in his assertion? People embrace this lie because it conveniently excuses them from all moral and ethical accountability to the Creator. The real truth about the Genesis account of creation gets written off and dismissed as a “once upon a time” fictional fairy tale.

    The same is true in regards to predestination and election. The real Biblical definition gets written off and dismissed as “heresy” and the lie of Calvinistic “predestination” gets embraced like a magnet. Has it ever occurred to Christians that the Augustinian/Calvinistic understanding of “predestination” is wrong? Again, the ones who think and do their homework in studying God’s Word and who question the Calvinistic understanding will always get ridiculed, bullied, and written off as a “heretic.”

    Colossians 2:8 KJV – “Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ.”

  293. Hi Mark,

    Thanks for stopping by and sharing your experience with us. I got dragged into LS and Calvinism almost immediately after hearing and believing the gospel in 1992 and was miserable and confused because of it for a very long time.

    I pray you overcome the struggle (if you have not already) a lot quicker than I did. I found this blog in Feb. 2013 and it took a LOT of work undoing those old metal habits that caused me to have lingering doubts and fears and uncertainty when there should have been NONE.

  294. William, the LS/Calvinist mindset finds LS/Calvinism in those passages and virtually everywhere else. If it’s not in scripture, they will make up things to augment their views (like the thief on the cross would have done lots of good works had he lived another 30 years, etc.).

  295. Mark, Thanks for sharing. I was once deceived by LS for a period of time when I was a young babe in Christ decades ago. Praise God that you have come out of this false doctrine! Lordship Salvation is a demonic doctrine masquerading as “Christian”. As you may already know, LS basically spawned from Augustine who is the father of Roman Catholicism and later refined by Augustine’s ardent admirer, John Calvin.

    The grave error that many Calvinists/LS people make is going to an English translation like the NIV with words that best fit their faulty understanding and looking at the phrases in Luke 8:8 and Luke 8:15 that say, “yielded a CROP, A HUNDRED TIMES MORE than was sown”, and “PERSEVERING produce a CROP” to mean that the presence of the great amount of WORK and PROFIT gained must mean that this is the ONLY true Christian with “true saving faith.” Again, they will no doubt write off and dismiss Luke 8:6-7/Luke 8:13-14 as “unsaved false professors” with “non saving faith” because of the absence of WORKS. Lordship Salvation teachers will no doubt use Luke 8:8/Luke 8:15 as one of their “proof texts” in verifying that if Christians don’t produce an “abundant crop”, then they are “unsaved.” These 2 passages will further support their belief in “limited atonement” where Christ supposedly died only for the “chosen elect few” where according to their logic that only these “FEW” are the “truly saved” because of the presence of abundant works.

    Luke 8:8 – NIV 8 Still other seed fell on good soil. It came up and yielded a CROP, A HUNDRED TIMES MORE than was sown.”

    Luke 8:15 – NIV But the seed on good soil stands for those with a noble and good heart, who hear the word, retain it, and by PERSEVERING produce a CROP.

    They will no doubt go and pervert James 2:14-26 for further support. It’s interesting to also note that people in the Lordship Salvation camp will look at the word “PERSEVERING” in the latter part of Luke 8:15 NIV to mean “perseverance of the saints” which will further support their false doctrine.

  296. Mark, we are happy and thankful that you have been delivered from the lie of lordship “salvation.”

    I join you in praying that those who know Jesus as Savior will grow in grace and in the knowledge of Jesus and thankfulness for the truth of the gospel.

  297. My name is Mark and I have recently been brought to an awareness of Lordship Salvation and how it has affected my life in the most dire and negative ways possible. My life was a living hell of sorts at times. I pray that we may all grow in grace and in helping one another by the Spirit. Praise the God and father of our Lord Jesus Christ for the pure gospel that saves.

  298. Praying for you and Ann, that you can build up your marriage again in Him.

  299. Marcus, That’s great news! I pray that your wife will come back and be re-united with you. Praise God!

    Mark 10:9 – What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder.

  300. Marcus, that is such fantastic news! I have prayed for you and your wife again.

  301. Good evening.

    I have a praise report.

    After a 3.5 year separation and eventual divorce, my wife Ann is considering a reconciliation with me.

    I am beyond elated and thankful.

    We serve a risen Savior and a Mighty God!

    Please continue to pray for her and me.

  302. Holly, thanks for the update!

  303. Thank you both, he’s off the ventilator as of yesterday, but on a bipap, his lungs are very wet. My other cousin wasn’t looking good but may soon be going to rehab. So thank you all.

  304. Hi Holly,

    I prayed for both of your cousins and their
    families. Sorry for the late response.


  305. Holly, I have prayed for your cousin who suffered a stroke as well.

  306. I just am talking to my mom, and she told me my other cousin, young 60s, had a bad headache and is in the hospital with a stroke. Both of them are believers and friends on FB. I just saw my male cousin last month, and Michelle is up by my sister and mom. We were all close growing up and renewed our acquaintance through Christ.

  307. Holly, I have prayed for your cousin Alfy and for his wife and children.

  308. I’d like to ask you all for prayer for my cousin Alfy. He was in the hospital in Hawaii but they were just diagnosing him with a headache. They took him to Colorado (where they recently have bought a home) and that hospital thought he had meningitis, but his blood was so thick they could not take blood. They did a bone marrow biopsy and transferred him to a third hospital that is able to do plasmapheresis and dialysis. They intubated him, put in a feeding tube etc. His wife has been staying with him, but suddenly they said they ‘forgot’ to test for Covid and for her safety she can’t be there (hopefully until his test comes back). They have not tested her.

    In the meantime he’s been diagnosed with advanced multiple myeloma. He’s only about 45ish, and always very healthy. He is sedated right now but his wife has approved light chemo to start.

    So appreciate your prayers for him, his wife, and his kids. Thank you ❤

  309. Aristotle, Pentecostal churches teach a separate baptism of the Holy Spirit and say you have to speak in tongues. Of course if it were for today, none of them are using it Biblically in any order or by the guidelines set out by His Word.

    They teach you can lose or sin away your salvation and that you have to ‘turn from sin’ or ‘repent from sin’ to receive eternal life. They preach experience rather than the Word or even Christ and Him crucified.

  310. Aristotle, that sounds like a lot of background activity and noise.

  311. Aristotle L Vargo

    Thanks Johninnc. It was a really weird day. Funny part of the story was we came in during the family choirs music rehearsal. They were all practicing singing and the son of the preacher kept doing mini drum solos. The wife of the preacher kept telling “johnny stop!” He would stop and then 5 minutes later break into another mini solo. Haha

  312. Aristotle, it sounds like he was confused about the gospel.

    Everyone who has believed in Jesus as Savior is born again, permanently indwelled by the Holy Spirit (there are no dependable “signs” that has happened), and has been baptized by the Holy Spirit.

    Water baptism has nothing to do with receiving eternal life.

  313. Aristotle L Vargo

    Thanks johninnc! Man I remember thinking it was required to be saved. I got baptized at a pentecostal church and he said “all your sons are remitted, and every sin that anyone has done to you” I was confused. Then he said “have you received the Holy Spirit yet? More confusion. I just couldn’t understand what he was saying

  314. Aristotle, I think that would be fine.

  315. Aristotle L Vargo

    Hey Johninnc. A couple years ago I was baptized while I was a non believer. Now that I really want to get baptized. Can any christian baptized me?

  316. Aristotle L Vargo

    Hi Holly!

  317. Thanks Holly!

    We have decided against another one, but we’ll see what happens…

  318. Hi Aristotle, hope all is well with you and yours too.

  319. Johninnc, so sorry to hear about your dog. I can surely relate having lost 2 in the last 2 years. It’s so sad. I know the Lord cares even about this grief in our lives.

    My husband got another one, oy vey is all I can say, she is appropriately named Grace as she will need lots of it to live.

  320. Thanks Aristotle!

    We are doing fine and we are glad that you find the website to be a blessing.

  321. Aristotle L Vargo

    johninnc: I just saw this message. I am sorry. I hope you and your family are all ok. I will say a prayer. I’m grateful for this website. It’s always a blessing being here.

  322. Aristotle, things are going well for me and my family, although our 15 1/2 year old dog died today.

    I hope you are doing well.

  323. Aristotle Vargo

    Hope all is well with you guys

  324. Be patient, the Lord will bring us through this crisis….and we will be stronger.

  325. fryingpan, thanks! That is always comforting.

  326. Amen, johninnc! Amen!

    Let not your heart be troubled . . .

  327. Aristotle, thanks for asking. My family and I are doing fine. I hope you are as well.

    I know that many people are concerned about illness or potential illness these days. In addition, I know that many people are separated from visiting loved ones right now, particularly those who are in extended care facilities or who are physically distant. This mother’s day may be particularly difficult for a lot of families. And, there are so many people that have lost their livelihoods or have seen their jobs adversely affected.

    We are also being bombarded by demoralizing, often sensationalized news stories, persistent nagging, political maneuvering, hucksterism, and false gospels.

    There are a lot of distractions, but we can continue to share the good news of eternal life in Christ Jesus through these tumultuous times and pray for one another.

  328. Aristotle Vargo

    I hope all is well with everyone here

  329. Daniel, praying for you and your family.

    Fear thou not; for I am with thee:
    be not dismayed; for I am thy God:
    I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee;
    yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness.

    Isaiah 41:10

    What time I am afraid, I will trust in thee. Psalm 56:3

  330. Aristotle Vargo

    I have prayed for you Daniel

  331. Daniel,

    I have prayed for healing and recovery for your father and safety for you and your family, and for peace of mind. Keep remembering the kinds of scriptures that will engender peace in your spirit. It will become more and more a habit (just try to avoid them becoming vain repetitions).

  332. prayed for your father, you and your family.

  333. Daniel I second that prayer.

  334. Daniel, praying for you and your family.

  335. Daniel, I have prayed for God to heal your father, no matter what the nature of his illness, and that He will keep your family safe and well. Also, that you will all have peace and rest.

  336. Hey guys. My father went to work early and came back. Some time later, he said he has got a fever and has the chills. I really hope its not because of the coronavirus (the devils disease). If he has it, then i have it and so do my family members. I already have problems at 22 with my heart (Too young for this) since late January. I’m already an anxiety ridden person, this stress and worry for my loved ones will only make it worse, Please pray for him and us.

  337. @Jason 65

    this sounds really not good with that situation in Nigeria. I prayed for that situation in Nigeria and that the people there can hear the gospel.

  338. Marcel, thanks.

    I have payed for you and the expreacherman community as well.

  339. Hi Holly
    I prayed for you and your family and the whole community of expreacherman here.

  340. Praying for all my family here.

  341. Jason, I have prayed that the gospel would continue to be spread unimpeded in that area.

  342. Adeola Fayehun reports that Nigeria’s legislators are trying to pass a social media bill in the name of stopping fake news. They are targeting specific sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp. This could impact the accessibility of the Gospel. I pray that this bill is not passed and that the Gospel prevails. The party of “president” Buhari has also sponsored a hate speech bill that could be used to suppress free speech. The Left uses similar tactics.

  343. fryingpan, thanks for the update. I have prayed that this opportunity for your wife will come through and also that you will successfully navigate your teaching business through this crisis.

  344. Thank you all for your prayers!


    I wanted to wait till I really knew more about what was going on with the situation with my wife’s job before posting any kind of update. It seemed rather silly in light of new concerns over the Corona virus.

    I’m happy to report good news, but first some background. (If you want to cut to the chase, just skip down to the last couple of paragraphs.) Some of these details were alluded to already . . .

    For a good number of weeks my wife’s job was threatened with major uncertainty. It was announced that her entire department was being eliminated. There were 12 positions available that they could all apply for but some of them would be leaving the company sometime in April and with a severance package.

    Then, beginning a week ago Tuesday it was pretty much determined that she was not picked for one of the positions offered in her company that she interviewed for. No official notice was given. The management in all their wisdom apparently thought word of mouth and office chatter would suffice as “notice”.

    Several days ago it became known that another person left the company, thereby creating another open position that my wife could (theoretically anyway) apply for. But again, nothing was official, so it was all rumor and hearsay. The other day more chatter came my wife’s way that the supervisor of the team where that “13th” position became available was fighting hard behind the scenes to get my wife in that slot.

    We also found out that this supervisor and my wife’s current supervisor “threw a fit” when they realized my wife was not among the 12 who filled those earlier announced open positions. We also heard chatter that the manager responsible for filling those 12 positions was apparently having a come to Jesus moment (metaphorically of course, but perhaps literally too) where she was finally beginning to realized that she “goofed” by not making sure my wife was one of the selected 12.

    Yesterday one of my wife’s co-workers asked her how she was handling “the adjustment”. This person was assuming my wife was among those moved into one of those open positions because her reputation is one of great integrity and that she does the work of 3 people. When my wife informed her that she had not be offered one of those positions, this other woman literally began to shake and immediately contacted HR to basically find out what in the world was happening.

    There are other details that I won’t bore you with but that all seemed to point towards it being reasonable to suspect this manager was possibly getting ready to offer my wife a position.

    Well, that’s exactly what happened this morning. She offered her a lateral move within the company to a position for which she has prior experience and which will be the same pay (hence it being a lateral move).

    The only thing left to do at this point is for the official offer acceptance letter to be issued. To say we are relieved would be a huge understatement.

    There’s still a CHANCE something might change as the official offer letter has note come through yet, but I’m guessing it’s a done deal by now.

    So, I suppose you can pray for it to go completely through so we can move on?

    So grateful for this outcome! Especially in light of the fact that now we have to focus on how my teaching business is going to navigate this whole Corona virus thing! This is a huge sigh of relief!

    God will always fight for you . . . even if you don’t get the outcome you originally hoped for.

    Thank you for reading and again for your prayers

    I’m praying for those of you most troubled by the Corona virus problem too.

  345. Marcel,

    Thank you for your prayer support and am praying for you and your family. We are building up to the Tribulation and the Rapture is imminent.

    (Content removed by administrator)

  346. Thank you John!

  347. marcel, I have prayed for you and your family, for your parents and their caregivers, for the expreacherman community, and for believers everywhere.

    It is comforting for people to know that they have eternal life and we should share the good news with others.

  348. @PhilR, @William, i prayed for protection of you both and Williams son.
    i prayed for the situation in the company with his co-workers, that they will go to work, when there is no danger anymore.

    @all here, please pray for me and my family for protection. i have copd2 (a lung disease) and diabetis2, although i am not old with 44. And please pray for protection of my parents, and that no one visiting them can infect them. So please pray also for the care personnel who is coming into our homes and their loved ones, that they do not get infected. Please pray for protection of everyone we have contact with.

    Please pray for us all here at expreacherman and our loved ones and everyone who has been reading or will read on this and other free grace websites,internet, and in general everyone who has the holy spirit worldwide and those that will believe in the future and their loved ones and the people we and they have contact with for protection.

    Please pray that my family did understand the gosple, and that i have assurance about this.

    Please pray for us all here that we trust Jesus Christ, that he will protect us.
    Like Chas had said in his last post”the lord is in control”.

    Anyhow even for the times like it is written in the revelation, which will be far more dangerous then now, jesus said that we will hear about rumors of wars and diseases and that this is not the end. so if he says this for that times (which i think are not now) he would more then ever say in our time today: that we should not fear!

    so if the world gets more and more crazy, jesus reminds us anyhow to not make our thinking like the world.

    again like chas had said: the Lord Jesus Christ is in control!

    i can understand my and our sorrows, and it is always important to pray, while in the same time we should remember that the lord is especially the maintainer of life of his children, while he cares for the life of the unbeliever too.

    The Lord Jesus Christ
    bless you all!

  349. William, I have also prayed for your safety and well-being.

  350. John, Thank you. This is very scary for us as a family. I have the weakest immune system in my family as I have been taking antibiotics since the age of 6 and am currently 55. : (

  351. William, I have prayed for your son and his co-workers – that they would be safe and well, that the person who tested positive for the coronavirus would be healed and that his/her family and loved ones would be protected from catching the disease, that the people cleaning the workplace would be protected from the virus and that they will be successful in satisfactorily cleaning the workplace, and that the employees will be able to get back to work soon.

  352. Dear Brothers and Sisters in the faith,

    Please pray for my son and his co-workers. My son and his co-workers were traumatized at his workplace today. My son works on the 3rd floor in his workplace, but today at 3:00 pm they all received an e-mail informing them that a person on the 4th floor has been diagnosed with the Coronavirus and has gone home to be quarantined!! That really scared everyone bad so now my son and many of his other co-workers are taking a paid leave of absence from their workplace because of the infected person on the 4th floor. They won’t be going back for over a week. I hope they are going to send out some qualified personnel to come and decontaminate the whole building, especially the 4th floor. In the meantime, if anyone else in that building shows symptoms of the Coronavirus, then my son and his co-workers will not be going to work for a while. This is scary. : (

  353. Phil, I have prayed for you and your wife and I am thankful that you don’t have it.

  354. Phil, I have prayed for deliverance from the spread of the coronavirus, including those who are most vulnerable to it.

  355. Just a note; we don’t have it, but we are almost afraid to leave the house for fear of catching this virus.

  356. Please pray for deliverance from the spread of this corona virus; especially for the elderly, like my wife and me.

  357. Aristotle L Vargo

    fryingpan9 I have prayed for your wife

  358. fryingpan9;

    It sounds like the place you wife has been working could serve as a case study of a “toxic working environment” with all that going on. But as you’ve said; it IS all in the Lord’s hands, ultimately. I’m praying that the Lord not only brings your wife a better job, but that it’s so much better that her hostile former associates learn a lesson.

    Looking back on my wife’s 18-year run with her company–and the incidents that ended it–we’ve come to the conclusion that the Lord used the situation to pry her (us) loose from the situation. We were always under stress, even when theoretically “off work” since the office was in our home. Though not officially, we were actually “on call” 24/7, and there seemed to be no way to please “the boss” who spent much of his time out-of-state as we struggled to keep his company alive.

    Anyway, we keep reminding each other that the Lord is in control though things don’t seem to make sense at the moment. That’s become even more important to keep in mind now that her unemployment benefits have run out.

  359. Fryingpan, I am sorry that your wife has been treated this way.

    I know that these decisions get made for all sorts of reasons besides sound management and fairness.

    I have prayed for both of you through this ordeal.

  360. Thank you all for your prayers and encouraging words.

    chas, I have been praying for your wife in her search too.

    I have kept largely silent as I know much of this is in the Lord’s hands anyway. And much of what I’m seeing is speculation (albeit well INFORMED speculation).

    I will say this much. My wife made it through the entire work week with no one having the decency to tell her that she had not been chosen to fill one of the other positions she applied for. It was all handled in an INCREDIBLY thoughtless, inconsiderate, incompetent and UNPROFESSIONAL manner.

    The management LITERALLY left it to employee chatter and word of mouth to figure it all out. My wife’s supervisor couldn’t even tell her what’s going on.

    I can also tell you that more than just a FEW people with way less experience, competence, seniority (not that always really matters) and with HORRIBLE work ethics (this isn’t just my wife’s observations, although it would be enough) DID receive the positions that she applied for. We don’t have proof, but it largely appears corrupt office politics and vindictiveness are behind this nonsense, and another supervisor spoke to my wife the other day to express his disgust with how she’s been treated, and that he’s looking for an “out” from this place. As soon as he does (so he claims) he’s going to the press to report on this firm’s blatant corruption.

    I could go on and on about how badly my wife’s been treated, but I’ve said more than enough already.

    And we both know it’s all for His glory anyway.

    Thank you for reading.

  361. Chas, thanks for the update!

    I have prayed for your wife in her job search as well.

  362. fryingpan9:

    I’m praying that your wife will find the job that’s well-suited to her.

    My wife is looking for work, and she’s worried about appearing over-qualified for the type of work she wants. At 62, age-ism is also a concern.

    To all, by way of an up-date: the county sheriff has closed the case that my wife’s ex-boss tried to bring against her. “No evidence of any wrong-doing.” That last part is no surprise to us, but it’s amazing how many of her former associates the ex-boss has slandered her to. Anyway, many thanks to all who have prayed for us about that situation.

  363. Praying for the best thing for you both fryingpan ❤ May the Lord direct your paths.

  364. My prayers also, fryingpan

  365. fryingpan, I hope it is the best-case scenario.

  366. Thank you very much, johninnc.

    We thought it was a done deal that she’d get a position because she’s an incredibly good worker. At this point we’re having a hard time not speculating that they’re either trying to figure out a way to keep her (best case scenario) or that they’re squeezing her out because, well, her work ethic and ability for finding MANY things that need to be fixed make a lot of people look bad.

    I know it’s silly to give it much thought but there it is. 🙂

  367. fryingpan, I have prayed for your wife and for you.

  368. I have a prayer request.

    My wife’s position (and her entire team–what they do) at her firm is being eliminated. She and the other members of her team were advised to apply for alternate positions in the company or to brace for severance.

    This week was to be the week people began finding out what their future at the firm held in store for them.

    Long story short, beginning late yesterday most of the other member on her team began getting offers and now my wife is in limbo (and having a hard time not thinking about her fate in spite of knowing that it makes no sense fretting over something over which she has no control).

    My wife is historically someone who seldom if ever loses a job, and the down side of that is that he’s well, extremely clueless when it comes to looking for work. It’s always been, for lack of a better way of putting it, “life by accident” when it comes to finding steady work.

    We’re praying that they either give her a position she’s happy with and, if the alternative is inevitable and she’s out, that she will take charge of the situation they way she does all other areas of her life, which is with a very high level of competence and a great work ethic.

    Thank you.

  369. Aristotle Vargo

    Forgot to say thank you JohnWI. Thank you!

  370. Aristotle, we’re thankful for you and everyone who is part of the ExPreacherman ministry.

  371. Aristotle Vargo

    Glad to know all of you guys

  372. Aristotle Vargo

    Thank you hollysgarcia!

  373. Aristotle, I feel you, I was there for many years. I pray that you’ll remember to pray for more small things, which helps us in planning, and also in being motivated to work, make calls, email, etc. Praying for creativity, peace and direction from Him.

  374. I am praying for you also Aristotle.

  375. Thanks johninnc. You are awesome! All of you are awesome!

  376. Aristotle, I have prayed for you in these matters.

  377. Aristotle Vargo

    Hello friends. If anyone has a couple seconds could you pray for me? I’m a new real estate broker and my job is 100% commission. The winter has been very slow for me and the stress has really, really been weighing me down. Any prayer helps. Thank you

  378. Thank you John. I wish years ago people would have pointed me to spending time with Christ in His Word and prayer instead of telling me to find a church, any church is fine (that’s what they would say).

  379. Holly, thanks for the update – that sounds like a great approach!

    Also, prayed for your nephew.

  380. Thank you Marcel and John. I really believe our time is so short. I’m seeing more and more in bad ways, needing Him.

    John, I did a new blog using some of the Bible verses from your link on 36 amazing things and some from my eternal security article, as sort of a fill in the blanks so that she might know her position in Christ. She says she has believed, so today I’ll go over it the gospel with her to see if that’s the one she believed, then I’m hoping to share this with her.

    Also my nephew PM’ed me last night asking for prayer, and saying he thought he needed to get back into walking with God, so appreciate prayer for him.

    God bless you all here, appreciate you.

  381. @ Holly, i prayed for the meeting, the 18 year old girl and your friend and her mother.

  382. Holly, I have prayed for your friend and her mother – that God would provide help and healing, and that your friend’s mother would understand the need to cooperate in her own care.

  383. Thank you both for praying for my meeting tomorrow. I trust Him, I know it’s not me, you just do think on your inadequacies.

    Would you all seriously pray for a good friend? She was diagnosed with Epstein Barr/Mono about 2 months ago. Her mom is sick with the flu (93) and it is just she and her mom. She cannot get her mom to do the things she should (simple things like drinking water) and she just had her at the ER the day before. Evidently her mom is resisting and my friend is tired, she is in her 60’s and weary with no help. She just found out her cousin was found dead. She got the flu, and I guess no one was there to help and she passed away. My friend is beside herself so please pray for her.

  384. Aristotle L Vargo

    hollysgarcia: I have prayed for you and the girl. Everything will be fine!

  385. Holly, I have prayed for you and the young girl.

  386. Tomorrow I’ve been requested by a long time friend to meet with a young girl of 18 who has been in the sex trade. I am ill-equipped for this, but I know asking for prayer, and pointing her to the right person and His Word is the answer. So appreciate all prayers for our meeting tomorrow at 1:30.

  387. Aristotle, this is in response to your e-mail (the expreacherman outbound email is not working, and I don’t generally use my personal email for correspondence related to this site):

    You said: If a man is looking at his works as evidence of salvation, how can he know he is saved?

    My comment: I agree completely. Satan tries to focus us on our works for assurance, because it is a great way for him to undermine and even destroy our assurance (people who have believed in Jesus as Savior have 100% eternal security, but not always 100% assurance).

    You said: Also, there seems to be a lot of double talk from him. Normally calvinist are very consistent with their double talk.

    My comment: I agree with your first sentence (that there seems to be a lot of double talk from him), but not with your second sentence (that normally calvinists are very consistent with their double talk). There really isn’t any consistency in double talk.

    The gentleman with whom you corresponded uses some very telling language to let you know that he is unstable, or inconsistent. If he would look to the lifestyle of another professing believer and doubt that person’s salvation, why would he not doubt his own? After all, unless his lifestyle is perfect, it should give him no comfort at all as to whether or not he has eternal life.

    He does seem to concede that good works and life change are not inevitable in a person who has believed in Jesus as Savior, yet he still seems to struggle with some passages.

    My guess is that he has been exposed to a lot of inconsistent teaching.

  388. Aristotle, I am very thankful!

    Thanks for the update.

  389. Aristotle L Vargo

    Hey guys. Everything worked out for my brother. God is glorified! Good friends you all are! Thank you!

  390. Aristotle L Vargo

    johninnc: Thank you so much. You are a great guy!

  391. Aristotle, I have prayed for your brother.

  392. Aristotle L Vargo

    Hello fellow Christians. I just ask for one small prayer for my older brother. He has been going through persistent financial hardship. Could you please give him a quick prayer? Thanks guys

  393. Aristotle, thanks for your well wishes. I wish you and yours a great Christmas and a great new year!

    We can reflect on God’s greatness in so many things, including the majesty of His creation! I am so happy for you that you are having a mild, sunny day in Chicago.

  394. Aristotle L Vargo

    Hello Christian family. I hope you are all doing well. I hope you all have a great day and a great new year. I thank the Lord it is 53 degrees in Chicago. This is unheard of. We normally have something here called a polar vortex. Honestly I feel like this is a true blessing. A sunny Christmas! So amazing! Have you ever thought about sun, snow, lightning, etc… God is so mighty and creative!

  395. Aristotle, it’s great to have you here!

    I am thankful for the community of like-minded believers that we have here and I am glad that you find the site to be a blessing.

  396. Aristotle L Vargo

    Thank you Holly! So kind!

    johninnc: Right?! It’s a shame it’s so hard to find the true gospel nowadays. So glad to be apart of this group! I never felt this way at my old church or any church I have ever gone to! I get so much joy from all your messages! Talking to people who believe the true gospel produces true happiness!

  397. Aristotle, praying for other believers, laborers in the harvest, to come into your family’s life.

  398. Aristotle, the statement of faith that you sent me is totally errant. It is very sad what people try to pass off as the gospel.

  399. Helen, Calvinism has imbedded itself deeply into churchianity. Some people even claim they are not teaching Calvinism, just because they don’t adhere to every single one of its false tenets.

  400. The calvinistic teachings are just unbelievable. When I catch them on ‘statements of faith’ I just think “how can people swallow these untruths” For God so loved the world? What do they do with that scripture? Have they not read the scriptures for themselves. God wills that all mankind be saved. The lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness, but is long suffering to us ward, not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance.

    And then people tell other people these untruths, making it sound difficult and impossible. It is so very wrong. God bless you all for the tireless work that you do in defending Christ’s wonderful gospel.

  401. Helen, doctrinally sound churches are very rare around here as well.

    I suppose it’s possible that some churches that are doctrinally sound have just cut and pasted errant statements of faith.

    There is a church in our area that has a decent-sounding statement of faith, but the pastor betrays his back-ended works false gospel in his blog.

    I had a heightened sense of skepticism about that church, because I had met with a couple of it’s members and they seemed to lean into the false Calvinist doctrine of perseverance of the saints.

  402. Sometimes I wish I lived in America, there doesn’t seem to be any grace teaching churches here in the UK, but I enjoy listening to Tom Cucuzza’s verse by verse sermons – incredibly long they are 🙂

    I checked out about a dozen on a website of churches that apparently teach grace alone through faith alone last night, but when I went to read their ‘what we believe’ they were all backloading works onto the finished work of Christ. Do they know that they are doing it? Or just piggybacking onto what another church teaches? They just make it so difficult for people to come to Christ and it’s very saddening.

  403. Aristotle L Vargo

    Thanks Helen. You are so wonderful!!!! You guy’s are all so great! I wish you all lived in Chicago!!!

  404. Hi Aristotle – what a lovely name. Sorry for the late response, just to let you know I have prayed for you and your family. I know how it feels to want so much for your family to be saved. I hope that God answers all of our prayers, in His time and for His glory. God bless

  405. Aristotle L Vargo

    Thank you Phil! I love this website! What a blessing!

  406. Aristotle, I too pray that you family will come to accept Christ as their Savior.

  407. Aristotle L Vargo

    johninnc: Thank you so much. It feels good to have Christian brother’s and sister’s praying for my family. My wife shed tears when I told her what you said. Thank you for your kindness.

  408. Aristotle, I have prayed that those in your family, and your wife’s family who know Jesus as Savior will grow in grace and in the knowledge of Jesus. And, if there are those who don’t know Jesus as Savior, that God would continue to draw them to Him and that they would hear the gospel and understand, that they might believe and be saved.

  409. Aristotle L Vargo

    I just ask for prayers that everyone in my family and wife’s family will be saved

  410. Phil, glad to hear it’s all going to be o.k. with your daughter. Praying for her and for you.

    Hobbs – I understand the way you feel, you are not alone, just keep talking to the Lord about it, and keep seeking Him in His Word. He’ll teach you or guide you to others to fellowship with whether online or in person as some have been blessed to find.

  411. Thanks Helen for your prayers.

  412. Excellent news, PhilR. I prayed for your strength and your daughter’s recovery. God bless

  413. To e-mailer P.H. – I have prayed for your sons!

  414. Phil, I am very thankful that she is doing better. I will pray for her continued recovery.

  415. Thanks everyone for your prayers for my daughter. I talked with my daughter. She is out of the hospital and doing good. She had gone in for a hip replacement, but developed pneumonia, but no blood clot. She is recovering at home and will be getting physical theropy for the hip replacement and sounds like she’s doing well recovering from the pneumonia. I am thankful.

  416. Praying for your daughter, Phil.

  417. PhilR, i prayed for your daughter.

  418. Thanks for your prayers, John.

  419. Phil, I have prayed for your daughter’s recovery and for you to find the hospital that she is in.

  420. I have a prayer request for my daughter Roxanne. She has been hospitalized with a serious condition; a blood clot, and she has also developed pneumonia. She is in her late 40’s.
    I am going to try to visit her there soon. I’m having trouble learning which hospital she is in.
    Please pray for her.

  421. johninnc, yes good reminder of our hope, that God is working in our lives.

  422. Hi Hobbs. Thanks for sharing. It is especially difficult when we see the darkness they are under, and yet they believe that they are in the light. It is lonely. No one else will tell him otherwise, but the even sadder thing is that he is getting others into these conspiracy groups too, instead of toward Christ. Christ is the only light and hope we have . He just says I’m abusing him when I tell him he should be reading the Bible and growing in grace. (content removed by adminsistrator). It’s so upsetting to hear his beliefs that I cant be around him anymore

  423. Hobbs, it is really special to find friends with whom you share the same clear view of the gospel.

    We have one couple we meet with regularly. We had kind of known them for about 20 years, and ran into them at a school event that I didn’t really want to attend. I think God had a hand in bringing us together.

  424. Thank you, Holly

  425. Helen, I’ve got a kinda similar problem in that the most meaningful Christian relationships I have are going the charismatic route and although I haven’t completely written all that off, I’m wary of it now. On top of that, these groups are teaching contrary to what I now understand to be the clear gospel. So there’s a kind of impasse and I don’t see how it’s all going to work out. I’ve become quite isolated/withdrawn from things (sometimes wonder if I prefer it that way!) and it would probably be better if I got involved in a church group, but then there are these stumbling blocks. Somewhat bemusing to know which way to turn. Guess we just keep praying.

  426. Helen, praying for wisdom on what to do.

  427. Thank you, PhilR.

  428. johninnc, Amen!

  429. Hobbs, you can’t outsin grace. It’s complete and amazing.

  430. I was involved in a charismatic group in the early 80’s, after leaving the open brethren. One day I said to my friend who was also one of the leaders of our group, ‘so, if there’s no condemnation we could effectively sin all we want and we’d still be saved’. He simply replied ‘yep’. He didn’t add a ‘but’, he didn’t try to qualify it. So I’m saying it appears we did understand grace. I should stress we weren’t looking to have a big sin-fest or anything, God forbid, I was just getting my head around the grace thing as a youngster back then.

  431. Helen, I also pray that he will become better grounded in gospel and the simple, clear truths of Scripture.

  432. Many thanks for the prayers. Yes, he needs the discernment. God bless you all on this website. I know that I am not alone.

  433. Helen, I have prayed for wisdom for both you and your fiancé. I have also prayed that he would become better grounded in the gospel and more discerning.

  434. Hi everyone. I hope you’ve all had a joyous Sunday. Please can I ask prayers for my partner who is a believer, but is pulled aside by charismatic people (content edited by administrator)and movements. He believes that all of these movements lead to God, and when I encourage him to stand on God’s word and read God’s word, he goes on the defence. It has ruined our relationship and I’ve been praying about this for a year because we are engaged and I don’t know if it’s right to marry him. Tried fasting and prayer and still no change. I feel persecuted by him as he just thinks I’m trying to attack him just because I tell him that these movements are occultic. Whatever I’ve done I’ve always encouraged him to pray to God, talk to God, read the Bible etc. He needs spiritual help. He has more respect and time for his friends, who are unbelievers who believe they have no sin. I just wanted more for us, but desperation leads us nowhere.

  435. Thank you very much!

  436. @Justin prayed for your mother, father, and you.

  437. Thank you Johninnc, I really appreciate it.

  438. Justin, I have prayed for your mother’s healing and your father’s health and peace and rest for each of you.

  439. Please pray for my Mom, Patricia. The Dr. says that she’s been exposed to Hepatitis C and shes’s been having other health problems as well. My Dad, Kyle also isn’t in the best shape health wise. Thank you for your time and prayers, I know the Lord can heal all.

  440. Have prayed too, that the Lord will fix the problem, and that it won’t get you down too much in the meantime.

  441. Chas, my prayers also.

  442. Chas, continuing to pray for you and your wife, that this will all be worked out.

  443. Prayed for your wife‘s exboss, your wife, the lawenforcement man and you.

  444. Chas, I have prayed for your wife’s ex-boss, and that you and your wife will maintain the right attitude toward him. Also, that this cloud would be lifted from you and that you will not continue to be bothered by this.

  445. Many continued thanks for all who have prayed for our “ex-boss” situation. Prayer is still needed.

    It seems my wife’s spotless record has not been enough to convince the ex-boss that he is wrong about her. We had a visit at our house from a sheriff dept. detective, wanting to “chat” with my wife. He had called beforehand, asking about more specific allegations the ex-boss has made of her supposed stealing. At the advice of a lawyer, my wife had already gotten printouts of our bank records for a certain critical year, and offered to show them to the detective. After he’d gone through them he seemed relieved, telling us “These records leave [your ex-boss] with no credibility at all.” He’s made copies of the records, and will presumably confront the ex-boss with them. The ex-boss has refused my wife’s pleas to talk these things out face-to-face (per 1 Cor 6:4-8). It is probably for the best that the ex-boss is being confronted with exculpatory evidence by the detective rather than by us. As a neutral party–not to mention a law enforcement officer–the detective should be more… uh, convincing.

    Hopefully, that will end this nonsense, but I dunno. Just when I think there’s nothing else to say, the ex-boss finds another way to make the same false allegations. It’s like a burdensome, oppressive cloud hanging over us, sapping our emotional and physical energy. We continue to pray for the ex-boss, also praying to maintain the right attitude toward him. That’s not easy when somebody’s trying to get you put in jail. Nevertheless, we are reminded in Scripture that the Lord works all things for good for His children. It will be interesting to see how He does that in this case.

    Many thanks for prayer.

  446. Holly, thanks for the link and encouragement.

  447. I put this article together on prayer, maybe some of the verses might encourage some.


  448. Yeah cool, that John WI’s BP is better now, thanks to the Lord Jesus Christ! Sometimes we have to wait a little and sometimes a little longer, but
    Jesus answers our prayers, so we should stay trusting, that he will help us.

  449. Praise God for the encouraging news, Chas.
    Good insights Helen from Romans 12:20

  450. JohnWI, thanks for the update. I am thankful that Your bp is doing better.

  451. Thank you all for the prayers! BP is doing better since they put me on some other medication. Friday I met with a Physicians Assistant who said that anxiety and BP are probably feeding off each other, since all my other test came back normal. Chas, your exactly right, knowing it’s high makes me anxious, which in turn makes it go higher.

  452. @ John WI I prayed that your blood pressure will be normal again too.

  453. That is fantastic news, Chas. Praise you Good Lord. I do believe that bitterness is a killer, so perhaps your wife’s boss is coming to the end of the darkness and may come to see the light that shines in both you and your wife.

    Therefore if thine enemy hunger, feed him; if he thirst, give him drink: for in so doing thou shalt heap coals of fire on his head. – Romans 12:20

    I know that bitter angry people can wear us down, but praying and lifting them up to the Lord always has consequences, often for the betterment of humanity and for Christ’s kingdom. The only trouble is that we can’t see the spiritual wonders that go on in the heavenly realms.

  454. Chas, thanks for the update. That is good news.

    I have prayed that the ex boss won’t take any other harmful action.

  455. Praying for your BP, JohnWI. Strange thing about BP, isn’t it? Knowing it’s high can make it go up. Same with anxiety.

    Re: our situation, after “looking into the situation” the sheriff told my wife he found her record to be so clean (“not so much as a parking ticket…”) that he was surprised that any complaint was made against her. Since there’s “nothing actionable” in the case, he told her ex-boss there’s nothing that he can do. Apparently, the only reason the sheriff called my wife at all was to inform her of the complaint.

    We have contacted a lawyer, one that my wife had dealings with in the past as part of her company duties. (She “wore many hats” on her job.) The lawyer said that the ex-boss “has absolutely no case” and therefore no chance of winning any action against us. She will be speaking with him again on Monday. Our lingering concern is what the ex-boss might do once he finds that his legal options are gone. He is subject to fits of intense anger (one of the factors in his divorce) and the demise of his company seems to have set him off. At this point I wouldn’t put anything past him, even things non-legal.

    Many thanks again for all prayer.

  456. My prayers for your return to normal BP, JohnWI

  457. Good Lord, you have heard the pleas of your saints. I lift them up to you for strength, for nourishment, for protection, for peace, for joy. Use these situations for your glory and bring strength to those who cannot yet see the light at the end of the tunnel. Your ways are higher. Your thoughts are higher. We trust in you. In your precious name, Christ. Amen

    (Comment edited by administrator)

  458. Chas and JohnWI, have prayed about both these problems.

  459. Chas and JohnWI, praying for you both.

  460. JohnWI, I have prayed for you, that God would bring your blood pressure to a safe, healthy level and that you would not be anxious about it.

  461. Please pray for me. My blood pressure has gone out of control the last few months. The doctor started my on BP medication and that’s not even helping. I am praying for the Lord’s help to get to the bottom of this, and what caused it to got up. I take several herbal supplements and I am going to stop those just to see if that might have something to do with it. I know I have anxiety, because every time I take my BP at home and see that it’s still high, I get all the more anxious. Thanks everyone!

  462. Praying for you and your wife Chas. God Bless you both.

  463. @chas, I prayed for you and your wife about the false charges.

  464. Chas, I am praying for the Lord to be glorified in this, and while you are dealing with false charges, that you’ll be comforted in it and have your armor on, having done all to stand.

  465. My prayers also chas for you and your wife. God answers prayers and truly wants to help.

  466. Chas, I have prayed for you and your wife also.

  467. Chas, what a terrible situation.

    I have prayed formyou amd your wife is this situation – that she will be vindicated, that the ordeal will be over for you quickly, and that the process will not cause a financial hardship for you.

  468. Many thanks to all who prayed about the company/job situation with my wife and I, of which I posted last August 24th. We still need prayer. The saga continues.

    My wife got a call this morning from the county sheriff. It seems our old boss has entered a complaint against my wife, something about getting “kickbacks” from the boss’s ex-wife during financial dealings years ago. The charges are false of course, even ridiculous, but it is evidently time for us to “lawyer up”. Please pray that the Lord guides us and vindicates my wife through all this. We are quite stunned this morning.

    Many thanx to all.

  469. Thanks Phil. Feeling better.

  470. my prayers too Keith.

  471. Thank you John.

  472. Keith, I have prayed for your comfort, patience, and attentiveness to others’ spiritual needs.

  473. To all here at Expreacherman, please add me to your prayer list as about 3 months ago I injured my foot while cycling. Since then it has been a vicious cycle (no pun intended) of nearly recovering, returning to my normal activity level, re-injury and recovery. I am a very physically active person, so it is quite frustrating. Please pray for healing and recovery but most of all. that I will learn patience and trust in the Lord and that being attentive to the spiritual needs of others around me is more important than my immediate comfort. Thanks!

  474. Chas, sorry to hear that. Praying for your needs, for your peace in light of his accusations, and for the truth to be made known to him (if it isn’t already) and that he might be ashamed. Praying for his sanity and for the other worker there, for help for him.

  475. Chas, what a dreadful situation.

    I have prayed for each of the things that you mentioned.

  476. As some here may recall, last April/May I requested prayer about the company my wife and I work(ed) for, specifically its short-term cash flow problem. The Lord intervened, and the problem passed when a couple of old invoices were paid.

    Well, it seems we have a new problem. Our (now former) boss has accused us of “stealing from the company for years”. We have never done any such thing, of course, but with the difficulties that the company has been having lately, his thinking has become somewhat… clouded. He has decided to blame us, it seems.

    I was near retirement anyway, but my wife needs a new job (and healthcare plan). Our biggest concern is for the company foreman, who has worked extremely hard over the last decade or so to keep the company afloat. Without him the company would have collapsed six years ago or sooner. Since our ex-boss has let go of 100% of his office staff (my wife and I), it remains to be seen if the company can survive this crisis. I’m also leery of the ex-boss getting crazy enough to try legal action against us as soon as he’s no longer dependent on us to coach him through the myriad paperwork he’ll need to do every month. So basically, there’s:

    -New job for wife
    -Job security (or new job) for foreman
    -Protection from ex-boss’s craziness, which could take legal form
    -Sanity for ex-boss (a Christian)

    Many thanks and God bless you all.

  477. Marcel, I apologize that I haven’t seen this until now. I’m not sure what comment you are referring two, but I’m assuming I was speaking to the two natures. When we are born again, we are made a new creation, so we have the new man, and the old man. The old man (our flesh) still sins. The new man, which is born again of an incorruptible seed (1 Pet 1:23) does not sin (1 John 3:9).

    When we read from Romans 5 on to 8, we see what He has done for us, and how we should not squander it. Although we do continue to ‘practice’ sin, because of our flesh which we won’t be delivered from until we are given a new body (end of Rom 7:24-25 and 1 Cor 15:50-58). So there is no condemnation for any believers, for the fact we have believed. However there can still be consequences.

    I hope that helped answer what you were asking about, I recommend Pastor Cucuzza’s two part series here.

    Warning: this site is NOT Pastor Cucuzza’s so don’t trust ‘recommendations’.


  478. Sorry i do not know if i really understand, what do you want to say with
    both hearts. I talked to god about 2 hearts before you wrote this, because i thought maybe i have an old heart from or in the the flesh and a new one through being reborn with the holy spirit. My evil thoughts maybe come from my old heart, but both hearts are suffering because of a lot of bad things people did to me before i believed in Jesus Christ and since i believed in Jesus Christ. Is this something you prayed for with the two hearts or did you mean something different, and is it really normal to have two hearts, like we are still in the flesh but have the holy spirit and are a new creature in Jesus Christ? God said he will give us a new heart, but do i understand it right, that the old heart is still there? I think maybe both hearts can be wounded the old and the new and need healing?

  479. Fryingpan Praying for the Lord to continue to comfort and encourage your MIL and to keep her safe, along with blessing her.

    Johninc Praying for your BIL and his health condition. Really aware of heart issues. Praying for the family.

    Phil, sorry to hear of the knee issues, praying for you. I haven’t had a replacement, but had a bucket handle tear on my meniscus when I dislocated my knee the final time. It was repaired maybe 15 years or so ago, and lately when I’m not careful, it swells and is in pain. I don’t want one knee replacement, let alone a second, but praying for you in it. We don’t realize how much we rely on our legs and arms and eyes and ears etc.

    Marcel Praying for both of your hearts. 😦

  480. thanks marcel. Knee feels much better.

  481. prayed for you, that the knee will get better without a replacement and that the whole situation with the knees gets better.

  482. prayed for your wife’s brother and families.

  483. Phil, I have prayed that you will be able to avoid another knee surgery and that you will not have problems with pain and stiffness.

  484. My prayers for all, john, fry, holly, and marcel…. I have recurring chronic knee pain in my left knee. I had a knee replacement on my right knee in 2007. I don’t want to go through it again. It left me where I can’t fully bend my right knee back. Knee replacement is kind of a horror show. They want you to clear all the EKG tests, after knee replacement surgery they want YOU the patient to give yourself blood thinner injection in your stomach muscle. After surgery they had me taking a generic from of Perkisin for pain that is easily addictive. This doctor didn’t seem to care: and would have kept prescribing it. And, as I mentioned, there is a risk that you will not have full motion on your leg-which is a problem if you fall down and try to get up. Anyway, I don’t want another knee replacement, so if you will pray that I will be able to get around on left and will be careful.

  485. Please pray for my wife’s brother who is recovering from a very serious heart attack.

    Please pray for his wife and daughters as well and for each of his siblings and their families.

  486. fryingpan i also prayed for your wifes mother.

  487. fryingpan, I have prayed for your wife’s mother, for peace and rest for her, and for your wife and your family to have meaningful and enjoyable time with her.

  488. I have a prayer request. My wife’s mom recently found a deer tick on her leg after it had already been there for more than several hours. No news back if it’s infected with Lyme Disease, but that’s almost beside the point. She was bitten on Saturday, didn’t find it till around midnight, but couldn’t get to the doctor till Monday. She lives out in the middle of NOWHERE.

    She’s in her mid to late 70s and has other health problems, including really bad back problems. She can’t stand up straight. She spent more than the past decade caring for my father-in-law who had even WORSE problems. He passed away several days before Memorial Day.

    She gets wounds that take AGES to heal. She’s had one on her leg (the same leg as the tick bite). It often causes her pain that keeps her up at night. She was just diagnosed with really high blood pressure too. She’s speculating that it’s from the tick bite, but the key word here is SPECULATING.

    She’s on an antibiotic regimen for the bite.

    She also has a pacemaker.

    The good news is that she’s got all her mental faculties and even more importantly has just about as good attitude as anyone in her condition could possibly have.

    She’s lead a life of service since she was about 4 years old. She could use a break and we’d like to enjoy some time w/ her this side of heaven if possible.

    I typically don’t subscribe to threads so I apologize in advance if I forget to check back.


  489. Holly, that is such wonderful news.

    I am very happy for you.

  490. Hi, didn’t know where else to tell you, but I had a little grandson on July 4th. My oldest daughter, his name is Micah Gibson, the obvious for Micah and Gibson means ‘son of Gilbert’ after her dad, my late husband 🙂

    Love in Christ to you all.

  491. Marcel, thank you. Expecting a grandson in about a week 🙂

  492. Holly, i prayed for Jason and you again. nice to hear with the baby.

  493. Marcus, my prayers for you and your wife too.

  494. Marcus, my prayers too for your marriage.

  495. Marcus, so sorry and praying for whatever the Lord wills in this situation. But praying also for comfort.

  496. Marcus, I am so sad to hear that. I will pray for both of you.

  497. Marcus Compton

    I want to thank you all very much for your prayers and support for my stand to fight for my marriage and family. My wife Ann had stopped the divorce, but has refused to work on out relationship. Ann has decided to move forward with divorcing me. I am heart broken beyond grief. But I will praise Jesus the Author and Finisher of our faith. I am eternally grateful to each of you all. God bless.

  498. Holly, I have prayed for Jason and you.

    Also, I have given thanks for Aisla Beth. What wonderful news!

  499. We went to the Surgeon yesterday, they called us back in. Evidently only one side of Jason’s heart is ‘firing’, seems like one of the leads either isn’t working or inflammation or scarring could be the issue. Right now, they turned up the pacemaker to it’s highest level so it can compensate, if left that way the battery life would be shortened in half. We are to come back in a few weeks to see if the other side starts firing miraculously, (and we know that’s possible) and if not, to discuss what’s next.

    On a good note, my daughter had a baby the night before so we went to the hospital to see little Aisla (Eye-lah) Beth, (my middle name) and so we have been given another crown so to speak (Pr 17:6). Thank you all for your prayers, and praying for those who come here, and for John who works to keep this site going.

  500. Thank you both. Zach was only 7, but I had to put down our 16 year old last year when Jason was in the hospital. Totally believe both were God’s timing and mercy to even those little sparrows 🙂 Even so, they are gifts in our lives and we grieve their loss.

  501. And I live with 5 cats and two dogs. The dogs are getting old.

  502. Holly, thanks for the update. I have been praying for both of you and your families.

    I am so sad to hear about your dog. We have one now that is more than 14, and she is getting very feeble.

  503. Thank you all, we’re home, we’re tired, and everything went fairly well. There were some hiccups, but the doctor worked it out (a very twisty vein and a missing wire which he tracked down). He got the biventricular model, so he gets help with both sides of his heart. Kind of reminds me of how the Word works.

    Anyways, while I waited, I decided to hit the different floors of the hospital and the waiting areas and leave some of Tom Cucuzza’s gospel booklets. I prayed that they wouldn’t be thrown away, and that they would be taken by the right ones. Even one.

    Anyways, thank you so much for praying. Our little dog Zacchaeus (7) succumbed to his Valley Fever and the side effects that went with it while we were at the hospital. The Lord even worked that one out as I didn’t know what to do, but He provided one of my kids to be off work who volunteered to take him to be cremated. So it was a sad day, but the Lord worked it out so he didn’t spend any time suffering (that we had seen). In Christ, Holly

  504. Thank you John, Chas and Marcel. Some of my apprehension is that we’re having it done at the very hospital that made some grave errors that almost cost Jason his life. So I’m feeling better now that I’ve asked others for prayer. Always comforting.

  505. Prayed for your wife, her mother, you and your buisness situation.

  506. Prayed for Jason and you.

  507. Holly…

    I’m praying for your husband’s surgery and for you as well.

  508. Holly, praying for Jason to have stable INR levels, and that his surgery will go well. Also praying for both of you to be comforted throughout this process and that you will have the opportunity to share the gospel.

  509. My husband Jason has his surgery for the pacemaker on the 5th (2 days). Our concerns are his INR levels which are very inconsistent due to the anti-fungal he takes for his Valley Fever. I appreciate prayers for that and any opportunity to share some gospels.Thank you.

  510. Fryingpan

    Praying this will work out for you both and that your wife will be comforted.

  511. fryingpan, I like to think that most people would respond in that way.

  512. Thank you, johninnc!

    I think I was rather stunned. As I step outside the situation it’s easier to imagine most of my clients thinking, “You’ve had a death in the family. We understand.”

  513. fryingpan, I have prayed that God would comfort your wife and her family in the loss of her father. Also that your customers would be patient and understanding, and that your business would continue to flourish. And finally, that you will be able to manage both supporting your wife, and juggling the appointments that you will need to reschedule.

  514. I have a prayer request.

    I just received news from my wife that her father passed away this morning. He had been having lots of serious health issues for over a decade and his health took a serious dip last week. By yesterday my wife’s mom was talking about thinking about preparing for his passing.

    I run a small business, a service based one where clients pre-pay for tuitiion. When I cancel appointments I have a way of compensating them. We’re already planning on being away for 2 and half weeks next month and now this.

    I know I should not worry but I’m in an extremely competitive market and I don’t traffic in essentials. Past experience informs me that with some inconveniences come those who decide to move on.

    I’m simply praying for people to be understanding and patient, and that I will allow myself to roll w/ the punches, be there for my wife, and figure out how to handle all the many, many appointments that will need to be rescheduled in the weeks and months ahead.

    Thank you!

  515. Chas, thankful to the Lord with you for the answered prayer.

    An update on Jason:

    His heart rate has been very low, in the 40s. He was supposed to leave town for a golf tournament he has co-run for 3 years and played in for about 20. He hasn’t played because of his health but he was looking forward to the trip and planned carefully for the tournament.

    His cardiologist told him the day before it would be better if he did not go, and he is scheduled to see a Cardiovascular surgeon on Tuesday. They say he needs a pacemaker asap. I know that they are not usually a hard surgery, but for him on blood thinners, and what happened with the cancer on his back last month (the excessive bleeding), I’m asking for prayer for all those things as we go, and for the right timing and that we might be able to share some more gospel booklets in many places.

  516. I second that. That things are looking up.

  517. Chas, I am very thankful that the situation is improving.

  518. Many thanks to all who prayed for my company’s situation. Things have taken a turn for the better. One of our customers who were dragging their feet with back payments has paid up, and the other major account has notified us that they will pay us for invoices over a year old “right away”, which means as soon as our office manager finishes jumping through all the accounting hoops brought on by their delay. Our OM has finished the jumping, so payment should be forthcoming this week. That will pull us out of the cash flow abyss we were in. Again, many thanx to johninnc, JohnWI, marcel, PhilR, hollysgarcia and everyone else who prayed for us.

  519. Chas, yes, it sure is. My poor husband, he has had a lot of things in his life, but I think the Lord used it all to bring Jason to him. My mom has dealt with two forms of stage 4 cancer for many years now (melanoma and lymphoma), but she seems to be doing good. I think all these things are hard yet helpful to remind us to number our days here.

  520. Thanks, Holly. I’m praying for your husband an family also. My wife’s mother has been dealing with cancer for years, so we know what an up-and-down ride that is.

    God bless.

  521. Chas, praying the Lord will intervene and direct your steps through this situation. Staying in the Word helps me, helps my faith in these hard times. The roof over our heads and food is very concerning and serious to us, but I’m reminded, He knows and cares, even for the little sparrows. Praying you will have that comfort and help from the Lord.

    On the churches, I guess I have all but given up. I would look for the small one, knowing that does not make them sound, but more likely to have accountability to whatever doctrine they preach. I am thankful for the ability to fellowship with people here on some sound ones I’ve met on FB (not many though). God bless you both.

  522. Jason, you are right – grace never loses relevance. And, there is nothing really relevant about LS.

  523. And how is Lordship being relevant? It is giving the same tired old message as the old fogies have been teaching all along. Grace never loses relevance.

  524. Chas, those “statements of works” sound awful and awfully familiar.

  525. Thanks so much johninnc, JohnWI, marcel, PhilR and everyone else. It’s a great comfort just to know that people who believe the Gospel of Grace are praying.

    Seriously, this site is the only place of real fellowship left to us. During the week after Palm Sunday I found a flyer stuck on our front door for a local church (about 20 minutes away) promoting itself. I’d never heard of Crosspointe Church of Anaheim, but they have a website so I looked it over. Seems they want to be “as relevant as today’s newspaper while holding to the timeless teachings of Jesus Christ.” On their “what we believe” page, under “salvation”, they say “When we turn from our self-ruled life and turn to Jesus in faith we are saved.” Sound like “turn from sin to be saved”? It sure does to me. Seeker sensitive and LS at the same time. Amazing. They also describe the Trinity as “God has eternally existed in three personalities”. Not three persons mind you, three personalities. Apparently, they think God is schizophrenic.

    While I was looking up their location on G-maps, I noticed another church in the vicinity I’d never heard of; Cornerstone Church. I looked them up: Foursquare, and thoroughly LS: “We believe that God regenerates, by the Holy Spirit, those who repent of their sins and confess Jesus Christ as Lord.”

    Also nearby in the same area is Anaheim Vineyard. I’ve had enough exposure to the Vineyard movement to know how off-the-wall they are.

    The search continues, but seems more and more futile. If it wasn’t for the internet…

    Anyway, thanks again, all!

  526. chas, my prayers too for your business and financial situation. God hears your prayers.

  527. @chas i prayed for your job situation.

  528. Chas, I have lifted your prayer request up to the Lord. I know how stressful that can be, as I just went through a situation were I wasn’t sure if I would have a job. I am happy to say it all worked out, but I won’t deny I was stressed out for sure. Thank you every one for your prayers!

  529. Chas, I have prayed for you, your wife, your company’s situation, and for the delinquent customers that you mentioned.

  530. Needing the Lord’s intervention here. The situation isn’t as serious as cancer, but it’s serious enough.

    My wife and I work for a small company of six people. A couple of customers have been withholding payment of long overdue invoices involving tens of thousands of dollars. This has put us in a cash flow crisis that could shut down the company. The six of us would lose not only our jobs, but five would also lose their healthcare benefits.

    I ask for prayer that the Lord will somehow bring our company through this episode intact, and specifically, um, “move upon” our delinquent customers to pay what they owe us right away. They are well able to pay, but we’re finding them to be less than honest.

    Many thanx to all.

  531. Holly, continuing to pray for Jason and you, and that Jason will have an opportunity to share the gospel with those he contacts.

  532. Thank you all. We got the bleeding stopped that night. We followed up with the oncologist and the surgeon. The oncologist said there is a 95% chance they got everything (in those two areas, the lymph nodes and lower back). Now we only have the basal cell carcinomas left which aren’t that serious, and followup on the Prostate cancer. All in all, we are good, but Jason received news that a friend died today. Long story, he wasn’t very close, but we don’t have any indication that the believed. The out of town family contacted him to ask if he could contact the other people (they found Jason’s name and phone number as a reference on a job resume). Pray for opportunity and for Jason to seize it if he has it with the others he contacts. Thank you all again.

  533. Holly, I’m continuing to pray for Jason and you.

  534. Thanks everyone, we had the surgery on Wednesday. Long story short, a very long day (shortage of operating rooms due to construction). Anyways, because we got sent to 4 places, we were able to place some of Northland Church’s gospel booklets. I always valet park when I go to hospitals if at all possible, because I can share a gospel with a tip (I always try to make it generous and offer them the booklet, I don’t force it on them). Anyhow, I had a very good talk with the valet. But almost home, Jason bled a lot, on the seat of the truck and drenched his shirt. We had stopped for his RX, and I checked his back before I went in. Jason didn’t feel the bleeding at all. I stopped the flow with a compress made with my jacket and him leaning weight on it, and it stayed stopped for a few hours. He bled the same way again in bed, so I butterflied it and it stopped. But his heartrate was too low, we called his cardio and he’s removed him off one medicine for his AFIB, so appreciate your prayers. All in all, we are comforted and in peace.

  535. Holly, I am praying for your husbands health concerns.

  536. Kate, I have prayed for your friend’s son, daughter in law, and their child.

  537. katmazdobelieve

    Will everyone please pray for my friend’s Son and Daughter-in-law. They are inducing her today and she is only 32 weeks.
    They are scared and unsure.

  538. katmazdobelieve

    Holly, I am praying for you and your loved ones.
    Your husband was on my mind last night as I was praying. I hadn’t read this yet either.

  539. Prayed for you and your familiy Holly.

  540. Holly, I have prayed for Adam, Jason and his specific health issues, and for you.

  541. I’m going to ask for prayer here, along with praying with you all, I don’t believe it will be long until these momentary trials are over.

    Please of course keep praying for Adam, the problems in these places seem to be never ending. But today I’m asking for prayer for my husband Jason again. Earlier today, we found out that besides the basal cell carcinoma, one of the spots on his back is Melanoma. They are scheduling surgery based around his blood thinner, and as most of you know, last time him bleeding out just from a simple needle biopsy almost cost him his life. Recently his PSA went up quickly (he had prostate cancer), so that is a secondary concern his oncologist and urologist were working together to address. They will also be biopsying some lymph nodes during the surgery.

    Basically, asking for prayer, knowing that God truly does carry us through these difficult times and that He guides our steps maybe to someone that might come to know Him through wherever we are carried in life.

    Love in Christ to you all.

  542. Kate, praying for you as well.

  543. katmazdobelieve

    Hello Everyone,
    I am praying for all of you.
    Please keep me and mine in your prayers, just in general.

  544. William, I am praying for strength, comfort, and justice for you and your family.

  545. Dear Brothers and Sisters in the faith,

    I shared a while back regarding the lawsuit that was filed against us as a family from my son’s ex-wife who has brought many lies and many false accusations against us. Our attorney informed us today that things are getting a little bumpy right now. My son’s ex is clearly being used by Satan and is using the corrupt legal system against us.

    We are not in the same city with his ex and we are 4 hours apart in distance from the court. Our attorney is in court today representing us and it appears that my son’s ex is producing a person that we don’t know who inadvertently showed up at the court and stood next to our attorney during the court case under the pretense that this person “is representing us”. We never sent anyone out to represent us other than our hired attorney to represent us.

    Our attorney told us that he ignored this person, but we are going to call him later to get more details. Something definitely fishy is going on with our son’s ex.

    Please pray for us as we are up against a very malicious and evil person who calls herself a “Christian”, but is a blatant liar and con artist strongly being used by Satan and up against a corrupt legal system Your prayers are very much appreciated. Thank you all.

    Ephesians 6:12 – For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

  546. Marcus,

    Praying for you and your wife Ann for reconciliation in your marriage and that things will turn out for the best glorifying God.

  547. Thank you Holly, for the words of encouragement!!!

  548. Marcus, praying for you and Ann to both draw nearer to Him together. It’s so good when we grow in Him and soften and learn His way over ours. Praying for the very best for you guys.

  549. John WI, just keep acknowledging Him in the little things (as I know you are), praying for you. I know how much that stressed my husband at his work.

  550. prayed for you and the job situation.

  551. prayed for you and your wife.

  552. Thank you John! And Marcus, I am praying for you and your wife.

  553. Marcus, I am continuing to pray for you, your wife, and your marriage.

  554. Marcus Compton

    Please continue to pray for my wife Ann to continue to soften her heart towards me and be willing to reconcile our marriage and family back together. Your prayers are working. God bless.

  555. JohnWI, I have prayed for you regarding your employment situation and that you will not be stressed by it.

  556. Hi all! There is a chance I could be forced to retire from my place of employment this April 1st. After being there for 29 yrs and the possibility of having to look for a new job is stressing me. I know it’s in God’s hands, but I keep taking it back. Please pray that I will focus more on Him, than what could happen, which I have no control over. Thank you!

  557. Holly, I am very grateful to hear that.

  558. Hobbs and everyone, thank you. Spoke to Adam’s advocate today with the Long Term Care, it looks like they agree with us that it was blown out of proportion and keeping Amber from Adam would be detrimental to him (we wholeheartedly agree). Anyways, thank you for your prayers always, we are discouraged yet we still know we trust in a wonderful Savior.

  559. Holly, have prayed for you all.

  560. Thank you all, I did an update today. It’s been hard not to update, but we were trying so hard to just get along and really try to be wise on the more difficult things but it seems like we’re likely being taken elsewhere. Please pray for both Adam and Amber.


  561. Prayed for Jason, Amber, Adam, and you too Holly.

  562. Third world hospital in America. Surriya had better treatment for hernia. Tears.

  563. Holly, I have prayed for Jason, Amber, Adam, and you.

  564. I have a couple of requests. Jason’s PSA is up and some skin cancer has been identified as Basal Cell Carcinoma and he’s scheduled for a procedure soon, we just have to get his blood thinner level right.

    Secondly, the facility that houses Adam has been declining for quite some time. Short of help and short on supplies from diapers to water thickener to just staff in general. Amber is there every night and we have politely and courteously let them know only the important things, but it has been discouraging. Monday night they informed me Amber would no longer be allowed to visit Adam, citing something she did as ‘abuse’.It was witnessed by my daughter – spritzing of a water mister, when he was in his hitting mode. Nothing has worked, raised voices, stuffed animals (we put it in his hand) and she tried something else (which the staff has seen before). I didn’t know about it, but my son laughed and came out of the trance like place he’s in when hitting. One thing I’m sure of, she loves him and is never even frustrated with him. She looks after him. Another thing I’m sure of, is we’ve caught them in too many violations (some simple like soap not being in his bathroom for weeks, or his papertowel holder, empty on the floor for a month, or his broken wheel chair – more months). Others a little more serious like filth and even using his wipes on other patients because they’ve run out. I won’t into much greater detail, we’ve only asked I believe for reasonable things, but we cannot stay there, and at the same time, they’re ruining someone’s reputation by exaggeration. When I told the admin the truth of the matter, a one time mist vs. some stream or squirt into his face, she said she didn’t see it the same. However, after she talked to her supervisor, they still wanted her gone. Please pray for her, she is heartbroken and crying and I am not knowing what to do next. I’ve made the calls, now waiting and appreciate prayer.

  565. John 6:47, I have prayed for you and for your friends.

  566. I witnessed to some of my friends yesterday who were trusting in their good works in order to go to Heaven. I tried to plant a seed, but could not get them to see that they had to be perfect to go to Heaven and you only get that through Christ. Please pray for me, that the Lord would open another opportunity to give the Gospel to them and that they would be receptive to it and trust Christ as their Savior. Thanks!

  567. Praying for you Kate, in these troubles.

  568. Prayed for you too Kate.

  569. My prayers Kate for your healing.

  570. Kate, I have prayed for you and I will keep you in my prayers for your health issues.

  571. Kate, I have prayed for you – specifically for peace, rest, and healing.

  572. katmazdobelieve

    Hey everyone,
    I know I seem redundant constantly asking for prayer but I have found myself in the ER.
    Can you please pray for me and my physical health issues today?

  573. I said a prayer as well. I know how it feels to deal with intrusive thoughts and anxiety. I pray that God takes it from them

  574. My prayers for this person as well.

  575. Am praying for this person.

  576. I received a confidential request for prayer from one of our readers/commenters who has suffered tremendous personal loss in recent years and is anxious about the well-being of self and others. They also suffer from other unwelcome thoughts.

    Please know that I have prayed for you and I would ask others here to pray for you as well.

  577. Peggy – praying for you too. Try to enjoy some time with Him, hearing His Word. Pray and read for enjoyment and to get to know Him outside of what others have told you. Praying for your healing in understanding of the damage these false teachings do.

  578. Hi Peggy,
    i prayed for you.

  579. Peggy, welcome and thanks for your comment.

    Many of our readers and commenters have been scarred by churches that either directly, or by implication teach false gospels.

    And, it is very common for people and ministries that identify as Christian – even to the point of claiming expertise in doctrinal matters – to have been influenced by false gospels. That means there are a lot of churches that are teaching false gospels and all sorts of other false doctrine, so I can understand being cautious.

    Regarding witnessing, it can be bewildering to have so many religious, churchgoing people tune you out, once they are clear there is a difference between your message and the doctrine they have either grown up with, or by which they have otherwise been deceived. Becoming thoroughly grounded in the gospel and being able to counter objections to it can take time.

    With prayer, you are speaking to God Himself, and He knows all of your needs. The Holy Spirit is participating with believers as they pray.

  580. Peggy Kalivoda

    Ever since I was in The UPCI CHURCHES who also teach salvation by works; (I was born & raised Catholic.) I have difficulty trusting.
    I also have a hard time with churches,(rules & regulations) Witnessing & sometimes prayer. Even though the Lord is healing me through prayer.(?)
    I hope you understand where I’m coming from.

  581. Many thanks, johninnc and Marcel. Things are still on-going, but the Lord is giving me strength and clear thinking. The usual LS talking points are being offered, and from people who insist that they believe in “faith alone”.

    It would be hilarious if the Gospel wasn’t at stake. But I’m encouraged that my posts there are even getting past the moderator.

  582. Brian, i prayed for you and your mother.

  583. Prayed for that too.

  584. Chas, I am praying for you in your discussions on that site, and I am praying that the readers will be receptive to God’s word.

  585. Well, it seems I’ve stepped in it again, having gotten involved with a LS-er on a discussion forum on a “discernment” website. It’s another “How can you say the gospel doesn’t call us to turn from sin?” Scripture-mining fest.

    Please pray that I can present the truth properly.

  586. Brian, I have prayed for your mom’s surgery to go well.

  587. Thanks to all. My mom is having angioplasty done today to improve blood flow to her bad foot. She is weak, but this is promising for healing. I share verses with her at times.


  588. Brian, praying for your mom. I was reminded of late wages earlier today. The simplicity of the gospel. Being revealed to little children. Praying for you.

  589. Brian, I prayed for you and your mother.

  590. Brian JH, Praying for your mother that she gets well and that she can understand the simplicity of John 3:16. My mother in law recently believed and got saved and she is in her 80’s. She never had any formal education, but she understood the gospel and believed.

  591. Brian, praying for you and your mother!

  592. Thank you all for praying. She is going to be hospitalized today for her foot. Tests are going to be run to see how much blood flow. If she has poor blood flow is could be a very bad medical prognosis for her, since she is too weak for amputation. She has limited cognitive comprehension, so please pray that she will understand the gospel. Pray for me too. I’m pretty beat up I think

  593. Prayed for your mom, that this heals.

  594. BrianJH I’m praying for your mom also. Hope she has a speedy recovery and be able to go home to celebrate New Years with you and your family.

  595. Brian, I have prayed for relief and healing for your mother.

  596. Thank you everyone. My mom obtained some pressure sores on her feet while hospitalized. Please pray for healing from this.



  597. Yes, thank you, Johinnc!

  598. Marcel, I hope you had a great Christmas!

  599. Prayed for your mom and you brian.

  600. Brian, my prayers too for your mom.
    Marcus, my prayers for your marriage to continue to heal.

  601. Brian, I have prayed for you, your mother, and your family.

  602. Sorry I have not been on here much.
    I would like prayer for my mom who following a bad stroke is being cared for in my home. She just spent 10days in the hospital and is still sick and very weak.

  603. Sorry my english is not always good.

    MERRY christmas to everyone!

  604. Prayed for you Marcus, Ann and your family!
    Happy Christmas to everyone!

  605. Marcus, I’m continuing to pray for you, Ann, and your family.

  606. Marcus Compton

    Merry Christmas.

    Your prayers for my wife Ann are working. She is softening her heart towards me and seems open to reconciliation of our marriage and family at some point.

    Please keep Ann in your prayers.

    Merry Christmas.

  607. Merry Christmas everyone!

  608. Brad, it’s good to hear from you.

  609. Justin, thanks for letting us know! I am very thankful.

  610. Thank you all so much for the prayers! My wife’s follow up Dr’s Appointment went well today. Praise the Lord!

  611. Justin, praying for you all.

  612. @Justin I prayed for your baby, wife and you too.

  613. My prayers for you both, Kate and Justin.

  614. Justin, I have prayed for your wife and child, and for you.

  615. Could you please pray for my wife, she is 7 months pregnant and having issues with her blood pressure rising very highly and falling very low. we just want to make sure her and the baby are okay. We decided to name him Isaiah which means The Lord is Salvation. Thanks for your time and prayers.

  616. I am praying for you too Kate!

  617. Kate- praying that you can let go, do what you can, ask Him to guide you. Praying for each little (or big) thing with you.

  618. Kate, i have prayed for your health and that you have peace.

  619. Kate, I have prayed both for your health and for you to have peace of mind and not be anxious over your health issues.

  620. Katmazdobelieve

    Hey guys,
    Could you pray for me. I am having anxiety over some health issues and just need some peace.

  621. Holly, I am grateful that Jason’s pulmonary exam went well and that he no longer needs to be using O2.

  622. Praise God for all he is doing for John WI, Jason and everyone’s needs.

  623. Praying for you all in your health needs and family troubles. May the Lord give us insight in how to deal with these things.

    Rejoicing with the good reports John WI ❤

    Praise report: Jason's pulmonology report also came back good. His lungs were so bad, that in the hospital when he went on CPAP they pumped up the O2 to 10-11 liters which is literally almost unheard of (most get about 2 liters). The RT said it was the need to bleed in O2 with his mask to get the right absorption and the right O2 saturation when he slept. Anyways, he just had a sleep study again, and they said he does not need to be using O2 any more.

    Second good report, so thank you all.

  624. Daniel, i have prayed for you and your family too.

  625. yeah! I praise the lord Jesus Christ!

  626. JohnWI, that is awesome news!

    I am very thankful.

  627. Hey all! Just wanted to let you know, my biopsy results came back benign. Praise God!!! Thanks again for your prayers!

  628. Daniel, I have prayed for your safety and for that of your family.

  629. Hey guys. Please pray for me. I’m kind of paranoid. My sister told me she saw a chair was facing our home. As if someone placed it there and was sitting there for a while. She claimed that is a tactic used by people who are planning to Rob people’s houses. I don’t want to hurt people. But if push comes to shove, I’ll have no choice but to defend my family. Right now, I have both a hammer and a golf club ready just in case.

  630. Marcus, I am praying for you, your wife, and the restoration of your marriage.

  631. Marcus Compton

    Good morning.

    Please continue to pray for my wife Ann as your prayers are working. Ann and i are separated for the past year and she has filed for divorce. But she has put the divorce off for now but is not willing to work on our marriage or relationship. May God heal her heart and mind and give her a desire to save her marriage and family and allow God to restore.

  632. Thank you all for your prayers! I will let you know how it turns out.

  633. JohnWI – praying for you. Praying you might possibly have opportunity to share the gospel too.

  634. My prayers too John W. Stay in the comforting arms of the Lord.

  635. prayed for you that biospy comes back negative

  636. JohnWI, I am praying for you – that you won’t be anxious leading up to your biopsy and that it will come back negative.

  637. I have an upcoming biopsy scheduled for this Thursday. I ask for prayer, that it comes back negative. Thank you!

  638. Response to email comment from Daniel2 (I added the “2,” since we have another regular commenter named Daniel). The outbound email associated with ExPreacherman has become disabled, so I will address your comment here.

    We are thrilled that you are trusting in Christ alone and have escaped the error of Lordship “salvation.”

    I am not aware of a good church in Orange County, CA, but will pray that you will find people of like mind with whom you can have fellowship.

    In the meantime, we are very glad you’ve found your way to our oasis of grace!

  639. Thank you Phil and John.

    Tomorrow is the ‘real’ ablation (done with microwaves vs. lidocaine) on his spine. We just keep plugging along and He is always faithful.

  640. My prayers for Jason also.

  641. Holly, thanks for the update.

    I am continuing to pray for you and your family.

  642. Thank you all for your faithful prayers.

    Jason went to see his nephrologist recently. The doctor didn’t know how to explain the miraculous turn around of his kidneys. We do. We don’t know why sometimes we see healings and sometimes we don’t, but the Lord is always good. We have been using 9 mg. of Boron daily since his calcium was off and causing some deposits and was leeching into his blood stream. Only mentioning in case it’s of any help to anyone.

    He is going to report what has happened with Jason to a group of nephrologists, since I wasn’t there, not certain what it is. We increased his water intake too which is contrary to what doctors tell you to do.

    Anyways, the Lord knows, but all thanks and praise are due to Him. We still have lots of other issues going on, and tons of doctors visits all the time, it sometimes seems like no end in sight. Pray we may be faithful and remember the opportunities we have in these times so that we’re better witnesses. Even if it’s to leave some gospels behind in the waiting room.

    Jason hasn’t been able to take Humira or Enbrel which are drugs for his Psoriatic arthritis. He has fusing from it. They also caused a sudden loss of hearing in his one ear, he is completely deaf. And it caused scarring on his liver. Funny thing is that until he went off of it, it got worse, and they didn’t catch that, nor did we. Jason at that time was very protective over his drugs and didn’t involve me much. His last liver test didn’t show any visible scarring.

    He also has ankylosing spondylitis and has for years, and both these things cause a lot of pain. He can’t move very well. So on Monday, they are going to do ablations on his spine. They’ve already done two pre-tests with lidocaine and it’s been working, so the more permanent one is Monday (will last up to two years as nerves grow back).

    He is also had prostate cancer which was treated before we married. His PSA is up and so he is at the doctors today. He has a number of other things wrong, but the Lord is good and we’re just along for the ride.

    Thank you all again.

  643. Thank you John. I do the same for you and for your ministry. I am thankful for my kids, for the blessing of them. Just by sheer number of them I seem to see more difficult things, but I also am blessed so much by them. More than anything I want them all to grow up into the head which is Christ.

  644. Holly, I am continuing to pray for you and your family.

  645. Thank you both. I don’t even have the story of the pins right, he was hiding the fact he was driving a motorcycle. He did have surgery on both parts, but I don’t know exactly where it stands right now. I feel better, it was highly upsetting after Adam to hear another child was riding a motorcycle. I know it’s each individual’s choice, but still it was hard to hear. My other daughter was rear-ended a few weeks earlier by a teen likely texting as he didn’t brake. Thank the Lord even though the car was totaled she was not hurt much more than soreness, and even more than that, I thank the Lord I was babysitting both my granddaughters who would have been in the back seat.

    So I’m appreciative of your prayers, and praying for a couple days from now when our fellowship can continue Lord willing.

  646. prayed for your son and you.

  647. I second that john, My prayers for your son also Holly.

  648. Holly, I have prayed for your son – for healing, comfort, and relief from his pain.

    I have prayed for you and the rest of your family as well.

  649. I don’t know if this will post until later. I almost don’t feel like posting, but know I should ask anyways.

    My second son was in a motorcycle accident (I didn’t even know he had one, even saying it has the tears starting to flow again). He was wearing protective armor, and broke both his fibula and tibia. Came out of surgery a little while ago, placed a couple of pins in his legs. Appreciate the prayers.

  650. Brad, you are better off without cigarettes, but don’t look to that experience. I agree with Holly.

  651. Phil, I missed what was wrong with your sister, but the Lord knows, so praying for His help, comfort and peace.

    Marcel, continuing to pray for the Lord to help you all, and to move you all closer to Him (Ps 84).

  652. Brad, praying for you to keep your mind stayed on Him.

  653. I have quit smoking tobacco. Please pray for me to never go back to smoking ever again. Thank you.

  654. Thanks John, Marcel, William and everyone for your prayers for my sister.
    Marcus, I pray for you and your wife to reunite.

  655. PhilR, Praying for your sister.

  656. Marcus, Praying for you and your wife that there be reconciliation and harmony.

  657. Marcus, I have prayed for you, your wife, and your marriage.

  658. Please pray for my marriage with my wife Ann. We are separated for the past year. May God heal our hearts and minds and reconcile our marriage and family back together.

  659. Prayed for your sister Phil.

  660. Where was this woman with the website mentioned in the previous comments?

  661. Phil, praying for your sister.

  662. My sister told me that she has had 2 TIA attacks, that she is doing pretty good now, but she cannot tolerate Statin. Pray that they can use a treatment that her system will tolerate, and for her salvation.

  663. Holly, no update yet.

    Thanks. John

  664. Sharjeel – praying for God’s will for your family and for your trust to be on Him.

    JohnAny news on your friend’s father? Praying for them.

    An update on the woman you prayed for with the website, she had a ‘dream’ and in this dream God told her when He was coming. I saw it on my newsfeed, and so I tried to let her know how we could check to see if that was His voice. Many of her friends were excited to hear this seeming revelation. I finished with the fact that God could come on that day, but it didn’t seem likely to me as all that had been said was against Scripture. Sadly she was pretending to hear, as she posted her false gospel shortly thereafter. And the prophesied day has come and gone.

  665. Marcel, thanks for your prayers.

  666. Johninnc, i prayed for your friends father, your friend and his familiy

  667. My fiend’s father has leukemia, and is not responding properly to his medication. They are starting him on a new medicine. They expect to know within a few days if it will work. If not, he is not expected to get better and will be in a hospice situation either at the hospital or maybe at home.

    Please pray for my friend, his father, and their entire family.

  668. You are in my thoughts and prayers as well.

  669. My prayers for you and your family arrive safely in the USA or Canada.

  670. Sharjeel, welcome.

    I have prayed for you and your family, that you will have safe travels and that your Visa interview process will go well.

  671. Sharjeel Shakeel

    Dear All.
    Greetings in Jesus name,
    We are a Christian Pakistani family living in Nigeria since 2010.Now we want to relocate to USA Or Canada. We have applied US visitor Visa today.
    Our interview date is 30 Oct 2018, Please keep remaber us in prayer.
    We trust on Lord Jesus Christ we will get USA visitor visa and visit USA this year. We need your prayers .
    We believe our Lord and God will never regret us. We trust that God hear his people ,Please remember our family in your prayers.God bless all of you in Jesus name.
    Thank you very much.
    In Christ Jesus
    Sharjeel Shakeel & family.
    Mrs. Surriya Sharjeel
    Sharoon Sharjeel
    Arnold Shamzain Sharjeel
    Ofuaz Oliver Sharjeel
    Miss Amelia Sharjeel.

  672. Jason, I know Clear Gospel was active in Pakistan, and believe that “The Gospel” booklet is available in some of the languages spoken in Pakistan.

  673. I rejoice that I have recently gotten to know several friends in Africa who are clear on the gospel. Some of them are a family of refugees from Pakistan. They know of Ron Shea. They are residing in Nigeria and hope to move to the US. I wish them success.

  674. jason, I have prayed for pastor Weringa as well.

  675. Pastor Paul Weringa is on my mind again. This time, I pray that his hearing at court goes well. False Prophet Owuor is using the political machine to censor criticism of his false teaching.

  676. C.B., praying with Johninnc for you and in agreement about the internet roulette, very dangerous as there are ‘many’ deceived and ‘many’ deceivers as the Word tells us. I did write an article on Eternal Security God’s Promise. I’d like to share it because it contains a lot of passages that you can just use as a Bible study. The Word of God is our armor, as far as it is truth (Jn 17:17), it is the good news, the gospel. It is our sword, and when we read the Word we know faith comes by hearing it. So we can build up our shield of faith that way. Spend time on the verses that speak on eternal life, and get yourself very solid there, and remember the other verses that seem to contradict it are few and far between and in context can be explained in light of other Scriptures too. Here is the link if you’d like to glean it for the Bible verses. It is long, but make a few days of study out of it.

    In Christ, Holly


  677. c.b., I have prayed for you.

    My counsel regarding doubts would be to keep your focus on Jesus. Anytime we focus on ourselves, whether it is the quality of our faith, our faithfulness, etc., it can feed doubts.

    Aside from that, I would avoid playing “internet roulette,” (which is searching on terms for spiritual help and reading the results that come up, most of which will falsly insinuate works into how to receive eternal life, often in a very subtle way) which can open us up to all sorts of false doctrine.

  678. asking for prayers. Having a lot of trouble with doubts. Could use some guidance..

  679. Daniel, praying. I hope you don’t mind my thoughts, but stay in the Word and in prayer, it’s the best way to go through any hardship or difficulties.

  680. Daniel, my prayer too for your housing situation for your and your family.

  681. Daniel, I am also autistic and without a job. Thank God I live with family.

  682. Daniel, I have prayed for you and your family regarding your housing situation.

  683. Please pray for us. We might get kicked out.
    Ugh. Heard from my sister that some Amish people are going to buy this apartment. And if they do (God forbid) WE will get kicked out because they want to start it fresh. Like take it down and make it into just a house. I Do NOT know what to do. I’m autistic and I don’t have a job. I just don’t know what to do. Tch.
    Us Ending up on the streets because of some deluded selfish nutjobs.
    I’m speaking my mind. That is the Lowest of the low. Straight up pathetic. I’m just so furious right now. -_-

  684. my prayers too Brian for your concerns about your mom’s care; it’s in God’s hands. And that God will give you true insights thru His word at the conference

  685. Brian, praying for it to all work out and for you to learn much while you are there. Keep being a Berean! Wonderful that you help with your mother, God bless you.

  686. Brian, I have prayed for both you and your mother.

  687. Prayer request: I would like to attend the Grace Conference in Chicago next week. I have my plane ticket, but I need to make sure my mom will be taken care of while I am gone. Please pray for me to have good workers arranged for her the entire time and for her health and well being while I am gone.

    Thank you so much!

  688. I tried to post but my internet errored out on this page a couple of times.

    That is an all too common happening John on FB (regarding your wife and deleting of comments). Praying her friend might seek the Lord in His Word instead of men’s comments and opinions. Praying the same for Francis Chan.

  689. Kate – just saw your note about your family, praying for you all.

    Daniel, praying for your nephew, may the Lord send more laborers in the harvest. Pray for that.

  690. My wife’s friend Beth posted a Francis Chan video on her Facebook page, along with an affirmation that she agreed with it.

    My wife let Beth know that Francis Chan was a Lordship “salvationist,” and explained what that meant, and how it deviated from the gospel.

    Beth initially posted a response that she believed the same thing as my wife, but later removed my wife’s comments and her earlier responses to them. My guess is that one of Beth’s LS friends “uncorrected” her.

    Please pray that Beth would understand the difference between the gospel and the LS perversions of Chan and his ilk.

  691. Daniel, I have prayed for your nephew.

  692. It’s Been a while since I came here.

    I have a 17 yr old nephew who used to believe that God Was Real (not the gospel) but now he doesn’t believe there to be a God. He wants proof. It’ll be a long while before he can visit again. I want him to believe the gospel. That there IS A God! I want to see him at the pearly gates, not him thrown to hell because of his foolish decision to disregard Gods existence. I fear that so much. Please pray for him.

  693. Kate, my prayers too. I know what its like to go through hardships.. But God is there too and he want us to depend on him in prayer.

  694. Kate, I have prayed for you and your family – that God would deliver you through the hardships and trials that you are going through.

  695. Katmazdobelieve

    Please pray for my family. We are facing a storm of hardships all at once.

  696. Thank you John and Phil, I’m happy to report she says she agrees and this was her prior error. Hopefully she’s corrected it by now.

  697. My prayers too holly, Sometimes it takes a while for someone who has always been in a LS background to just see the gospel as a free gift with no add on’s.

  698. Holly, I have prayed for the woman with whom you are interacting and sharing blogs – that she would see the difference between the gospel and her false gospel substitutes.

  699. Please also pray for a woman, not sure her age, who has been friendly towards me and my blogs. She shared her blog with me, and the gospel is not the gospel. Confessing, being sorry, turning from your sin, etc. are a part of it. I asked her if she’d prayerfully read my article on subtle ways we corrupt the gospel. Please pray that she’ll be open to read and hear.

  700. Thank you all for praying for them. Praying for you and your family Marcus.

  701. Marcus, praying for you, your wife, and your family.

  702. Marcus Compton

    Good morning. Please continue to pray for my wife Ann and my 2 kids Jolie and Marcus Jr. Ann and I are separated and Ann has filed for divorce. I do not want a divorce. I am trusting God for reconciliation to God’s glory. Thank you all.

  703. i also prayed for Cory, Tina and the nursing facility.

  704. My prayers too for Cory, Tina and the nurses, that God will bring comfort and hope.

  705. Holly, so glad that the Lord by his grace provides people like yourself who take interest in others and attempts to convey the wonderful eternal hope we have in our Saviour, to them. They are blessed to have you there.

  706. Holy, I have prayed for you, Cory, Tina, and the nursing facility.

  707. Praying for the needs here. Please pray for Cory (a gunshot victim) and Tina (an older woman), both semi-paralyzed, Cory has more loss which includes his hands too. He’s probably around 30. I was able to talk to them quite some time about who Jesus was (Cory didn’t think he believed in His Deity) and Tina wasn’t ‘quite’ sure all she believed, but was hungry to hear. Cory was open too, and at the end I asked them if they had a Bible, then if they would like one. Please pray for them, for the skilled nursing facility, and for strength for me. I am pretty worn, but His grace is sufficient. God bless you all.

  708. John and Marcel, I am thankful for your prayers.

  709. I prayed for you Jason, for Paul and his church.

  710. UA i also prayed for your recovery.

  711. Jason, I have prayed for Paul and his church.

  712. I recently met a friend named Paul Weringa who pastors a church in Kenya. He recently left Pentecostalism. He struggled with Lordship Salvation as I have. He and I have grown closer to each other as we share testimonies. His church could use prayer. They have experienced vandalism this past week. He tells me that they are in a poor area. He tells me that Kenya is teeming with false prophets and that he cannot find any other sound church. I pray for him and also that he and his people grow in grace.

  713. My prayers also for you UA.

  714. Holly, I have prayed for the people in the brain injury support group, for comfort and encouragement, and for their understanding the gospel message.

  715. UA – so sorry, praying for encouragement from His Word (Ps 119:25,28; Rom 15:4).

    Also everyone I was able to share the gospel with the Traumatic Brain Injury support group I am in. Please pray for the harvest. So many hurting there.

  716. UA, I have prayed for your recovery, and for strength and encouragement.

  717. I have been sick to a disabling degree for almost 14 years. Please pray for my recovery.

  718. Marcus, I too have prayed for your wife Ann and to preserve your marriage.

  719. Marcus, that is good news!

    I have prayed again for you and your family.

  720. Marcus Compton

    Your prayers are working!

    Please continue pray for my wife Ann not to go through with divorcing me.

    She has stopped pursuing the divorce for now and says she needs more time which I am okay with as I do not want a divorce.

    May God heal her heart and mind about divorcing me and restore our family back together to God’s glory.

  721. Marcel Andree

    Thank you so much all! Please tell me, if and what i should pray for you too!

    God bless you all!

  722. Marcel, I too pray for you and your mother, that she will take the liquids she needs.

  723. Thank you all, and Marcel, I am agreeing with you too in asking the Lord to give her a desire to drink more water and maybe get some fluids in other ways, juices, soups, etc. God bless you both.

  724. Marcel, I have prayed for you and your mother – for God’s continued healing for her, and for her to stay properly hydrated and be able to sense the need for water and to respond.

  725. Marcel Andree


    3 years ago my mother had a very strong stroke. She was near death, thanks to Jesus Christ she survived. Now she can not really speak, just some words sometimes and she has a wheel chair. Now since some time she rejects to drink very often and drinks only very little. In my childhood i had lots of fear because she had psyhosis to loose her. I want, that she thinks about to drink enough and had a natural own motivation to drink and can feel that she should be thirsty. Please help us / her with prayer that she understands that drinking is important and that she will have the natural feeling of beeing thirsty more often. That maybe the holy spirit motivates her to drink more again!

    Thank you brothers and sisters!

    In Jesus Christ
    Marcel Andree

    Keep up this real grace oasis website,
    which we really need in this difficult times!
    Thank you a lot for doing this so far.

  726. I’m praying for strength for you, Holly, as well as wisdom and peace. You have quite a load to carry right now.

  727. I too pray for Jason and you. That God will continue to bring peace and answer your prayers.

  728. Holly, thanks for the update. I am continuing to pray for Jason and for you.

  729. Thank you all for your continued prayers for Jason. We had his infectious disease doctor, although he has a very serious case of Cocci or valley fever, he is getting better thanks to being off of Humira (for his psoriatic arthritis) and being on antifungals and other things. He has a lot of issues, so when the cancer possibility was thrown on top, it was just a bit much. I don’t know if you read my post yesterday, but stepped on a baby rattler, my gardener saw me step on it, but I was quick and kept going thankfully. Reminded me no matter what we see, He is with us, and no bite of the serpent is fatal to us anymore. He is with us and will never leave or forsake us.

  730. Marcus, praying for you both to draw closer to the Lord in His Word and that He will work there.

  731. Coming from a home ravaged by divorce and legalism myself, I understand. Reconciliation and healing is my desire as well. And what Jim said. Calvary covers it all.

    One of the things that affected me was the exchange of fruit inspection between family members, each questioning the salvation of the other. I could never figure it out. And then a Calvinist offered some insight. It was poison.

  732. Marcus,

    I will pray for you and your family. Love covers a multitude of sins and at Calvary Christ’s blood covers it all. I know that alone does not fix all problems in practice but it is the great foundation on which we can stand through all hard times. Trust the Lord and see his solutions day by day.

    Have a blessed weekend.

  733. Marcus, I am sorry that you have separated, and that your wife has filed for divorce.

    I have prayed for comfort and healing for you, your wife, and your family.

  734. Marcus Compton

    Good morning.

    Please continue to pray for my wife Ann. We are separated and she has filed for divorce.

    She is confused she says.

    I ask for God’s grace on our marriage and family.

    Thank you all for your love, support and prayers.

    Happy Resurrection everyone!

  735. Marcus, I have prayed for you, your wife, your children, and your marriage.

    I pray that you and your wife will be reconciled to one another and that your marriage will be healed.

  736. Marcus Compton

    Please pray for me and my wife Ann not to go through with divorcing me. She has filed and I am not in agreement but here in Florida there is nothing legally I can do. I do not want a divorce. It is affecting my kids. I am praying Ann will change her heart and mind.

  737. Bryan, I am thankful for your mother’s progress. I have prayed for her continued healing, for you in caring for your mother, and for navigating the difficult process of finding the right card for her in addition to what you have been providing.

    Also praying for your friend in Portland and for her husband.

  738. Hello folks,
    Sorry I haven’t been on her much. I would like continued prayer for my mom and I. She has made some progress on her stroke recovery and is now in a house with myself. We are waiting to try to have home and community based attendant care services. Until then I am taking care of my mom with some hired and friend assistance.

    Also I have a dear friend who is very sick in Portland. I have prayed for her for years and have been able to witness to her some. She has been agnostic.
    She is quite ill and believes she is on her death bed. I’m not sure all the details. I can’t go help her because of my moms situation. She is married to an atheist.

    Thank you

  739. Prayers sent. God bless.

  740. Lise, praying for you, your daughter and son. The Lord knows our needs, may our children desire to abide in His Word and want His will. We can pray for that together knowing it is in His will for these things. Love in Christ.

  741. Praying for you, Holly, and Bryan and his son (I have a daughter with autism as well) and for Brad.

  742. Thanks John. Today we are home. Just barely around 5 pm. Went shopping and tried to get scripts, it’s a lot confusing but worked for awhile on the spreadsheet and questions for doctors, and before 5 made some calls while we waiting for the RX that never was ready until we continued home and coming up our street it was ready $500 later. Anyways, this all will be fine, but pray for clarity and rest and organization. Thank you for everything John, you and everyone else who has been praying. In Him.

  743. Holly, I have prayed for Bryan and his son.

  744. I was thinking yesterday, marveling on how the Lord gives us opportunities in bad times and good.

    We signed up for a pool, Jason loves swimming and really wanted one. Me? I like them but they are a lot of work, so I was pretty apprehensive, but he wanted it so we put down deposits a couple of times. We purchased some material at quite a discounted rate (glass tile) so that too was invested in.

    When the time came for the pool to be dug, I wanted to just cancel it and lose the deposits. Jason was in no condition to even know what I was talking about. The pool guy put his crew off for different jobs, and then came the day where they had to start. I was so tired, I wasn’t looking forward to a 7 am loud noise of digging etc. Turned out worse, it was a hard dig. We live on the side of a mountain so the caliche is a hard sedimentary rock that requires jackhammering at times. So of course that added to my cost by thousands. I began to feel we had made the wrong decision, and guilt of spending money for a pool. I just prayed for the little things as they went along. He’s been working out the small details, directing me (I believe) to some products I like that are even less than we had originally chosen, and I have to meet with the pool guy quite frequently. I don’t like spending top dollar for something if I can find a better buy so I frequently will do searches.

    I found some pavers that were on sale for 1.25 a square foot, and someone to install them with all the materials, less than what we would have paid for concrete. And so I met my pool guy there and he was happy for the resource. I had given him a copy of Tom’s booklet but he had no comment. I try to pray as we’re speaking and just interject things sincerely if I am able.

    Yesterday, he told me of a friend who was dying of breast cancer. He asked why did I think God would allow such a young woman to be on life support. As I started to answer, he wondered aloud if it might be what we’ve done. That gave me perfect opportunity to discuss how God intended things to be, yet He gave us a free will to obey in just one thing, and we would not. He peppered me with questions and I reminisced on my friend Harry who had done the same one night (he is now with the Lord). Anyways, he asked me of his autistic son (severe). He is angry about that because he was a normal infant, and it was one of his series of shots when he was an older baby and he started screaming a day or so later, and crying, and then was never the same. He said he was a happy baby, and cheerful and interactive, and now he is severely handicapped. Please pray for Bryan and his son. He is really inquisitive right now and I was honest and direct with him. Pray he might come to believe on the Lord as his Savior.

  745. We need it, so we thank you very much.

  746. Holly, thanks for the update.

    We are continuing to pray for all of you.

  747. Holly, I am very thankful that Jason is doing better.

    Also, I have joined you in praying for those who preach/teach the gospel faithfully, and for those who read Tom’s booklets.

  748. My one dog we had to put down. And the other has valley fever but seems to be doing o.k.

    Jason is doing better, the best part is that we have been able to share so many of Tom Cucuzza’s gospel booklets in the hospital, and so we know that the gospel is powerful. We don’t know now who is impacted, but keep praying. I pray for the ministries of the few who are faithful with the gospel, we need to keep them in our prayers always. None of us get everything perfectly right, but we know we want to do right by God’s Word so we need to uphold each other in prayer.

  749. Belief that our pets are in heaven is common in mainstream evangelicalism, and I don’t see anything seriously wrong with it, merely that the Bible is silent. And I am a cat person.

  750. Thanks for the prayers everyone. I have been taking probiotic foods (kefir and sauerkraut) and that seems to be helping.

    Holly, I hope your dog is doing well. I lost my pet cat of 20 years recently and have been wondering if I will see him again in heaven. I know the bible is fairly silent on the matter so I don’t know.

    I just try to remember that he had a better life than even a lot of humans do on this planet (unfortunately). We rescued him off the side of the road during a thunderstorm, Christmas day 1997.

    Animals are without sin of course, and there’s plenty of room in heaven I am sure 🙂

  751. Holly, I am glad you are receiving some help from your mom and daughter. I have prayed for them as well.

    I am hopeful that your article will be a blessing and encouragement to those who read it.

  752. Thank you John, my mom and daughter went in this morning to help out and give me some time before I went down. Tierney said she saw an older gentleman reading the gospel. I printed out some more of the bi-fold brochure I wrote and posted it on my website. Hope that it’s o.k. and that if they won’t read that, they might read something from one family member to another.

    Jason had a better day today. We did some more walking (Along with my mom and daughter Tierney who did several laps with him). I took him outside for a bit of sun, and all in all, was a busy day, tiring, got home just a little bit ago, and ready for bed 🙂


  753. Holly, I have prayed that the gospel booklets would be read by those who need to hear the message.

  754. Thanks John, no matter what we go through, I am certain of God’s faithfulness, and the truth of His Word. This will work together for good. I speculate that his friends and the ones I have been praying for in his family and my family, that the Lord will use this to continue to draw them to Him. May I be proclaiming Christ and Him crucified for them. May the Lord draw the right people to the gospel booklets, and may I do what He wishes, and may the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in His sight, O Lord, my strength and my Redeemer…

  755. Holly, I’m continuing to pray for Jason and you and both of your families.

    Thanks for sharing about Jason’s dog. I know that must have been very difficult for you.

  756. Day 29, I came home and the dog wasn’t doing well, she seemed weak and tired. I prayed and asked the Lord to make a real clear path on what to do. I wanted Jason to be able to come home to her, she was his dog before we married, and yet I had talked him into taking her when we were just friends, she was 8. Yesterday morning I woke, she was tired, barely lifted her head. She normally follows me when I make my coffee. I came back and petted her and thought maybe I was up a little earlier and she’d get up soon, but she still wouldn’t. I petted her some more, brought her food and water to her. She did eat some, but still, just seemed to enjoy it as if a last meal. After that, she had no interest in a bone or a treat. So I just knew. She couldn’t get up at all, and barely lift her head. So my son and I carried her outside so she could lay in the sun on the warm pavers. I sat down next to her and cried. I talked to her and made my calls. We had to take her in and I wasn’t sure we could lift her up into the truck. I had some workers at the house, so I went to ask them, lost my voice and cried again as I explained what I needed. They were very kind and helped us load her for the ride to the vet. My son and I both cried, then later we talked about what heaven would be like, and how although we don’t know what happens to our animals, there are animals up there, so who knows? Anyways, we know God is so good. I didn’t tell Jason until he asked how she was tonight. I was hoping to let it wait. He’s having a rough night tonight, so appreciate continued prayers. We’ve crossed day 31 now. Love in Him.

  757. Holly, I am praying that the anti fungal will be effective, and that Jason will be able to be home soon.

  758. I’m reminded about God’s timing and just praying for all things. He helps us as we lean on Him. Just leaning on Him and praying to make the right decisions. Today they talked about sending him to a SNF. I told him no, I don’t believe he can take much more. Pray for the antifungal to do the right amount of work and time and so that we can get out of there for his peace of mind. I know it will be difficult, but the Lord will help us there too.

    Brad, praying your cramping settles. Magnesium is something most of us are deficient in often in our lives. You might read up on it and see if it looks like something you might consider. Helps me with charlie horses. 🙂 Praying for wisdom on whether it’s a certain food or lack of a supplement.

  759. Holly and Brad,
    Praying for both of you.

  760. Brad, I also empathize, and I am thankful that at least it is healing. I feel really sorry for the other Jason and wish his and Holly’s troubles would end soon. I enjoy your fellowship very much. My mother’s recent husband Tony also has periodic troubles.

  761. Brad, I am sorry to hear of your abdominal cramping and pain. I have prayed that you would get relief from it and be healed.

  762. I have been having some health issues the last month or so. Just like abdominal cramping (quite painful at times) and it is really hindering my quality of life and my sleep and the doctors can’t seem to find any issues. It is slowly getting better but I would appreciate a prayer for it.

  763. My prayers too holly. I like to read the lyrics to “What a friend we have in Jesus.”

  764. Holly, thanks for the update. I have prayed for the woman you mentioned. Also, continuing to pray for Jason, you, Adam, your mother, and the rest of your family.

  765. Late last night I got a call from the nurse. Jason wasnot knowing where he was, unhappy, and refusing to wear his bipap or O2. He refused to do anything until they called me. So the nurse put me on the phone with him and we chatted. He stayed out in the hall, pretty much until about 4 am. I had stayed later, and was happy I had arranged for one of his friends to come late morning.

    I decided to print out a bunch of random pictures of all the kids, grandkids, recent moments, wedding picture, Bible verses etc., and last night in the middle of the night and this morning, I was taping together a large mural for him hoping that would help. I also brought my youngest son with me so we could hopefully take him downstairs (it takes two or three to wheel for he has I.V.’s in both arms and also O2 tank, then wheel chair. They wouldn’t let us go downstairs, so we went out to waiting room. But his friend visited first, and was there when I got there. He was refusing to eat lunch, so I told him we’d get something else because he hasn’t been eating.

    On the way up in the elevator there was a woman with a gray mini-schnauzer and I asked her if she was bringing her therapy dog our way. When the dog got there, he petted it a little, he wasn’t much interested oddly. Then she saw the pictures and Bible verses on the wall. She was marveling at what a ‘good’ person I was and how ‘lucky’ he was. I told her anything good was due to the Lord’s love towards me. We chatted a bit and I pointed out some of the kids, the grandkids, the dogs, and each one of his family. She liked this verse especially that was in the collage:

    Pray without ceasing. In everything give thanks;
    for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.
    1 Thessalonians 5:17-18

    I needed the reminder myself. She said she had to get going, she and the dog were tired after 6 floors of visits, and I told her I had a booklet for her and left her one of Tom Cucuzza’s booklets for which she thanked me for. Pray for her, I have a feeling she needed it.

    We got out to the waiting room, and I read my letter to him, and saw there were still some out there (some of my letters were out in the waiting area along with Tom’s gospel bookets). A man across the way and over a few chairs was reading Tom’s gospel booklet. I read through my letter to Jason (the one I had written about us TO other patients) and I think he was listening. I was pleased to notice several of the booklets were in different places, so happy that maybe some had been read.

    I needed to get Jason to eat, so I acted like we were conspiratorial in ordering him a Philly Cheesesteak from the cafeteria. Koby went to go get it for us. He said he wouldn’t eat unless I did which was fine with me because I was hungry so we split it. Actually it was quite good. Then he blabbed when the girl came to order dinner. 🙂 It was fine, I had already told the nurse the carbs, he needed them and it sent his sugar up a bit, but manageable. He didn’t want dinner, but at least I got some protein in. He was happy to be out of the room, and right before I left a little bit ago, the night nurse told me she thinks she’s going to move him to an empty room by the window!

    Thank you Lord, he’s been without light for so long, praying it all works out. Fortunately our roommate has allowed some opening of the curtain, so grateful for that much. Pray we can get the items we need installed, the grab bars, the taller toilets and such so that he will be able to be safe at home. And a good outpatient rehab. Also of course we have remodeling going on in his house, so much to do…but the Lord will help with the details.

    My mom decided to come into town, so praying I can get some time with her too, so much going on, Adam needs me too and of course my other kids.

    Your prayers have mattered greatly, the Lord is holding me up through it all. Thank you so much.

  766. Lise – I am praying for you and your son. Try to get some time with him in the Word, just a little discussion even. Draw him out, don’t let him spend too much time behind closed doors. Get some time with him if you are able doing something outside in the light, we all need light to combat depression. Ask people to faithfully pray for him that you trust, and you and your husband pray together for him faithfully. You have a strong bond if your husband is a believe and you can agree together for him.

    Maybe post some encouraging verses on the mirror for when he gets up. A handwritten post it note telling him something you like about him (that’s an attribute you like about his personality). Our kids are exposed to so much wickedness, they need the Word. T.v., movies, video games, social media, too, too much. I am praying with you as a mom.

  767. Lise, I am praying for your son also. You are not the only one. My son had suicidal thoughts before when he was in middle school where his teacher called my work to inform me and I was very traumatized by that.

  768. Thank you.

  769. Lise, I have prayed for your son, you, and your entire family.

    Thanks for letting us know.

  770. I’m reaching out to this community this morning with a prayer request for my son. He is 15 years old and last night his theater director called me with concerns about some social media he posted in which he expressed suicidal thoughts. I’ve known for a long time that something isn’t right, but this news has just devastated me. He won’t confide in me or my husband.
    I know he’s very lonely and it’s hard for him to connect to other kids.
    But my heart is broken. I’ve been up crying and praying all night. Please pray for us– for guidance and help and for the mercy of Jesus to reveal itself to him.
    Bless you all and thank you,

  771. Jason, me too! I am praying for Jason’s continued improvement, and for peace and rest for both of them.

  772. I am so thankful to hear good news about Holly’s husband’s case.

  773. Holly sent the following update today. She is thankful for all of your prayers. Please continue to keep Holly, Jason, and each of their families in your prayers.

    Yesterday they pulled him off the ventilator. They a swallow evaluation this morning. So he was able to eat lunch today. He is still very weak of course and has a long road ahead, but we really appreciate the prayers. Thank everyone for me. Holly and Jason Held

  774. Holly, I have prayed that God would keep Jason safe through the night, and that He would give you peace and rest tonight.

  775. Thank you very much. Today he spiked almost 104 and no matter what I did it wiping him down, I couldn’t bring it down and he had already been given tylenol. The nurse seemed to not really notice, I asked her what we were going to do about it, finally we wet down a towel and put it on his whole body which wreaked havoc with the electrodes. Still wouldn’t go, so I wet socks and wrung them out and put them on and he started to go down, one celsius at a time (they register in celsius) which is around 3 points.
    They gave him a heavy duty anti fungal which caused him to shiver (one of the side effects). Then they gave him demerol on top of everything and caused his blood pressure to plunge into the 70s over 30s. I told her we needed to do something and she was very, very slow again just saying it was the medicine, so I asked her to please turn down the fentanyl and then she had to turn it off all the way because it was keeping it too low. Thankfully the doctor d/c-ed and said only PRN. He got the same night nurse though who knows his case thankfully and I believe will take care of him so I’m home. Thank you all ❤

  776. My prayers too for both of you.

  777. I just received an update from Holly, some of which I will post below.

    Please continue to pray for Jason and Holly.

    i crashed hard finally last night and woke up in and out of Prayer. I woke up this morning and got ready to go, moving very slowly but praying for the Lord’s timing and a safe trip.

    I asked Northland Bible Church (emailed pastor Tom) to quickly send me some Bible booklets as I have passed out all that I had here. They’re taking care of that today.

    When I got to the hospital, I waited for the valet for a while and prayed about it and then I looked and I saw someone going to their car so I pulled around to what would be the only parking space and it seemed they were just getting cigarettes out of their car to walk to the street to go smoke.

    So I went back to the valet and realized they must not be working.

    I pulled around the back of the building to park because I didn’t know if his truck would fit through the parking garage. I wondered if I could walk because my legs were so tight and I am so stiff.

    Anyways as I walked around the corner there was Dr. Grace standing there in the parking lot with a couple. I was wanting to talk to him but instead he told the couple he wanted to talk to me anyway we over and walked in with me.

    He told me that the Humira that Jason has been taking is like pouring gasoline on valley fever. He talked to the Infectious Disease doctor early this morning and told her she needed to do something quickly because his fever is up. He also told her she needed to take aggressive treatment to get rid of the nodules in his lungs. Pray that he will not have an adverse reaction to it, some have had allergic reactions.

    He also joked and said he was right in hindsight. I hugged him and thanked him.

    I had the fan and wet rags on him to lower his fever because his Tylenol had not gotten here yet.

    They just gave him Tylenol and Benadryl and a couple other things in anticipation of giving him a stronger antibiotic just in case it’s prophylactic. love u thank u all.

  778. Holly, we are continuing to pray for both of you.

  779. I have prayed for Jason and you.

  780. Jason is in icu since late this morning. On a ventilator. Blood in lung from lung biopsy. They aren’t very positive. He is stable. I know the Lord can help so appreciate your prayers.

  781. Thanks everyone. He is out of the biopsy, results will be in a couple of days. Appreciate all of you.

  782. Holly, praying for healing and strength for Jason, you, and your son.

  783. Thank you all, I appreciate it. A little harder when you are physically sick too. His pneumonia was contagious, my son and I are both sick. As I mentioned to whoever might read it my personal note I left at the hospital, we never know when our time may come, and we don’t know we also have been or will be spared. My husband who died far too young, diagnosed at the time of the birth of our youngest, and my good friends, my dad’s stroke and years of in and out of the hospital, my mom’s cancer, my son Adam and his accident, and now Jason. I have been asked what I’ve done. I guess at times for a moment I’ve even asked the same question. I remember a man asking Gilbert what he ‘did’ to get scleroderma (the worst form) and then pulmonary hypertension, he asked him if he smoked and when he said no, he concluded it must be something else.

    A Pentecostal woman (when we had the elders pray) and he passed away, said I needed to have gone to the healing rooms. Funny, but these sorrows and difficulties are blessings in that we don’t know where He is going to take us, and although I’m not brave enough to be carried somewhere like Peter, I still know in each thing He helps us through it. And I pray somehow, some little thing can be a way to answer somebody, or minister to someone somehow? Sometimes it seems like maybe not, but then there was some encouragement to see many of Tom’s booklet’s gone, but one in plain sight, so I’m guessing they hadn’t been tossed, that was a little blessing for me to see. I know, we walk by faith, not by sight. I don’t like these times much but on the other hand, there He is with us, close to us, comforting us.

    Thank you all for your prayers, they do the biopsy tomorrow, so much appreciated.

  784. Holly, praying for you and Jason and his family.

  785. Holly, Praying for you and Jason. I know it’s hard.

  786. My prayers also for both of you, holly.

  787. Holly, I am praying for both of you. Also, that the gospel tracts have been/will be picked up by someone who will read them.

    Thanks for letting us know how Jason is doing.

  788. He has a mass in his right lower lung. They are going to keep him. I looked at the CT scan results today with the doctor. They want to do a lung biopsy but because of his blood thinner they need to get his blood clotting. They gave him a Vitamin K shot to start the blood thickening up a bit. They’ll do the procedure Monday and will likely keep him until at least Wednesday. He is very tired, so I am glad they’re not letting him out, they said trying for outpatient is too dangerous in his condition and that if they let him out they’re afraid he’d be right back. I concur.

    Just pray that I can keep him moving myself, as he needs to not sit around too much or you can make it worse too, it’s a balance as we’re both wobbly. Oh, I was able to leave a few gospel tracts (personal ones I made more like a letter patient’s wife to ? explaining the gospel), pray that they might get into the right hands. I did notice that only one of Tom’s booklets was left. If there were none I’d be worried that they were thrown out by staff, but there was one, so I believe some have been read. I’ll leave more when I go tomorrow.
    Jason is doing better with his spirits, so thank you for the prayers.

  789. Holly, thanks for the update. I am praying for Jason, his family, for you and your family, and that the gospel booklets would be read by people who need the gospel message.

  790. Brief update, they have increased the strength of one of his antibiotics as he still is not improving as quickly as they hope for. They are lowering his blood thinner and if not better by tomorrow have planned a bronchoscopy. Pray for the Lord’s will in this. I was able yesterday to leave some of Tom’s gospel booklets in the waiting room in several places and prayed that somehow the right people might get them. Pray for that too please and for Jason’s family, those who don’t know Him will be open to hearing the gospel.

  791. Johninnc, one thing I know, that whatever I feel, or whatever Jason feels, God’s Word is to be believed. I am looking to His Word for strength and guidance, and praying for each thing (as I remember) and if not, I know He ever liveth to make intercession for me. 🙂

    Today, Jason has a fever still, the nurse this morning said 101.5. They’ve switched antibiotics several times, he is getting two. They do say his chest X-ray looks better, and they are considering some other tests if he doesn’t get better soon.

    I appreciate the prayers, and although sad, I am comforted. I know Who it is that I belong to, and I can do all things through Christ who strengtheneth me. I am weak, but we know what He can do in our infirmities. I am just praying for His will in this and all things concerning us. Thank you all 🙂

  792. Holly, I know it is difficult for both of you. I have prayed that Jason will be encouraged and not be despondent, that you will be with him soon, and that you would both be healed.

  793. No lumbar puncture yet because of his INR level (he takes a blood thinner and radiologist refuses). They did an abdominal scan today and also some other tests. Me not being able to be down there is really hard. Pray that soon it may be different. He has a contagious form of pneumonia which is likely what I have knowing the signs and symptoms. Pray for his encouragement, he is very despondent. The Lord knows, appreciate your continued prayers.

    And praying for comfort for your cousin John…

  794. John and Holly, my prayers also for your families.

  795. Holly, thank you for letting us know. It sounds like quite an ordeal. We will be thinking of you, and continuing to pray for both of you.

  796. Thank you John. They are going to do a lumbar puncture, looking for meningitis. Checking again for valley fever. Whatever it is has caused pneumonia and CHF, fevers and confusion.

  797. Holly, I have prayed for both Jason and you.

  798. Appreciate the prayers of my brothers and sisters here for my husband Jason who is in the hospital for the past three days.

  799. John, very sorry to hear that, praying for peace and comfort for his family.

  800. Thanks Keith and Brian.

  801. I will be praying for them John

  802. John, praying for your cousin and his family and for you as you minister to them.

  803. Please pray for my cousin, who lost his wife unexpectedly yesterday. Also for both his family, her family, their grown children and their families.

  804. Brian, I am thankful for the progress your mother has made, and the care that she has received thus far. I have prayed for your mother, and for you, as you enter into the next phase of her care, and for her receptiveness to the gospel.

  805. That’s great William!

    Thanks to everyone for praying for my mom. The 16th of this month is the Medicare discharge date for my mom from impatient therapy. (I guess it’s hard to get more than 2 or 3 weeks from them.) My mom still needs 24/7 care and therapy. I’m pretty exhausted. I’m hoping for a decent skilled nursing facility as long as possible. I think my mom can use up to 100 days total. Please pray for the next strep. I’ve been sharing some verses with her. Pray for understanding and openness. Also for me to get focused and maybe rested.
    I’m so thankful that my mom is alive and that she has begun even speaking some!

  806. William, that’s great news! You know what I’ve found has helped relieve any anxiety is going to the doctor with the knowledge that the Lord has a reason for directing our steps, and so I think on Pro 3:5-6 and try to pray and ask for prayer and acknowledge Him in these things (as you did) and then pray for opportunity. We’re in waiting rooms where others are sick. Granted, usually no one wants to talk but we can leave Gospel booklets. I find they look more ‘official’ (like Tom Cucuzza’s booklet) and so if I have those, I’ll put them where the magazines are on the tables. If I only have the tracts, I’ll pray and disperse them through several pages of different magazines, I’ll try to look for beginning of articles. Writing on them (take it free) in my own handwriting too kind of personalizes it a bit. Doing that and praying for others in the waiting room seems to relieve my anxiety. Been to so many in my lifetime it helps tremendously, God is so gracious…

  807. William, thanks for letting us know. I am very thankful, and happy for you both.

  808. Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

    A big THANK YOU to all of you who prayed for me. My doctor just called me this morning to tell me that my prostate biopsy came back NEGATIVE for cancer. Praise God! My wife also had a retake of her mammogram done yesterday and that came back NEGATIVE for cancer. Praise God! Her 1st mammogram a week ago revealed a discrepancy which we all initially thought was cancer, but the retake confirmed that it was negative. Thank you all once again. God bless!

  809. William, happy to hear that it wasn’t as bad as you had feared. My husband too was fearful, who wouldn’t be? It is good to tell your doctor if you are experiencing anxiety over these types of procedures, especially if it’s waking you up. Don’t be afraid to tell them in advance. It’s normal to fear something that may be painful 🙂 God bless you and your mom.

  810. William, I am thankful that your procedure is done and that it went well. I am praying that your test results will show that you are cancer free.

  811. Brian JH Thanks for your prayers and glad to hear of your mom’s improvement. I will continue to pray for her and hope she gets stronger and stronger in her health.

  812. A big THANK YOU to everyone who prayed for me. I just got home from the prostate biopsy procedure which went very well and smoothly. It was not as painful or traumatic as I initially feared it would be. I was having unnecessary panic anxiety attacks for one whole week prior to the procedure, but I’m glad I had it done and over with.

    I still have to wait another week for the results to come back from the pathologist to determine whether I’m positive or negative for cancer.

  813. William will be praying for God’s grace and mercy during your procedure.

    Update on my mom. She is making daily improvement in the acute rehab. We are seeing it daily. We still have as long way to go but it’s a blessing to see the gains she is making. I’m so glad we are getting the care and therapy. Have a very positive nursing and therapy staff. Nurse says “I don’t care what any doctor says I have a big God”

  814. My prayer also William. My mother went through cancer in 2004.
    It is routine for the patient to be sedated during colonoscopy. I’ve had it twice and only vaguely remember anything in 2002,and in 2012 it was like I was totally asleep.

  815. Perhaps you should tell the doctor or whoever will be performing the procedure if sedation is possible? Tell them basically everything you just told us in your post otherwise they may just conclude it to not be necessary.

  816. Holly, Thanks. My biggest fear is that it will be a painful procedure. I went up on YouTube and saw several videos done by patients where some say it was painful and traumatic, but some say it was not. I’m very traumatized by the fact that years ago I had a sigmoidoscopy procedure where the doctor did not give me any sedation and it was painful. I requested for sedation, but he said that it “was not necessary”. Since then I developed a phobia for these types of procedures. I had a colonoscopy done about 2 years ago and that was a pleasant procedure as the anesthesiologist gave me sedation and I was totally out and didn’t feel a thing.

    I woke up suddenly in the middle of the night last night in a panic stricken state sweating all over. It’s very difficult for me since I am an obsessive compulsive personality. It was so bad that I had trouble falling back asleep and I went to my son’s room and asked my son to pray for me. Getting old is no fun especially when we are told to have these procedures done when we reach a certain age. These procedures to me are like medieval torture methods. Ugh!

    How did your husband tolerate it?? I feel like a coward.

  817. William, I will pray for you. My husband went through that, and I know he’d be happy to share with you what he had to choose for the levels he had. He is doing well, and John can get us in touch if you’d like to know more. God bless you with perfect peace in this.

  818. William, praying for a good result on your biopsy and peace for you as you face the procedure.

  819. I hope all goes well for you William. Prayed for you.

  820. William, I have prayed for you to have peace of mind, strength, courage, and a good medical report coming out of your tests.

  821. Brian, I’m praying for you and your mother too and hope she gets better and better.

  822. Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

    Please pray for me as I will be going through a biopsy procedure next Thursday (11/2) to determine whether or not I have prostate cancer. Please pray that the procedure will go smoothly as I am feeling very nervous and scared right now. I have to admit that I’m a coward when it comes to things like this. Your prayers are greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  823. Brian, that is good news. When Adam was in the accident, I first knew that he had a lot less of a chance in their eyes because the other guy who seemed worse off, they accepted in the acute rehab, whereas they sent Adam to a skilled nursing facility. I will tell you it made all the difference for the other person, thankful to the Lord, and praying for your mom’s recovery and your encouragement and strength in this.

  824. Brian, that’s great news. I am very thankful.

  825. They accepted her into the acute inpatient rehab unit at the same hospital. This is excellent. She made steady improvement and the physical therapist talked to the director. You have to be able to participate to get into the unit .She will get the best care and therapy hopefully for the next few weeks . This was a huge relief to me!

  826. Bryan, praying for wisdom in your finding a rehab facility for your mother and for you as you look after her physical and spiritual needs,

  827. I have prayed for your mother to make a good recovery and that her heart is softened to Christ’s gospel message.

  828. Brian, I have prayed for you and your mother – specifically for guidance in finding the right rehab facility.

  829. Thank you John and others.
    My mom continues to make progress. She is awake more and much more attentive at times. I’m happy with the progress over the last week especially given the situation.

    I have to find a rehab facility now. One turned us down, but maybe that is for the best. Please pray for guidance on this.

    Thank you. It’s nice to have somewhere to post things like this where people who take a stand on grace will read and pray.

  830. Brian, thanks for the update. I will pray for both of you.

  831. Thank you folks all.
    My mom is resting a lot. She opens her eyes and looks around.
    Thank you for remembering us.

  832. Brian, praying for your mother – her physical and spirtitual well-being, as well as for you.

  833. Thank you all so much.

    I love my mom greatly and am concerned about her spiritual well being in addition to her physical. She is about the same , which is good since we are waiting for the brain swelling to go down. The stroke was not in the memory area of the brain, but in the speech and right side.
    Psalm 46 has been a verse that God has given me through this, so I was comforted by it being given to me here.


  834. Sorry to hear this Brian, I will pray for you and your mom.

  835. Praying for you and your mother. May these verses give your soul rest

    God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. Psalm 46:1

    Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. Not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid. John 14:27

    Be strong and cling to His Word in this disheartening time and may you find peace.

  836. So sorry to hear that Brian, praying for you both. May the Lord comfort you.

  837. Praying for you and your mother Brian.

  838. Brian, I am continuing to pray for you and your mom.

    Jim Floyd

  839. Praying Brian

  840. Brian, praying for both of you.

  841. My mom is back in the ER. She was with me and got sick at 6:15pm. Has a significant brain bleed type stroke. She is getting good care, and is awake but unable to speak. Please pray for the both of us.
    Thank you folks here.

  842. Brian, thanks for the update.

    I am thankful that your mother’s surgery went well. I have prayed for her comfort and recovery, that she will see the need to change her living situation, and that she will understand the gospel message.

  843. Thank you. The surgery went well. The surgeon said that it “could not have gone any better!” . So that’s great. My sister did not come which I am glad. So there was no trouble there.
    Pray that my mom now sees the need for a change of living situation (to live closer to me).
    And if course for her salvation.
    I’ve given some tracts out to people during this at the hospitals, etc. So I pray for results there too.
    Thank you all so much. May the gospel be proclaimed boldly and clearly.


  844. Bian, I have prayed for you, your mother, and your sister.

  845. Thank you Brad and everyone for your prayers. My mom is improved considerably cognitive wise. Tomorrow she has surgery on her left caroited artery which is 99 percent blocked. Pray for everything to go well and for her to be receptive to the gospel before and after. Also pray for my sister who was cruel to me and my mother tonight, and for wisdom in that situation.
    For my mom to not be upset following the cruelty.
    Finally for the Lords will to be done in all things involving my mother.
    And for me to keep my focus.
    Thank you my friends.

  846. Thanks Curtis, Thomas has credibility with her now so I’ll definitiely show her that video.

  847. Here is a way to share the gospel with someone as well.

  848. Brad, praying for your mother that God would continue to draw and convict her concerning the simplicity of the gospel message and for you as you witness to her.

  849. Praying Brad
    to receive Christ and Grow in Grace

  850. Brad, I have prayed for your mother – that if she knows Jesus as Savior, that she’ll grow in grace and in the knowledge of Jesus Christ, and if not, that she will understand the gospel message.

  851. My mother (Catholic) has just finished reading the Secure Forever! book and is visibly understanding the true gospel message. But she still gets very defensive when the Catholic church is critized. I am going to start doing a bible study with her soon. I am just concerned she is still holding onto the sacraments of the Catholic church to get to heaven. Please pray for her to see God’s true gospel and to believe it. Thanks.

    I prayed for your mother, Brian.

  852. Thank you all.
    That’s very good advise Holly. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the medical and life choices stuff, but need to focus on the important thing. I’m so glad my mom is alive and able to comprehend things. Shared Romans 5:8 today.
    She is mak

  853. Brian, praying in this circumstance your mom’s heart might be softened by your love and care for her and also the realization of how short life is. I pray the Lord will give you wisdom for when and how to share, and that her heart might be opened to take heed to what you are sharing with her. In having dealt with many sick family members, my greatest regrets would be lecturing about any health issues, vs. just being there and always putting His Word first. The Word has power, nothing else does, they need the Word and our prayer and love. Not saying you did that, with my husband and dad, it was hard not to press or push on certain issues they should or shouldn’t do, in the long run, the really important thing was their final destination. For that I am grateful they both believed upon Him, in fact many did because of their lives and deaths. Praying for a miracle for your mom.

  854. Thank you all so much.

  855. Brian, I am also praying for your mother and you. I am thankful that God is already helping you.

  856. Brian, praying for your mother’s openness to the gospel as well as wisdom and strength for you in addressing her physical and spiritual needs.

  857. Brian, thanks for the update. I have prayed that your mother would be receptive to God’s Word.

  858. Thank you all so much.
    Her stroke affected her speech and word cognition. She has improved a very decent amount since yesterday. She knows what is going on and is able to remember and carry on increasing conversations, so I’m greatly encouraged on that front.
    She is a heavy smoker and unfortunately has severely blocked arteries.
    Also her living situation is very poor. She lives an hour from me (her only help). She really needs to move into my house which I am working on.

    I’ve been able to share a few verses with her today, but she gets irritated on it.
    Pray for grace in many areas particularly openness to the gospel.

    I’ve seen God’s protection here with this as well as other times in her life.

    She had her stroke going in to a store and they called 911 and prevented her from driving away. The store employees found a card and sent her to the right hospital, they also charged an old cell phone of hers in her vehicle and called me hoping it would be a family member.
    So God is really helping me !

  859. Praying Brian

  860. Brian, praying for your mother and for you.

  861. Please pray for my mother. She suffered a stroke this morning which has effected her speech. She is confused too on several things. I’m at the hospital with her. They are running tests. I glad that it wasn’t as bad as what it could have been. I’m glad that she still comprehends a lot. She is always very stubborn and it has been difficult to try to witness to her in the past.



  862. Frank, I pray for the family and the woman you ask prayer for too. That is a good thing. (1 Tim 2:1-6)

  863. Frank, welcome and thanks for your comment. We are thrilled that you are no longer bound by false Lordship “salvation” thinking.

    I am pleased to honor your prayer request in praying for the woman to whom you are witnessing, as well as her family. Specifically, that if any of them do not know Jesus as Savior, that they would hear and understand the gospel that they might believe and be saved.

  864. Dear Believers from Expreacherman.com,

    Im writing to You from Poland, to say, that this website really helped me to get out from “lordship salvation” thinking. I would like to thank everyone who made this website, which helped me. Please forgive me for asking immediately in my first comment here, without much testimony and longer writing, but I also would like to ask You for a prayer for a Woman which I was witnessing to, and for her family to be saved.

    Kind regards.


  865. I am praying that those of us who are clear on the gospel would heed the following warning from Ron Shea:

    We all seek approval and validation. And it is a stark warning to each of us. Each of us is torn by a myriad of emotions. And to us, many of these emotions are invisible and unseen by us . . . because we are in the middle of them. They can taint our view of reality. Whether it is the pain of recognizing that someone we loved is probably in Hell, or the need for validation, or any other emotional motive, Satan stands ready to seduce each of us from the purity of the gospel, one inch at a time.

    Throughout our lives, each of us will be targeted by the enemy. And he will seek to sift each of us like wheat in a moment when we are weak.

  866. praying Adam

  867. Daniel (I had previously typed Adam by mistake), praying for your mother’s sister in PR.

  868. Please pray for my mothers sister as she is in Puerto Rico. you know, that hurricane that’s going to threaten my people there.

  869. Kate, praying for you. Wouldn’t it be nice to also have access to radio and share the gospel with those listening?

  870. Marc, praying for you and Ann. Best advice I can give you is draw as near to the Lord as possible, spend as much time as you can with him and doing the things you need to do also of course. May the Lord help.

  871. Kate, I too pray for you, your family, and others affected by the hurricane.

  872. Kate Prayed for you and families affected by the Hurricane Harvey

  873. Kate, praying for you, your family and others in the devestated areas.

  874. katmazdobelieve

    Hey everyone,
    Please pray for my family and all those of us affected here in Texas from Hurricane Harvey. Our house has flooded along with thousands of others who are south of Houston.

  875. prayed for you Marc and Wife

  876. Marc, I have prayed for you, your wife, and your marriage.

  877. My wife and I are separated and headed towards divorce. I do not want a divorce.

    Please pray for me and my wife Ann.

    Thank you.

  878. Phil, I join you in praying for the people in Houston and surrounding areas.

  879. Father, I pray for the people of the Houston area that your help will be with them. And any help financial or otherwise we can give.

  880. Curtis M